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  1. Local ads from America's smallest market:
  2. Holy heck. That jingle. It's the most KTVK-tastic thing ever. Truly the David Miller Special.
  3. When it came on, WSST was the only full-power station in the Channel America network, which was almost exclusively an LPTV play.
  4. That's actually a few days later, which is even weirder... They were still running the signoff on a completely different set of sticks.
  5. Independent has spoken... That screams TCT or Sonlife or another Christian entity, imo. They buy sticks.
  6. KAUN? That's not even owned by Gray.
  7. I'm familiar with the translator mostly because KFTK (1490 AM) — which originally fed said translator on paper — was one of the Romanik stations.
  8. Why have they kept KFTK-FM around as a thing as long as they have? It even has a dependent translator. One of the two could easily be used for KMOX.
  9. Fox News has a very well respected decision desk that is not at all like most of its operation.
  10. There's a lot we don't know, especially if it was just the Fox affiliation that was sold. I wouldn't count out Gray buying the KTTM facility, though. KSFY doesn't have over-the-air coverage in the Huron area, whereas KDLT (KDLV) does.
  11. So EQ Vance's site is no more but the client list is available from the Internet Archive in this hard to read image. Yes, WLWT is on there. The list of TV station clients is
  12. That's really more like three stations (KEJR-LD exists to bring KMOH into metro Phoenix since it's quite a ways out).
  13. Ah yes, the Clarendon package! Very...different look for local TV. The theme they were using in the mid-2000s has to be another piece of David Miller work, even if the NMSA has no listing.
  14. They finally got rid of the lingering "HD" in their handle! It happened on Facebook on May 18, by the way.
  15. Oh yeah, Combined loved it some Alive. (WPTA kept that slogan through several transactions!) Seems to have mostly been used here in '77 and '78.
  16. That is basically it. It's produced out of several O&Os (Phoenix plus Orlando and LA — it started in Phoenix) and has a more "Fox local news" focus than, say, FNC. The link in my post above is very much worth reading, but this is the most important background part.
  17. Yeah, it's closer to Galano (though Proxima Nova has a rounded G alternate). That S is definitely not Proxima Nova.
  18. That's not Arial. It's the same typeface as WGNO. And it's not Proxima Nova, either.
  19. The logo is bland, but they are really starting from scratch in terms of presentation and brand image. They have a lot of rebuilding to do.
  20. KTVK (1986–89) WTSP (1989–91) KPNX (1991–) From the article on her arrival at KPNX: Ford said she has been looking for another job for about nine months. "It wasn't working out here (at WTSP)," she said, adding that ownership problems "have made it a really unhappy shop." She was apparently headed to Dallas if not for KPNX reaching out! t also is worth noting that the view from Tampa was that, when Cole and Barresi left, it ended her dreams of replacing Sheryl Browne at WTSP. (She was replaced there by Sue Zelenko.)
  21. Been there since the Metromedia days, so they did once have a news operation in that very building. (Fun fact: that building sits across the street from the former KRLD studios, which in turn were the startup location for KMEC-TV 33 in 1967...the street separating them? Metromedia Place)
  22. It's Beyond by Herb Alpert (KTVL ran it at another pitch).
  23. All of the V + U markets have the V as a sub of the U, too. From there, the most concerning station has to be WLBZ, one of just two low-Vs and the only one without a co-owned U.

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