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  1. Small update. They are now shooting the weather segments straight on instead of at an angle. Since they don't have a chromakey in the studio, it looked a little odd when they would point to the map and the camera was at an angle. Henry and Kirk Hawkins (in for Mark Kriski) were both visibly trying to awkwardly adjust to the new shot.
  2. I live in SoCal. My Hulu Live TV guide doesn't have any update for KCAL 9 tomorrow morning, but does show KCBS as airing CBS Mornings from 4-6am and the 6am hour of whatever the new show will be called. The guide still shows it as CBS 2 News at 6am.
  3. Long day for Krista Miller. She will co-anchor the noon, 4, 5, and 6pm shows.
  4. The November book ended yesterday. Anyone have early results? Will they be delayed due to the holiday?
  5. Great to see that Detroit's fab four (Mort, Carmen, Chuck and Bernie) are still doing well! WDIV did a great job putting this together!
  6. KCBS and KCAL always maintained separate studios ever since they formed the duopoly in the early oughts. KCAL moved to KCBS' current set in the past year while the new KCAL set was being built.
  7. Rich DeMuro’s report from this morning is below. The set was built by JHD Group in Los Angeles. Nexstar gave the station the autonomy to pick whatever set designer they wanted. https://ktla.com/morning-news/look-behind-the-scenes-of-ktlas-new-set/amp/?fbclid=PAAaYmDa4L_cJa_ZJiF_ezznNtqGsWpDazhXTe0EOmlVJo17sASr65D7cbaGA
  8. Cool tour from the lobby, newsroom and studio entrance. Also, 5pm news team said the set was build locally which speaks to their LA"s Very Own Branding. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClCjayfAYKk/?igshid=Zjc2ZTc4Nzk=
  9. No new graphics or music. Impressive so far
  10. Business reporter David Lazarus says it will debut on Wednesday
  11. Looks like there might be a ticker? See above the guy wearing the black shirt. Are those played out? Remember the last KRON set before they left 1001 Van Ness. That set had a ticker.
  12. Shades of WFAAs current set.
  13. Looks like the little brother version of the current KABC set.
  14. Court never left, that wasn't her goal. The goal was to get off weekends. She has posted that she is more than happy filling in during the weekdays, which she has done since leaving weekends. Afternoons and nightside.
  15. Speaking of WSVN..can't forget their "NightTeam" branding. Their opens go with 7 News at 10/11pm, but I don't have nearly enough fingers and toes to count how many times the word NightTeam is used on their late newscasts. Also, the reports tag out as "Live in Hallandale Beach, Joe Blow, 7 News NightTeam,"
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