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  1. If tonight was a test of how she’d work at 9pm, she failed massively.
  2. MGM and Amazon launching new syndication division that will sell films and series from both MGM and Amazon Studios
  3. Reunited with his BFF Cuomo? Wouldn’t shock me at this point…
  4. What a big move on Hearst’s part; I imagine both stations will get full rebrands like WJCL and WVTM did
  5. The producers of Judy Justice are shopping the show to cable and local stations for a launch either this fall or 2024; the article also confirms that WB will be shopping Judge Mathis and People’s Court encores for this fall
  6. You did! The more I think about it, there’s no way WB won’t offer a rerun package of both for at least next season, right?
  7. In something of a shocker, both The People’s Court and Judge Mathis are ending this season
  8. This doesn’t surprise me. Last negotiation, Fox Television Stations reportedly made a larger cash offer but Sony and CMV went with the ABC O&Os because they found that the likely ratings drops that would come with a station change would not be worth the money.
  9. I can imagine the O&Os maybe expanding their 9am shows to an hour and putting both half hours of Drew Barrymore at 3pm
  10. Dr. Phil to end after this season; CBS to offer a package of reruns with new wraparounds/updates for next season
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if they inevitably cut their losses and give the hour to ABC News Live
  12. The National Press Club slams The CW/LIV deal, demands boycott of Nexstar’s stations
  13. The Drew Barrymore Show has been renewed for a fourth season
  14. A true no-brainer for all involved; kinda curious if the Fox O&Os made a big play for the deal like the last negotiation.
  15. Sherri and The Jennifer Hudson Show both renewed for season two by Fox Television Stations
  16. NBC to keep the 10pm hour (at least for next season)
  17. I assume it’s to keep its programming requirements with cable providers re: the amount of news on the channel. There have been rumors/outright indications (the West Wing marathon over Thanksgiving) about HLN becoming an entertainment channel; maybe this is the way to pivot to that without spending too much money or unnerving its providers.
  18. First tidbits of the CNN layoffs are out and it’s a major destruction of the already destroyed HLN. Morning Express is being cancelled and replaced by a simulcast of CNN This Morning, and its remaining true crime original programming is being moved under the oversight of Investigation Discovery
  19. More news for NEXT season but Debmar-Mercury is shopping episodes of GSN’s People Puzzler to stations for next fall
  20. A part of me wonders if the fact that Kelly was airing episodes a day behind hurt the numbers
  21. It’s definitely retirement season in local TV: the latest announcement from Milwaukee…
  22. MSNBC and Tiffany Cross have parted ways
  23. Pop TV managed a very comedy-heavy brand under Schwartz; I wonder if The CW's scripted programming will eventually be all comedy
  24. And I get the vibe ABC will rely on ABC News more rather than fully give up 10pm (they already produce a lot of summer/midseason filler for the network)
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