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  1. Kolk was originally hired as a general assignment reporter. He slid to nightside entertainment within the last few years. KTLA isn't doing themselves any favors with weekend musical chairs. Cher and Pedro are ok on the weekday 5pm. Seems like a demotion or Nexstar (KTLAs parent company) being cheap and not wanting to hire another fulltime weekend AM anchor. Sam Cortese and Rick Chambers anchored together tonight. I could dig seeing Sam as the permanent replacement for Courtney Friel.
  2. Stale indeed. I actually watched a lot more KCAL vs KTLA this morning. Speaking of 5Live, Andy Riesmeyer had a live shot all morning from Knott's Berry Farm. As you mentioned, I hope the weekend spot is temporary. I'd like to see him and Sam have a prominent role on the 4pm news.
  3. Does anyone know if the Weekend Morning News has settled on Doug Kolk and Lauren Lyster as the new permanent anchors? I ask because I notice the Weekend Morning News mugs were updated today. In addition to Doug and Lauren, regulars Megan Telles and Kacey Montoya were on the mugs as well.
  4. I'm really liking how the chemistry is coming together with the KCAL Mornings anchor team. Jamie Yuccas is off this week. I think she brings a spark to the 7am block. Social Desk anchor Kristin Smith is filling in for Jamie. She slid right in to Jamie's role and has done a terrific job anchoring. Marci Gonzalez is off today (not a huge fan) and 10am/noon anchor Amy Johnson was filling in. Amy anchors the 10am and noon solo so there is never any co-anchor interaction. The way she connected with Rudabeh was amazing. Truly job well done by KCAL management. Give this team some time to grow a following and I truly believe they will be a force to be reckoned with in the mornings in LA.
  5. AFAIK. No full cut in, just weather and traffic on CBS Los Angeles.
  6. if we can keep it real, channel 2 hasn't been relevant in Los Angeles since April 1984. That was when KNXT became KCBS. The station that "revolutionized" local news was the former KNXT. I don't think KCBS has ever revolutionized anything in LA.
  7. I am curious to see how this arrangement will work out. Extra (ET/Access) have to tape early in order to feed early to east coast affilliates. I don't see Jenn and Melvin hanging around in the event of breaking news. They will do their 6-9 slot and be gone by 10am. Not knocking their additional side hustles, but seems like this can't be a sustainable way forward for KTTV. I think KTTV should have placed weekend refugee from KTLA Christina Pascucci on weekdays. She has the following, has the news chops and knows the area. USC graduate, raised in LA.
  8. Rachel Scott was recently promoted to Senior Congressional Correspondent. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/abc-news-promotes-rachel-scott-to-senior-congressional-correspondent/522209/
  9. KTLA didn't go to the delay because they are under a Nextstar exemption due to their KTLA+ app. KRON and WGN are under the same exemption for the same reason. I hope they integrate some of the 5 Live elements into the 4pm show. The 5 Live set is pretty legit, TBH. Sam Cortese anchored the AM and PM newscasts during the holidays, so my bet is that she gets an anchor slot at 4pm.
  10. GDLA aired on KCOP during the World Cup. I'm sure it's not outside of the realm of possibility.
  11. I've been dipping in and out of KCAL Mornings. The product has improved, but I'm still loyal to KTLA. One thing I'm a little confused with is the weather lineups. Olga has been starting off from around 4-8am. Then Alex Biston or Mary Yoon will come in for a few hits during the 8 and 9am hours. Olga returns for the 10 at 10. I know Paul Deanno is coming to the station in February. Just seems a little odd for Olga to return on the back end. I'd like to see one consistent weather personality for the early AM and another consistent person for the later news block. The 7am-10am block with Jamie Yuccas and Rudabeh Shahbazi is the strong suit of the new launch so far. As they continue to solidify their brand, Jamie and Rudabeh can defintiely be a solid #2 in local mornings. I really like their chemistry.
  12. THIS! Couldn't have simplified the transition any easier than this.
  13. SkyCAL isn't a terrible name. It's different. 2/9 and KTLA had "Sky XX." Plus "Chopper XX" or "Air XX" is a little stale. Lest we forget 7 SkyForce down in Miami?! There's mixed emotions as it relates to the new brand. I like it personally, as someone who was raised in SoCal. KCAL was definitely the stronger brand. Anyone remember when KTTV did KCOPs 11pm news with Carlos Amezcua and Christine Devine? The FOX management knew the FOX11 brand was stronger compared to KCOPs historically dead branding. KCBS/KCAL is doing something similar. Although the KCAL to KCOP comparison is apples to oranges as KCAL has historically had the stronger brand recognition.
  14. KCAL Mornings* will be the main morning newscast.
  15. Looking forward to the launch. Should keep KTLA on their toes during the 7a-11a block. GDLA is absolutely dreadful to watch (watching now due to Rose Parade being on KTLA today). Mornings in LA TV news should be a little more interesting now that there are more options.
  16. FiveNews

    In Memoriam

    CNN reports the death of investigative reporter Drew Griffin. Hell of a talent. I have linked the documentary "Breaking News" that aired on TLC in the late 90s/early 00s. It followed KCBS as it tried to bring itself out of the ratings basement. There is a segment with Drew as he works on an investigative piece dealing with shady doctors across the Southland.
  17. The set tweaks continue. New animation behind the anchors debuted this morning. Looks A LOT better! They should have launched with this animation as I know most of us complained that the previous blue/KTLA 5 looked flat and boring.
  18. They also gave Patrick Healy a highly publicized signoff as well. My bet is Robert Kovacik takes over for Chuck Henry. Can't see Brownlee moving up to the big chair.
  19. Scott over at FTV reports that Paul Deanno from WMAQ will be joining the KCAL Mornings team in early February. Late morning weather. Not sure if this means the launch is pushed until then. Good get for the duop. When everything is launched, it looks like there will no longer be anymore "KCAL 9 News." The station will be known as "KCAL News." https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/12/7/resurfacing-in-la
  20. Wow! As someone who has grown up in Southern California, this is huge! Easily over 100+ yrs of experience walking out the door. Chuck spent time at KABC. Angie and Kim were at KCAL before coming to KNBC. Vikki is the longtime Orange County Bureau Chief. Bev is one of their lead nightside reporters. Strong on breaking news. Used to fill in on TILA Weekend back in the day.
  21. Interesting as KCBS/KCAL CBS Los Angeles GM Joel Vilmenay has ties to NOLA.
  22. Small update. They are now shooting the weather segments straight on instead of at an angle. Since they don't have a chromakey in the studio, it looked a little odd when they would point to the map and the camera was at an angle. Henry and Kirk Hawkins (in for Mark Kriski) were both visibly trying to awkwardly adjust to the new shot.
  23. I live in SoCal. My Hulu Live TV guide doesn't have any update for KCAL 9 tomorrow morning, but does show KCBS as airing CBS Mornings from 4-6am and the 6am hour of whatever the new show will be called. The guide still shows it as CBS 2 News at 6am.
  24. Long day for Krista Miller. She will co-anchor the noon, 4, 5, and 6pm shows.
  25. The November book ended yesterday. Anyone have early results? Will they be delayed due to the holiday?
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