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  1. The initial plan from Landmark was to sell WTVF to Bonten. Needless to say, it's good thing they went with Journal instead.
  2. It's on Disc 2 of NS2000+. First time I've heard it in the wild.
  3. I’m sure Samantha will appreciate that last one.
  4. I mean, that’s what it is already. Coming soon! Fox News 8: The Eight.
  5. Bill Belichick. That is all.
  6. And the FCC approved the deal. Closing should be imminent. Considering how close the Tribune stations came to being Sinclair stations, this is a decent outcome. Nexstar has shown some improvement since the MG merger. Things could improve further after this merger. It may not be cause for celebration, but there is reason for cautious optimism, especially considering how much, much worse it could have been.
  7. Why do I have a sudden urge to watch Supermarket Sweep?
  8. You know what the KSN Theme also sounds a lot like? 9 Country/11 Country.
  9. I remember speculating quite a long time ago that SOTB was a Gari composition. I must have said that on YouTube or something, though, because I can’t find me saying that here. The instrumentation in many cuts sound a lot like Hello News; still others sound like So Good To Turn To. I guess I’m not crazy after all.
  10. Not to get too off-topic; but news choppers are not long for this world. You can buy a truckload of drones for the price of an annual chopper lease.
  11. Looks like Phil Collins is making his way to the NMSA.
  12. WNAC also used that jingle in the waning days of RKO ownership.
  13. FTVLive is saying that a news anchor was killed in a plane crash near New Orleans Lakefront airport. Scott is doing the responsible thing and not reporting the name until the official word is released.
  14. Good news: Kim Guthrie will remain as the head of the new Apollo-controlled Cox Media Group. It’s a good sign that the Cox way of doing things may survive for a little while longer. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/237401/guthrie-to-stay-on-as-ceo-of-apollo-cox/
  15. The southwestern-most portion of Connecticut is in the NYC TV market.
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