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  1. Not only that, they're not assuming any of KEYU's employees, basically just the licenses and site lease. I bet it won't be Regional Mexican after the sale — if it does, it will be under a different name with a new air staff.
  2. KIMA News at 6 in 1999 — using the CBS 1997 Special Presentation theme:
  3. Some of these montages have interesting stuff... This might be the best thing in them: If only for their rarity, the KRTV and KECI glimpses are good:
  4. That's neither Don Alhart nor the Ackerley graphics, though both this WNWO package and the 95/96 Ackerley set came from TVbD. This is very mid-late 90s work from them!
  5. With this deal having been concluded, future discussion should go in the Scripps thread.
  6. A whole lot of KUSA's Good Afternoon Colorado from 1990. What is the music used? The VTS Making a Difference pack (WRTV 1991 which really should be KUSA 1990)?
  7. The subway tile panels really pop. That said, the set makes the aged graphics concept even more dated-feeling.
  8. WALA's Action News 10 at 10pm for December 23, 1991: In Canadian material, this channel has a good amount of CKCO stuff including the station's 40th and 50th anniversary specials: Also, I don't remember seeing this graphics package/open... (video is not embeddable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3wPXRA7-54
  9. It really takes a fine tooth comb to find the differences, too: mostly text placement, at least two typos ("Patterson, NJ" and "Carrolton" in the Dallas open), and in the obvious case of WXTV, changes (eventually) for most of the imagery.
  10. Only in 1984 could you provide instructions like "Between Levitz and Lawhon on Freeway" and everyone knew what freeway you'd be talking about...
  11. KCCI with the CBS Affiliate Package in 1994 — with John Lindsay VO: This partial KATU newscast from 1997 includes a long close with the Scott Shelly Spirit of Texas update — the longest cut of this package I've ever heard!
  12. I'm not sure. However, Red River did just file yesterday a tolling request for their repack construction permit, citing winter weather in Sioux Falls and, two weeks ago, a major icing situation that prompted KDLT's transmitter to catch fire and put the facility completely out of service for five days (and likely at reduced power for at least a month):
  13. KTVW has yet to debut it for some reason on newscasts... They are using a 40 Aniversario secondary logo to mark 40 years of broadcasting (September 2, 1979).
  14. WTVQ looks like Montserrat, which wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  15. KPNX? Good ratings? Oh gosh no... They've retooled with a few different names: 12 Today, Today in AZ...
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