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  1. Geez that shirt on Marcus Esparza! Also, he sounds like a high school senior.
  2. I'm watching CW right now. Son of a Critch, since nothing else is on. First I've seen the new logo on my TV. Looks pretty good! But I stand by this being somewhat of a lateral mood. I've seen a few local news sets that have been largely in the CW green before. Pretty edgy, and usually looks pretty nice. Not sure so much orange would translate that well though (though my affiliate hasn't immersed its news set in lime green and likely won't in slime orange).
  3. I have always liked the edgy green color that has been the CW, but I don't hate the revamp; I just never personally wanted a revamp. Losing the "the" is actually a great decision for the sake of the logo. No more clutter (unless an affiliate clutters it up with calls and channel number poorly placed, but that would be on them). Truth be told, I have barely watched any CW over the years. I'd need to google what current big shows they have. I hope, for their sake, the actual programming gets beefed up (though that'll mean different things for different people). Maybe time for My Network to follow suit?
  4. Backing up previous comment on privating the video. I know SA has a large Hispanic population, but "Puro San Antonio" seems more appropriate for a Telemundo affiliate or whatever else they have in SA.
  5. Good for Dagmar. Hoping she can stay in town and do whatever's next, but I've heard various ideas for relocation. She was, until recently, a neighbor of my parents in Del Mar. They seemed to like her.
  6. I like that site. Never really perused it before. It seemslike they don't have a search engine; you just need to click the "next" link over and over. I wonder what the full story is with Mullur.
  7. Watched NBC 7 (KNSD) news today and saw a farewell to Mari Payton, at times reporter/investigator/anchor, and she is leaving today. Not sure what is next for her. She was there 18 years.
  8. https://timesofsandiego.com/business/2022/12/18/marketink-end-of-year-retirements-for-nbc-7s-rory-devine-artie-ojeda/ KNSD-TV NBC 7 San Diego has announced the retirements of longtime anchor-and-reporters Rory Devine and Artie Ojeda. Devine, 69, joined NBC 7 as a reporter in 1984, when the station’s call letters were KCST. Her last day is Friday, Dec. 30. Ojeda, 61, has been with station since 1996. His last day is Friday, Dec. 23. Both of them told Times of San Diego they are retiring after accepting voluntary buyouts offered by NBCUniversal, which owns KNSD-TV. The conglomerate has been offering early retirement packages to employees ages 57 and older with 10 years of service as part of a companywide effort to reduce spending.
  9. https://news.yahoo.com/political-analyst-loses-tv-job-151832492.html Political analyst loses TV job after mocking Trump’s appearance, Georgia station says A political commentator is out of a job after poking fun at former President Donald Trump’s appearance during a live telecast, according to a Georgia news outlet. WSB-TV Atlanta cut ties with longtime analyst Bill Crane on Monday, Aug. 22, following his remarks about Trump’s “looming orange face” and influence in the upcoming midterm elections. Crane’s comments, said during a live segment on Sunday, Aug. 21, “are not aligned with our commitment to fair and unbiased reporting and analysis,” Ray Carter, vice president and general manager for WSB-TV, said in a statement. “As a result, we’re ending our relationship with Mr. Crane, effective immediately,” Carter said. After news of his firing, Crane said he stood by his analysis but acknowledged his wording “could have been a bit more PC.”
  10. I've liked their programming in the past, but NBC has so many cable stations that they may be reinventing the wheel with certain things. Too bad. Certain olympic sports need better exposure for better understanding and following.
  11. I really hate KOIN's "6". But yeah, the "11" isn't great either.
  12. Yeah, that's an oddly specific description of their area. Also, I feel like the strokeweight of the Circle 5 logo is different at 0:10 and 0:36. Maybe my eyes fail me, though.
  13. Indeed. eems a bit of a hassle, and expense. for such a small tweak. Better go all out (I admit, I wouldn't mis the left-pointing arrows, but the rest of it is spot on, imho). I saw the promo mentioned above, and I actually like the animation of it, and the inverse black and white. Time will tell. I am more into NBC and CBS (news, mainly).
  14. So the new special report graphics will need changed yet again. Too bad. I like the current one.
  15. I just saw an opening for WTSP news on YouTube. Too hip or suave or something. Not urgent enough. I wonder what their SR openings are going to be like. But again, I love the logo.
  16. Off topic, but "42 Freway?" That sounds very SoCal, not SoJerz. Anyhow, I do like that traffic ticker, but it goes slightly fast. and concerning the "10" logo for WTSP, I like it in general.I used to live there, but forget what it looked like from 91-93. I love the shapes, and I love going back to the past, like KFMB 8 here in San Diego.
  17. Oh, dear. I'm not on the thread I thought I was. Sorry.
  18. I'm just waking up to WKYC (3, Cleveland) having changed their logo. Looks like they went modern minimalist like 19. I still have to watch an actual newscast. I'm on raw footage right now.
  19. I just went to their website tonight. Just randomly, kind of. I do have lots of extended family out there, so as soon as I find the link to their newscast, I'll need to catch up. Overall, I really like the new "19" logo, and I like even more that there's no longer two different "19"s in two different fonts. That was always a bit triggering.
  20. Interesting! Never knew this was in the works, but this is nice. I'll need to √√ my avatar. Seems like some have been skewed.
  21. Looks a bit glitchy at :04 , but overall, not bad at all, especially for a fairly small market.
  22. Interesting. I used to get that station at my college in Vermont, and I really liked their opening for the nightly slots (opening with a booming announcement of their calls and market: "WCVB TV BOSTON!). This was back in the mid-90's. Still a good station, apparently., I'm watching the breaking news report on the gas fires right now.
  23. Ahhhh. Yes, it does kind of make sense. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northwest_Territory
  24. Do Minnesotans really refer to their state as being part of the Northwest?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYYjIB3dbZ8 Creepy music btw.
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