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  1. Interesting, but not a surprising development. Jason was brought in under previous GM Don Corsini, they worked together at KCBS. I thought current KTLA GM Janene Drafs would keep Jason due to how strong ratings have been, but it looks like she has different plans. I am assuming they will go internal for Jason's replacement, but time will tell.
  2. Indeed, hell of a find! I'd assume since the World Series was on the schedule that evening, a lot of the main anchor teams were off that night. Ace reporter Mark Coogan broke in during Roseanne at the old Eyewitness Newsroom on Prospect Ave. Then he jumped into the studio with a young Laura Diaz (now at KTTV). It appears that Paul Moyer and Ann Martin may have been off, they both mentioned that they were in the car to get to the station. You see the 2 shot with Paul and Ann, Paul was speaking without his mic and put it on. They were the 5pm/11pm anchors at that time. Later on you s
  3. If the WCBS team needs to leave the CBS HQ for cleaning, etc, once again, what is their plan? Seems like they were caught without a plan B when KCBS had to produce and anchor the news for a few days this spring. Could the WCBS team temporarily move to the CBS Election HQ studio at Times Square? Is that studio still even operating?
  4. FTVLive is reporting via a Patron Only story that KTVT GM and former ND Andrea Parquet-Taylor will join KCBS/KCAL as their new ND. Nice to see the position was filled rather quickly, but it would have been nice to see the position filled by someone who knows the market.
  5. So she is on GDNY AND the 6pm? (6pm temporarily). I know there she has a break between shows where she leaves the building, but I'd say she is being groomed for the 6.
  6. LOL! I thought NBC's set was trash. Lester and Sav were great, though. I liked CBS' set, even though I am sure it got the least amount of eyeballs.
  7. I assume there will be additional wall to wall network coverage today and this evening (primetime). With NV and AZ potentially being called today, the election could be Biden's and I'm sure there are a lot of packages "in the can," as they say. Today and tomorrow will be interesting for network TV news.
  8. Looks like FOX11 will have regular segments during sweeps on Christine's 30th anniversary at the station. During her tenure she has always anchored the 10pm news....paired with the late Chris Harris, John Beard, Carlos Amezcua, Jeff Michael and now Elex Michaelson. She now anchors the 5 and the 6 in addition to the 10. Christine is definitely one of the underrated and most talented female anchors in LA. She handles breaking news with grace and aplomb. She's one of my top 3 female anchors in LA behind Colleen Williams and Pat Harvey. I have included a link on her FB page that discusses more. Co
  9. Great find. Some won't like the music. As someone who grew up in SoCal, the music definitely has our SoCal vibe. I'm still out on how successful the new format will be, but the music is good. I like that it kept the old GDLA production theme music signature. Paying homage to their old roots.
  10. Here's an article I found on the LA Times site discussing Michaela's arrival to KTTV, history at KTLA and challenges GDLA has had since 2017. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2020-10-19/good-day-la-fox-11-michaela-pereira-ktla-morning-news Also, if you look at Rita Garcia or Marla Tellez's IG Stories, they show the top story after the open on the new GDLA...which, of course, was the Dodgers advancing to the World Series! Go Blue! IG: @theritagarcia and @marlatellez
  11. This! The signature at the very beginning does sound similar to the old production theme music they had used for the last 20yrs, though.
  12. Seems like the 7-10am hours of GDLA are definitely built around Michaela. Reminds me of the old GDNY with Jim Ryan. Jim would steer the ship while tossing to his counterparts in the studio/field and conducting in studio interviews. I only watched the first block this morning. Michaela obviously knows the market, after her years at KTLA. Seemed like a breath of fresh air since the show didn't really have an identity after the sudden firing of Steve Edwards. Curious to see how the new format evolves. I buried the lead here, though! They finally got new music!!!
  13. Set looks OK. Looks like they just need to put a better image as a backdrop. From what I can tell, it looks like an image of SFO behind the talent. Would probably look better if they had an image of the Golden Gate Bridge or a more iconic SF landmark behind them. Still remaining optimistic, looking forward to see how the set is implemented.
  14. The 1pm news has been on the air for over a decade. The video I have here is from 2011. It used to be affectionately referred to as "The One O'Clocker with Glen Walker." I think you might be referring to their 12pm show.... KTLA 1pm 2011 Open
  15. Anyone have any insight on newsroom staffing in bigger markets? We had a decent sized earthquake here on Friday night. It seems like a few stations were caught off guard without talent in the newsroom. The quake as a 4.5 (small by most standards, but it was a shallow quake centered in the populated area of El Monte, in the SGV so it felt stronger than what it was reported. It woke me up out of my sleep here in the IE). Our 11pm newscasts end at 11:35pm, the quake hit at 11:38pm. KCBS didn't get back on the air until 11:50pm with Pat Harvey who had left right after the 11pm news and had to be c

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