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  1. Dead ringer for Tuesday. And speaking of Tuesday, I'm pretty sure these promos from WCPX are from Tuesday, as well. The first one even has the same musical signature as Tuesday11. The WCPX 1982 themes might very well be from Tuesday11, possibly a different package, but definitely Tuesday.
  2. Looks more like the old Vagisil logo to me.
  3. You can see a brief snippet of a Gulf ID at 1:28 in this clip from...KESQ.
  4. Reminds me a bit of this little, I mean big, number.
  5. Bob Koop and Kathleen Sullivan. Heck of a pair.
  6. And to think, the trajectory of history for Ansin’s empire may have been set by another station-owning local businessman, Alex Dreyfoos. He owned WPEC, and if he hadn’t agreed to switch his station from ABC, CBS may have had no choice to pair up with WSVN no matter how much they didn’t want to. And if that happened, would The News Station even have been a thing, especially with CBS and their older skewing audience? (It would work on a CBS station, though, and in Boston, no less) But, WPEC did switch, giving viewers in Broward an alternate outlet for CBS programs, thus allowing the network to buy WCIX. Plus, it was a good deal for a moribund WPEC, allowing them to essentially add fast-growing Broward County to its market. And the rest, they say, is history.
  7. Tuesday, actually. Scroll to 4:23.
  8. According to Clickspring’s LinkedIn, it is their work. I wonder if Nexstar will use them for some of their local properties?
  9. And the shell game continues. At least it’s not Cunningham...
  10. And where, may I ask, could we see this mock up?
  11. This switch actually ended up having a domino effect all the way in Milwaukee. Storer was so steamed at ABC for disaffiliating with KCST; that they ended up pulling ABC away from WITI.
  12. Compare the 1985 open, and you'll notice that WSVN used to call it's sat truck Newstar 7 before changing it to Skycom. Why change? Because Newstar was a trademark of Hubbard's CONUS network; and around 1986 or so WTVJ would supplant WSVN as the CONUS affiliate in Miami (perhaps foretelling NBC's identical move a few years later). Hence WSVN had to change their sat truck's name.
  13. Not only that, but it sounds like In-Sink has moved on to v.6, complete with the original eight-note signature (as opposed to the nine-note "Indiana" version).
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