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  1. This soundtrack really IS a treat. Thank you for posting. The same people that did news theme music/promo packages for Gannett/Combined Communications stations like WXIA Atlanta, WLKY Louisville (now with Hearst), KOCO Oklahoma City (also with Hearst) and even here in Denver at KUSA (then KBTV). As far as that WJKW song TV8 The Winners is concerned, I got to hear the VOCAL version of the NewsCenter8 close (at 4:34 in the clip Peters Productions Video Sound Track).
  2. I'm talking about what ABC 7 Denver said. Sharing news to reduce costs. That's what I meant my shared newsroom KDVR/KXRM/KREX
  3. When you say WGN will be the first to get Troika Localized NEWS NATION graphics, does this mean Nexstar will give into this Standardization Yackity-Schmackity? Also, I don't like the idea of Merged newsroom
  4. Sharing the same graphics/animation package with sister station in Colorado Springs...FOX21 KXRM - NEXSTAR COLORADO!
  5. WSVN wasn't the only one during the 1980s. Here in Denver, KCNC Channel 4 had its share too. That Denver station too had its NewsCenter circle channel number branding because KCNC's newscasts was branded NewsCenter 4. Not to mention KCNC also used All the News by TM productions. On top of both factors, both stations were NBC affiliates back in the day before heading off to other networks. WSVN switched from NBC to FOX in 1989, and it was the start of FOX attitude for local newscasts on other FOX affiliates. KCNC switched from NBC to CBS in 1995 Therefore, WSVN and KCNC had three things in common: the NewsCenter circle logo branding, the use of All The News by TM, and they were both NBC affiliates during that time. The only difference is this. KCNC was owned by NBC's parent company GE, and then by the network itself. Now, it's a CBS O&O station in the Mile High City. As for WSVN, it was (and still is) locally owned by Ed Ansin's Miami-based Sunbeam Television.
  6. The modernized mixout of the Jennings theme is in the open/close
  7. YES! YES! YEEEEEEAAAASSSSS!!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For bringing back that familiar melody (with the ABC News signature of course) from the Peter Jennings era! AND, for getting rid of that Damn Hans Zimmer crap you used since 2012, when Diane Sawyer was at the helm. What a relief and a blessing to hear that Score Productions/Edd Kalehoff theme again.
  8. COX's National News Tonight? Could THIS be Cox Broadcasting's answer to NewsNation from Nexstar?
  9. Here's ANOTHER WRAL promo with the VTS Place to Be/CBS We've Got the Touch combo mix promo. Indeed, a kick ass combo for WRAL. Taking elements from the CBS 1985-86 promo, and incorporating them into VTS The Place to Be package. LOVE IT! As you saw, WRAL wasn't the only station with a promo, which had a kick-ass combo mix of a news theme package (The Place to Be by VTS) with a network promo theme (CBS's 3rd and final season fo We've Got the Touch). Take a look at the promo for the Dallas NBC O&O station KXAS. It too had a combo mix of (a) Wall to Wall News by Stephen Arnold with (b) NBC's 1984-85 campaign Let's All Be There.
  10. WSVN - the birthplace, and the home, of FOX Attitude
  11. What an awesome way to commemorate CNN'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY (1980-2020)!!!!! The FIRST 24-hour cable channel devoted to news. My, my, my! The network has indeed come a long way since the first 3-hours in 1980 anchored by Sacramento's husband/wife team Dave Walker and Lois Hart
  12. While other CBS O&Os are using corporate colors in the standardized graphics and animations, looks like KDKA wanted something of their own in that package. More like the colors of both the Steelers and the Penguins
  13. WNEP may have been sold to TEGNA, and the graphics may have changed, but the Cliff Schwartz cover version of MCTYW is still intact. The WNEP theme music is pretty much left alone. ABC16 did NOT succumb to this C Clarity BS
  14. WHAT A BLAST TO LISTEN TO!!!! Finally got to hear the clean, full-length cuts of the KTXL news theme package, which was also used in 1982 on WRAL Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, North Carolina (during its ABC affiliate days) and in the late 80s on KRDO ABC13 in Colorado Springs/Pueblo
  15. The World Premiere of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS from August 3, 1970. When Chet Huntley left, and John Chancellor took his place, David Brinkley stuck around. Along with the retirement of Huntley came (a) the end of the Huntley/Brinkley Report and (b) the name change to what is now NBC Nightly News. Many anchors have come and gone: Roger Mudd, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and now, Lester Holt at the helm as the first African-American sole anchor of a network evening newscast. The NBC Nightly News name is still going strong 50 YEARS LATER. Hey, there should be an anniversary this year.
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