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  1. They're doing the same thing out here in Southern California. Like the Tri-State area, Southern California is expansive. I think that these community journalists are a good idea. I consider them an embedded journalist. KABC has two that I have seen, one covering the Silverlake/Echo Park area and another covering East Los Angeles. I am sure there are more. You can see what they are all about on their IG at @abc7sophie and @abc7eric
  2. Didn't think lists were allowed. Moderator??
  3. Same VO that does the morning open for KGO San Francisco. Their morning show is "ABC7 Mornings." See open below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nM5ttJtU08
  4. The original KTTV Good Day LA 1993 open. Been trying to find it for years. It started out..."It's gonna be a good...good daaaay in LA," then it went into the anchor intros. There is a KTTV open montage that has that same opening sequence, but without the original theme. When GDLA launched in 1993, they were 2 years behind the KTLA Morning News and GDLA switched formats rather frequently to try and match KTLAs success.
  5. KRON 2003. Fast Forward to 9:57. Best bumper ever in TV news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byuWVOyLEec
  6. KMOV new logo? KMOV anchor/reporter Emily Pritchard posted on her InstaStory (@emilyjpritch) a station vehicle with a new paint job. Also looks like a new “News 4” logo. Might be something to look out for in the future.
  7. If they are coming back, they are on the wrong side. KABC talent wears them on the right side (talent's left).
  8. Except for the fact that Jemele Hill stepped down from her ESPN post to do long form writing for ESPN's sister site "The Undefeated." I doubt that she will return to the TV grind except when asked to be a guest on certain ESPN programs.
  9. Interesting and surprising for sure. I live in Southern California, but travel to PDX frequently. Joe is an icon at KGW. I always thought of him as solid. Curious to see how he fits in with the team at WGN. I know WGN looks at the long term, so I am sure he will be fine. Agree with the previous comments on Ben Bradley being B team material. Good for the early afternoon, but not sure I would bet the house on him. Not taking away from his talent, but I don't see that "it" factor in him just yet. Nice to see him at 9 showing his true personality though
  10. Doubt it. KTLA and KABC have news at 3pm. KCAL was gone back and forth many times at the 4pm hour. It goes a few years for an hour, then they scale back to only 30mins. KABC truly OWNs the 4pm hour. I'm not sure how much of a player KNBC is. No need for KCAL to get in the mix just to get a few scraps.
  11. Man! That KTTV open is CLASSIC! KTLA ruled 10pm at that point (still does to an extent), but I always tuned in for that open. Devine, Thompson and Garcia were magic together. They got even better when John Beard joined the team. I miss the old "FOX TELEVISION NEWS" newsroom studio. Their old building on Sunset Blvd was demolished many years ago (across the street from KTLA...5746 Sunset Blvd vs. 5800 Sunset Blvd), but so many memories there! It is now a high school. $20 to anyone who can find me a clean open from the 1993 Good Day LA Susan Lichtman/Antonio Mora era.
  12. Look at her Instagram. She is savage!
  13. Lonnie Lardner! Formerly of KABC, KHJ and KTTV out here in LA
  14. GDNY is NOT going national. I'd bet the farm on that one. Does anyone remember "Good Day Live?" That was the national spin-off of Good Day LA. It was a huge fail. The flashy style of big market morning shows doesn't resonate well with viewers in Nebraska.
  15. Anyone remember "Later Today?" That show aired at 9am, That show had a live audience. I love Jodi Applegate and the late Florence Henderson, but do you remember how it turned out? Not looking good for Megyn already.
  16. Can we keep this thread focused on WCBS? I get it...everyone is pissed that WJZ, WNYW and WBBM haven't received new sets yet, but complaining isn't going to change the reality!
  17. Tanja Babich and Roz Varon posted on their IG accounts that the station would be debuting new talent opens. That was maybe 2-3 months ago. Has that happened yet? Is it going to happen if not?
  18. I'm sure that will change down the road. When KTLA debuted their new set and graphics last fall, all newscasts had graphics that said either MORNING NEWS, AFTERNOON NEWS, or EVENING NEWS. The MORNING NEWS graphic is the only one that stayed since that is what their AM show is called, KTLA 5 MORNING NEWS. All of the rest defaulted to NEWS AT 1, NEWS AT 3, NEWS AT 6 or NEWS AT 11.
  19. Look for new talent opens coming soon to WLS. Tanja Babich posted a reference on her Instagram (@tanjababichabc7)
  20. Reminds me of when Paul Magers reported Muhammad Ali's death (also on a Friday night) from the KCBS newsroom. I think we have gotten so accustomed to see big stores reported out of NYC. Lets not forget LA is the #2 market. Colleen has been at KNBC for over 30 years and spent a few years at KCBS prior to going to KNBC. I didn't see her reporting, but I'm confident she did just fine. I usually watch her every night and respect her abilities.
  21. That was different. Colleen was on scene covering the Olympics in Atlanta for KNBC when the bombings took place.
  22. My favorite era as well! I grew up in Southern California watching all the stations. Does anyone know who performed this jazzy cut? I know when you go to the NewsMusic archive page it says Michael Randall music, but I have scoured the internet and can't find any extended version (although this video is great). I would also like to hear Fred Roggin's sports theme from this era is well.
  23. Nobody noticed that Bill Ritter and Rob Powers were wearing different shirt/tie combos in their single pics vs the group shot.

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