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  1. Can't remember the last time a lame duck station was thanked in a show's station move; makes me wonder if WCIU agreed to let Tamron (which was apparently doing well for them) go in exchange for other Disney programming.
  2. American Housewife cleared in 85% of the country for fall launch
  3. I could see them moving Val into the old Janet Davies beat… As for what’ll replace WCL…if it’s not Tamron Hall then I’m guessing Daytime Jeopardy! and/or Right This Minute
  4. What kind of shop are they running at The Doctors? This is like the third host to sue over the years...
  5. In Milwaukee...WITI is adding Nick Cannon (no timeslot known at the moment) and You Bet Your Life (weeknights at 10:35pm) this fall
  6. This strikes me less as WADL making a steal and more Scripps not renewing MNT
  7. In the majority of markets I’m seeing running the Botched test, it looks to be replacing second runs of other NBCU programs (mostly Dateline, but I’m also seeing Wilkos and Maury runs getting bumped for it)
  8. Apparently Botched is a syndication test run from NBCU in several markets; here in Milwaukee, it's replacing one hour of a two-hour primetime Dateline block on WMLW.
  9. CBS handles ad sales for many of Fox’s syndicated shows, so I imagine it’s mutually beneficial for both companies
  10. It sounds like (from a Facebook response or two) WITI will be going with the Judy reruns, but no word on if it’ll be in its current 3pm slot (wouldn’t shock me either way)
  11. Just caught a promo for You Bet Your Life, which in Milwaukee will airing weeknights at 10:35pm on WITI starting in September.
  12. YIKES @ the WBBM numbers
  13. They haven't, but it seems like they're only counting the main channel and not anything on subchannels.
  14. For the second straight sweeps (and the sixth consecutive month overall), WISN is #1 in every single news timeslot
  15. I could see WISN continuing with syndicated programming at 4pm (all the other stations in town have 4pm newscasts and they already have an hour at 11am); possibly move Rachael Ray out of late-night if that show is still a go in 2022.

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