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  1. A chunk of WDRB's The News at Ten from June 15, 1992:
  2. Well, James Quiñones is out at KPNX. He left a month ago. https://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/media/2019/07/12/weatherman-james-quinones-channel-12-jimmy-q-has-left-station/1720131001/
  3. The CW logo was not designed for that application at all.
  4. Jonathan McCall started at WDAF yesterday. (h/t asomrjsurf)
  5. What a downgrade. They really need tightening up on the type size, placement and choice.
  6. That 'TKR format would have been a good match for a Fox affiliate starting up a news department, but I can see why the presentation didn't work so well for WTKR. ——— This CFTO clip from 1991 includes a snippet of them using something I never knew made it to Toronto: the early 90s CFQC/CKCK theme (an underrated jam IMO)! Was it only used for this 5:30 newscast?
  7. A section of WTLV news from April 1990. Part of a story on film production in the First Coast, worries about Maxwell House leaving town (Jacksonville eventually headed off a push from Hoboken, NJ, for Max to relocate there, and today this is the only plant the company has), a murder, murder statistics and part of a story on the death of AIDS victim Ryan White:
  8. It's so dumb. Having personal experience with this particular cable system, it's downright boneheaded. Nothing makes any sense. I'd have to stop and think way more than I should every time I wanted to find an HD channel and often resorted to dialing the SD number and hitting the "Watch in HD" button. They really need to change the assignments. Cox Phoenix here in 2017 made as many of the lower numbers as possible mirrors of the 1xxx HD range. More providers need to do that.
  9. It's the end of the line for The Vindicator, the newspaper of Youngstown, Ohio, after 150 years—but don't expect changes at co-owned WFMJ as a result:
  10. Talk about a full-court press.
  11. It's a Network track called Eyewitness News.
  12. I wouldn't normally put an edition of Inside Edition Weekend in here, but it was taped off KYW on September 10, 1995... Several "Keep Your Eye On KYW" promos and this news promo:
  13. Wow that B/W film from Winston-Salem is a treat! There's also Raleigh — the short-lived WNAO-TV 28. The KPTM clip is good stuff. The Old Mill Toyota ad has the voice of WCMH Columbus around this time, too.
  14. Oh yeah, the Kansas City operation was definitely the model. (I also think they would have done Tampa in '95, though such was never specifically said.)
  15. When a lot of Phoenix videos started showing up, I really gained an appreciation for how dowdy KPHO's product was as the 80s turned into the 90s. They really did start getting serious with the February '94 refresh (Fresh News and new graphics). They knew KNXV was coming into town — actually, their first show would have aired July 7, 1994, if the affiliation switch had not caused changes (they opted to reset a bit, and the first News 15 aired August 1). They say KNXV toned down its product to adjust for the fact they'd be an ABC, not a Fox, affiliate. Could you imagine? As it was, the early KNXV product shook the market. I think they would have blown KPHO out of the water within months.
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