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  1. And where, may I ask, could we see this mock up?
  2. This switch actually ended up having a domino effect all the way in Milwaukee. Storer was so steamed at ABC for disaffiliating with KCST; that they ended up pulling ABC away from WITI.
  3. Compare the 1985 open, and you'll notice that WSVN used to call it's sat truck Newstar 7 before changing it to Skycom. Why change? Because Newstar was a trademark of Hubbard's CONUS network; and around 1986 or so WTVJ would supplant WSVN as the CONUS affiliate in Miami (perhaps foretelling NBC's identical move a few years later). Hence WSVN had to change their sat truck's name.
  4. Not only that, but it sounds like In-Sink has moved on to v.6, complete with the original eight-note signature (as opposed to the nine-note "Indiana" version).
  5. WABI seemed to have a strict hair code for it's female talent.
  6. Anyone also notice Michael Bolton at the beginning?
  7. If freakin’ Apollo can’t find any, what makes Byron Allen think he can?
  8. I wouldn’t be one of them though; that’s a decent package, right there.
  9. If it weren’t for the live shot, you’d think this newscast was from 1969, not 1979.
  10. I have no clue about the odds. [The company formerly known as Gannett] is too big for any of the other broadcasters to swallow whole, so it would have to be hedge fund or private equity or some other company with limited broadcasting interests. If Standard buys them, you're definitely going to see a "back-to-basics" approach system-wide, not unlike what we see at the former-MG and LIN stations. This will benefit the "how do you do, fellow kids" stations like WTSP and WKYC, which could use a quick culture change. For stations like KARE and WBIR, who haven't lost all of their former luster yet; it may prove to be a downgrade. More everyday stories about robberies and house fires, less of those "slice of life" features.
  11. Stations in Florida and other hurricane-prone markets have been doing this for decades.
  12. It’s a 615 track. WTVT used it as a traffic bed for a while in the early 2000s, without the signature at the end.
  13. All of the conditions that led ABC to switch to KSTP, WSB, WSOC, WTLV, WSAV, WBRZ, and KOMU were present in the Tampa Bay market. I wonder what made WFLA decide to stay with NBC; and WIS and WSFA for that matter.
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