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  1. Two years after KCNC became a CBS O&O station - after NBC sold Channel 4 to CBS in 1995 - there was a localized version of the CBS 1997-98 promo. Cue the video to the 2:10 mark - The Address is NEWS4 (now CBS 4 News) Welcome Home to the Spirit of Colorado The promo geniuses at 1045 Lincoln Street have taken the CBS 1997 promo, and incorporated it into KCNC's locally-produced Spirit of Colorado promo, minus the gigantic Colorado flag (CLICK HERE). Even the rewrite of the lyrics to the CBS Campaign for KCNC is awesome, which describes the beauty of our state CBS original opening lyrics You've Been So Many Places It's Not Hard to Lose Your Way It Can Make You Long For Somewhere You Can Call Your Own KCNC rewrite describing Colorado You've Been So Many Places Far Across the Great Divide The Spirit of Colorado Where the Mountains Reach the Sky
  2. For this discussion, all I can think of is CW (former UPN and WB) and FOX affiliates that used Network Number Eyewitness News or Action News. For the Eyewitness News format in Memphis: WHBQ called themselves FOX13 Eyewitness News; WPTY was ABC 24 Eyewitness News, and WLMT was CW 30 Eyewitness News (before that, it was UPN 30 Eyewitness News). Another FOX affiliate was WAGA Atlanta calling themselves FOX 5 Eyewitness News. Another CW affiliate is WTVW Evansville, IN calling themselves CW 7 Eyewitness News. And now for the Action News format. KMAX in Sacramento called themselves UPN 31 Action News. WALA in Mobile/Pensacola called themselves FOX 10 Action News.
  3. Here's another video taken from KRDO ABC13 in 1987. It's a commercial for Blick's Sporting Goods in Colorado Springs, and the music sounds awfully familiar Cue the video below to the 2:16 mark. You'll hear the news theme that was used on these two stations WNAC Newsroom 7 Boston (now WHDH) for their Election 1980 coverage WJET ABC24 in 1986 for their Action News
  4. THAT is the FOX21 KXRM news set. Only with the FOX31 KDVR logo on it. If the Nexstar purchase of Tribune stations DO go through, it looks like FOX31 Denver could have the similar set design as possible sister station FOX21 in Colorado Springs/Pueblo. QUITE THE POSSIBILITY
  5. When did your station stop signing off for the night and started going 24/7? I know in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado - KRDO and KKTV began going 24 hours a day in 2003. They stopped signing off for the night. That was when KKTV finally started airing CBS News Up to the Minute (now CBS Overnight News), and KRDO finally decided to air ABC's World News Now. KOAA has always been 24 hours since the 1980s...with NBC News Nightside and Hit Video USA.
  6. On an actual ABC station in 1991 - rival WSB Channel 2 Action News - Now THAT was more like it.
  7. SHOOT! Your'e Right! That makes KMGH ABC7 the THIRD Denver client of TVbD KWGN was Denver client #1 in the 80s until about 1993 KUSA was the Denver client #2 from 1992 about mid-2000s KMGH was Denver client #3 from 1998 until unknown
  8. Doubtful it's TVbD because I saw the KCNC news open (1995-97), and it doesn't look like TVbD to me. This was when after NBC sold KCNC to CBS. The only clients in Denver I know were KWGN and KUSA. KWGN was TVbD's first client in Denver, which began in the 1980s when Channel 2 was an independent station before the WB in 1995 (now as CW affiliate). Then, KUSA became TVbD's second Denver client. This was after 9NEWS moved to its new (and current) building in 1992, and before/after it switched from ABC to NBC in 1995.
  9. The Nexstar Family of Colorado Duopolies In the Colorado Springs/Pueblo market, it's FOX21 KXRM and CW57 KXTU (also known as SoCo CW). In the Grand Junction market, it's CBS5 KREX and FOX4 KFQX. If the FCC approves Nexstar's purchase of Tribune stations, including FOX31 KDVR and CW2 KWGN, that Denver duopoly would be the final piece of the puzzle. The circle will be complete. Colorado will officially be Nexstar Country!
  10. At KMGH, how about calling it ABC 7 News and ABC 7, and call it a day! ABCSE7EN
  11. Used to be that Eyewitness News and Action News was only reserved for just CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates. It began in Philadelphia in the 1960s. Al Primo launched Eyewitness News in 1965 at KYW (now CBS3), and then Mel Kampmann launched Action News at ABC6 WPVI in 1970. Those two formats became widespread ever since. But since the late 1990s, there are some FOX, UPN and CW affiliates that used the longstanding Action News or Eyewitness News formats. Some FOX stations had used the Eyewitness News name since the 1970s, when those stations used to be with CBS, ABC and NBC. Let's start with Eyewitness News AND Memphis. WHBQ FOX13 the first FOX station to do so in 1995, calling themselves FOX13 Eyewitness News. This was after WHBQ switched from ABC to FOX that year, and along with that, carried the Eyewitness News name that's been in use since the 1970s. Next up, WLMT CW30 alongside sister station WPTY ABC24, where WLMT called their show CW30 Eyewitness News (as WPTY had ABC24 Eyewitness News). Before that, WLMT was UPN30 Eyewitness News. Of course, there were FOX O&O stations that carried over their Eyewitness News name from their previous networks. For instance, the former CBS affiliates that already had Eyewitness News from the getgo. WJBK Detroit was FOX2 Eyewitness News, WAGA Atlanta was FOX5 Eyewitness News and WTVT Tampa was FOX13 Eyewitness News. This was after FOX bought former CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates from New World in 1994. Now for the Action News. WALA in Mobile and Pensacola used FOX10 Action News. This was after WALA switched from NBC to FOX in 1996, and Channel 10 had the Action News format since the 1980s. Before KMAX was sister station to KOVR CBS13, and while channel 31 was UPN in 1998, their newscast was titled UPN31 Action News.
  12. Something intriguing has caught my attention. A major league sports franchise owning a TV station, that is. Rupert Murdoch sold WFXT FOX25 to the Boston Celtics in 1989. The New York Times article talks about the transaction (CLICK HERE). However in 1995, FOX regained control of WFXT. That would change in 2014, when Murdoch traded WFXT and WHBQ Memphis for COX stations in San Francisco KTVU and KICU. I didn't know an NBA team owned a FOX affiliate. I didn't know another FOX affiliate was owned by an NFL and another NBA team, either. Tom Benson, who both owns the New Orleans Saints (NFL) and the New Orleans Pelicans (NBA), owned WVUE FOX8 from 2008 until 2017. CLICK HERE for the ESPN article. Sports teams owning television stations...That's Really Somethin'
  13. I find it really disappointing that KDVR is the one to take over KWGN when KWGN had a news department for years while KDVR just got one back in 2000 and KWGN is the longer established of the two in general. You'd think that KWGN would be the one over KDVR. I guess that's just how the cookie crumbled. Yeah, but let's not forget that KWGN used to be located where KDVR sits now. That was 550 Lincoln Street, which is now 100 Speer Boulevard. And that was before 1980, when KWGN moved from 550 Lincoln Street to 6160 Wabash Way in Englewood. And WAAAAY before 2009, when CW2 moved back downtown, and moved in with FOX31 29 years later, and they share the building to this day. And certainly before July 2013, when CW2's longtime owner Tribune bought KDVR, and it made FOX31 sister station side by side with longtime station property CW2. Therefore CW2 is still FIRST over FOX31.
  14. LOTS of Discoveries from the KMGH 1983 video during Channel 7's CBS days Ann Wade's former co-anchor Kris Long (at the 15:22 mark) and a promo for Robin Robinson (at the 10:41 mark). Little did we know that - in 1987 - Long and Robinson would be reunited in Chicago at WFLD. That was when FOX32 launched it's own news department in 1987. A much younger Kim Christiansen (at the 12:02 mark) talking about the ski event alongside the KIMN radio mascot. That was before 1984, when Christiansen went to KUSA 9NEWS (ABC affiliate at the time). She's currently working at KUSA to this day (as NBC9). The first known instance of KMGH broadcasting 24 hours a day, but only FIVE days a week, by airing the then-new news program called CBS News Nightwatch (now the CBS Overnight News). No sign-off sequence here; just the outro of Cinema 7 going into the intro to CBS News Nightwatch. KMGH signed off on weekends back then. But now, KMGH (as ABC7) is on the air 24/7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=OYR06gieGyM;t=1376
  15. "Six months later they were using the “9 Country” package that was carried over to WTCN when Gannett acquired them. I’d assume they debuted this package shortly after this was broadcast." I think when Gannett bought KARE 11 in 1984 (WTCN at the time), it had taken that 9NEWS magic, and brought it to the Twin Cities. Here's what I mean by 9NEWS magic: Reporter Andria Shaine - I didn't know Shaine was a 9NEWS reporter before being transferred to KARE 11 as reporter and morning anchor alongside John Bachman The news theme music 9 Country - first used on KUSA (then KBTV) but also known as 11 Country when KARE played that music in their newscast. Both KUSA and KARE shared the same theme music Joe Franzgrote - KUSA general manager got transferred to KARE 11 as THEIR GM Talent with the same caliber as Landess & Sardella - Paul Magers and Diana Pierce Great group of photojournalists and photographers - KUSA and KARE won accolades as NPPA station of the year #1 in the Ratings - KUSA got out of the rating basement in 1976 (as KBTV and ABC), and so did KARE in the mid-80s. Gannett had ratings dominance in their cities. Patriotic colors - red white and blue USA flag in their logos, graphics and animation. KUSA used it first, then KARE followed suit.
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