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  1. Ramona

    A voice finally identified

    Yeah, I forgot about those! 73 samples for 18 stations (can't forget KHIZ) total. So glad I was able to do this for Jeff.
  2. Ramona

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    KASW fits KNXV like a glove. It's also noteworthy how this gives Scripps what it typically hasn't had much of: CBS, Fox and CW affiliates. Surprised to see this much of an acquisition from Tegna. Nexstar must be happy that Tegna, which lately has seemed to have the reverse Midas touch, is buying one of their chief competitors (WNEP).
  3. Ramona

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    This WCCO 1996 news excerpt has elements with their use of the KCBS Michael Randall package—in 1996, a year before the NMSA has them using it.
  4. Ramona

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    That is something YouTube has disabled right now in the wake of the events in New Zealand.
  5. Ramona

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    Capitol was actually involved at times with Raycom/JP stuff, per the Illustrated History book they put out in 2015 (a fantastic obligatory read if this interests you). Raycom's first bid for ACC basketball was a joint bid with Capitol that was unsuccessful, Raycom and Capitol had a deal with the ACC for football rights before they ultimately went to JP, and Raycom produced the first HD college basketball game in 1999 with Capitol's help.
  6. Nothing has driven me crazy this decade like trying to identify that voice. You know, the one who did 20+ years of KFVS opens, a similar body of work for KWWL, and other stations from Idaho to Iowa to North Carolina to...lots more Iowa. "Really, given the volume of work he's done, it's amazing nothing has ever turned up on him, even so much as a name." –ChesapeakeTV "This was the VO for WQAD for many years up to 1997. Does anyone know the name of him?" –now-inactive @FirstNews8 in 2009 "The nameless voiceover" –the title of an email I sent the NMSA in 2010 I tried looking and decided my last chance to figure this long-running mystery out was to email KFVS. Years of searching ended in 23 minutes and vindicated my decision. This guy would never have turned up in any searches. So I feel extra special being able to give this man the credit he so deserved. Jeff Ellingson (1948-2008) lived in Cedar Rapids and did work for three AFLAC stations at the same time (KWWL, KFVS and WAFF). This is what KFVS Marketing Director Paul Keener had to say about Jeff in the email I got back from the station: Ellingson's body of work, of course, was larger than just KWWL and KFVS. He should be credited with 68 different NMSA samples for 16 different stations when all is said and done. (Contemporaneously, he did a third AFLAC station, WAFF, and a fourth ex-AFLAC station after the insurer exited the television business, WITN.) Even though Ellingson died February 5, 2008 at the age of 59, his voice lingered around for a time longer at some of his final client stations. At KIMT, which had just had a new open series done not long before Ellingson passed, it took at least into 2009 for a new voiceover to be brought in for the opens. WABG Greenwood, MS, was using his voice on the air as late as 2010. I'm glad that, after all these years, we are able to finally put a name to the voice and give Ellingson the credit he so richly deserved for his voiceover career.
  7. Ramona

    KERO set refresh

    It's a local landmark road arch, but yeah, it's a bit big...
  8. Ramona

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    At least in Mexico...
  9. Ramona

    Out & About

    Univision is bringing two-hour morning newscasts to San Antonio/Austin, Dallas, and Houston. The shows debuted yesterday. KWEX and KAKW simulcast.
  10. Ramona

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    They can close the deal because the IFT gave the green light yesterday, with conditions. The conditions fall into two categories. To avoid potential coordination between A&E (in which Disney owns a stake) and Disney-Fox (with Nat Geo and Nat Geo Wild) in the genre of documentary and factual cable programming, the IFT ordered that Disney officials and board members at A&E be kept separate from information regarding sales for the A&E channels (similarly to the US, A&E, Lifetime, History and H2 which still exists in Latin America) and that carriage negotiations for A&E and the Nat Geo bouquet remain separate. The IFT also ordered Disney-Fox to hold separate Fox Sports and spin off the Mexican Fox Sports operation to an independent buyer, with the following conditions: The sale must include "all of the assets necessary to maintain Fox Sports as a viable, independent business", including event rights, contracts and facilities. The sale must be completed within six months unless an extension is absolutely necessary. If a sale cannot be completed even with a six-month extension, Fox Sports México must be placed into a blind trust. Disney and Fox must name an independent administrator, a trustee (subject to IFT approval), and an independent auditor (subject to IFT approval). After Fox Sports is sold, additional restrictions kick in to prevent poaching of talent and resources from Fox: Disney cannot attempt to buy Fox Sports, in part or whole, for 10 years. Disney cannot poach key talent from Fox Sports for 3 years. Disney cannot add more sports channels. Disney cannot acquire the rights to events to which Fox Sports currently holds exclusive rights. Disney must license the Fox name to the buyer for use in the cable sports industry.
  11. Yeah, I can hear that too! (BTW, the first half has a promo for a game telecast using an instrumental bed of Hello.)
  12. Ramona

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    News reports (with opens) on the opening of Fort Worth Alliance Airport in 1989. The audio is missing from the back half and the audio deteriorates a good bit, too, but there's one open from each station:
  13. Ramona

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    From the Twin Cities, this is...—wait that's not KMSP...
  14. Ramona

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    That is how you broach the topic on your own air. Exemplary work in remaining impartial and covering a news story about your own station.
  15. Ramona

    Australian TV News

    Not sure how I feel about that desk... It's very round and the base is very angular.

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