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  1. That's normal in the course of business when you buy a company. Scripps also seems like it wanted to settle the matter quickly. Reading the consent decree, this one started when an aircraft hit the KATC-owned tower in Kaplan, Louisiana (which was home to an LPB transmitter and KAJN-FM).
  2. Jude LaCava is leaving KSAZ. He'd been there since 1993. This was his decision. Last day on air is April 1. Wow.
  3. Yes, I'd suspected Conner too, having heard the KCBS San Francisco "News and More on 74" pack in particular.
  4. For someone who's been regarded as a bit elusive by jingle enthusiasts, getting that confirmation is something (I just saw it for myself). Nicely done.
  5. I could have sworn I was in the Scripps general thread. Oops.
  6. Scripps gets nailed with a $1.13 million fine from the FCC in an investigation from the ex-Cordillera stations over tower lighting and maintenance at 10 facilities in 5 states. Cordillera also had failed to notify the FCC of its purchase of two antenna structures.
  7. And then there's... The News? What year is it, KGGM? (By year's end they were KRQE)
  8. That tacked-on play symbol...just no. Not with this set.
  9. As to WMBF, I think one reason it worked from all angles was that Raycom was simply able to make more money for itself. The creation of that station, primarily motivated by digital signal strength concerns, served as a substitute for WIS (which had a Myrtle Beach-specific commercial feed) and WECT in that market, and Raycom owned both stations.
  10. Job postings indicate KNXV is about to extend its morning news onto KASW. An AM news/traffic anchor and an AM anchor/meteorologist are being sought, as well as a News Producer/Content Planner, all with job postings that mention "The CW61 Arizona". h/t formeraa
  11. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/41828191/ Well, I didn't expect Tahiti... (The record goes cold after this)
  12. We've already seen KXTV's coverage of Loma Prieta as it started to unfold—now we have a full, 45-minute (!) 11pm show from that night, and it's a treat with its own special open. Not the only long KXTV aircheck we got in the last week: five and a half minutes of coverage of the Sun Valley Mall plane crash in Concord from 1985. At the time, the station was still using the Tuesday "Spirit of California" theme:
  13. What's coming up on The Big News tonight? KELO was in a time warp for much of the 80s, not that it showed in the ratings: KELO continued to use "The Big News" theme and name until 1990 (!):
  14. Well that's a surprise! Also, the pre-meatball circle 3 toward the end of its run.
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