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  1. The Toyota Camry ad in there is voiced by Chris Clausen! A bit curious, and I note some of the video in here is violent (in fact, KGMB anchor Dave Carlin justifies their decision to show it in the first clip!). Honolulu TV stations cover a circus accident involving an elephant in 1994.
  2. The swallowtail back is unusual and doesn't match any NFL preseason pack from at least the last 2 years.
  3. Huh, I had always assumed from the other aircheck that the cold open was because Linda Álvarez left...but it seems like it really was a thing for the 10pm at this time.
  4. The NMSA in general has trouble telling the 'CCO themes of this era apart. (It doesn't help when WCCO's own sister station matched the 85 "Best News of All" imaging with the 83 theme.) Particularly 1978 -> 1983 is an evolution and their similar beds make it worse. The 1983 theme, which had an accompanying On the Move image, debuted when the station moved into the then-new WCCO Communications Center on September 13.
  5. Nice catch! That 3D clock tower animation also appeared in what must have been their next open.
  6. Don't mind me, I'm just disgusted at the KIVI open. It's not good.
  7. A real TV pioneer: Helen S. Duhamel (of the family that started KOTA), interviewed in 1980 on the occasion of the station's 25th anniversary:
  8. You wonder if that's a configuration issue...
  9. Samantha

    The "3" Thread

    This is one of the most polarizing TV rebrands this decade, but gosh... I know Tegna takes a lot of flack. This is a company that, hell or high water (and with good intentions), is trying to reshape TV news. But this is a new level of that. It actually feels like the maximum expression of the Tegna philosophy to presentation. It feels like a big gust of fresh air. The logo is polarizing (and very very UK Channel 5-ish), but it's a creative direction with oomph to it (the teasers feel like a Euro-style ident package). In TV news, people are scared of massive leaps of change because they fear effects on stations' older viewers, even moreso in markets that aren't fast growers like Cleveland. Tegna lacks that compunction. This may end up being a rebrand that earns more critical acclaim than mass appeal. It's ambitious on a level almost never seen for affiliate rebrands. There are some networks (ABC, in particular) that would have never let this fly. This is making me think particularly of the NBC "city name" branding that never went beyond San Diego, but arguably was in hindsight a forward-thinking nod to the declining importance of channel brands in an overall station identity (particularly on social). It's not Boston 25—that was a unanimously derided downgrade.
  10. Holy heck, that's cool. (Don't mind me ninja editing in the correct year — 1970 is much more fascinating and much rarer!)
  11. Seems like a bit of a long shot, but Nexstar does have the scale and presence in most of the desired markets outside of Chicago to make a good deal.
  12. Hope you don't mind me splitting this out. Hopkins did a lot of work we recognize and obviously enjoyed a lengthy and successful voice career. WNYT themselves apparently put out a story yesterday, something I can't recall being common for TV stations to do. He is survived by a wife, son and 14-year-old daughter, though nothing I'm seeing mentions his age.
  13. $85,000 was the purchase price for Lilly to buy a TV station in the U.S. Virgin Islands. LeSEA is selling WCVI in Christiansted to Lilly in a deal that hit the FCC today. There's a preexisting relationship between the parties. WCVI has an ABC subchannel 23.2 which is Lilly's WENY, with paid programming and Lilly's "One Caribbean News" airing in non-network timeslots.
  14. The Watch Our Spirit Now promos debuted in April '84. That May they ran a 2-page spread ad in the St. Petersburg Times TV supplement with some of the copy from the ad series...
  15. Brandon Lee is back at KTVK and KPHO...tonight. There's an anchor reshuffle. Lee will anchor KPHO's 6:30 and 10pm (says 10:30, obviously a mistake unless they mean KTVK's) news with Kris Pickel and KTVK's 8pm with Heather Moore. Sean McLaughlin will anchor KTVK's 5pm and KPHO's 10pm (and apparently do the 10:30pm weather on 3).
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