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  1. Ever wanted to hear a new cut of the WHAS Copeland package? Well now you can! A whole bunch of WYFF from 1990. Danny Ford is out at Clemson:
  2. A full KHSL (!!) 5:30pm newscast from 1988. If the set gives you deja vu, it must have been shipped to Chico from KPIX...
  3. The Statcast graphics are not being skinned anywhere except for some of the strike zone ones. They are close to the Fox look but aren't — they use a more condensed sans serif.
  4. It's very different when it's a sporting event versus a newscast. A sporting event can still be somewhat understandable in another language. A newscast, not so much. But putting down Spanish-language television stations who are doing just as much work for their communities in news and public service is being discriminatory to what they do simply because it's not in a language you understand.
  5. It's amazing how much that early 2010s ESPN look has hung on. That's the root of that Bengals look @tyrannical bastard. WKRC is again the key station. It's long in the tooth, too. Aside from some changes in type, they have looked mostly similar since 2014 and I can't find any further years back: I think a good idea of "graphics uncoupled from production" is given when you look at the Chiefs. They handle production through 65TPT, which is their media arm, but given that KCTV is the key station, they use CBS Sports graphics: I also think the whole idea of "graphics uncoupled from production" is evident on certain MLB telecasts. Eagle-eyed type snobs and MLB.tv subscribers an catch some strike zones using typefaces from other packages. NBC Sports Bay Area/California's strike zone will show pitch speeds in Antenna (the last-gen Fox pack). Sportsnet Canada? Benton Sans (the current Fox pack). Meanwhile, San Francisco is unchanged: We also got to see one more today... Oakland (NBC Sports college, unchanged): Also, I guess the Seahawks graphics are in their second year, not their first.
  6. Gosh, it's huge. I get ABC is very much a stickler about logo sizing, but it's overpowering.
  7. The primary problem with the scoreboard is the scaling and placement of elements. Team labels (HOU, GB) are too small for their text boxes; the whole thing is off center; and that Spectrum Mobile ad is too darn big.
  8. That pack was long in the tooth. Would have liked to see something fresh.
  9. Eat, Drink and See Murray. Oh gawsh. Seahawks are a downgrade. They had been Fox Sports graphics. Did they change carriers?
  10. Cardinals are unchanged from 2018 — NBC Sports package in its college variant.
  11. The Dolphins are bleh:
  12. What an underwhelming look for the Packers. The rest of the package is so good but that scoreboard needs to go back in the oven.
  13. There are 11 games tonight and there's plenty to feast on (or throw up about). All quick screengrabs from Twitter highlights:
  14. R Communications et al. wants to sell everything, doesn't it... Some of the Mexican stations are going to Radio Ultra S.A. de C.V.; Multimedios wants some of the US stations in the RGV and Laredo markets; and now even KMBH. As to plans, all we know is that "Entravision does not propose to operate KMBH as an affiliate of any of the Univision television networks". I wonder if they are going to use KMBH to broadcast their Fox and CW streams, which are on LPTVs. (Big-brain idea: Entravision should donate some of the LPTVs for public broadcasting, perhaps to UTRGV or KEDT up in Corpus!) All that's left of that company is KQUR Laredo, which MBM programs under LMA, and three radio stations in Del Rio, Texas. There's also a non-compete/anti-poaching agreement that terminates if and when MBM gets the green light to fully exit the market on both sides:
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