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  1. @TheRob I believe you are working in the KC market. What happened to Megan Dillard at Fox4? Is she out of the business? Enjoyed watching her on weekends.
  2. SIAP....Dani Ruberti joins KCBS/KCAL from Fox13 Utah. I had my TV on KCAL and looked up at the weather. I was shocked to see Dani as I know she was popular in SLC. I was unaware she had SoCal roots. The link below says she will cover WX at 6, 8, 10 and 11. Not sure what happens to Evelyn Taft or if she will go to 4p, 5p and 9pm. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/dani-ruberti-joins-kcbs-kcal-in-los-angeles-as-weather-anchor/251127/#:~:text=Dani Ruberti has joined Los,my heart for journalism started.
  3. Rick was from Fox News Channel. Shon was at WCBS, among others.
  4. It will be a palate cleanser/transition from the late afternoon NFL games to Sunday Night Football during the fall. Viewers will finish their games on CBS/FOX, take a quick peek at KTLA for quick local headlines/weather for the week then off to NBC for SNF.
  5. KNBC moved from Burbank to Universal City around 2014/2015. The outgoing set has been in use since then. There have been minor tweaks and upgrades along the way. I'm currently looking at sister station T52 to see if they have moved to the newsroom as well. They operate out of the same facility. They are still in their studio, but it does look a bit diferent to me. Not sure if they got a new studio first, then moved on to KNBC.
  6. Posting in the KTTV thread since KTTV and KCOP have been a duopoly for years. Talk about a throwback! KCOPs UPN News 13 Live at 3:30. I believe this is either 1996 or 1997. Top story is the North Hollywood shootout aftermath
  7. I think KTLA Morning News and WGN Morning News may take umbrage witht his comment.
  8. I would assume that Jeff is the odd man out. He anchors the 5, 8 and 10. Those are the shows Chauncy is taking over. Juan has been there since the mid/late 1990s...he anchors the 4pm and 9pm.
  9. Is KSWBs ND still Rich Goldner? Former KTLA Morning News EP....
  10. ...and we wait for the "A McKinnon Broadcasting Company" header to be taken off of the website. It's still up as of 9/1/23 at 2:20pm PST.
  11. I think Sam might be featured as a third chair anchor type. Think Sal Castaneda at KTVU. He does traffic in the earlier shows, but is a featured contributor to their 9am hour. Sounds like Dani will handle the 10am weather duties.
  12. Looks like we will be seeing the Nexstar animation at the end of KUSI newscasts starting tonight.
  13. Kevin Sanders on KTLA back in the 1970s. He was from Australia.
  14. Definitely doesn't make sense to start at 4/4:30 in most markets as is the trend now. I can accept a 4am start time in top 5 or even top 10 markets. Anything else is just a $$ grab for advertising dollars. I get it, you have to make money somehow, but I feel resources could be better allocated elsewhere.
  15. Potentially leading up to an eventual retirement for the legendary Jim Hill??
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