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  1. If these numbers hold, it seems all the new shows will be back next year (and the revamp seems to be helping Drew’s numbers too)
  2. Judging from the social media reaction, the audience (regardless of the professionalism of the event) is firmly on Mark's side, which will probably help in his efforts to find work. Gonna be interesting to see what steps KTLA takes to regain audience trust after this clusterflust.
  3. For the last 4 weeks of the midterms (October 10-November 8), Jake Tapper will be anchoring the 9pm hour with Laura Coates and Alisyn Camerota co-anchoring two hours at 10pm. At the same time, John Berman and Brianna Keilar will be leaving New Day to co-anchor Tapper’s show, The Lead. No word on if these moves are permanent but I’ll be shocked if they’re not.
  4. The first week ratings are in and they’re down over half a million viewers compared to the last week of Days
  5. NBA/MLB/NHL have discussed jointly buying the Bally Sports stations
  6. Definitely speaks volumes as to how seriously CBS is taking this revamp; Yuccas is a bit of a rising star at CBS News and she'll be continuing as a west coast correspondent as well
  7. Kind of a risk to blow up primetime further when they still haven’t filled 9pm permanently yet, but sometimes it needs to be done.
  8. ABC airing another special tonight in 20/20’s timeslot. Of the US networks, ABC has tended to be the most devoted to royal stories (going all the way back to Charles and Diana’s wedding) and this is certainly no exception.
  9. ABC devoting its entire lineup tonight to the Queen’s passing
  10. Nick Cannon also still airing at WITI past its end date at 1:35am
  11. In Milwaukee… Magnum PI (Saturday at 10am + Sunday at 11:30pm on WDJT) , 9-1-1 (Saturday and Sunday at 11am) and The Good Doctor (Sunday 7pm and 8pm) are all on WMLW; but interestingly, WOW Women of Wrestling seems to have been cleared on WVTV (Saturday at 4pm + Saturday at 2pm on WVTV-DT2) and WMLW (Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 11pm) And after a couple years without an off-net hour on the weekend, WISN has The Rookie (Saturday at 11:30pm and Sunday at midnight)
  12. Given how those JJ reruns still win their timeslot over here, as long as CMV’s offering them WITI’s gonna take them (though this would’ve been the perfect time for them to grab Hot Bench)
  13. WISN is airing several Very Local specials in the 3pm slot next week before Jennifer Hudson starts. Interestingly, they seem to have pulled The Good Dish entirely from their lineup around late July.
  14. I imagine NBC will try to angle for as many 7/7:30e starts as they’re able when SNL is new (as they do for the ND deal)
  15. Seeing Arsenault and Friesen (her competitors at CBC and Global, respectively) respond with personal and professional praise for LaFlamme really shows how dumb and unpopular this move was… Also the “changing viewer habits” argument makes no sense as CTV National News has consistently been the highest rated newscast in Canada (and by a whole lot too) under LaFlamme.
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