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  1. WHAT A BLAST TO LISTEN TO!!!! Finally got to hear the clean, full-length cuts of the KTXL news theme package, which was also used in 1982 on WRAL Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, North Carolina (during its ABC affiliate days) and in the late 80s on KRDO ABC13 in Colorado Springs/Pueblo
  2. The World Premiere of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS from August 3, 1970. When Chet Huntley left, and John Chancellor took his place, David Brinkley stuck around. Along with the retirement of Huntley came (a) the end of the Huntley/Brinkley Report and (b) the name change to what is now NBC Nightly News. Many anchors have come and gone: Roger Mudd, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and now, Lester Holt at the helm as the first African-American sole anchor of a network evening newscast. The NBC Nightly News name is still going strong 50 YEARS LATER. Hey, there should be an anniversary this year.
  3. I think the News Nation idea can work just for Nexstar's CW, FOX and MNTV affiliates; all of which don't have a network evening newscast like ABC, CBS and NBC does. Just think of the days of INN Independent Network News. That national primetime newscast was produced by WPIX New York, and it was syndicated nationally to independent stations nationwide, even some indies that became affiliates of the then-new FOX network. It was for indie stations to compete with the CBS Evening News, ABC's World News Tonight and the NBC Nightly News. If Nexstar is going with the News Nation idea, think of that WPIX INN model, and have News Nation syndicated to CW, FOX and MNTV affiliates that DON'T HAVE a national newscast
  4. OH...MY...GOD! THAT's the future of TV News? A TV station with NO newsroom and NO news set? Anchors delivering stories from their at-home studio? Reporters submitting their finished pieces via the cloud or google drive? Putting the newscast together via video conferencing software in control room?
  5. All this social distancing on the set. Plus, co-anchors delivering the news remotely from their homes. Any idea when all this social distancing will end? When hell freezes over, and the devil opens an awesome ski resort with FREE ski and snowboard lessons Any clue when the vaccine will come out, and news teams will start getting back together in the newsroom? When pigs fly...like F-16 Fighting Falcons Sorry for my negative attitude
  6. When I saw the WDBJ news open, that music sounded awfully familiar. That was the music heard on KVUE ABC24 Action News in Austin, Texas. That was in 1978. I didn't know that music was part of the TuesdayB news theme music package.
  7. SEPTEMBER 9, 1985 - The Debut of the NEW and IMPROVED NBC News, Starting with Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. It had the Statue of Liberty opening and closing. It had the anchor desk with newsroom in the background. That was where Brokaw delivered the day's news, while the working behind-the-scenes crew was seen in the background. And, of course, this was also the WORLD PREMIERE of the longest-running theme music in the history of NBC News. The start of something badass that lasted 35 years. I'm talking about The Mission Theme from NBC News by John Williams. The music is still going strong today with brothaman Lester Holt at the helm (Holt the first African-American to be sole anchor of a network evening newscast). What a first night it was for NBC News.
  8. From Friday night, September 2, 1983. The LAST 30-minute MacNeil/Lehrer report with that groovy funky Bernard Hoffer theme (wah-wah guitar, bongo drums, etc) From the following Monday night, September 5, 1983. The FIRST Hour-Long MacNeil/Lehrer NEWSHOUR with the updated, more symphonic Bernard Hoffer theme (done by an orchestra).
  9. Personally, I love John Young's V/O work. From his days at TBS, to the two Nashville stations, and every market in between, his voiceover work provides power and gravitas. As much awesomeness and class as the greats: Danny Dark (NBC), Ernie Anderson (ABC) and Don LaFontaine (movie trailers, CBS, UPN, FOX and NBC). So sad that he is being replaced by other voiceover talent.
  10. I assume THIS is what you're talking about
  11. Although social distancing may not be all that bad. Take the late 80s WUSA Eyewitness News for example. Look at how CBS9 designed the set that way.
  12. KTLA's sister stations (and fellow CW affiliates) in Denver and St. Louis are doing the same thing. KWGN CW2 Denver was first to do the 7pm newscast, then KPLR CW11 St. Louis was the next station to do so. Now, It's KTLA's turn.
  13. and that microwave yagi antenna on a cylinder gyroscope...can it send an HD signal back to the station? Even a LIVE HD Signal? If so, it'll be PREFECT between the skids of low-priced, high quality choppers (Rotorway A600, Cabri G2, Skyrider SKY, CH 77 Ranabot Turbo, Robinson R22, and EVEN the Schweitzer 300)
  14. You mean THIS white cylinder thingy between the skids? Where it can send an HD signal back to the station? Even a LIVE HD Signal?
  15. Yes there is. With HD Wireless Camera Solution (CLICK HERE). As you can see with the pictures below, it's perfect for choppers like Rotorway A600, Cabri G2, Skyrider SKY, CH 77 Ranabot Turbo, Robinson R22, and EVEN the Schweitzer 300 helicopter
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