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  1. The SF Bay Area is not a heavy severe WX market compared to say....Boston. No need for a fancy WX center. I'm ok with NBCBA's new set not having one. Their previous set was *OK,* but other NBC O&Os have updated in recent year and I'm sure they wanted to be on brand as best as they could. Am I trippin? This looks like their old set. I don't this is the new set that everyone is critiquing.
  2. Will there be updates to the TV studios at ESPN in DTLA and DC for a consistent look?
  3. Just curious...I live in the Los Angeles DMA, so I know news writers still exist. Writers seemed to have a place in newsrooms across all markets at one point. As the business has evolved, that seems to have changed. Do writers still exist in the mid-level markets or is that handled solely by producers/reporters/anchors? Is having a writer something that only exists at the network and say top ten market level?
  4. Katy Tur of MSNBC sits down with NPR (WHYY's Fresh Air). She details the relationship with her father, the former Bob Tur. Now known as Zoey Tur. Bob was the helicopter pilot at KCBS and KCOP in Los Angeles who covered several stories including the OJ chase and the Reginald Denny beating. Great interview, lots of insight into the behind the scenes of the business. Additionally, Katy provides a lot of detail into the strained relationship between herself and her dad. https://www.npr.org/2022/06/13/1103933870/msnbc-news-anchor-katy-tur-rough-draft
  5. Marci Gonzalez joins KCBS as morning anchor. Not sure if she’s DeMarco’s official replacement or if she is sliding into Suzanne Marques’ seat.
  6. KTLA's Sky5 pilot/reporter Mark Kono is steppng down at the end of the week, per FTV. Mark is married to in-studio traffic anchor Ginger Chan. I don't think Nexstar is grounding the KTLA chopper, but I assume one of the Welk Aviation reporters will take Mark's place in the morning. This will leave KTLA without a dedicated chopper reporter on staff since Tim Lynn (nightside pilot/reporter) retired in 2020.
  7. I think you mean the 2009 KTLA Package
  8. Who is Norah's main fill in person when she's out? Gayle? Tony Dokoupil? One of the CBSEN weekend anchors?
  9. Some additional insight from NewscastStudio. Confirms the dual sets, one for Fox11News and the other for GDLA. Again, more of a refresh since a lot of the bones from the original 2013 studio debut remain in place. Design by BDI. https://www.newscaststudio.com/setstudio/kttv-2/
  10. Super confused. I watched the 5pm news and noticed it looked familiar. I took a look at some of the pics/links posted above from earlier. It appears KTTV kept their old desk and added another set as well. Anyone remember the old KABC days on Prospect Ave. where they utilized 2 different sets? I included a link to the 2 different KABC sets below. Tony McEwing alluded this morning to the fact that the studio space is massive. The station is trying to make the most of it.
  11. Underwhelming to say the least. They essentially kept the "guts" of the previous studio. They moved the location of the main anchor desk once again. They kept the "FOX LOS ANGELES" display that has been around from the last 2 set iterations. I was hopng to see something along the lines of WNYW/WTTG, but it appears they continue to giving their studio a refresh every few years. I'll be curious how they leverage the new space for the 7-10am block of GDLA. That part of the show does a lot more walking around the studio and more interacting with on air talent compared to the 4-7a block, which is more hard news focused.
  12. Not an apples to apples comparison, but something similar. I've had a retail management career for nearly 2 decades...currently a district manager. It was blacked out for many years to take PTO during November- early January (busy holiday shopping season). That thought process has changed in the last 3-5yrs as brick and mortar continues to lose out to digital shopping. Same thing goes for the TV news industry. Habits change, the "biz" needs to adapt and change with it.
  13. No new updates on the new set or SkyFox. They have been promoting their new partnership with ONT Airport on GDLA and their noon news all day. The ND even made an appearance in a package on the noon show. I hope this wasn't their "something big is coming" tease. I love ONT- I fly thru it regularly, but a partnership with ONT doesn't affect the entire market...what about BUR, LGB, PSP? https://www.foxla.com/news/fox-11-announces-partnership-with-ontario-international-airport
  14. Yup. Agree. FTV reported something last week that KTTV shared that "something big is coming" for May. Has to be their new set.
  15. Rumors of a potential COVID outbreak at 'PVI in Philly. I'm curious if something similar is going on at 30 Rock. I watched NBC News Now's "Morning News Now" this morning. Joe Fryer was in their main studio and Savannah Sellers was at an alternate location within 30 Rock. Later in the morning NBCNN showed a lot of WNBC shooting coverage. I had no issue with this at all, the local angle is the best angle. Darlene Rodriguez and Michael Garguilo stayed on thru 1pm at the conclusion of their coverage. I know anchors in larger markets are well paid and these longer days are the exception. I just assumed the midday team would come in at some point and take over from Michael and Darlene. Not sure if another anchor was available due to quarantine/exposure or if they diverted all resources to being on the scene in Brooklyn.
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