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  1. I think that all of the anchors on FOX 29 news are 100 percent bad. I noticed on the evening newscasts, they don't even say good night and or thanks for watching to us the viewers. I will never watch FOX 29 again. That is very disconcerting to us the viewers. All the other anchors on the other stations say good night, but not the FOX 29 anchors. That's dumb
  2. There needs to be wholesale changes at 4th and Market. They will never be the number 1 rated news in the market, unless they let some people go and bring in new talent for their newscasts, and perhaps a new news director. The way things are with their news product is unwatchable.
  3. http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/6/5/buyouts-offered-at-cbs-oos
  4. I would simply say, their overall news products are horrible. 6 and 10 are far better and more committed to news
  5. How soon do you think that the changes at the CBS 3 news division may happen? Days, weeks or months
  6. CBS 3 and FOX 29 are the 2 news operations that have a lot of problems with their newscasts and on-air talent.
  7. I agree. CBS 3 is has not improved at all.
  8. You mean there could be a lot of on and off air people being let go from CBS 3, including perhaps the management ?
  9. Does anyone think that FOX 29 will likely make changes to its evening newscasts and hire new anchors and replace the current ones and do you think that more changes are needed to fix their news operation?
  10. I noticed that Lucy Noland wasn't anchoring during the Bill Cosby verdict coverage today. She wasn't on last night either . I really wonder has the station let Lucy go or is she taking time off?
  11. Lucy Noland and Iain Page needs to go. They are both 100 percent bad at anchoring the news on FOX 29.
  12. Does anyone think its time for replace the current anchors for new ones for its evening newscasts and perhaps Good Day Philadelphia to improve the station's image to viewers ?
  13. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/fox-stations-expanding-news-across-nine-markets/202848 I wonder why WTXF is not on this list. Are they thinking about closing up the news operation of WTXF-TV. Their ratings have not been great for quite sometime and their news product is not really good. I wonder what is really going on at WTXF-29?
  14. If FOX brass in NYC or LA were smart, they should cut a deal and stop in house news operations at FOX 29 and let another TV station in town air the news on FOX 29 via outsourcing . Sooner or later, they have to stop the bleeding. The FOX 29 on-air news product is not drawing ratings anymore, no matter what the on-air people do. They are in last place for a reason.
  15. http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/television/tv-ratings-6abc-nbc10-super-bowl-olympics-jim-gardner-philadelphia-20180305.html
  16. FOX 29 news is 100 percent bad, in every aspect. I don't know how much longer will FOX keep this operation going here in Philly . FOX is wasting a lot of money on a product that no one watches. Everyone watches 3, 6 and 10 for news.
  17. I don't know what the heck is going on but I noticed that Lucy Noland is solo anchoring the 5 PM and 10 PM news and Iain page is solo anchoring the 6 and 11 PM news, Monday-Thursday for the last few weeks? What is going on?
  18. I wonder will glenn schwartz be leaving NBC 10 and give the spotlight of all of the evening newscasts to Tammie Souza?
  19. Update: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1562355370513381
  20. [MEDIA=twitter]906203638850138112[/MEDIA] She made her debut tonight.
  21. Does anyone think that NBC 10 will let Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz go or will Glenn decide to retire?
  22. News director Margaret Cronan is leaving CBS 3 next Monday http://www.philly.com/philly/business/cbs3-news-director-out-after-short-run-in-charge-20170712.html
  23. Not surprised by this. The future and the new face for NBC 10 weather is here. I won't be shocked if Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz leaves the station soon.
  24. NBC 10 did a awesome job covering the Cosby mistrial this morning.
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