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  1. Canadian teams have now won more NBA titles in the 21st century than Stanley Cups.
  2. Here’s a treat. WTVF circa 1977. Equipment bloopers. A very Scrippsy set decades before they’d actually own this station. There’s Chris Clark, of course; and, is that Dave Kaylor in Music City?!
  3. They ought to do a podcast together; call it Age Of Magerity.
  4. They literally have nowhere else to go than up.
  5. WCCO has Wheel, but not J! (that’s on KARE). WBZ has both.
  6. KNSD has Wheel and J! as well.
  7. This is also Tegna. “The new video -- released as part of a WFAA exclusive in partnership with the Investigative Network -- fuels the Bland family’s suspicions that Texas officials withheld evidence in her controversial arrest and, later, her death” https://www.wfaa.com/mobile/article/news/investigations/sandra-bland-recorded-her-own-arrest-watch-her-cellphone-video-from-the-2015-traffic-stop/287-44ff2f5b-f481-48c3-a5ca-fad15296d979
  8. Pretty good looking and sounding for an almost sub-200 market.
  9. Not sure "4 Nashville" is the best way to go. How are people in Murfreesboro supposed to feel about this?
  10. Look up all the ways Apollo has screwed up their other businesses (see Chuck E. Cheese used pizza).
  11. A Ron Rolland/Don Harrison combo. Who knew?
  12. How’s that “scale” thing working out for you, Cox?
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