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  1. I'm assuming he will be used cross-functionally across all NBC News platforms (Network, MS, etc). Would like to see what they do with him long term. Nice get for CNBC, definitely counter-programming to the FOX Business Network.
  2. Just my 2 cents here.... -I would assume Danny would take over for Dallas when his retirement comes. Danny was the main weathercaster at KCOP and he also spent a little time at KNBC. Danny's been most successful at KABC. I'd like to see Leslie Lopez get it, IMO. Local girl (Chino) who is a true weather nerd. I think Brianna is being groomed for bigger things. She does morning traffic and WX for the 11am show. -Re: Jovana anchoring at 4pm. Doesn't necessarily make it a long day. My guess is that she and Phillip get in around 9am/9:30, if they are out the door by 6pm, that is a decent work day. -Lets not forget that Coleen (one "L") Sullivan anchors the 7pm news on KDOC with David Ono as well. She might be a placeholder as well for when Michelle or Ellen decide to hang it up. Fun fact- along with Danny Romero, Ellen Leyva spent time at KCOP as well.
  3. Retiring. Don't think the station would put together a 4min video of his career (in the original link) if there were nefarious circumstances. I figured retirement was on the horizon when he reduced his schedule to just the 5pm/11pm maybe 1.5-2yrs ago when Anthony Yanez arrived from Houston. He was doing 5p, 6p and 11pm previously. If you go way back in the day, he was doing 4p, 5p, 6p and 11p when the station originally launched the 4pm news back in the 80s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmQdcG4BuUM An old 1980s Channel 4 News promo with Fritz for good measure as well.
  4. Dave is a no-nonsense, hard news guy. His experience will be missed in the 2/9 newsroom. He was the Orange County Bureau reporter for decades, but in the last maybe 5 years or so transitioned the general assignment reporting across the entire market.
  5. CG was around for the 1992 LA Riots as well. She's the real deal. I believe she was gone for several months, maybe even over a year. Not sure why, but glad she is back. Definitely an ace in KTTVs back pocket.
  6. KCBS/KCAL coverage has been surprisingly good all weekend. I watched a good 90minutes of their coverage. First anchored by weekend anchors Sara Donchey and Chris Holmstrom. Then weekday anchors Jeff Vaughn and Suzie Suh took over for a bit. It seems like KCAL/KCBS anchors anchor for two hours then take a break and rotate with another team. KNBCs Colleen Williams anchored again Sunday night. Cool, calm, collected and knowledgable. Truly the best female anchor in LA. Not sure what Elex did, I didn't see, but Christine Devine anchored as well and her market experience definitely shined thru. Saw KTLA for a bit after the mayor's presser. Courtney Friel was anchoring...seemed as if she was solo anchoring for the time being, didn't confirm. KTLA Weekend Morning News started at 5am so Mark and Lynette had left the station by time the mayor's press conference took place.
  7. I agree with what @CalItalian2 said. Everything was going on in within LA County or the city of LA. I live in San Bernardino County (next to Riverside county, these two counties make up the Inland Empire, aka the IE). No significant looting or rioting out this way. Most stations have an IE reporter or IE bureau and can cover the IE fairly well.
  8. Been channel flipping LA TV all afternoon. Surprisingly, KCBS/KCAL has been a formidable competitor, despite dumping well known anchors Sharon Tay and Jeff Michael earlier in the week. I have to agree with the commentary on KTLA. Shocked they are taking commercial breaks. KTLA has Cher Calvin and Morning News lead reporter Eric Spillman at the helm of their coverage. A decent team, especially since Eric covered the riots for the station in 1992. KNBC has Kathy Vara and Colleen Williams...they are market veterans, especially Colleen. Doing a fantastic job. KTTV has Elex and Christine. It sounds like Christine is back in the studio, but I can't confirm. As noted, their coverage is surprisingly strong. Noon anchor Bob DeCastro is reporting live from The Grove in jeans and a t-shirt. Loving all the experience I am seeing on air this evening- KTLAs Eric Spillman was in LA during the 1992 LA Riots. Same goes for KNBCs Colleen Williams and KTTVs Christine Devine.
  9. With the TV news landscape rapidly changing, especially in this COVID-19 world; just curious if there are still any hard-nosed NDs left out there? Or have they all become puppets for their respective ownership groups? When I say legendary NDs, names like Fred Zehnder (KTVU), Jose Rios (KTTV) , Al Primo (WABC) come to mind. TV news still has a mission to serve and inform the public. Currently, it seems to be missing the mark. Just wanted to see if there were any high profile names out there that still fight for the sake of quality journalism.
  10. I know this is always thrown around, but at what point does CBS News just say, "to hell with news," as we know it and just accept their position as a basement dweller? I know CBS will always have some sort of news presence, but they really need to take their train in a different direction if they want to make a name for themselves. You have to spend money to make money. I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, but this is terrible. Should they just focus on building out CBSN and focus on the streaming audience? In the near term (2-5yrs), I don't see CBS becoming any sort of competitor to the networks or cable news.
  11. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/stu-mundel-fox-11-kcbs-kcal-1234619010/
  12. FTV is reporting Stu will end up on GDLA reporting from 4-10am in SkyFox. Huge get for FOX11. Rick Dickert is popular as well, so I am wondering where he goes after this. He has been at KTTV for years. Before he made his on air debut, he was Jillian Barberie's weather producer way back in the day. Rick was doing weather on the 6pm and 10pm shows during May sweeps. Pablo Pereira was doing weather at noon and 5pm. I wouldn't mind seeing Rick on the later shows.
  13. I know this is about the technical difficulties, but just wanted to throw this question in here...with JDB working six days per week, including his commute up to NYC from Miami, when does he get time off? Does he get extended days off once per month or extended summertime vacation? I'm sure the money is fantastic, but that workload and weekly commute has to take a toll.
  14. Did they move to a new building as well? Or did they make improvements to the existing building in hopes that a flood event doesn't happen in the future?
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