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  1. Taking us viewers back to KCNC's NBC O&O days. Think about it. First at 4 reminding us of First News with Larry Green and other co-anchors. A full hour of news at 6 different from news at 5pm with Bob Palmer. Plus, with the 6pm news still running at 6:30pm, that makes us think of Colorado Evening News with Bill Stuart and Reynelda Muse.
  2. DIG that graphics package! Wonder what that package will look like on KCNC Denver, as well as other CBS O&Os.
  3. RIP Eyewitness News (even CBS3 Eyewitness News) - the format which the founding station KYW gave birth to.
  4. No more being called CBS 4 anymore at KCNC.
  5. You're referring to the 1991-2006 version composed by Patterson, Walz and Fox. That was a DAMN GOOD version. I hope they bring back that version with a twist.
  6. Get set for the possible return of the CW channel # branding on stations like WPIX, KWGN and so on. Two Nexstar-owned CW affiliates in Texas - KDAF Dallas and KIAH Houston - took a break from that branding for few years, and then brought it back. KDAF was CW33 from 2006 until 2008, and then it became THE 33 until September 2011, when the CW33 branding returned. Same deal with sister station KIAH Houston. It was CW39 from 2006 until 2008, then it became 39 KIAH until 2011. CW39 branding came back with an announcer saying CW39...HOUSTON (putting some oomph into the city of license and the city KIAH serves). Now that their parent company Nexstar owns the CW now, and a lot of changes will be made to the network, I wouldn't be surprised if WPIX renamed themselves CW11, KTLA started calling themselves CW5, KWGN called themselves CW2 once again, and so on. In fact, IMHO, the network # branding is music to my eyes and ears.
  7. For one thing, hasn't NBC learned its lesson from the disaster that was the Jay Leno Show? And if NBC was to give up its 10pm/9pm central time slot: NBC Nightly News at 10pm/9pm and local newscast at the 10:30pm/9:30pm. Giving viewers a head start on a good night's sleep. Couldn't hurt to try something bold and do something never done before.
  8. The original and first-ever CBS Evening News theme from 1987...WELCOME BACK BUDDY! Good to hear that fanfare again. Slight remixed and throwing in the 5-note CBS mnemonic at the end was a nice touch.
  9. From KRDO alumni Russell Sylvain's YouTube Channel, check out this 1987-89 news open from KRDO ABC 13 in Colorado Springs/Pueblo. WHERE WFAA MEETS KCRA. The Channel 3 Reports theme - Where the News Comes First by L. Earl Grizzell - was used on NEWS13. Moreover, KRDO had taken cues from WFAA, and made the aerial footage with anchor headshots and john hancocks on lower 3rds. Looks like the aerial footage was shot on film in the chopper to give the news open a big-city look. In the election eve aircheck, you'll hear the directors track throughout the aircheck.
  10. Looks like the CW affiliates owned by Nexstar will be owned by the network itself: KWGN, KTLA, WPIX, and so on.
  11. not to mention do away with the famous Eyewitness News brand that first began at KYW, then became widespread to other Group W stations. WBZ gave it up in 1993 (WBZ News 4/News 4 New England/WBZ 4 News/CBS 4 News/WBZ News). WJZ retired the EWN brand. KPIX took a break from EWN brand, then brought it back, then gave it up entirely. KDKA retired the EWN brand in the late 90s. EWN's founding station KYW also took a break from the EWN brand in 1991, but brought it back in 1998, and is still in use today. But, that could change, seeing that KYW could be the last CBS O&O (and former Group W station) to give up EWN for CBS News Philadelphia Now.
  12. I see two possibilities for KCNC Denver: CBS News Denver Now OR CBS News Colorado Now. But either way, sounds like a mouthful to say.
  13. That would mean that Nexstar-owned CW affiliates (even ones that used to be owned by Tribune) will become independents once again. That includes KWGN Denver, WPIX New York, KTLA Los Angeles, KPLR St. Louis, KDAF Dallas/Ft. Worth and KIAH Houston.
  14. WOW! KICK ASS! This was a real treat for me, thank you. The vocal campaign I've never heard before. Nor, have I heard other cuts from the package, aside from the news opens on NMSA. That got my blood pumping and adrenaline going. WHOO-HOO!
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