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  1. Just came across this NEW graphics package for CBS affiliate WINK-TV. Looks fun and simple to make, as it is fun to watch. Combination of Scripps and TEGNA together. Looks like it was done on After Effects
  2. One of my favorite news themes is the KPRC NBC2 Custom Package from Toby Arnold and Associates. NBC2 in Houston used that theme from 1988 until 1992. In this broadcast of Channel 2 News Nightcast from 1989, we'll get to hear the almost complete closing theme at the 24:48 mark Then for the 6pm newscast from 1990, we get to hear a different closing theme at the 28:29 mark, which is part of the KPRC custom news theme package
  3. Ahhh, the CNN Headline News I remember. It was where America could watch a 30-minute national newscast every half hour 24/7. World and National news that was ready when WE were. While we were having breakfast, on our lunch break, after dinner, before bed, whenever! We knew what was going on (across the country and around the world) every chance we got during the day EVERY DAY. That's just not the case anymore
  4. What in the name of Armen Keteyian (of CBS News and Sports)?
  5. Talk about FOX ATTITUDE right there...especially in the news open. Feels like WSVN up in here throughout the show!
  6. No 5 logo OR the NBC peacock whatsoever. Just the name WRAL NEWS. What gives?
  7. at the 5:52 mark - we get to hear the near-complete closing theme, which was part of the KIRO news theme package done locally by the Seattle Symphony. It was almost like listening to the theme from the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather; it had a thunderous, pounding orchestral sound. In My Opinion, News Outside the Box was the XFL of local newscast. I mean, it was a brilliant, totally badass idea, but unfortunately, it never caught on with the Seattle news audience.
  8. David Ono at KOVR, while Ellen Leyva (then Elena Leyva) was at rival KXTV I didn't know these two were competing against each other in Sacramento BEFORE heading to Los Angeles to anchor together at ABC 7 Eyewitness News
  9. That's John Hook before moving across Arizona to do FOX 10 News in Phoenix
  10. Here's a 1981 clip from WVTM NBC13 in Birmingham, Alabama. Cue the video to 1:32, and you'll see Steve Sanders before heading off to Chicago to begin his memorable career at WGN
  11. That theme music was also used on WROC NewsEight during the final two years as an NBC affiliate. The music changed when WROC became a CBS affiliate. Also I didn't know Sam Brown did KDKA Pittsburgh. Brown anchored the news in Knoxville, Tennessee at WATE ABC6
  12. You can do full ones if you want, and if you can find any. Opens will be fine too
  13. Check out this full-length 1987 newscast from ABC5 WOI Des Moines, Iowa. This was one of many stations that took the newscast out of the studio, on the road and into a LIVE audience from wherever On-Location. Viewers didn't have to go home to watch their local news. Instead, the newscast came to them from wherever on-location. Today, that is just not the case anymore. I wonder why that is. Anyways, if you can find MORE of the Live On-Location Newscasts, please make a reply one post at a time. Keep in mind, this is NOT a list thread.
  14. When the KUSA promo (Colorado USA...KUSA) came out, Channel 9 was still using 9 Country/11 Country, as was sister station Channel 11 in Twin Cities (WTCN/WUSA/KARE). I don't think that promo song went with the 9 Country/11 Country news theme music package. Furthermore, who composed 9 Country/11 Country remains a mystery.
  15. Hey, that sound awfully familiar. That's the same promo music used by KUSA in Denver during its ABC affiliate years (left for NBC in 1995). It's slogan is Colorado USA...KUSA

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