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  1. I suspect that, in the coming days, a lot of the subchannels that are duplicated between Scripps-owned stations in the local division and the Scripps national muxes will move over for good. You have to think they are working to have a standard mux of channels but that the existing carriage agreements with other multiplex holders (such as Univision) are impeding them. Keep in mind that in 2017, Univision signed a renewal with Katz until 2024. So it could be quite a while.
  2. The electronic marquee has the date April 24, 2019, on it, so it has to be related to this: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/north-phoenix/phoenix-pd-15-year-old-threatened-to-blow-up-muslim-church
  3. That would be Ed Hopkins, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2019.
  4. Looking at where WMOW is, I wonder if it could be moved toward Rhinelander... It seems to partially cover it anyway. Seems to be more the rural areas north of Rhinelander that would lose ABC.
  5. The APAs hit the FCC today and there is a previously unreported wrinkle in Rhinelander... Gray may be selling WAOW and WMOW, but not WYOW. It proposes to keep that for itself as a satellite of WSAW.
  6. KBCB Bellingham, WA, is being sold to Radiant Life Ministries for $7.74 million. It had been owned by Venture Technologies. That valuation definitely reflects the fact that Vancouver and Victoria are in the signal contour...
  7. That first graphic is definitely out of that pack — that blue is gonna be pretty prevalent, it looks like.
  8. A lot of this is why I had pegged NPG actually, but this is very much the case. Quincy's board clearly valued the culture fit at the prospective buyers relative to their own for who should get the broadcasting portion of the company. When private, closely held companies sell assets they have owned for generations, that often is the case.
  9. Some of that stuff is going into Peacock, too.
  10. I think now would be a good time to reconsider that 45 logo...
  11. We already knew that was coming pretty much when the network rebrand was announced in October.
  12. What is interesting is that their morning anchor/reporter, presumably only doing cut-ins on camera, will be based in Winston-Salem.

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