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  1. Same here in LA at KNBC. Noticed it on Tuesday night, it was anchored by Chuck and Colleen. My assumption is that it is to support Impeachment Trial coverage.
  2. As of right now, KTTVs Good Day LA still using the old opens, but the new graphics. BTW, "Better Journalism" and "Just One Station" are promotional tag lines the station has been using for several months. Not sure how I feel about the Better Journalism slogan being tossed around on a FOX station. I think their slogan speaks to them trying to get out of the ratings basement by providing a better product.
  3. FTV suggests the change was due to slipping ratings. Haven't seen any numbers from November. KTLA seems to be status quo, most likely leading the pack. CBS2s morning show is unwatchable. Today in LA isn't much better. GDLA is a mashup of many different things. I would surmise KVEA and KMEX are decent contenders in the morning...advantage going to KVEA.
  4. My guess would be something dealing with the homeless crisis here in CA. NBC4 has an ongoing "Streets Of Shame" series highlighting the homeless epidemic in our state. Phillip has been on the KABC dawn patrol since the late 90s. He anchored with Ellen Leyva (now co-anchors at 3pm, 4pm and 6pm) back then. Underrated anchor, does a great job. Based on his Twitter account, it sounds like KABC is going with an all female morning team...anchors Leslie Sykes (used to anchor KABC weekends back in the day), Brandi Hitt, Leslie Lopez on weather and Brianna Ruffalo. I assume Brianna will be reporting traffic, and keeping her weekend morning wx gig.
  5. Only God knows. One thing they need to be mindful of is that KTLA is now under Nextstar ownership. Nexstar likes to run their operations on the cheap. If KTLA begins to get cut in terms of talent and resources (chopper, etc) it would be to KTTVs advantage to use it for their gain. The 5pm and 10pm shows aren't terrible. Christine Devine has credibility in the market, so that is already a win. They need to start in the mornings. GDLA is unwatchable. I would also look to find a new main weather talent. Pablo Pereira doesn't scream #2 market material. He's been thru several shops in LA as well...7, 4 and now 11.
  6. Yes! This! That's why I was asking. KTLA went a little overboard this year.
  7. Let me preface my post by saying that I'm not a Grinch. I enjoy the holiday season and the true meaning behind it. I was looking at the KLMO YouTube channel earlier and looking a few opens that had been uploaded. It seems that TV stations have gone overboard with Christmas decorations on set: poinsettias, garland, Christmas trees, etc. Same goes for my local market as well (Los Angeles). What is everyone else's opinion on Christmas set decorations? Do you guys like? Or does it detract from delivering the news?
  8. Scott is a one man operation. I know there isn't any excuse for his grammar and spelling errors, but his reporting is usually spot on. Much more reliable than NewsBlues, which is a shell of its former self from the late 90s/early aughts.
  9. Not sure if I would call it groundbreaking. It looks like the 4pm was somewhat normalized by this time. If you go search for more videos with this 4pm set, the groundbreaking part was how the 4pm desk was extremely low. You were able to see pretty much what the anchors were wearing. I included a quick link of a that shows what I am talking about below
  10. Heart attacks are silent killers. She may have looked fine on the outside, but you never know what is going on inside.
  11. Crystal was actually one of the better reporters at KCBS/KCAL. She definitely got better with time, She noted how she started in the Inland Empire bureau, then moved to entertainment and hard news at the Studio City Broadcast Center. Her farewell email to the staff was posted on FTVLive.
  12. Did this actually air, or was this just a rehearsal? I'm hoping rehearsal as the female co-anchor wasn't wearing any shoes.
  13. I don't think KTLA is getting beat by KCAL. It would have to be a cold day in hell for that to happen. They boast being #1 from 4-12pm. #1 at 1pm (no other local news). #1 at 3pm (competition with KABC's 30min show) and #1 at 10pm (competition with KTTV and KCAL). Their only other time slots where they aren't #1 would be 6pm and 11pm. KABC and KVEA I would assume are top dogs there.
  14. A few more fires broke out in the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino counties) overnight. I have linked KTLA's live stream below. https://ktla.com/on-air/live-streaming/
  15. @Eat News Do you know what is going on with KTLAs Sky5? (N925TV). I knew Mark Kono sounded a little different while giving his report the other morning.
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