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  1. I imagine it’ll end up being a split evening shift between Ramon and Kleist once the 4pm newscast launches.
  2. CBS Media Ventures syndicating WOW: Women of Wrestling to CBS-owned and Sinclair stations next fall
  3. Give it six months and they probably will be
  4. Newsy announces their on-air team and program lineup
  5. Wendy Williams has contracted COVID, delaying the season premiere until October
  6. I honestly found it kinda unwatchable and rushed all the way through.
  7. Big shifts on WVTV and WVTV-DT2 starting 9/27: The evening edition of The National Desk premieres at 9pm on WVTV, shifting their block of The Goldbergs/Last Man Standing/The King of Queens to DT2 at different times: The Goldbergs at 5pm (moving Judge Jerry to 12pm), Last Man Standing at 6pm (causing Two and a Half Men to move to 9pm) and The King of Queens to 10pm (which moves the animation block to midnight, following former 9pm occupant Schitt’s Creek at 11pm). And if that wasn’t enough for DT2, Divorce Court will be down to a single airing at 10:30am. Following The Nation
  8. So WITI will entirely be in local news from 4:30am-12pm…interesting!
  9. Dr. Oz moves to KDFI at 3pm
  10. The Milwaukee shifts…. WITI: You Bet Your Life premieres 9/13 at 10:35pm (pushing the 2xSeinfeld/Extra/Access Hollywood block back a half-hour); the second run of the show replaces an Extra encore at 2:35am Interestingly, they’re sticking with the Judge Judy encores at noon and 3pm/3:30pm for the time being WISN and WTMJ: no changes at the moment WDJT: on weekend late-nights, NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and one run of The Andy Griffith Show are replaced by Bull, S.W.A.T. and SEAL Team starting 9/18 and 9/19 WVTV: Chicago Fire replaces The CW ru
  11. in addition to these moves, Joshua Johnson is leaving his weekend show and moving to NBC News Now, where he’ll host a daily early-evening show as well as contribute to Sunday Today and Nightly News
  12. Well, Jane’s been working off a green-screen since the pandemic so maybe they’re retrofitting their set into TSS?
  13. CBS confirms new format, name for CBS Mornings From the article: Starting September 7, the entire CBS morning schedule will be treated as a larger franchise, with weekdays and Saturdays featuring some of the in-depth and longform features for which the Sunday show — a TV-news institution — is best known. Even the popular trumpet fanfare that greets viewers of “Sunday Morning” will find its way to its counterparts. “There is a real affection for that program,” says Khemlani. CBS is counting on the sound of that horn to lure new viewers in an era when doing so has becom
  14. WDJT is launching weekend morning newscasts starting 9/18
  15. ABC News is taking over production oversight on Tamron Hall

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