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  1. Waco gets PBS from KERA Dallas on cable.
  2. Of course, Zanesville is a separate market from Columbus. Marquee could add another Big 4 network to WHIZ's lineup, or at worse try to move WHIZ into Columbus as an independent, marking the end of the Zanesville market.
  3. The OP wants to know if they got canceled or are on the verge of cancellation.
  4. And WHMB is on VHF 7, which is kinda hard to get without an outdoor antenna.
  5. Maybe Alabama PBS is trying to get satellite must-carry rights in the Columbus-Tupelo DMA, which includes Lamar County and Vernon.
  6. I wonder if The CW has to change its name.
  7. If it's still on the air, maybe they'll drop it at midnight.
  8. Isn't PIX11 owned by Mission Broadcasting? They shouldn't be affected.
  9. According to RabbitEars, the three Florence stations are already repeating WMBF.
  10. What's going to be their new name?
  11. You left out Washington DC (Fulton County is part of that market). Also, I don't think Charleston WV would be affected.
  12. We all know Forum can't legally buy KVRR, because it and WDAY/WDAZ are both Top 4 stations. I bet FOX programming gets moved to a WDAY/WDAZ subchannel, most likely 6.3/8.3 which is in HD.
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