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  1. Looks like the CW affiliates owned by Nexstar will be owned by the network itself: KWGN, KTLA, WPIX, and so on.
  2. not to mention do away with the famous Eyewitness News brand that first began at KYW, then became widespread to other Group W stations. WBZ gave it up in 1993 (WBZ News 4/News 4 New England/WBZ 4 News/CBS 4 News/WBZ News). WJZ retired the EWN brand. KPIX took a break from EWN brand, then brought it back, then gave it up entirely. KDKA retired the EWN brand in the late 90s. EWN's founding station KYW also took a break from the EWN brand in 1991, but brought it back in 1998, and is still in use today. But, that could change, seeing that KYW could be the last CBS O&O (and former Group W station) to give up EWN for CBS News Philadelphia Now.
  3. I see two possibilities for KCNC Denver: CBS News Denver Now OR CBS News Colorado Now. But either way, sounds like a mouthful to say.
  4. That would mean that Nexstar-owned CW affiliates (even ones that used to be owned by Tribune) will become independents once again. That includes KWGN Denver, WPIX New York, KTLA Los Angeles, KPLR St. Louis, KDAF Dallas/Ft. Worth and KIAH Houston.
  5. WOW! KICK ASS! This was a real treat for me, thank you. The vocal campaign I've never heard before. Nor, have I heard other cuts from the package, aside from the news opens on NMSA. That got my blood pumping and adrenaline going. WHOO-HOO!
  6. If Nexstar buys the CW, then its Nexstar-owned CW affiliates would be owned by the CW itself, including KWGN Denver and homebase station KDAF CW33 Dallas/Ft. Worth. Is that true? We all know the story about rival KCNC from 1986 until 1995, and I'm guessing it'll be the same story with KWGN. KCNC was the NBC affiliate owned by General Electric until 1986, when GE bought NBC, making KCNC an NBC O&O until 1995. I'm guessing it'll be the same deal with Nexstar-owned CW affiliates KWGN and KDAF, where both stations will be a CW O&O affiliates.
  7. Nexstar buying the CW? Possibly making CW O&Os out of some stations like KWGN and KXTU? Nexstar already owning its CW-FOX duopolies in Colorado (KWGN/KDVR Denver and KXRM/KXTU Colorado Springs)? How does this conflict with one another? Do you see where I'm getting at?
  8. Seeing that Nexstar owns FOX-CW duopolies in Denver (CW2 KWGN and FOX31 KWGN) and Colorado Springs/Pueblo (FOX21 KXRM and CW57 KXTU), how is this gonna work? That is, the idea of two Colorado affiliates being CW O&Os (KWGN and KXTU)?
  9. You know what would be awesome to hear? The 2022 Updated version of CLIMB (formerly Image VII) that KCNC used from 1987 thru 1993 during its NBC O&O days.
  10. I noticed (on soundcloud) that NewsMusic Central has moved from its headquarters in Denver (home of CBS O&O KCNC (Newsmusic Central's original client)) to LOS ANGELES (home to KCNC's sister station KCBS) I wonder what happened to the founder/composer Jerome Gilmer.
  11. NewsNation on The CW!! Just like ESPN on ABC
  12. I also smell the possible return of the CW channel number branding on affiliates owned by Nexstar. We already got TWO Texas affiliates that went back to the CW # branding. KIAH Houston put the CW39 branding on hiatus from 2008 until March 2011 when it returned with the strong punch (CW39 HOUUUSSTONNNN). Same story with KDAF Dallas/Fort Worth, where it was called CW33 for the first few years starting in 2006, then took a break from the branding for a few years, then came back to CW33.
  13. Nexstar already owns a lot of duopolies, even here in Colorado: CW2 KWGN and FOX31 KDVR in Denver; FOX21 KXRM and SOCO CW in Colorado Springs/Pueblo. The question is how will Nexstar's purchase of the CW gonna impact its affiliates that are part of the duopolies? Moreover, Nexstar has a news network called NewsNation. Will the CW have itself a news division by way of NewsNation?
  14. LONG promo for KUSA Denver back in 1985. This was after the call letter change from KBTV to KUSA in 1984, while channel 9 was STILL an ABC affiliate (now an NBC affiliate since September 1995). I noticed the same visuals were used in another KUSA promo, which had the song God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood.
  15. Charles Gibson, Joan Lunden and Spencer Christian came later. In 1997 to be exact. That was when Good Morning America moved from ABC's entertainment division to the News division.
  16. Philly and America's longest-running local news theme (and a record shattering one) Move Closer to Your World will turn 50 next year. That's the same year that Gardner will leave 6ABC.
  17. Looks like the KCNC Denver version of the CBS branding mnemonic, which is seen on many CBS promos (entertainment, news and sports).
  18. Why Not? Look at sister station KYW Philadelphia CLICK HERE Not only is KYW using the CBS Enforcer like KCNC is, CBS3 Philly has brought back the 5-note KYW music logo, but only for morning editions of CBS3 Eyewitness News. Beginning in 1991, while KYW was an NBC affiliate owned by Group W/Westinghouse, Cnannel 3 started using news themes that had the music logo from its radio counterpart KYW NewsRadio 1060. The use of the 5-note KYW music logo stopped when CBS3 Philly (along with other CBS O&Os) started using themes containing the music logo of another sister station WBBM Chicago (aka the CBS Enforcer I Love Chicago music logo) as part of the CBS mandate. The point is, if KYW can bring back something classic and old school (like the KYW signature), why not KCNC with Gilmer? Especially with the updated version of Spirit News?
  19. CBS4 The Spirit of Colorado! That was the slogan for KCNC Denver in 1997, which was the year they started using Spirit News. 1997 was a year of change at KCNC. It was two years after NBC sold KCNC to CBS. Legendary anchor Bob Palmer had just retired. Not only did Spirit News hit the ears of every KCNC viewer. A new logo, a new set, a shift in how anchors sat (Bill Stuart on the left, Aimee Sporer on the right), and a promo campaign (with that gigantic colorado flag) came with that new music package. All went down in 1997 at CBS4. Spirit News was used from 1997 until 2002. That was when KCNC gradually shifted to CBS mandate branding in line with other CBS O&Os. You know, the CBS eye on the left, and the channel number on the right. Let's hope the brass at the CBS O&O stations allow KCNC to use Gilmer's music ONE...LAST...WONDERFUL...TIME!!! Great to hear his news themes again for old times sake. The updated version of Spirit News would be a BLAST to hear on CBS 4.
  20. Same set and title logo as seen in the 1993 promo. The anchor was different in the full-length newscast video than in the promo video. Lila Orbach was in the promo (in the below video), while future WCVB anchor Heather Kahn anchored the full-length show (in the above video).
  21. January 1995 at KWGN Denver...Channel 2 was independent NO MORE. At that time, KWGN signed up to become the affiliate of the then-new WB Network (now CW). The WB launched on January 11, 1995. On the same night following the WB programming, KWGN launched a brand new newscast that had it all: new theme music, new news set, a 15-minute sports segment, and the latest in weather technology. All this to reflect the WB launch.
  22. We also get to see then-independent KWGN Denver from the late 70s, including a brief close to Region 2 News (now CW affiliate and Channel 2 news)
  23. REWIND TO 1996 where the ABC very-brief Fall Preview ended with the conductor stepping off the podium to reveal that variation of the ABC logo.
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