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  1. You've missed this @CircleSeven, but I've talked a bit in the Discord about what Gray is doing. Gray buys LPTVs for two reasons: To provide UHF transmission in the core metro area for a VHF station that cannot move to the UHF band at full-power (what I call a "U-relay"). To provide additional translators, even for stations and regions where traditionally this has never been a consideration, at the outer edges of station coverage areas. I don't know how many LPTVs Gray is buying for ATSC 3.0, a la their Tallahassee test bed. However, I do believe the strategy also has to do with looking down the road and the idea of a more cellular signal topology (multiple transmitters ensuring a high SNR within the defined coverage circle of the primary station). Along the way, they get UHF sticks that can serve a high percentage (if not all) of the viewers of the DMA and their flat-panel indoor antennas and, where necessary, can serve as ATSC 3.0 transmitters if so desired. In Nashville, for instance, Gray has contracted to buy three different LPTVs: 15 Nashville, 29 Lebanon–Nashville, 29 Lewisburg. Lewisburg is a translator; it's toward the southern edge of the WSMV contour. 15 Nashville could easily be a U-relay. (RabbitEars lists the first two as U-relays already!) This is actually some cutting-edge stuff and shows that Gray sees value in improving signal coverage. It may be one of the largest efforts to commission new TV translators in 20 or so years at least, and a lot longer than that when considering the location in the eastern US of many of the stations that benefit.
  2. On January 1, Seal Rock Broadcasters and NPG made a trade, and NPG came out with the Fox affiliation for Salinas–Monterey, now on KION 46.2. The CW apparently was sent to Seal Rock in the trade. https://www.facebook.com/CCFOX35/posts/7200868003258338 Wonder what @Eat News has to say about this one...
  3. That is sliiiiiiiiick... It's also a new design riffing off the 1960s version (with the sine wave in the A).
  4. Calling it CBS News Detroit is a very elegant way to de-emphasize that big old 62 and matches the other ex-CBSNs. Good time to have a newsroom up and running, too—they'll unlock some more of that sweet political ad money.
  5. Watch the close at 36:34; guess the Newsmat was still in place when they debuted that look!
  6. I mean, it's clearly provisional, but... It's amazing they mesh even passably.
  7. https://www.inforum.com/business/7302587-Forum-WDAY-TV-plan-to-acquire-KVRR-TV-in-Fargo-KQDS-TV-in-Duluth Also mentions that Forum owns the Duluth News Tribune.
  8. I'll note that some of these are assignments vacated a decade ago or more (by groups like Pappas and Equity, as well as the Apollo closures). Only Freeport and Eagle River are new allocations.
  9. They look like knockoffs of that package. No eye, incorrect typefaces.
  10. Wow, what a newscast! The answer is we don't have a lot of KMOX-TV of this era. They also likely used the Palmer package briefly in 1985–86, as we have some IDs and bumps with it.
  11. How has that KEVN logo survived this long?
  12. Gray is WYMPing out: they're acquiring WYMP-LD 14, virtual 7, southeast of Memphis (Bruce, Mississippi) from 5GTV for $500,000. On October 18, Gray executed a subchannel lease agreement with 5GTV, too.
  13. The "Metromedia News at Ten" moniker is interesting. This is from just after the time when they flirted with starting up a national newscast which would have competed with INN, and I wonder if that is a legacy of the failed attempt.
  14. They might be legally barred from doing so as Evil Corp. is subject to (and trying to evade) US sanctions.
  15. KSNV has also been using beauty shots of Las Vegas during commercial breaks in some programs. You can practically see the money evaporating and the makegoods piling up.
  16. The local news did indeed start 12/12.
  17. I misread your post; thanks for the correction.
  18. The reporters were always in Albuquerque, and one of them has been named anchor. KOB's meteorologist will provide the weather.
  19. A few notes on what we've seen so far: News At some stations, particularly smaller ones (e.g. Jefferson City), the stations failed to air their planned early and late evening newscasts. At others, newscasts were improvised with minimal graphics and video played out from computers, sometimes experiencing technical failures. In some areas, local news headlines were presented on Facebook Live. WWMT advised viewers to send news tips to a Gmail account. Production of newscasts from outside the company (e.g. the WPXI news on WPGH) was not affected. Sports The early and late NFL broadcasts were most affected for streaming service users, and many people did not get the advertised NFL game for their area (often seeing bowling on Fox). There was also a lot of dead air reported at WPMI during the Sunday Night game, as the station could not air commercials. KVCW Las Vegas had a broadcast of a Henderson Silver Knights AHL game. On AHLTV, the minor league's streaming service, only one camera was available and no play-by-play audio from Henderson. Viewers reported audio issues throughout the telecast. Programming Charge is being used as a fallback sustaining feed for stations that cannot proceed with their scheduled programs and has cropped up on WBSF, KOMO and elsewhere. Even though no longer owned by Sinclair, the KOMO radio cluster is still reliant on SBGI resources and has been hit.
  20. I don't think this affects much of the rest of their portfolio. Entravision is an unusual company in that Univision owns non-voting stock in it (the shares of which are called Class U). But its focus has gone increasingly toward digital advertising. It sold off one of its Orlando properties to Radio Training Network (The Joy FM). It decided not to pony up for XHRIO's next renewal.
  21. Univision owned these stations but contracted Entravision to run them. This isn't a purchase. There were six markets in this deal, per Entravision's 10Q: Albuquerque, Boston, Denver, Orlando, Tampa and Washington, D.C. Is EVC going to take back the other three? In each market, swaps were made several years ago such that the Univision station license was held by UCI and EVC had the UniMás stick.
  22. The reverse. The local news for Albuquerque was presented from Ramar's facilities in Lubbock. One of the pieces of the purchase was a transitional services agreement with Gray to continue this in the interim. I'm unsure what NBC will do; that plant looks small. They could relocate or expand. There's a boarded up circular building behind it with its own broadcasting history—it was built in 1964 for KRZY radio!—which could be torn down for an addition (Looks like it got demoed according to the Bernalillo County aerials). Apparently this building was built by KRZY-KRST in the early 80s, somehow KASY-FM 103.3 moved in and that's why Ramar had it (they started KASY-TV in '95 and sold KASY-FM to Citadel in '96). It seems to be maybe 5,000 to 6,000 square feet. In all likelihood, the station will be a small setup akin to Las Vegas (which moved into a new 22ksf facility in 2019) where much of the equipment is actually in Fort Worth, and the Albuquerque plant will be put on the NBCU mesh network.
  23. No kidding. Big fan of the theme music, too. Unfortunate why we have it, though—it was taped because of the story of a 2-year-old baby (and others) who died in a fire.
  24. Yeah, this is kind of a surprise too.
  25. It was pointed out on Discord that one potential connection is a change in leadership: Sheila Oliver of KMSP/WFTC took over as GM from the retiring Pamela Pearson in May. Pearson had been the GM for the entire Tribune/early Fox era. https://tvnewscheck.com/business/article/sheila-oliver-named-svp-gm-of-foxs-seattle-duopoly/
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