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  1. Shades of the WAVY 10 logo.
  2. Lieberman is reporting that 2/9 reporter Sara Donchey is leaving to join KPIX. In her new role, she will anchor the weekday 5pm newscast with newly appointed anchor Ryan Yamamoto. Interesting development for sure. I liked Sara at 2/9 and was disappointed when she returned from a leave that she was relegated to weekday nightside reporting. She had great chemistry with her weekend co-anchor Chris Holmstrom. Good news for her is that she gets to remain in California and remains in the CBS family. Link below to Sara anchoring breaking earthquake coverage... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFwUYOTUC8A
  3. WPIX sister station KTLA has 2 morning wx people. Henry DiCarlo does 4-7am, Mark Kriski does 7-11am. Granted, KTLA is more established in the morning than WPIX, it goes to show that a 2 wx person model can work in an easy wx market like Los Angeles. Expanding on that, KTLAs AM/early afternoon news block goes from 4am-2pm straight. the 11am-2pm wx duties are handled by someone else too- Kaj Goldberg 3 days per week, as he does weekend PM as well. Weekend AM wx person Kacey Montoya will fill in the other days or back up weather person Kirk Hawkins. Wx segments and maps are usually built by a behind the scenes producer. All talent has a hand in what goes out over the air, but the bulk of the work is handled by a producer. I assume it is the same at WPIX.
  4. KSWB is essentially KTLA south. Nexstar owned station and News Director Rich Goldner is a former KTLA guy...former EP of the Morning News. Makes sense to be so news heavy.
  5. FTV reporting that FOX40 (Sacramento) anchor Pedro Rivera is heading down to LA to anchor the new KTLA 5pm with Cher Calvin. Not sure if there will be any other anchor changes as Cher also co-anchors the 6pm, 10pm and 11pm with Micah Ohlman. Micah solo anchors at 6:30.
  6. I'm watching from LA, so I might be misinformed. Would appreciate the group helping me out with what NYC did in terms of extended coverage for Ida last night. It seemed as if the market was woefully unprepared. I watched WCBS via their website, it appeared they had a streaming 9pm hour on CBSN New York and went for an hour at 11pm. They seemed to be the best of what I saw. Didn't see any extra coverage on WNBC or WABC. WNYW went for about 4min at the top of the 10, then moved on to cover Ida damage in Louisiana. Barely gave PIX a second thought. It appeared social media was the place to be for wx related updates, not the local stations. Not sure if it was due to wanting to keep crews safe (which I support). Just seems like the stations were caught off guard, unless someone in the NYC market saw different coverage over the air?
  7. Re: I wonder if WCBS will add a 4pm too? I present to you, News 2 at 4. I doubt they will do a re-boot.
  8. Huge KTLA stan here, but that will be a tough timeslot to differentiate themselves in. I know its not about ratings anymore, but dollars. My assumption is that recently acquired Sandra Mitchell will have a presence. You have Pat Harvey on 2, Chuck and Colleen on 4, Marc Brown on 7, hell even Christine Devine on 11 all at 5pm. Going to be tough to get any recongition without a strong LA name. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Something similar happened to another newsie back in December... https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/12/10/news-director-has-all-of-his-belongings-stolen
  10. KTLA leads/dominates in the morning. Their morning news block goes from 4am-2pm. ABC7 leads afternoons, followed by NBC4/KTLA. CBS2 is a non factor, sadly. Led by market vet Pat Harvey and sports legend Jim Hill. Just going off of memory, I think KVEA (Telemundo) has overtaken KMEX (Univision) in terms of ratings for spanish language. KVEA recently lost main female Ana Patricia Candiani. She had been with the network for quite sometime, but transitioned back to local within the past decade. She was a welcomed pillar of stability. I live in Southern California and was raised here. I have been a news junkie for years. If you need any other info on the market, let me know!
  11. Also- just noticed former NBC Bay Area weekend co-anchor Anoushah Rasta is now reporting for NBCLA. Nice pickup for KNBC and Anousha gets to stay in CA and the NBCUniversal family. Looks like she will be reporting for the 7pm. Main nightside (11pm) reporter Hetty Chang posted on Twitter that she is back on nightside after helping to launch the new 7pm. Hetty was the A block live shot reporter for the first few weeks of KNBCs 7pm launch.
  12. Knew his days were numbered when Melissa Magee joined. No need for 2 meterologists during the afternoon/evening newscasts in Los Angeles.
  13. She did. She was live with the team at Knott's Berry Farm.
  14. Some good promos on the KTLA Creative Services Twitter account. Really captures how KTLA is focused on the community and how strong their various news teams are.
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