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  1. Somehow I'd never seen that. I doubt the '85 date, but yes, that's it. Matches with the fact that WOKR began using Hello x Great News cuts in 1987 too.
  2. It's a new one for all of us. When I showed it to @ChesapeakeTV she pointed out that the notes for "We'll take our time, we'll take you there" sound a lot like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJy909h6_YY
  3. There's a surprise in the Univision sale filing: because some of the owners have attributable interests in WAPA, they are divesting third-rated WLII and not ninth-rated WSTE.
  4. The last 10 minutes of a WABI show from 1992: There's also some Detroit material:
  5. ...What the... Per the Republic, here's a bit about Najafi: The company's brands range from shampoo Pert Plus and airline catalog SkyMall to DVD-marketer Columbia House. The company also owns various upscale hotels and has a minority stake in the Phoenix Suns.
  6. Lines up with what I found in newspaper clippings. My guess is that the 9/11/89 changes are when the theme debuted. 1989-1990 is a very interesting TV season for KELO because it was very clearly in the middle of a months-long modernization program. In August 1989, KELO was still "The Big News" with the midcentury "kelo•land tv" lettering, which as far as I can tell debuted in 1964: The first clipping I could find with the new KELO logo was in February 1990, though the title of "The Big News" hung around. This version looks a bit off model, too, with a more "organic" brush stroke. By May, the news title was starting to transition out (and also the logo script looks right): By October—apparently having been instituted for the new TV season—it was "KELO-Land News" at all times. In the Rapid City Journal, the title "Big News" last appeared in listings for KPLO on September 8, 1990, with "KELO-Land News" at 10 beginning Monday, September 9.
  7. The latest Sloan dump includes KWHY's stock market program from "The Business Channel" in 1988: Also, a WSMV story from 1994 (recorded off a TV):
  8. NextGen TV comes to Portland. KPDX and KRCW's multiplexes will be used by four station groups and OPB.
  9. Several staff at WVUE are out of commission after an attendee of the NICAR journalism conference in New Orleans, who visited their studios, tested presumptive positive for coronavirus. The station has sent home employees believed to be in close contact with the attendee.
  10. The death knell has been sounded for KCPM Grand Forks, North Dakota. The FCC today says the station incurred a 312(g) deletion for being off the air more than 12 months—because it hadn't operated from authorized facilities since 2014. Gray had filed to acquire the station in 2018 and would have rebuilt it. Those plans have been dashed.
  11. Some John Young-VO opens for KTNV...
  12. The Chris Sloan archive gravy train keeps giving. There's even some rare KHJ from 1988! The 9:00 VO at the time would later do a lot of ABC Sports work in the late 80s and 90s. The 1:00 one was a longtime station staff announcer. Also some Louisville, including a variant of the Copeland/Symphony opens and a longer TVbD open with the "neo Home Country" theme: And there's a cool Easter egg in this KCBS noon open from 1988:
  13. I see that the congressional delegation got in on this one. It's being noted in local media as a "return" because WWLP was on the system until 2017, when WNYT must have pushed Charter to remove WWLP for network reasons. What remains to be seen, and we won't know until 30 to 60 days from now, is what exactly the feed has besides the station's local output and presumably anything WTEN also has the rights to.
  14. Curious little partnership here. Charter viewers in the Berkshires — a long-aggrieved orphan county in the Albany DMA — will get news from WWLP, and WWLP will add more features relevant to the Berkshires. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/245389/nexstar-charter-create-wwlp-local-news-deal/
  15. There's a lot to take in in 90 seconds: a totally new KGMB open and theme from a newscast when KGMB made the news for a 22-minute power failure...during the Super Bowl! This can't have lasted long. In 1986, KGMB rebranded its news as KGMB 9 News after the retirement of longtime anchor Bob Sevey—the "Walter Cronkite of Hawai'i"—but by late 1987, they had changed their logo to the sailboat 9. Oh, and before Joe Shortsleeve was in Boston...he was anchoring eyeWITNess News, as this rare WITN newscast from December 1980 shows!
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