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  1. Yeah...sounds like somebody’s telling on themselves here.
  2. Nick Cannon’s premiere has been pushed back to October
  3. https://deadline.com/2020/06/cops-disney-discussions-local-stations-dropping-t-show-replacements-1202956361/ Here in Milwaukee, WITI carries it and Live PD: Police Patrol in a double run block at 1pm and 12:05am. Can’t imagine either show will be in the lineup for much longer.
  4. It’s not quite this but WITI has replaced one of their Judge Judy reruns at 12:00pm with rotating E/I programming (mostly encores from the Xploration Station block)
  5. ABC is making another shift to its late-night schedule: 11:35pm: An abbreviated half-hour edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live 12:05am: Nightline 12:35am: An encore of that night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live https://deadline.com/2020/04/jimmy-kimmel-live-return-regular-slot-abbreviated-half-hour-episodes-leading-to-nightline-1202904078/
  6. With only a tweet late last night as notice, Live with Kelly & Ryan returned today with both hosts working remotely from their homes
  7. WISN did a package earlier today discussing how they’ll be putting social distancing into practice for the time being
  8. Given the numbers and popularity, I wouldn’t be shocked if a lot of stations stuck with the rerun package for a season or two
  9. In maybe the biggest shift to hit syndication since the end of Oprah, Judge Judy is ending its run next year after 25 seasons
  10. The Fox O&Os have picked up Central Ave for next season; however, unlike its test run where it ran as a daily, it’ll run as a weekly program https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/will-packer-produced-newsmagazine-booked-fall-2020-fox-stations-1271364
  11. Access Hollywood essentially expanding to a full hour on the NBC O&Os
  12. Just as I guessed, Kelly Clarkson lands in Milwaukee at WTMJ, weekdays at 3pm replacing (and probably getting a much much stronger rating than) Pickler and Ben. https://www.tmj4.com/shows/the-morning-blend/kelly-clarkson-is-coming-to-todays-tmj4
  13. In Milwaukee, the only two confirmed slots for fall are Tamron Hall at 2pm on WISN and Mel Robbins at 10am on WMLW. Judge Jerry is confirmed to be WVTV/WCGV but no timeslot yet announced and there’s still no word where Kelly Clarkson (if I were a guessing man, I’d say WTMJ but who knows).
  14. This is probably a win/win for everyone: Tamron gets the strongest possible lead-in these stations can offer and Rachael will probably be an improvement on Millionaire and a better lead-out for Strahan and Sara.
  15. Another strong sweeps showing for market leaders WISN and WITI; WISN takes 5pm (which is also the top-rated newscast altogether in the market) and 6pm, while WITI is tops at 10pm. https://www.jsonline.com/story/entertainment/television-radio/2018/11/26/wisn-tv-has-milwaukees-2-top-rated-newscasts-during-november-sweeps-nielsen/2107750002/
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