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  1. KFNB had news briefly in the late 1980s (1986–87).
  2. You should look for the late 90s blooper reel. Benedek improved the quality of that station quite a bit after purchasing the station (including a studio relocation) but could not get stable management and shuttered it as the company ran financially aground.
  3. It's the Peters special. I can't describe it any other way.
  4. Very nice. Open is a bit long and VideoHive-y for my taste, but that's also something par for the course with most Latin American newscasts I've encountered.
  5. KVVU wants less V and more U: it wants channel 24 instead of 9.
  6. Very cool to see more of Arizona's News People Mk I — which included the 1986 theme. They weren't Arizona's Family until 1990 — the opens didn't change until independence, though, and in the case of the 10pm not until February 1996.
  7. Wowza. If not for the statutory cap, the base penalty would have been $1,720,000—and likely to be adjusted upward. Also worth noting: Gray ended the violation by moving the CBS stream to K22HN-D (now KYES-LD)...and then putting it on a subchannel of KTUU. How dumb this whole mess is. It's clear these rules were not written with multicasting in mind.
  8. Gotta love how KUTV turns up everything but an open from this era... The theme package is killer from all I've heard of it (and we've been piling up non-news open uses of it). Also nice to see more of the Livin' in Utah short promos...noticed they changed the end animation between February and August to the one that matches the signoff supercut...but you have a different version! The partial one you uploaded has a different Utah Jazz section (there was a coaching change midseason for the Jazz and the full version has footage from a 2-1-89 game with the Atlanta Hawks), and it also a
  9. It is very clearly from a production library. Maybe Killer Tracks? Compare to the PRISM Sports logo on EDIT: KT31-15 "Zap Ya" https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-us/discover/albums/589/sweepers-and-stingers-volume-1 They've added some of the stings from Dawn (track 37) for WBNS...not sure if that was a separate edit.
  10. KNXV wound up having the right type of game-changer product for the market anyway. But yes, they were clearly going that direction. One can imagine Tampa was next on the list—though maybe further down the road because their existing building was insufficient when it did end up coming time (as things turned out, the news area had to use third-party production facilities for over a year until the Tampa Stadium studios were finished).
  11. Some of it's been reposted from other YouTubers (and a lot of it somehow I'd never seen!), but I think it's important to point out that all these newscasts aired on just two channels! Colombian mixed system TV is both a delight and also a nightmare to figure out.
  12. An STA in San Jose might have changed the game a bit. Venture owns a bunch of 6s. They've been approved for now to run ATSC 3.0 in 5.5 MHz of the channel and then use the upper part for an audio carrier.
  13. Samantha

    In Memoriam

    Oh my. Seems like nobody was expecting this. Can only think of his family and colleagues right now.
  14. Both of those are confirmed Peters. That "Marketing Deli" account has it in a playlist that says J Hal Hodgson, Creative Partner at The Marketing Deli, has produced over a thousand musical themes (jingles) for use with radio and TV, winning dozens of awards in national and regional advertising creative competitions. But what are these... (The first one is KPDX Portland's launch campaign, and it sounds like KTXL might have used a piece of it — they were sisters, the station ID in their 1986 open seems to come from it... which raises a question or ten about KDVR using thi

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