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  1. This feels like the move of a station on its last legs.
  2. In a huge and wild shift, KCBS is taking the east coast feed of CBS Mornings and moving most of its morning newscast to KCAL, where it’ll now run from 4am-11am, with a 6am simulcast on KCBS bridging the CBS Mornings double run https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/kcal-morning-news-first-kcbs-mornings-1235314324/
  3. MTP Daily is moving to NBC News Now; Chris Jansing to take over its timeslot
  4. No, but I wonder who’ll be the first to change things up now that the market leader is in the 4pm game
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went the route of the other stations in town and had Ravi anchor solo
  6. https://www.nexttv.com/features/pieces-falling-into-place-for-2022-23-tv-season One big scoop buried in this piece: Coming back for season three is CBS Media Ventures’s Drew Barrymore, averaging a 0.6 in households in its sophomore season. Next year, the show will be split into two half-hours, which stations can run back to back or separately. CBS-owned stations will pair Drew with local news in top markets and air the second half-hour on its duopoly stations, sources said.
  7. Not even 2 months after premiering, The Good Dish has been cancelled
  8. Despite competing with the Winter Olympics, WISN wins yet another sweep
  9. Jennifer Hudson’s a go for fall with the Fox O&Os and Hearst picking it up
  10. Rachel Maddow taking a break from her break to anchor tonight’s Ukraine coverage
  11. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-12-18/what-is-a-bidding-war-cbs-and-nbc-are-chasing-jeopardy-for-their-tv-stations Interesting LA Times piece about how the NBC and CBS O&Os are expected to make a play for the Jeopardy! and Wheel rights when they’re up after next season.
  12. Makes me wonder if Fox will develop another game show for fall ‘23 and go for a full block with 25 Words/YBYL/Pictionary/4th game
  13. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/cbs-to-motor-news-department-back-into-detroit-launching-local-broadcasts-on-wwj-tv-after-20-years-1235133071/ Expected to launch late-summer 2022 with a 24/7 streaming news outlet, CBS News Detroit, that will simulcast their newscasts on WWJ and possibly also WKBD.
  14. Chris Jansing anchoring tonight's first BriWi-free 11th Hour
  15. Pictionary picked up by the Fox O&Os for next fall after this past summer’s test run
  16. WNYW is also dropping Dr. Oz
  17. In Milwaukee, WISN is #1 in all time slots for the fourth straight sweeps
  18. Tamron Hall has received a two-season renewal on the ABC O&Os
  19. Warner Bros shopping new talk show with Jennifer Hudson for next fall I could actually see some of the larger Ellen groups (NBC O&Os, Hearst, etc) going for this
  20. It's very clear to me the problem isn't Norah; it's the nature of the evening news and CBS's position in it. They're always going to be third place no matter who they put in that chair.
  21. I imagine it’ll end up being a split evening shift between Ramon and Kleist once the 4pm newscast launches.
  22. CBS Media Ventures syndicating WOW: Women of Wrestling to CBS-owned and Sinclair stations next fall
  23. Give it six months and they probably will be
  24. Newsy announces their on-air team and program lineup
  25. Wendy Williams has contracted COVID, delaying the season premiere until October
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