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  1. I agree, but my guess is that she may have been working without a contract...hence the continued negotiations with KTLA. Lynette probably had her agent see if anything else was out there for her since she was most likely tired of weekends, even though her show is highly rated. I doubt Jessica, Megan and Lu are leaving anytime soon. When the KNBC deal came up, since she was working at KTLA without a contract (presumably) they cut her loose. TV News is an ice cold business. No allegiances, even to someone who gave nearly a quarter century of their life. Seems like a very Nexstar move. May have not happened under Tribune.
  2. Not bad for a temp set. Some of the stand up shots in studio look good as well. The anchors have been joking that their set looks like cable access tv.
  3. If you take a look at the comments, note the not-so-lowkey dig former KTLAer Christina Pascucci was able to get in. My my my how quickly allegiances turn.
  4. With Lauren Lyster on assignment in England, the bench is a little thin. Lynette is gone immediately it seems. Pascucci is gone and Friel gone at the end of the month. I'm assuming Ellina Abovian will anchor next to Mark Mester this weekend. I can get down with that pairing. Anyone but Megan Telles who seems to be getting more exposure lately in light of Dayna Devon's departure (still with the station, though). Also of note, Rachel Menitoff joined the station. Previously of WJZ Baltimore. Let's see where she will land in the grand scheme of things.
  5. Sounds like a move to 2/9. Another loss to KTLA. Hope KTLA/Nexstar isn't cleaning house now that the GM/ND change has settled. I thought they would continue the work that Don Corsini and Jason Ball did, but doesn't seem like it.
  6. ...a few more observations: Looks like the flashcam desk from when KTLA got their original newsroom upgrade in the late 90s will serve as the temporary anchor desk Temporary studio is the same studio where Frank Buckley does his "Frank Buckley Interviews" program. I took a brief video of the announcement, but couldn't upload due to file size. Not sure if any kind soul can do this on my behalf?
  7. Sam Rubin just reported that starting Monday, all KTLAs shows will be broadcasting from a temporary set. Their current set, which is still in good shape and 6-7yrs old will be demolished and construction will begin to take place on a new one. Let's pray the new set will not be the requisite Nextstar "set in a corner. Anyone have any insight?
  8. Agree. Something had to have happened behind the scenes at KTLA. "Scooch" (Pascucci) is a hell of a reporter. Could cover all of the news and lighter fare on the Morning News and even did GA reporting on the midday shows as well. I'd assume Lauren Lyster or Sandra Mitchell would replace Courtney on the weekend news. Was never a Friel fan, so I don't see her leaving as a big loss.
  9. Wow! Big get for KTTV...especially for all of the upheaval they are experiencing right now (no ND, no GM). She is a strong reporter, great hire.
  10. Just because someone is on the weekends, it doesn't always mean it's a demotion. KTLA's Lynette Romero has co-anchored the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News for quite some time now. Most will remember, Lynette was brought in from Denver to co-anchor weeknights with the legendary Hal Fishman. That pairing always seemed odd and the chemistry was weird. For many years after she was moved off of weekday nights, Lynette served as a GA reporter (which she does a great job). She found her stride again as a strong anchor on the weekends where she can show her personality. She's also a great fill-in on the weekdays when the A/B anchors are out. Also, lets not forget Kathy Vara at KNBC. She was brought in during the mid 1990s to anchor next to Kent Shockneck on Today in LA. They were a strong team for many years. They domimated ratings at the time as well. Kathy left for KABC for a short time and has since returned to KNBC as weekend co-anchor. Again, Kathy does a fantastic job and knows the market. She's been a great go-to person when news breaks on the weekend (OC church shooting earlier this year). Should Colleen Williams retire or Carolyn Johnson choose to move on to something else, Kathy would definitely be the #1 choice to fill either seat if I were the ND.
  11. In this age of being connected all the time, I'm sure there's a plan in place to get a hold of the big 3 anchors. I believe in the last decade, NBCs Lester Holt was out of the country on vacation and flew back to NY to cover the story. Unfortunately, I can't recall which "big" story is was. Most network anchors will usually end their vacation and come back to ensure they are the face of the network's coverage.
  12. FiveNews

    In Memoriam

    Bret spent time here in LA as weekend sports anchor at KNBC as well. RIP.
  13. Glad to see they are doubling down on staying in DC. I have always liked the DC move. It's the nation's capital and there is a ton going on there these days. Makes sense to be in the middle of the madness.
  14. Only speculation, but here's what I think happened. We all know the ND recently departed, she was the one that brought Michaela on and revamped the format. With the ND gone, I'm sure there will be plans to blow up the GDLA format yet again. I assume Michaela didn't fit in with those plans so she most likely was let out of her contract early. There was a lot of writing on the wall. Michaela initially solo anchored the show from 7-10am with Tony and Araksya appearing a few times an hour with headlines and other stories. Now all three start off the show at the desk. Brooke Thomas appears to be a rising star at KTTV, so I'm sure she will have a greater role if a revamped GDLA comes to frution. KTLA just continues to sit and dominate. Can't wait to see what KCAL does when their show launches next month. Haven't seen any promos or offical announcemnts for that show just yet.
  15. Interesting move. KCBS has never been competitive in the morning, so yes...capitalize on the KCAL brand. As we all know, KTLA dominates and KTTV is languishing. KCAL will have to do something different beyond the headlines, weather and traffic reports to gain eyeballs. I'd also assume they would have to add a secondary anchor team. I would assume the current KCBS AM anchor team of Chris Holmstrom and new hire Marci Gonzales would transition over to KCAL as the A team, but they will need a secondary B team to keep the seat warm for them. Think KTLA's B team of Chris and Megan (which can definitely be an A team) and A team of Frank and Jessica.
  16. The SF Bay Area is not a heavy severe WX market compared to say....Boston. No need for a fancy WX center. I'm ok with NBCBA's new set not having one. Their previous set was *OK,* but other NBC O&Os have updated in recent year and I'm sure they wanted to be on brand as best as they could. Am I trippin? This looks like their old set. I don't this is the new set that everyone is critiquing.
  17. Will there be updates to the TV studios at ESPN in DTLA and DC for a consistent look?
  18. Just curious...I live in the Los Angeles DMA, so I know news writers still exist. Writers seemed to have a place in newsrooms across all markets at one point. As the business has evolved, that seems to have changed. Do writers still exist in the mid-level markets or is that handled solely by producers/reporters/anchors? Is having a writer something that only exists at the network and say top ten market level?
  19. Katy Tur of MSNBC sits down with NPR (WHYY's Fresh Air). She details the relationship with her father, the former Bob Tur. Now known as Zoey Tur. Bob was the helicopter pilot at KCBS and KCOP in Los Angeles who covered several stories including the OJ chase and the Reginald Denny beating. Great interview, lots of insight into the behind the scenes of the business. Additionally, Katy provides a lot of detail into the strained relationship between herself and her dad. https://www.npr.org/2022/06/13/1103933870/msnbc-news-anchor-katy-tur-rough-draft
  20. Marci Gonzalez joins KCBS as morning anchor. Not sure if she’s DeMarco’s official replacement or if she is sliding into Suzanne Marques’ seat.
  21. KTLA's Sky5 pilot/reporter Mark Kono is steppng down at the end of the week, per FTV. Mark is married to in-studio traffic anchor Ginger Chan. I don't think Nexstar is grounding the KTLA chopper, but I assume one of the Welk Aviation reporters will take Mark's place in the morning. This will leave KTLA without a dedicated chopper reporter on staff since Tim Lynn (nightside pilot/reporter) retired in 2020.
  22. I think you mean the 2009 KTLA Package
  23. Who is Norah's main fill in person when she's out? Gayle? Tony Dokoupil? One of the CBSEN weekend anchors?
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