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  1. Anyone have any insight on newsroom staffing in bigger markets? We had a decent sized earthquake here on Friday night. It seems like a few stations were caught off guard without talent in the newsroom. The quake as a 4.5 (small by most standards, but it was a shallow quake centered in the populated area of El Monte, in the SGV so it felt stronger than what it was reported. It woke me up out of my sleep here in the IE). Our 11pm newscasts end at 11:35pm, the quake hit at 11:38pm. KCBS didn't get back on the air until 11:50pm with Pat Harvey who had left right after the 11pm news and had to be called back to the station. On KNBC, Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams had just wrapped up the 11pm and were still in the building. They were able to get back on the air shortly after and remained on until nearly 1am. It seemed like KABC may have been on the air during the quake, their 11pm anchors were already on the air when I turned to them. KTTV FOX 11 was nowhere to be found. I assume their anchors head out right after their 10pm ends. KTLA, I assume cut in, but didn't see it with my own eyes. Do stations in larger markets not (Top 20-30) keep at least a reporter in the newsroom on standby for big stories anymore? Can't forget we have had a few big stories break on Friday night over the past few years....the death of Muhammad Ali, the death of Bush 1, and the recent passing of Justice RBG.
  2. Not sure if other LA stations were clamoring, but it is no secret that KTTV has languished in the mornings for years. To take a popular talent from their direct competition (KTLA) and bring them on to their morning show speaks to them trying to change their fortunes in the ratings department. Don't forget KTTV recently acquired Stu Mundel from KCBS/KCAL. Stu was their popular nightside chopper reporter known for his animated coverage of police pursuits. KTTV is making moves to be competitive. Not sure if KTLA wanted Michaela back. The morning A team they have now with Frank, Jessica, Mark and Sam works well for them. When Michaela left KTLA, I was one of the doubters on Jessica being able to fit the news anchor role well as she was previously the PM weather caster with the late Hal Fishman and then moved on to AM entertainment/features reporter. She has definitely earned my respect. She does a good job in the anchor seat.
  3. KTTV is out for blood with the Michaela hire. That is a huge get! I'm a KTLA guy, but I give a tip of the hat to KTTV. KTLA better tighten things up, they have been #1 for years, but I feel sometimes their talent and formula is mailing it in I guess some could argue that "if it aint broke don't fix it..." Not a big fan of the new anchor lineup though. It seems like it is a temporary situation until someone's contract runs out. They should to the traditional 4-6 or 4-7am parings and the 7am-10am pairings. KTLA and WGN have always affectionately referred to those teams as the A team and the B team. I REALLY hope they lose that lame and outdated GDLA theme music at some point. The new FOX O&O theme is strong enough to be used on all KTTV dayparts.
  4. Sister station KTLA runs the Morning News block from 4a-11am. Then another news block from 11am-12pm under the Morning News banner with the afternoon anchors, plus news at 1pm and 3pm. Its been successful for them, but yes, it is overkill.
  5. It seems like it might air twice out west and in the mountain time zones. The show will air live in the Pacific Time Zone from 5p-8p which is east coast primetime. There will probably be a repeat from 8p-11pm again on the west coast. Might be an updated west coast version for any breaking news like most networks do. https://wgnamerica.com/press-release/
  6. Congrats to Pam on the promotion! I don't envision any changes to ABC7s news product. Their product is very formulaic. They stick to what has worked and they rarely deviate from it.
  7. Myrka Dellanos Loynáz, for the old school Primer Impacto fans out there! You know...the ones that couldn't change the change the channel until Walter Mercado came on and told everyone their horoscope!
  8. Y'all beat me! As long as they keep the Golden Gate Bridge stylized "4," I approve! IMO, I don't think KRONs current set is that bad, but I guess Nexstar thinks otherwise. I know KRON/KGO operate completely separate from each other, but don't forget they occupy the same building at 900 Front St. in SF.
  9. Fedida has been dismissed per this morning's edition of FTV.
  10. Found the CBS News video via the link below. The talent is KCBS/KCAL weekend anchor Sara Donchey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZSkjfepUSI
  11. Back in the day when I was a young news junkie, I used to write (yes, this was before email) to talent at stations in my local market (Los Angeles). They were all very gracious and would send autographed head shots and scripts from previous newscasts (I liked to see what exactly their scripts looked like). I wrote to Laura Diaz when she was at KABC if it would be possible to get a Circle 7 pin. She basically insinuated it would take an act of God LOL. Also, in one of the recent KABC Eyewitness News anniversary videos on YouTube, I believe it was Ellen Leyva who said that the Circle 7 pins are under management's lock and key.
  12. I'm assuming he will be used cross-functionally across all NBC News platforms (Network, MS, etc). Would like to see what they do with him long term. Nice get for CNBC, definitely counter-programming to the FOX Business Network.
  13. Just my 2 cents here.... -I would assume Danny would take over for Dallas when his retirement comes. Danny was the main weathercaster at KCOP and he also spent a little time at KNBC. Danny's been most successful at KABC. I'd like to see Leslie Lopez get it, IMO. Local girl (Chino) who is a true weather nerd. I think Brianna is being groomed for bigger things. She does morning traffic and WX for the 11am show. -Re: Jovana anchoring at 4pm. Doesn't necessarily make it a long day. My guess is that she and Phillip get in around 9am/9:30, if they are out the door by 6pm, that is a decent work day. -Lets not forget that Coleen (one "L") Sullivan anchors the 7pm news on KDOC with David Ono as well. She might be a placeholder as well for when Michelle or Ellen decide to hang it up. Fun fact- along with Danny Romero, Ellen Leyva spent time at KCOP as well.
  14. Retiring. Don't think the station would put together a 4min video of his career (in the original link) if there were nefarious circumstances. I figured retirement was on the horizon when he reduced his schedule to just the 5pm/11pm maybe 1.5-2yrs ago when Anthony Yanez arrived from Houston. He was doing 5p, 6p and 11pm previously. If you go way back in the day, he was doing 4p, 5p, 6p and 11p when the station originally launched the 4pm news back in the 80s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmQdcG4BuUM An old 1980s Channel 4 News promo with Fritz for good measure as well.
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