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  1. Whit Johnson worked at KNBC; co-anchored Today in LA. His wife, Andrea Fujii, was weekend co-anchor at KCBS/KCAL.
  2. Damn! Time to blow up CNN This Morning.
  3. San Diego is supposed to have a MLS team in the coming years as well. Sounds like a good time for the marketing people to arrange a partnership.
  4. PIX, KTLA and WGN to a lesser extent have had free reign on their sets. Will KUSI get the traditional Nexstar set in a corner like big market brother KRON or will they get to do something original. I really like the chill vibe that Fox5SDs set has.
  5. RIP Tony Valdez. Legacy KTTV nightside reporter.
  6. KTLAs ND is out effective immediately. https://deadline.com/2023/03/ktla-news-director-pete-saiers-exits-out-1235314772/
  7. Most likely Mary Yoon or Markina Brown. They seem to be their per-diem mets.
  8. Paul left due to a battle with alcohol. Can't recall why Tuck left, I believe it was $$. He ended up having a pretty legit career finale down at KFMB San Diego.
  9. PIX got the KTLA treatment. As the team gets comfortable in the studio, the viewer will see more cool jib shots and interview areas that weren't immediately seen during the initial launch. We are getting the same here in LA with KTLAs set.
  10. https://www.tmz.com/2023/03/18/cbs-los-angeles-kcal-meteorologist-alissa-carlson-faints-tv/
  11. I assume Colleen will continue solo at 11pm. She definitely has the chops to lead the 11pm on her own, she already does it at 7pm. KCBS/KCAL has Pat Harvey anchor solo at 11pm (6pm as well). Marc Brown anchors KABCs 11pm solo. KNBC could complete the big three network trifecta with this arrangement.
  12. **10pm news update. Kaj Goldberg was live off the top of the 10pm news.
  13. Seems like they may have been short staffed. Vera Jimenez, who is the defacto "chief" did the late morning/afternoon shows (11-2, 3 and 4pm). Kaj Goldberg must have had a last minute emergency/sick as he is scheduled Wed-Sun. He does middays Wed-Fri and nightside on the weekends. Kirk Hawkins, who fills in for all weather shifts, may have been off or had a conflict. He has a highly publicized real estate side hustle. I doubt Mark Kriski would stay beyond his 7-11am shift. Might be in his contract. He's been at KTLA since 1991 and he is rough to watch in recent years. I have seen him fill in for Henry on the 6am hour, but he is usually in the building at that time so it's not a huge inconvenience.
  14. @JustinH I don't think that is quite accurate regarding Demarco Morgan. In his KCBS farewell video below at around 6:10, he says he was offered an extension by station management. Him leaving KCBS was on his own decision.
  15. KCAL's sports department is branded on air as "Sports Central." ...and her KNBC days!
  16. Not to belabor this topic, but this is a terrible hot take. KCAL is the dominant, more recognizable brand in LA, compared to KCBS/CBS 2. I live in the market. Not sure why KCAL would fade into the background in a year or so in favor of the less recognizable CBS Los Angeles brand. KCAL is synonomous with car chases, breaking news coverage and Pat Harvey. From where I sit, KCAL is doing a great job with their rebranding and I hope they have a new resurgence in the ratings.
  17. FTV reports Kareen Wynter is the new weekend co-anchor with Rick Chambers. Courtney Friel will anchor on Thursday/Friday at 4 and 5pm when Pedro is off as he will be filling in on the weekend morning news until June. Station is still working to finalize weekend morning assignments, but Lauren Lyster is already confirmed as one piece of the weekend morning anchor puzzle. Sounds like someone might be coming in from out of market and they are waiting for their contract to run out....or could be a non-compete situation.
  18. Dang! AM news not until 5:30? I know they are the new shop in town, but 5:30am start time is very 1999.
  19. Still think this is related to ND Pete Saiers. He came from Seatte, along with GM Janene Drafs. I don't think Saiers has the chops to lead a big market legacy newsroom and we are seeing the effects of that now. KTLA seems to go thru these cycles of poor leadership. Anyone remember the reign of GM Vinne Malcolm? This was during the KTLA Morning Show/Prime News days. Malcolm was jettisoned and replaced by GM Don Corsini, formerly of KCBS/KCAL and ND Jason Ball and the station saw a strong resurgence. It will be interesting to see how and where the Drafs/Saiers paring takes the station.
  20. Mary was hired for weekends. My assumption is the odd ones out will be Carlson and Markina Brown.
  21. Alissa is freelance. She lives in the Bakersfield area. She was previoulsly a met at one of the Bakersfield stations. My assumption for permanent KCAL WX lineups are: 4-7am: Amber Lee (after maternity leave) 7-10 and 11am: Paul Deanno 12pm/4pm: rotation of Alex, Olga, Markina and Mary Yoon 5-6pm KCBS: Evelyn Taft 8-10 KCAL: Evelyn Taft 11pm: Evelyn Taft
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