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  1. Did this actually air, or was this just a rehearsal? I'm hoping rehearsal as the female co-anchor wasn't wearing any shoes.
  2. I don't think KTLA is getting beat by KCAL. It would have to be a cold day in hell for that to happen. They boast being #1 from 4-12pm. #1 at 1pm (no other local news). #1 at 3pm (competition with KABC's 30min show) and #1 at 10pm (competition with KTTV and KCAL). Their only other time slots where they aren't #1 would be 6pm and 11pm. KABC and KVEA I would assume are top dogs there.
  3. A few more fires broke out in the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino counties) overnight. I have linked KTLA's live stream below. https://ktla.com/on-air/live-streaming/
  4. @Eat News Do you know what is going on with KTLAs Sky5? (N925TV). I knew Mark Kono sounded a little different while giving his report the other morning.
  5. Curious to see who they find to replace her. Kris Knutsen (Former KTTV ND) was previously Assistant ND at KTLA. I would have figured she knew their winning formula and could have used it to KTTVs advantage. She failed to do so. KTLA has been the 800lb gorilla for several years now. In order for KTTV to compete against KTLA/KABC, they need to bring in a news director that knows the market and they also need to shake up GDLA. There are 121 people hosting each morning and the anchor lineups on that show make zero sense.
  6. The 4 English stations didn't do anything wrong. Telemundo's #1 status just shows that the demographics in DFW and other markets are shifting. Hispanics are the dominant demographic and it is showing in markets across the country....Miami, NYC, LA, Houston, Dallas, etc etc.
  7. Your analogy of World Cup soccer and TV news makes zero sense. Telemundo 39 is #1 in Dallas because of the growing Hispanic population. It's the same here in LA, KVEA is usually at the top of the heap due to demographics. When you watch soccer in Spanish, you get the gist of the game just by watching the action on the field. That comparison does not happen with TV news. You need context and you need to be able to understand the language to get the true background on what is being reported.
  8. CBS' The Morning Program from 1987. The show is pretty terrible. I can see why it was cancelled after nearly 11 months.
  9. In what speaks to the sad state of our country, NBC's Nightly News closed Friday's program with the names of those that have been killed in mass shootings in the US in the past 18 months. Can't say with 100% accuracy that the 18 month time frame is correct as I came downstairs and saw the names scrolling by without any prior context. Curious if anyone has any additional info as to why NBCNN chose to close their program this way. I support it, just looking to see as to how the NBC management came to this decision.
  10. FiveNews


    Anyone have the chance to take a look at the Newsy channel? I have it on YouTubeTV. Seems like a good alternative to the talking heads on the main cable news channels. I really only watch their evening show called "Newsy Tonight." Newsy is based in Chicago. You won't find any known journalists, just a bunch of hungry, young journalists looking to cover the news of the day from a different perspective. If this has been brought up previously, my apologies.
  11. They are contract workers. When Kalyna Atrinos was the PM Traffic anchor at KABC, she worked for Total Traffic, but appeared on KABC's air. It was a partnership between Total Traffic and KABC. TT provides the talent, KABC provides the airtime. Presently, I believe Kalyna anchors at KGTV San Diego.
  12. We still have Jennifer York in LA. She does traffic for All News KNX-AM during morning drive. Still smooth as ever. The only 2 traffic reporters I trust in LA are Ginger and Jennifer. Alysha Del Valle at KNBC has a following as well. She was at KABC for several years. Like I said, though, Ginger and Jennifer are legit!
  13. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to see what the consensus is around TV News Traffic Reporters. Are their days numbered? Do they really serve a purpose on the morning and early afternoon shows? With traffic info at the palm of our fingertips thru Waze and Google Maps, information can be several minutes old by time it is reported. I do find value in the traffic reporters in the chopper as they are able to cover traffic and breaking news if needed. The traffic reporter in the studio, not so much. Here in Los Angeles, where traffic is ubiquitous, I use my traffic apps or I listen to KNX Traffic On the 5's to see where the traffic tie ups are. Thoughts?
  14. As someone who lives in Southern California (the Inland Empire to be exact) I am glad KNBC went away from the News4LA branding. The name implies news only for LA. The LA DMA is made up 5 counties and to limit the branding to LA would seem to alienate the other 4. The News4 and News4 New York branding are almost legendary/iconic in the New York DMA. I would compare it to KNBCs former "Channel 4 News" branding. When KNBC walked away from Channel 4 News to NBC 4 News, I was shocked, because that name was synonymous with KNBC
  15. I realize I might be reaching, but I'll go for it anyways. I was watching the KTLA YouTube channel, their helicopter reporter Tim Lynn was up in Sky5 covering a brush fire. I noted a "5" bug in the bottom right corner. Most of KTLAs graphics show up as "KTLA5," not just a "5" by itself. Not sure if this is a sneak peek of things to come? Or it could be just something different they do for online. I know KTLA has an online only show called 5Live at 12pm and 2pm. I believe the use a similar package to what they use on TV. Just wondering. I have included a picture as well.
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