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  1. In my city - Denver, Colorado - all five stations share one helicopter. They don't have their own choppers like they used to. KUSA had their own chopper called SKY9. At KCNC CBS4, it was Copter 4 piloted by Mike Silva. AirTracker7 was the helicopter for KMGH. When KDVR opened their news department, they had a helicopter called SkyFox. KWGN had no chopper. I know helicopters are expensive. The Bell JetRanger costs $1 million, while the EuroCopter Airbus A350 costs $2 million, plus factor in the high operating costs.
  2. Here's something interesting and fun to watch. The full-length episode of CBS News Up to the Minute. No, not the overnight newscast that came (a) after CBS News Nightwatch and (b) before CBS Overnight News. Not the Up to the Minute you're thinking of. This was the 1981 SHOW, Monday thru Friday afternoons, where it was hosted by the same men who brought us 60 Minutes (Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer and Harry Reasoner). It was a weekday afternoon news program - an early fringe deal - that came on after the CBS soaps and before the early news at like 5:00pm. PLUS, there's theme music to the show. Seeing that Up to the Minute was hosted by the 60 Minutes anchormen, the music was MUCH different from the stopwatch sound effect we're used to hearing on 60 Minutes every Sunday.
  3. The whole entire KTUL News 8 1985 theme!!!! You won't hear bits of it, like you do on SouthernMedia NMSA Cue to the 4:02 mark to hear the FULL-LENGTH version. THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!
  4. Not only did Nancy O'Dell became a nationally-famous entertainment reporter, but also Dan Ashley moved to the Bay Area's ABC7 KGO San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose. I didn't know Nancy O'Dell went by Nancy Humphries, nor did I know Dan Ashley anchored in the South Carolina low country before going to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  5. Actually I beg to differ at the 28:02 mark https://tcmedianow.com/wusa-kare-july-16-1985-6pm-star-game-coverage/ Although I remember this theme very well. It was first used on channel 9 in Denver (KBTV/KUSA) during its ABC affiliate days. Mike Landess and Ed Sardella delivered the news, Stormy Rottman and Bill Kuster did weather, and Mike Nolan did sports. I especially love the KUSA 9 Country News Opens, which featured the golden pipes of Mr. ABC himself Ernie Anderson.
  6. It's been a LONG time since Philadelphians heard that 5-note KYW Newsradio music logo on KYW-TV. This is especially after the switch from NBC to CBS, and rival WCAU turned the title of CBS O&O over to KYW. Check THIS out - http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,2278 It's the new and revised version of the CBS Enforcer containing the KYW music logo. The last time it was heard was in 2003, when KYW joined other O&Os in the CBS Mandate thingy, starting with News In Focus by John Hegner (first used on sister station KCBS Los Angeles in 1998). The KYW logo hasn't been heard in like 16 years. That is, UNTIL NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYWoIBkfL7Q
  7. Anybody in the TV/Radio theme music industry help me answer this question. I've been curious as to how much it would cost to hire an orchestra and rock band to record a TV News theme music package. I'm not talking synthesized, electronically-produced crap. I'm talking the GOOD stuff For instance the Dallas jingle company JAM Creative Productions for News/Talk 770 WABC AND Man Made Music composing the theme to CBS News Face the Nation
  8. At ABC7 WLS Chicago in 2013, after a 17-year absence by calling themselves ABC7 NEWS, they brought back Eyewitness News. https://www.robertfeder.com/2013/10/16/abc-7-looks-forward-to-return-of-eyewitness-news/ WLS launched the Eyewitness News format in 1969 with Joel Daly and Fahey Flynn, which was a year after the format was born at sister station WABC New York in 1968. However, 27 years later, WLS dumped that Eyewitness News name for ABC7 News branding. But now, after a 17-year absence, the name is back. This time, WLS is now calling themselves ABC7 Eyewitness News. In Philadelphia, the birthplace of Eyewitness News, the format was launched at KYW in 1965. This was then widespread to other Group W stations (now part of the CBS O&O family). But in 1991, KYW dumped Eyewitness News for various titles before and after the switch from NBC to CBS (The News Tonight, NewsDay, NewsBeat and KYW News 3). Here's the good news, not only did KYW brought back the Eyewitness News name in 1998, but KYW began calling themselves CBS3 Eyewitness News in 2003. Still going strong today. That just goes to show that the Eyewitness News name hasn't completely died in some markets.
  9. These WGN promos look like they were produced 1993-1995, when WGN became a WB affiliate in 1995.
  10. Did Shepard Smith did some shit we don't know about? Like sexually harassing and abusing women, like Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly did? That could explain why Smith was escorted out of the building after he ended his show. He left FOX News pretty abruptly.
  11. Looks like Colorado is officially NEXSTAR TERRITORY! We've got the duopoly of FOX21 KXRM and CW57 KXTU in Colorado Springs/Pueblo. Plus, we've got CBS5 KREX in Grand Junction. Now, for the Denver duopoly of CW2 KWGN and FOX31 KDVR, that duopoly was the last piece of the puzzle. That approval from the FCC and the Justice department had fit it together
  12. Since we're talking about renditions of our national anthem, I thought I'd throw in one rendition for good measure. PBS member station KCET in Los Angeles signing off with the University of Southern California marching band performing our national anthem at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (home of Rams, Raiders and the 1984 Summer Olympics) VERY RARE indeed, seeing that very FEW PBS member stations ever played the Star Spangled Banner at the end, and then beginning, of their broadcast day. Very few PBS member stations playing our salute to America back in the day, can you believe it? After the sign off, those stations went straight to the test-pattern, and then, cut off the juice until it was time to go back on the air.
  13. I concur with Dirty Harry. I watched those Nexstar videos with Nashville acts, and I've got to say, it doesn't have as much strength and gravitas as other renditions in the past I remember THIS rendition from Sandi Patty, and this was used when KRDO ABC13 in Colorado Springs/Pueblo ended and began their broadcast day with this rendition. It showed beauty shots of Colorado Springs and our military, while this song played in the background
  14. After one late night/early morning program ends, and before the early morning news begins, I'm guessing THAT SLOT is where stations are putting the NEW Star Spangled Banner. In a world where stations are NOW staying on the air 24/7, it's good to see a long lost tradition make a comeback to the airwaves. I see that the CBS O&O stations are taking that SSB video from the Gray-owned stations, and putting their own twist to the SSB, mainly at the end of the salute to America.
  15. Here's ONE example of Drones in use at TV stations - FOX21 KXRM Colorado Springs/Pueblo https://www.fox21news.com/news/introducing-skyfox21/ That drone is called SkyFOX21. That drone is used to cover breaking news and beauty shots of Southern Colorado There's even a twitter account, so you can see the drone in use (CLICK HERE)
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