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  1. It might be KTVK that's not in the top 4, but...that's immaterial in this case.
  2. It's been silent nearly a year and challenged by its NCE status, but the Diocese of Fresno has finally found a taker for KNXT Visalia CA and its associated LPTV in Bakersfield. The buyer is two companies, Vita Broadcasting and My Central Valley, LLC. They have pretty much the same principals. Vita is paying $50,000 for the NCE license; the LPTV and all the other tangible assets, including tower land for the Visalia station, are going for $450,000.
  3. Scripps is buying a pair of LPTVs in St. George, Utah, from Cherry Creek Radio. The LPTVs are fixer-uppers because they need to be converted to digital and Scripps won't even get the tower leases. KVBT-LP has a long and interesting history. It was established by Washington County as K79CA, translator for Las Vegas's KORK/KVBC, and moved to channel 41 in 1981. It was acquired by radio cluster owner MB Media in 1993 and continued on with local ad insertions. In 2001, a kerfuffle about the ability of KVBC to permit local ad insertions led the deal to be dropped and MB signed on to reb
  4. Buffed the list and also added the Spanish partners. Didn't expect two TeleXitos subchannels to figure in. There's also one UniMás local station (WAMI) and two Estrella Media outlets (KMPX and KRCA). Not sure what NYRB is up to...I suspect that MSG is having trouble because of the later-than-normal ends to the basketball and hockey seasons, and that's delaying any confirmation of their local rights partner. Note that LAFC in English is streaming only with YouTube TV which until this season was also their shirt sponsor.
  5. Where are the soccer demos? They're cord cutters or they have vMVPDs where RSNs have disappeared lately. They're younger. They can't be compared to NHL, MLB or NBA demos at all. OTA TV is the best way to reach them, by far, and it also enhances the station profile a good bit. The downside is needing multiple carriers to cover some team TV territories, but that's why you have robust streaming built into all of this.
  6. Yes! KTXS had appeared on Facebook a couple years before. It's a wireframe of what looks to be some sort of final product, too.
  7. I don't know quite how it showed up since it's now vanished, but I was able to get from one of the university databases reading access to Back Stage, a (still extant) industry publication that had a decent amount of press releases on news music material in the 1980s. There are truly some gems and a few composer IDs. Tuesday There's a lot about Tuesday Productions work. Now More than Ever was composed for KCCI and debuted January 12, 1981. (1-30-81) The News Image was composed for KRON. (4-24-81) News People was
  8. I recently did major work on both the KAVU and KVCT Wikipedia articles (KAVU appeared on Did You Know in January). KAVU and KVCT both had financial problems at about the same time and wound up connected to the First Victoria National Bank; it had an ownership stake in channel 19 and had won a suit with channel 25 investors. This is pretty much what happened. Withers bought KAVU and KVCT's non-license assets, combined them as KAVU (which spent a few years as a dual affiliate of ABC and NBC), and dumped the license off on a religious operator. It failed twice as a Christ
  9. KVOA is not going to Gray because of KOLD, but it is a nice set.
  10. Further notes: the Arizona carrier on Cox is YurView Arizona "at this time". (It started as an RSN 40 years ago, so...) In LA, KCOP is carrying a few Angels games for overflow purposes. I could not find any other cases of "Extra" feeds.
  11. I've split a bunch of material out of the Classic Video Thread to keep it for videos.
  12. Sinclair is selling its de-CBS'd station in the Rio Grande Valley: KGBT is going to Mission Broadcasting in a $2 million transaction. Today was unusually busy: Weigel is buying six LPTV permits from HC2 for $145,333: K15IQ-D Portland, Oregon WZDS-LD Evansville, Indiana W30EM-D Orlando, Florida W32EQ-D Birmingham, Alabama K36LI-D Portland, Oregon K20OO-D Sacramento, California Little Rock's KTV Media is snagging two HC2 permits in Paragould, Arkansas (K36MT-D and K35LN-D) for $20,000.
  13. Yes, but DuJuan McCoy has had some statewide ambitions for a bit now. WISH's news is airing on a subchannel of WRJK-LD Chicago to serve the Northwest Indiana area, and their newscasts are also airing on WHME in South Bend. This doesn't help with the "unserved Indiana audiences" problem, but he kinda needs Fort Wayne and Terre Haute if he's going to be bringing WISH-TV news to every market in the state. Lafayette, Louisville and Cincinnati are the last DMAs he needs a presence in (though WISH's signal reaches Lafayette). Louisville looks like a tough one to cra
  14. After 7 years...finally, some WAKA with the WTOG '93 theme!
  15. Scripps probably was intending WSFL's news department to be a source of political ad revenue more than anything else. However, COVID created so many logistical hurdles (not to mention a sharp downturn in nonpolitical ad sectors) that, by the time the company could be more confident in planning, the election cycle had ended. The decision being made in May was made at a time when it wasn't quite foreseen that things would not be as bad as worst-case scenarios on a full-year basis, but there was no way for Scripps to know that.
  16. Remember that Gray has an NPRM out to allocate channel 9 to Freeport, Illinois... That, much like the Eagle River proceeding, probably vanishes.
  17. Split this out...expecting a good bit of chatter.
  18. I have the same problem with this pack that I do with everything else: it feels behind the design curve. That's a feature of every single Gray pack.
  19. I suspect that, in the coming days, a lot of the subchannels that are duplicated between Scripps-owned stations in the local division and the Scripps national muxes will move over for good. You have to think they are working to have a standard mux of channels but that the existing carriage agreements with other multiplex holders (such as Univision) are impeding them. Keep in mind that in 2017, Univision signed a renewal with Katz until 2024. So it could be quite a while.
  20. The electronic marquee has the date April 24, 2019, on it, so it has to be related to this: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/north-phoenix/phoenix-pd-15-year-old-threatened-to-blow-up-muslim-church
  21. That would be Ed Hopkins, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2019.
  22. Looking at where WMOW is, I wonder if it could be moved toward Rhinelander... It seems to partially cover it anyway. Seems to be more the rural areas north of Rhinelander that would lose ABC.
  23. The APAs hit the FCC today and there is a previously unreported wrinkle in Rhinelander... Gray may be selling WAOW and WMOW, but not WYOW. It proposes to keep that for itself as a satellite of WSAW.

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