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  1. From 1987 to 1992/93 in one time skip, but a sighting of my white whale: the mid-80s KUTV (Mike Post?) theme! The channel has reams of other KUTV material, including Bill Lord (later of WUSA and WJLA) on the "Extra" news magazine covering the coverage of the Ted Bundy trial:
  2. Mark Nalbone ran KTWO decently, but the other stations were very sorely neglected. KLWY has a logo that looks like it might have been made with LightWave 3D sometime in the 90s. KGWC is running on its third or fourth retread of the Benedek-era logo.
  3. I'm extremely skeptical. My guess is that they're going to be taking a lot of NewsNet material to fill those hours. That's more news than KFNB/KGWC have carried in eons. KFNB briefly had a 9pm in the early 2000s that started on KWYF prior to losing ABC, and the station had a news department as KXWY-TV/KFNB between 1986 and 1988. KGWC hasn't had news since January 3, 2006. This month marks 20 years since Benedek blew up the KGWC news department it had started. Prior to that, the station had spent quite some time inserting into or re-airing KGWN's news from 1988 on.
  4. WIAV-CD hosts WMDO-CD (UniMás), as a note. I suspect this might have something to do with ATSC 3.0 myself. Notably the related WAZT-CD Vienna VA was not sold.
  5. Split this out into its own thread as it's quite a discussion going and I want to spin some of those out from under the Out & About thread as we transition into it being a staff moves thread. KTWO radio (which hasn't been related to the TV in a long time) has a report, and it is actually quite blistering! Some of the incredible lowlights:
  6. To be fair, it was like that before the last round of cuts. These stations have never had serious websites... If you notice there's not even a public file link for KGWC or KFNB.
  7. Yes, it's effectively common management. This is how it went down... In 1984, a group called Casper Channel 20 started up KXWY-TV, which was a partial NBC affiliate (KTWO-TV had first pick of NBC but was primary ABC). KXWY-TV rolled up KTNW Riverton (which became KFWY-TV and is now KFNE), which is actually the third oldest station in Wyoming and shared ownership, and built a station at Rawlins. This group ran into financial problems within a year of signing on the station and reached a deal in 1985 to sell it to an outfit called First National Broadcasting (thus the KFNB calls, adopted in 1986). Also in 1986, the station became full-time ABC (with a secondary Fox for most of the next 18 years). At around this time, the same interests built KLWY in Cheyenne. The two parties never closed the sale over more than three years, and the station presented several financial difficulties as a result including trouble making payroll. A bankruptcy case was opened. The sale finally collapsed in April 1989 when the station went off the air. Mark Nalbone was named receiver and restored the station to air nine months later, and a company Wyomedia bought the station outright. Nalbone was the GM of KFNB. Then, two events happened simultaneously, Mark III Media (owned by Nalbone) bought KGWC from Chelsey Broadcasting in 2003 (this sale took a bit to clear but Mark took over ASAP under a time brokerage agreement), and he became a consultant to KTWO-TV. That's when the three stations moved in with each other and began sharing quite a few resources. Nalbone didn't get out until the Vision Alaska sale just last year.
  8. DOJ made a legitimate mistake by not approving the Gray application. I have spent a lot of time lately writing about the Casper market. KGWC's role as "the number 2" was usurped immediately when KCWY launched. Benedek foolishly blew up their local operation in 2000, ahead of this, because it was a management revolving door. They tried again in the early years of Mark III management, and it just didn't make a dent.
  9. A number of groups used that CG, including TSN/Canada.
  10. The recent treasure trove of KOTA/KDUH material has helped remind me of one of the great muddlings in the NMSA. Did you know that only one station of those listed...actually used Tuesday9? The others all used a slightly different piece of music that isn't from Tuesday, which appears to be this offering listed from Telesound as early as 1982 in a listing in Television and Radio Age: Both @TServo2049 and I suspect that this came first, and that Tuesday9 is based off of it. WESH is the only station that appears to have used the "actual" Tuesday9. You might notice that the open is faster-paced than the VO-free open from this package. Also...those NBC chimes in the close! Telesound NBC Pkg 1.ogg Telesound NBC Pkg 2.ogg Here's another example from WIS... This must have been a close cut, different from the one used by WTVO or KDUH. The open is unmistakably slower than that of WESH! If you think about the media markets where this was used, with the exception of St. Louis, this really makes a lot of sense as an affiliate package. (Especially Rapid City, Fort Myers back then was ADI #112, Rockford...) It's also fun to think that KOTA-KDUH used an NBC affiliate package after the switch to ABC in 1984.
  11. KOTA and KDUH switched affiliations to ABC in the middle of 1984. That noon open is the only one from KDUH that doesn't show a network logo. This is the only one of the opens we have for KDUH post-switch: The NMSA has a long-running and really understandable mix-up between two news music packages... It needs its own thread.
  12. Huh, that's an interesting thought. We know that it's from an image package called Looking Better All the Time which WBTV also used. (We know WLKY used the image, too.) KAMR also used the theme. They also emerged around the same time (circa 1983). WBTV would make more sense of the stations that used it to have it written. 'BTV had a lengthy history of custom music (Part of Your Life, Bringing It Home to You, the "Turn to People You Know" image they used in 1980-81, this, and Signature). But not everything the station used was custom (particularly the WCCO '83/84 set, or the Palmer package).
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