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  1. They might be legally barred from doing so as Evil Corp. is subject to (and trying to evade) US sanctions.
  2. KSNV has also been using beauty shots of Las Vegas during commercial breaks in some programs. You can practically see the money evaporating and the makegoods piling up.
  3. I misread your post; thanks for the correction.
  4. The reporters were always in Albuquerque, and one of them has been named anchor. KOB's meteorologist will provide the weather.
  5. A few notes on what we've seen so far: News At some stations, particularly smaller ones (e.g. Jefferson City), the stations failed to air their planned early and late evening newscasts. At others, newscasts were improvised with minimal graphics and video played out from computers, sometimes experiencing technical failures. In some areas, local news headlines were presented on Facebook Live. WWMT advised viewers to send news tips to a Gmail account. Production of newscasts from outside the company (e.g. the WPXI news on WPGH) was not affected.
  6. I don't think this affects much of the rest of their portfolio. Entravision is an unusual company in that Univision owns non-voting stock in it (the shares of which are called Class U). But its focus has gone increasingly toward digital advertising. It sold off one of its Orlando properties to Radio Training Network (The Joy FM). It decided not to pony up for XHRIO's next renewal.
  7. Univision owned these stations but contracted Entravision to run them. This isn't a purchase. There were six markets in this deal, per Entravision's 10Q: Albuquerque, Boston, Denver, Orlando, Tampa and Washington, D.C. Is EVC going to take back the other three? In each market, swaps were made several years ago such that the Univision station license was held by UCI and EVC had the UniMás stick.
  8. The reverse. The local news for Albuquerque was presented from Ramar's facilities in Lubbock. One of the pieces of the purchase was a transitional services agreement with Gray to continue this in the interim. I'm unsure what NBC will do; that plant looks small. They could relocate or expand. There's a boarded up circular building behind it with its own broadcasting history—it was built in 1964 for KRZY radio!—which could be torn down for an addition (Looks like it got demoed according to the Bernalillo County aerials). Apparently this building was built by KRZY-KRST in the early 80
  9. No kidding. Big fan of the theme music, too. Unfortunate why we have it, though—it was taped because of the story of a 2-year-old baby (and others) who died in a fire.
  10. Yeah, this is kind of a surprise too.
  11. It was pointed out on Discord that one potential connection is a change in leadership: Sheila Oliver of KMSP/WFTC took over as GM from the retiring Pamela Pearson in May. Pearson had been the GM for the entire Tribune/early Fox era. https://tvnewscheck.com/business/article/sheila-oliver-named-svp-gm-of-foxs-seattle-duopoly/
  12. Hips don't lie. Neither do logos added to FCC public files. The logos on KCPQ and KZJO changed in the last week-ish to Oh, and last month they registered @fox13sea on Twitter (@fox13seattle has existed for years and doesn't seem to be them) It'd be the first time without the Q13 brand since Kelly took over in 1980.
  13. I'd be very interested to hear what the logic for the change was. Something tells me digital/SEO has to do with it.
  14. Samantha

    In Memoriam

    KLAS veteran Gary Waddell has died of a heart attack while battling COVID-19 in a Las Vegas hospital. He was 77. According to the linked article, he was fully vaccinated but suffered a breakthrough case.

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