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  1. That must have changed because when I earlier looked at the article, it was saying early 2021. Jeez, are they really committing to essentially a two-year pilot?
  2. Sony Pictures TV has signed on to distribute People and will be bringing it to the market for a midseason national launch
  3. This feels like an overreaction; I don’t even think this is a suspendable offense in my eyes. She made a mistake not having the station sign off on her apparence but the scene is innocuous enough and the content certainly wouldn’t violate any morals clause. Hopefully this backlash will find Pinto new work.
  4. Tamron Hall has been renewed for a third season, an increasingly rare feat for syndicated talk shows
  5. In Milwaukee, Monk is running in a binge block Sundays 12pm-5pm on WMLW.
  6. TJ Holmes joining GMA3 as co-anchor starting Monday
  7. I guess the Fox O&O deal wasn’t group wide because from TV Passport’s schedules, Schitt’s will be on in Detroit on WKBD weeknights at 2:30am and in Philadelphia on WPSG weeknights at 11pm.
  8. A change or two in Milwaukee effective 9/28: WITI: The fourth run of Judge Judy moves to 4am as a next-day encore of Access Hollywood takes its place at 12:30pm (another upgrade of sorts for the show). WVTV-DT2 (it’ll always be WCGV to me): Schitt’s Creek gets a full hour at 9pm as the usual animation block (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers) is pushed back an hour to 10pm. WVTV: Central Ave. gets two pretty cushy timeslots: Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm (leading into the Sunday CW lineup) starting 9/26.
  9. Nancy O’Dell is joining the new People show as a special correspondent
  10. Dunno if it’s a stunt for its premiere week or something more longterm, but OWN is adding a double-run of S1 Tamron Hall reruns to its daytime lineup starting 9/14.
  11. I do wonder if it’s an effort on the affiliates’ part to handle commercial time makegoods for all the various preemptions and ad sales losses during this pandemic
  12. Besides the 4 Judge Judy runs a day you mention, there was a time in the early 2000s when Twentieth was sending 3 Simpsons feeds a day (WCGV was one of the stations that took all 3 at point)
  13. Disney seems to be continuing their WWTBAM? rerun strip into the fall; effective 8/31, it’s moving from WITI to WVTV as 6 is dropping it for (at least for now) a second run of Wendy Williams at 1pm (I imagine this is where Nick Cannon would’ve landed had he not...you know the rest). If this remains a Wendy double run all fall (and WITI has done this in past seasons) it’d be a waste of a good timeslot for a show that needs it here like The Real (stuck in the overnight gutters of WMLW) or Rachael Ray (which apparently gets good numbers for WISN at 12:35am). Heck, even an Access/Extra da
  14. Debmar-Mercury is pushing Nick Cannon’s talk show to fall 2021; though there were rumors before his comments that this would be the case https://deadline.com/2020/07/nick-cannon-syndicated-talk-show-pushed-shut-down-anti-semitic-comments-lionsgate-stands-by-comedian-1202988577/
  15. Yeah...sounds like somebody’s telling on themselves here.

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