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  1. Still super weird seeing Clayton Vaughn in New Joisey.
  2. It's just a guess on my part, but maybe Hummingbird Productions?
  3. The weatherman? Dr. George Fischbeck (or simply Dr. George); holder of AMS Seal #92, a bit of an unusual thing to have in LA.
  4. Well, Ernie would get his “revenge” (in a manner of speaking) four years later when he voiced the open for a CBS affiliate. Maybe they were allowed to do voice work for another network’s local stations.
  5. In the open, was that...Danny Dark?!?!?
  6. Don't forget future former Arizona congressman J.D. Hayworth.
  7. Sad. He posted weather updates on his Twitter right up until last Thursday. Head in the clouds right to the end.
  8. I definitely did a double take when I saw Ed. That ended up sending me to this video with a 1987 open and Ed live from the Metrodome with an interview with Marv Albert (misindentified by the chyron guy as Herb Alpert).
  9. A ton of promos from Klein&'s Show Me 5 campaign for KSDK.
  10. I think I figured out who did the epic KCRA 1993 Theme. Take a listen to this bumper, if you may.. Sounds a lot like Non-Stop, doesn't it? It wouldn't surprise me if Non-Stop did some themes we may have never suspected, they were known to switch up their instrumentations a lot more than other firms. Their WGHP Theme is an excellent example, it sounds completely different from the likes of First News and News Central.
  11. That full open, with what I suspect is a Michael Randall theme, is definitely going in my wish list.
  12. Well, KTVK is very different station; though I'm sure you knew that already.
  13. Florida, Texas, and New Jersey are the holy trinity of reckless driving.
  14. Dead ringer for Tuesday. And speaking of Tuesday, I'm pretty sure these promos from WCPX are from Tuesday, as well. The first one even has the same musical signature as Tuesday11. The WCPX 1982 themes might very well be from Tuesday11, possibly a different package, but definitely Tuesday.

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