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  1. Pretty good looking and sounding for an almost sub-200 market.
  2. Not sure "4 Nashville" is the best way to go. How are people in Murfreesboro supposed to feel about this?
  3. Look up all the ways Apollo has screwed up their other businesses (see Chuck E. Cheese used pizza).
  4. A Ron Rolland/Don Harrison combo. Who knew?
  5. How’s that “scale” thing working out for you, Cox?
  6. It makes perfect sense, but would Nexstar be willing to pay someone of his caliber?
  7. Russ Offenbach, the voice of WFLA-TV and Winn-Dixie was also the voice of the Disney World monorail.
  8. It's called "failing up", pretty much standard operating procedure in the media these days.
  9. Here's hoping their strategy for profit growth is centered more on retrans, and less on making cuts.
  10. One can only hope. The new company will be private, though, unlike Hearst-Argyle.
  11. It’s official. Cox will maintain a minority stake; but if they have no say in the operations (as would be expected with a minority stake) this could be bad. It does lessen the chance of a sale later, though. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/2/15/breaking-the-cox-internal-memo
  12. If past is prologue, Apollo will do what Providence (Newport) and Oak Hill (Local TV) did; and that’s hold onto the stations until the perfect deal shows up. I doubt they’re looking at this as a long term investment. Also keep in mind that Tribune rejected their overtures earlier, and they were even more eager to sell than Cox is. I’d put this in the rumor column.
  13. WXIA's logo is bad interpretation of "retro"; this is a bad interpretation of "modern".
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