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  1. Super confused. I watched the 5pm news and noticed it looked familiar. I took a look at some of the pics/links posted above from earlier. It appears KTTV kept their old desk and added another set as well. Anyone remember the old KABC days on Prospect Ave. where they utilized 2 different sets? I included a link to the 2 different KABC sets below. Tony McEwing alluded this morning to the fact that the studio space is massive. The station is trying to make the most of it.
  2. Underwhelming to say the least. They essentially kept the "guts" of the previous studio. They moved the location of the main anchor desk once again. They kept the "FOX LOS ANGELES" display that has been around from the last 2 set iterations. I was hopng to see something along the lines of WNYW/WTTG, but it appears they continue to giving their studio a refresh every few years. I'll be curious how they leverage the new space for the 7-10am block of GDLA. That part of the show does a lot more walking around the studio and more interacting with on air talent compared to the 4-7a block, which is more hard news focused.
  3. Not an apples to apples comparison, but something similar. I've had a retail management career for nearly 2 decades...currently a district manager. It was blacked out for many years to take PTO during November- early January (busy holiday shopping season). That thought process has changed in the last 3-5yrs as brick and mortar continues to lose out to digital shopping. Same thing goes for the TV news industry. Habits change, the "biz" needs to adapt and change with it.
  4. No new updates on the new set or SkyFox. They have been promoting their new partnership with ONT Airport on GDLA and their noon news all day. The ND even made an appearance in a package on the noon show. I hope this wasn't their "something big is coming" tease. I love ONT- I fly thru it regularly, but a partnership with ONT doesn't affect the entire market...what about BUR, LGB, PSP? https://www.foxla.com/news/fox-11-announces-partnership-with-ontario-international-airport
  5. Yup. Agree. FTV reported something last week that KTTV shared that "something big is coming" for May. Has to be their new set.
  6. Rumors of a potential COVID outbreak at 'PVI in Philly. I'm curious if something similar is going on at 30 Rock. I watched NBC News Now's "Morning News Now" this morning. Joe Fryer was in their main studio and Savannah Sellers was at an alternate location within 30 Rock. Later in the morning NBCNN showed a lot of WNBC shooting coverage. I had no issue with this at all, the local angle is the best angle. Darlene Rodriguez and Michael Garguilo stayed on thru 1pm at the conclusion of their coverage. I know anchors in larger markets are well paid and these longer days are the exception. I just assumed the midday team would come in at some point and take over from Michael and Darlene. Not sure if another anchor was available due to quarantine/exposure or if they diverted all resources to being on the scene in Brooklyn.
  7. Haven't seen anything based on February Sweeps. KTLA made reference this morning that they are still number 1 in the mornings. My assumption is the following, just based on historical trends: Mornings- KTLA. Middays- KABC 11am/KTLA 12pm, 1pm. Afternoons KABC 1st, KNBC 2nd. Primetime KCAL, KTLA, KTTV. Late News KABC, KNBC, KCBS, KTLA. I made reference to this in a post a few weeks ago...ratings need not be the biggest barometer of succeess in local TV news anymore. Need to also factor in streaming as well. KABC and KTLA kill it (advantage to KTLA IMO) in the streaming arena.
  8. Straight from Feder. Joe formerly of KGW, WGN and NewsNation. https://www.robertfeder.com/2022/04/06/cbs-2-hires-joe-donlon-top-news-anchor/
  9. CBS News switched to a BBC simulcast at the top of the 8pm PST hour. A little shocked and confused by that choice, they didn't provide any context that was greater than what the networks reported. Surprisingly, coverage seems to be lacking. ABC News Live (streaming and on Hulu live bundle) seems to be doing a serviceable job.
  10. KTTV is in the newsroom this morning. Caught the 5am hour of GDLA while I was in the gym. Not sure if there is a technical issue in the studio since it's fairly new or if there are greater changes coming. They have updated the newsroom in recent years so the backdrop doesn't look too bad.
  11. What other stations beyond KNBC and WLWT are doing anything different for Super Bowl coverage? An exciting weekend for sure! Here in LA, currently the KTLA 5 Morning News has blown out the 7-11am block for the most part dedicating the show to the Super Bowl. Frank, Jess, Mark and Sam are out at LA Live with reporters around the Southland focused on Super Bowl related live shots. KTTV is doing a GDLA show on Sunday from 8a-12p which I think is interesting since they don't have a weekend morning newscast. Additionally, there will be a post game FOX 11 News with Elex and Christine. Again, this is interesting since the game isn't on FOX this year. Anything else I miss in LA? What's planned for Cincy coverage?
  12. Congrats to Mike. Hope he rents. The life expectancy of a news director at KCBS isn't that long. As I have said in previous threads, it isn't about ratings, but ad dollars KCBS specifically, must be pulling decent ad revenue because we know the eyeballs aren't there. Despite having respected vets like Pat Harvey, Jim Hill and weathercaster Evelyn Taft- KCBS can't move the needle. Ratings appear to be a bit better during primetime over on KCAL. I would like to see CBS pump a little more money into their west coast flagship to make them competitive a la WCBS.
  13. Glad to see that Chris is having a renaissance of sorts at 'PIX. On an unrelated note, I'm intrigued at why some of the non-network morning shows switch to their A teams at 6am. WPIX and WGN do this, specifically. I live in Los Angeles and KTLA has their B morning team from 4-7am, and the A morning team from 7-11am. In terms of fairness, it seems like at least a 3hr block for each team would be fair. Is this negotiatied contractually or just preference by station management?
  14. Shades of the WAVY 10 logo.
  15. Lieberman is reporting that 2/9 reporter Sara Donchey is leaving to join KPIX. In her new role, she will anchor the weekday 5pm newscast with newly appointed anchor Ryan Yamamoto. Interesting development for sure. I liked Sara at 2/9 and was disappointed when she returned from a leave that she was relegated to weekday nightside reporting. She had great chemistry with her weekend co-anchor Chris Holmstrom. Good news for her is that she gets to remain in California and remains in the CBS family. Link below to Sara anchoring breaking earthquake coverage... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFwUYOTUC8A
  16. WPIX sister station KTLA has 2 morning wx people. Henry DiCarlo does 4-7am, Mark Kriski does 7-11am. Granted, KTLA is more established in the morning than WPIX, it goes to show that a 2 wx person model can work in an easy wx market like Los Angeles. Expanding on that, KTLAs AM/early afternoon news block goes from 4am-2pm straight. the 11am-2pm wx duties are handled by someone else too- Kaj Goldberg 3 days per week, as he does weekend PM as well. Weekend AM wx person Kacey Montoya will fill in the other days or back up weather person Kirk Hawkins. Wx segments and maps are usually built by a behind the scenes producer. All talent has a hand in what goes out over the air, but the bulk of the work is handled by a producer. I assume it is the same at WPIX.
  17. KSWB is essentially KTLA south. Nexstar owned station and News Director Rich Goldner is a former KTLA guy...former EP of the Morning News. Makes sense to be so news heavy.
  18. FTV reporting that FOX40 (Sacramento) anchor Pedro Rivera is heading down to LA to anchor the new KTLA 5pm with Cher Calvin. Not sure if there will be any other anchor changes as Cher also co-anchors the 6pm, 10pm and 11pm with Micah Ohlman. Micah solo anchors at 6:30.
  19. I'm watching from LA, so I might be misinformed. Would appreciate the group helping me out with what NYC did in terms of extended coverage for Ida last night. It seemed as if the market was woefully unprepared. I watched WCBS via their website, it appeared they had a streaming 9pm hour on CBSN New York and went for an hour at 11pm. They seemed to be the best of what I saw. Didn't see any extra coverage on WNBC or WABC. WNYW went for about 4min at the top of the 10, then moved on to cover Ida damage in Louisiana. Barely gave PIX a second thought. It appeared social media was the place to be for wx related updates, not the local stations. Not sure if it was due to wanting to keep crews safe (which I support). Just seems like the stations were caught off guard, unless someone in the NYC market saw different coverage over the air?
  20. Re: I wonder if WCBS will add a 4pm too? I present to you, News 2 at 4. I doubt they will do a re-boot.
  21. Huge KTLA stan here, but that will be a tough timeslot to differentiate themselves in. I know its not about ratings anymore, but dollars. My assumption is that recently acquired Sandra Mitchell will have a presence. You have Pat Harvey on 2, Chuck and Colleen on 4, Marc Brown on 7, hell even Christine Devine on 11 all at 5pm. Going to be tough to get any recongition without a strong LA name. Just my 2 cents.
  22. Something similar happened to another newsie back in December... https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/12/10/news-director-has-all-of-his-belongings-stolen
  23. KTLA leads/dominates in the morning. Their morning news block goes from 4am-2pm. ABC7 leads afternoons, followed by NBC4/KTLA. CBS2 is a non factor, sadly. Led by market vet Pat Harvey and sports legend Jim Hill. Just going off of memory, I think KVEA (Telemundo) has overtaken KMEX (Univision) in terms of ratings for spanish language. KVEA recently lost main female Ana Patricia Candiani. She had been with the network for quite sometime, but transitioned back to local within the past decade. She was a welcomed pillar of stability. I live in Southern California and was raised here. I have been a news junkie for years. If you need any other info on the market, let me know!
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