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  1. We also get to see then-independent KWGN Denver from the late 70s, including a brief close to Region 2 News (now CW affiliate and Channel 2 news)
  2. REWIND TO 1996 where the ABC very-brief Fall Preview ended with the conductor stepping off the podium to reveal that variation of the ABC logo.
  3. During the overnight hours, in lieu of CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates (and even independent stations) signing off for the night, we continue our broadcast day with CNN Headline News in progress. That's one of the many features offered in that CNN2 service.
  4. Same opening theme music as WXIA Atlanta. Clockwork Orange: Timesteps by Walter Carlos
  5. The start of 24/7 broadcasting after CNN launched in 1980: This time, it was on local network affiliates. Meaning NBC affiliates carried Overnight, CBS News aired Nightwatch (now CBS Overnight News) and they even had the option to include CNN Headline News in their overnight lineup (ABC affiliates included after Nightline). Early Risers Delight: this was for people who don't have the luxury of watching the CBS Morning News, ABC's Good Morning America or NBC's Today Show. They need to be right out the door to beat the morning rush. CBS Early Morning News, ABC's World News This Morn
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Mr. NBC voicing a news open for and ABC O&O? Dark should be voicing a news open for rival station KRON 4, which was indeed the NBC affiliate at the time. Shouldn't it be Mr. ABC himself Ernie Anderson doing the voiceover for THIS KGO open? I heard Anderson's voice in the other two other opens using the rare KGO theme http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,378
  7. I've heard this theme someplace else, and it had a news theme feel to it http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,1047 WCFT in Tuscaloosa/Birmingham Alabama used it. So did KTWO Casper Wyoming I'd like to know who the company that did this production theme.
  8. A commercial station/network affiliate owned by a University? AWESOME! Usually, most colleges and universities own PBS member stations. But owning a commercial station and network affiliate? KICK-ASS! IMO, the anchors and reporters of tomorrow get their start today (at NBC 8 KOMU) while they're still in college (at the University of Missouri, which KOMU is owned by). I'm sure that's the case at two other college-owned commercial station: WVUA Channel 23 in Tuscaloosa Alabama (owned by University of Alabama) and fellow NBC affiliate WNDU Channel 16 in South Bend, Indiana (owned by Notre Da
  9. Looks like WXIA is trying to match its motion graphics with the graphics/branding package done by local firm MATCHSTIC (CLICK HERE). That way, 11Alive could break away from the conformity of the Tegna T18 animation package. BRILLIANT!!!!
  10. Not bad! Not bad at all! And Yes! This fuckin' C Clarity has got to go. How about a custom theme with the NBC chimes? Or, any of the syndicated NBC affiliate news packages?
  11. WJBK 2 Together with the Look of Detroit WPIX 11 Alive with the Look of New York I wonder if these were Peters Productions doing. Because # Alive and # Together seem like concepts conceived by Peters Productions. As for WPIX version, where does the Marketing Deli fit into all this?
  12. I definitely concur! In fact, 6ABC WPVI Philadelphia STILL uses Move Closer to Your World, which is ALSO by Mayoham Music. Not to mention the remix version of MCTYW still in use at another ABC affiliate in another market in Pennsylvania, which is ABC 16 WNEP Scranton/Wilkes Barre. So whether it's the modern remixed version, or the original version, I concur that On Top Of It All will fly today in a modern newscast. If Move Closer to Your World can work in today's newscasts, then why not On Top of It All?
  13. I miss those days when TV stations did the humorous compare/contrast promos (counting THIS promo for ABC7 Detroit). WXYZ threw in a little humor (great Pinocchio reference) to illustrate what rival stations claim to be and what others say they do. In other words, how other stations talk the talk. Plus, throwing in truthful clips to demonstrate how ABC 7 Action News walks the walk. Another ABC station did the same kind of promos in the 80s, as shown in the first few clips from the YouTube channel of former sportscaster Ron Futrell of ABC13 Las Vegas
  14. Let's not forget Dan Dean also did news themes for KIRO (CBS 7) and KOMO ABC 4). What Jerome Gilmer was for Denver and KCNC, Dan Dean was for Seattle and all three major network affiliates. In-town composers who did theme music for local news themes and image packages in the same city.
  15. Staying on topic of the 25th anniversary of the switch, the NBC peacock flew from KCNC to KUSA, of course. As for KCNC being with CBS...what was the FIRST CBS program of the day? On KCNC's First Day as a CBS affiliate? What Else? Sunday Morning from CBS News...hosted by Charles Osgood (at that time). Then-entertainment reporter Greg Moody (aka Critic at Large) gave his take on the switch for his station. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmBgdv4sL10

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