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  1. Looks like Phil Collins is making his way to the NMSA.
  2. WNAC also used that jingle in the waning days of RKO ownership.
  3. FTVLive is saying that a news anchor was killed in a plane crash near New Orleans Lakefront airport. Scott is doing the responsible thing and not reporting the name until the official word is released.
  4. Good news: Kim Guthrie will remain as the head of the new Apollo-controlled Cox Media Group. It’s a good sign that the Cox way of doing things may survive for a little while longer. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/237401/guthrie-to-stay-on-as-ceo-of-apollo-cox/
  5. The southwestern-most portion of Connecticut is in the NYC TV market.
  6. True. But the same could easily be said for News 4 New York. A big chunk of that market is neither in New York City, or New York State.
  7. ...and the spirit grows stronger every day.
  8. Plus two Scripps stations already use the Circle 7, albeit a fatter version.
  9. Canadian teams have now won more NBA titles in the 21st century than Stanley Cups.
  10. Here’s a treat. WTVF circa 1977. Equipment bloopers. A very Scrippsy set decades before they’d actually own this station. There’s Chris Clark, of course; and, is that Dave Kaylor in Music City?!
  11. They ought to do a podcast together; call it Age Of Magerity.
  12. They literally have nowhere else to go than up.
  13. WCCO has Wheel, but not J! (that’s on KARE). WBZ has both.
  14. KNSD has Wheel and J! as well.
  15. This is also Tegna. “The new video -- released as part of a WFAA exclusive in partnership with the Investigative Network -- fuels the Bland family’s suspicions that Texas officials withheld evidence in her controversial arrest and, later, her death” https://www.wfaa.com/mobile/article/news/investigations/sandra-bland-recorded-her-own-arrest-watch-her-cellphone-video-from-the-2015-traffic-stop/287-44ff2f5b-f481-48c3-a5ca-fad15296d979
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