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  1. The full-screens desperately need more variety of text weights, particularly for the title.
  2. WJAC celebrates its 35th in 1984:
  3. That KFOR pack is definitely EGAD, not Vance. This KIMA open is different from the others I've seen with Working For You...a lot cheaper but with a cool jazzy "late open" cut:
  4. We're getting awfully Speculatron-y here... Yep. Page 69, 2018 10-K: In addition to WRCB and KTVN (and two KTVN translators), Sarkes Tarzian, Inc., continues to own radio holdings in Indiana: Bloomington (an AM and its translator, an FM and its separately programmed translator) and Fort Wayne (four stations).
  5. They changed over the social handles to the new name so those did go along. The yourphx.com site is probably going to go away once all the important and mandated stuff is on the new one. Worth noting here that as part of ATSC 3.0 work the KASW mux is planned as the high power 3.0 test site complete with three DTS facilities. The KNXV mux would air KASW's main programming and Grit sub and the other subchannels are placed with other stations. (This would also see the ATSC 3.0 mirrors of some of the stations on KFPH-CD be moved over to KASW.) A few other KASW notes... MMJ Adam Waltz, who hosted the 30 Second Download and Phoenix Rising halftime show, is now a reporter for KNXV as well and his bio has been added. (Not a bad way to return to news reporting: his last news gig was at the NPG TV operation in St. Joseph, MO!) He says he'll still be doing the 30-Second Downloads "for the time being". MMJ Chloe Mar also made the move to reporting at ABC15. Their other on-camera personality, Hailey Frances (who also was KASW's "Content Manager"), is not listed and hasn't mentioned anything about ABC15 on her Twitter, so I'm unsure what she's up to. Given the lack of social media postings on a regular basis from the CW61 Arizona accounts... They removed that one post that they had that was a sports show live feed from WOOD, so it had to have been unintentional. The yourphx.com site now shows Anita Helt as the general manager of KASW. She is KNXV's GM and also the only person on that site with an @abc15.com address. Scripps's next priorities, outside of general integration, should be renewing the Phoenix Rising deal and getting local news on 61. Those are big ratings and promotional drivers to the station.
  6. They sure love pushing the Arizona... What is this, the 90s? (Ironically, when KNXV debuted its news operation in 1994, they were the only news outlet without an Arizona gimmick: "Arizona's Family", "Arizona 5", "Spirit of Arizona", "Arizona's News Station".) Tuning in now, they're still running "30-Second Download" capsule-type spots with the "YourPHX.com" URL but they now end with the new CW61 Arizona logo. They hadn't branded as channel 61 alone since about 2002 (when they went to "WB 6/61").
  7. This acquisition has closed, and there's an extra surprise: Lilly's taking over the CBS affiliation effective tomorrow. Well, they kind of had anyway, in July 2018. At that time, Lilly took over the cable slot — but not the programming operation — that had been home to TV2, which had been the islands' cable CBS affiliate since 2009. (News2 is still being produced...and airing on cable channel...4.) CBS USVI does air some news features, which as you might have guessed are produced in Erie.
  8. My first thought when I saw the accent "dialog box" is that it reminds me of Newsy's logo. It's not bad. It's middle of the road, and it's probably much more in tune with other stations (I'm sure at some Scripps stations the old GFX looked a bit long in the tooth).
  9. Liberty Momentum for TVC in the Dominican Republic in 2001—wait that's JAM Spirit of New England (!!) as the ID theme!
  10. This. So much this. We know from all the newspaper reporting of the time that ABC didn't particularly feel like giving up KTVK as an affiliate, but that they had no choice in order to avoid humiliation in what were, at the time, larger markets.
  11. As to the content itself...yeah WRMD needed the new set. Definitely one of those cases where NBC has to make a capital investment to bring them up from ZGS standards to their own.
  12. @Gavin I hid the other threads and was able to split this out with the correct content.
  13. They might have both been ABC affiliates in Missouri, but the 2 NewsTeam != NewsTeam 2: The guy who uploaded this also put up an hour of his own work, including rare looks at KBCI and KCRG in the late 70s/early 80s. One open at 5:57. What's appalling? That open was new in January 1984 which is when the story is from — the station had just changed logos and the open looks like it's 1980 or 1979. (NewsCenter II as a theme is one clue this is laaaate.)
  14. Some great hires have been made by Marquee, including Bob Vorwald (as a video archives consultant), Mike Santini (from MLB Network to helm the studio shows side), and they're finalizing deals to retain Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies. They also got on Mediacom in Iowa (and some IL/IN systems), which did not have NBC Sports Chicago. This should improve access in rural areas. In addition, they have a deal with Charter. Still outstanding: Comcast.
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