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  1. #BoycottKTLA is on Twitter. While I may not agree with how KTLA handled the Lynette situation, some of the folks on Twitter do not understand how a TV contract works. Plain and simple, Mark violated the terms and conditions of his contract, hence his departure. I really wish viewers understood how the intricacies of TV news works. I'd like to engage with some of the viewers on Twitter, but I know it would be fruitless.
  2. Not really. KTLAs expansion began under previous GM Don Corsini and ND Jason Ball. The product never suffered under their watch. Once Nextstar and GM Janeane Drafs and ND Pete Saiers is when the station began to hemmorhage talent. This hemmorhaging only began in the past two months (Pascucci, Friel, Devon, Romero and countless behind the scenes staffers). It appears that the ND is the cause of all this. He came down from Seattle which is a totally different news market than LA. Previous GM/ND had years of experience over at KCBS/KCAL which I think led to their success and revitalization of the station. Before Corsini and Ball, the station languished for years under the leadership of Vinnie Malcolm. I really hope KTLA doesn't go back to those dark days as a result of the Mester fiasco.
  3. This entire fiasco happened under his watch. Mark posted on Twitter that he would be addressing the situation on last Saturday's morning news where he went rogue. The ND allowed Mark to stay on for an additional 3hrs after derailing the station's airwaves. If not termination, some sort of discipline should happen as he was complicit as well. I know the public will never know if the ND was disciplined or not, but still, the ND had a hand in the messy aftermath.
  4. Let me know when the News Director is fired or reassigned to another Nexstar property.
  5. Here’s the Twitter post referenced in today’s LA Times article. Good insider take on a crazy week at 5800 Sunset.
  6. Yes, went to 11am as usual. Vibe seemed a little off, but the team did the best they could considering the circumstances. I'll be curious to see who is anchoring this weekend. I assume Megan Telles or Ellina Abovian as the female, I have no clue who's going to be the male anchor. Last Sunday, during Mark's first day of suspension, it was Pedro Rivera from the weekday 5pm news. A little weak IMO, he worked a few weekend morning shifts before officially getting the 5pm seat when he came down from Sacto. I think it would be cool if Eric Spillman, Frank Buckley or Chris Schauble rotated weekends....even if it's just Saturday or Sunday to provide stability until a permanent team is named.
  7. FOX may have left it up to the local stations. KTTV/FOX LA took the FOX News feed for the early part of GDLA.
  8. It has been a rollercoaster ride at KTLA over the past five days. I think now the station needs to focus on replacing Lynette (and Dayna). I think if the station wanted to make this right, do they go "back to the future?" I say bring in Wendy Burch as a pillar of stability as the station begins a search for a replacement. Megan Telles aint it. She better suited as a reporter. I know Wendy is in a behind the scenes role, but it might just be what they need to put this tumultuous period to rest.
  9. The hits keep coming. KTLA was trending on my Twitter feed earlier.
  10. I would't blame local KTLA Management. It sounds like these calls are being made at the Nexstar corporate level. I was afraid that KTLA would lose some of its luster after beloved GM Don Corsini and ND Jason Ball left. Surprisingly, they have remained consistent. It seems that the station likes GM Janeane Drafs and has tried to keep KTLAs legacy alive. Nonetheless, a wild, but not unexpected turn of events based on Mark's explanation yesterday. Hopefully Mark will sit his suspension out and return next weekend. I also find it interesting that Nexstar didn't move to have Mark taken off the air after the 8am a block if they were that upset. Lastly, did anyone see the "We Love You, Lynette" banner that flew over the station yesterday during the announcement? Soooo many questions around this whole situation. With no replacement for Dayna Devon, Lynette now gone and Mark suspended...essentially, the entire weekend morning news has been blown up in about 1 month. I hope KTLA can find a solution to put their crown jewel brand back together.
  11. Wow!!! Mark Mester went scorched earth on how Lynette was done wrong earlier this week. They start the 8am hour with segment called “Four on 5” where they check in with all 4 people on the show. Today it was calling out management for how poorly Lynette was treated. Mark praised the GM for letting Lynette go after an opportunity, so it sounds like the abrupt exit may have come from Nexstar suits. If anyone has the first few minutes of the 8am hour, take a look.
  12. I agree, but my guess is that she may have been working without a contract...hence the continued negotiations with KTLA. Lynette probably had her agent see if anything else was out there for her since she was most likely tired of weekends, even though her show is highly rated. I doubt Jessica, Megan and Lu are leaving anytime soon. When the KNBC deal came up, since she was working at KTLA without a contract (presumably) they cut her loose. TV News is an ice cold business. No allegiances, even to someone who gave nearly a quarter century of their life. Seems like a very Nexstar move. May have not happened under Tribune.
  13. Not bad for a temp set. Some of the stand up shots in studio look good as well. The anchors have been joking that their set looks like cable access tv.
  14. If you take a look at the comments, note the not-so-lowkey dig former KTLAer Christina Pascucci was able to get in. My my my how quickly allegiances turn.
  15. With Lauren Lyster on assignment in England, the bench is a little thin. Lynette is gone immediately it seems. Pascucci is gone and Friel gone at the end of the month. I'm assuming Ellina Abovian will anchor next to Mark Mester this weekend. I can get down with that pairing. Anyone but Megan Telles who seems to be getting more exposure lately in light of Dayna Devon's departure (still with the station, though). Also of note, Rachel Menitoff joined the station. Previously of WJZ Baltimore. Let's see where she will land in the grand scheme of things.
  16. Sounds like a move to 2/9. Another loss to KTLA. Hope KTLA/Nexstar isn't cleaning house now that the GM/ND change has settled. I thought they would continue the work that Don Corsini and Jason Ball did, but doesn't seem like it.
  17. ...a few more observations: Looks like the flashcam desk from when KTLA got their original newsroom upgrade in the late 90s will serve as the temporary anchor desk Temporary studio is the same studio where Frank Buckley does his "Frank Buckley Interviews" program. I took a brief video of the announcement, but couldn't upload due to file size. Not sure if any kind soul can do this on my behalf?
  18. Sam Rubin just reported that starting Monday, all KTLAs shows will be broadcasting from a temporary set. Their current set, which is still in good shape and 6-7yrs old will be demolished and construction will begin to take place on a new one. Let's pray the new set will not be the requisite Nextstar "set in a corner. Anyone have any insight?
  19. Agree. Something had to have happened behind the scenes at KTLA. "Scooch" (Pascucci) is a hell of a reporter. Could cover all of the news and lighter fare on the Morning News and even did GA reporting on the midday shows as well. I'd assume Lauren Lyster or Sandra Mitchell would replace Courtney on the weekend news. Was never a Friel fan, so I don't see her leaving as a big loss.
  20. Wow! Big get for KTTV...especially for all of the upheaval they are experiencing right now (no ND, no GM). She is a strong reporter, great hire.
  21. Just because someone is on the weekends, it doesn't always mean it's a demotion. KTLA's Lynette Romero has co-anchored the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News for quite some time now. Most will remember, Lynette was brought in from Denver to co-anchor weeknights with the legendary Hal Fishman. That pairing always seemed odd and the chemistry was weird. For many years after she was moved off of weekday nights, Lynette served as a GA reporter (which she does a great job). She found her stride again as a strong anchor on the weekends where she can show her personality. She's also a great fill-in on the weekdays when the A/B anchors are out. Also, lets not forget Kathy Vara at KNBC. She was brought in during the mid 1990s to anchor next to Kent Shockneck on Today in LA. They were a strong team for many years. They domimated ratings at the time as well. Kathy left for KABC for a short time and has since returned to KNBC as weekend co-anchor. Again, Kathy does a fantastic job and knows the market. She's been a great go-to person when news breaks on the weekend (OC church shooting earlier this year). Should Colleen Williams retire or Carolyn Johnson choose to move on to something else, Kathy would definitely be the #1 choice to fill either seat if I were the ND.
  22. In this age of being connected all the time, I'm sure there's a plan in place to get a hold of the big 3 anchors. I believe in the last decade, NBCs Lester Holt was out of the country on vacation and flew back to NY to cover the story. Unfortunately, I can't recall which "big" story is was. Most network anchors will usually end their vacation and come back to ensure they are the face of the network's coverage.
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