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  1. Low key Tegna vibes.
  2. Anyone got link of the WCBS 11pm with Pat? Looks like Pat was able to toss to the WCBS reporters in the field. If you were a casual TV news watcher, I'd assume one couldn't tell any difference.
  3. ...also, let us not forget the legendary "Fred'll Show It To You" sports bumper as well. If you take a look at the 4pm news from KNBC that was posted today, you can here a decent length of it at 25:04
  4. AirchiveSloan is a legend! So is the KNBC jazzy close. Those bumper cuts are legendary as well. Awesome work here! This made my day. The 4pm and 5pm news is also on his site as well. Love how "anchor heavy" LA was at the time. Different teams for all shows....John/Linda 4pm, Colleen (still there at 5pm) and Jess at 5, Keith/Kelly at 6pm and Keith/Kelly at 11pm. The good ol days.
  5. Liberte Chan and Courtney Friel have come under the microscope as well. This was also mentioned on FTVLive. Same practices continue...journalistic ethics continue to fade away. I am not a TV news purist, if you will. I see the conflict, but I also know that TV news has changed and we need to adapt. Not saying its right, but the industry has changed.
  6. Any particular breakdown? I would assume mornings (4a-12pm), 1pm, 3pm and 10pm. KABC has been long dominant at 6pm and 11pm so they're probably 2nd or 3rd in those slots to 7, 34 and/or 52.
  7. Yup. Definitely some "ABCNEWS NEW YORK" vibes there from the Peter Jennings era.
  8. Interesting that vestiges of the Peter Jennings era dating back to 1986 were still in TV3. Would have loved to have seen some of those set pieces, technology, etc.
  9. Things like this are what make the KTLA Morning News so popular. They keep it real. I may have an issue if it was on the 6pm or 10pm news, but I see no problem here. Southern California baseball fans are upset. Today, GMA, CBSTM...would this be OK? No. We are going to be bitter about this for quite sometime...
  10. Ch Ch Changes? Testing things out? Don't want to enter speculation territory, but is it a possibility?
  11. Nice! Good Day LA has used those 3 sided mic flags for quite some time (separate mic flags for GDLA and FOX 11 News). It will be nice to see consistency across the entire station.
  12. Lets say the reporter does a back to back live shot...from KRON to WIVB. Would Buffalo viewers even notice that the mic flags weren't switched out?
  13. Same here in LA at KNBC. Noticed it on Tuesday night, it was anchored by Chuck and Colleen. My assumption is that it is to support Impeachment Trial coverage.
  14. As of right now, KTTVs Good Day LA still using the old opens, but the new graphics. BTW, "Better Journalism" and "Just One Station" are promotional tag lines the station has been using for several months. Not sure how I feel about the Better Journalism slogan being tossed around on a FOX station. I think their slogan speaks to them trying to get out of the ratings basement by providing a better product.
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