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  1. I think that's their translator in Akron. Their main signal is still on 10. And you're at the wrong thread anyway.
  2. In the article it mentions KPTH in Sioux City IA - that's FOX; CBS is KMEG, owned by Waitt Broadcasting and run by Sinclair. You think Sinclair might move CBS to a KPTH subchannel like it's done in other markets?
  3. It's happening in Cedar Rapids too, where FOX is moving from KFXA 28.1 to KGAN 2.2.
  4. Let's move the NBCSN shutdown rumors to Speculatron, OK?
  5. There are a lot of these systems listed on the other forum: https://www.radiodiscussions.com/showthread.php?662567-Worst-Cable-Systems-in-America
  6. Because you're afraid a major-market Big 4 affiliate would change its COL to a podunk town like Decatur (pop. 7,094)? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decatur,_Texas
  7. Tamron Hall is going to graveyard in Columbia SC, per the other forum. Any other downgrades?
  8. Maybe Nexstar proper can go for KSHV (with a failed waiver).
  9. HELL NO! They're still barred from buying (or even selling) stations; they only sold the non-license assets of KGBT.
  10. What's airing in its place?
  11. The press release doesn't say which stations they'll sell/shut down in Syracuse and Yuma.
  12. Maybe they have low expectations for the show.

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