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  1. If the music industry had a similar way to strike, so many artists would scab just like Drew Barrymore wait & see
  2. The CW is a competing OTA network to ABC where those graphics usually air the cw just said to espn we will take your template and graphics and just slap cw on it
  3. This must be the new trend/style of graphics
  4. A lot of people are laughing at the ACC
  5. please give Robin Meade her job back! Robin Meade is amazing!
  6. Meet the Press will NEVER be what it was when Tim Russert moderated the show
  7. I do like the opening with the city of Baltimore in the background!!!! That's really cool!!!!
  8. I always felt that KUSI was ahead of the other local affiliates when it came to covering local news
  9. kudos to David Zaslav for being the reason the CW is in such bad state and selling it to Nexstar before the liv golf deal
  10. Gray Television, based here in Atlanta and owner of WANF will fight tooth and nail
  11. Greg Gutfeld's late-night show is unaffected by the WGA strike and will continue to proceed as scheduled
  12. I hope more sports teams/leagues get involved like this A great way to grow local fanbases
  13. CNN should have just cut their Don Lemon losses in the beginning and kept Robin Meade
  14. What an exit for Tucker Carlson: eating pizza
  15. good deal for WBBH and Hearst
  16. Overdue to get Reggie out of there
  17. so glad to hear about "Mathis Court" coming in the Fall
  18. Judge Mathis has more than enough episodes for a 24/7 channel on Pluto TV
  19. interesting to see someone wanting to do something different with late night TV
  20. Nice to see 2 old Philly news Stalwarts teaming up in Detroit
  21. Coming up next on the CW LIV tour action! Followed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  22. Quite a get for NBC Blackledge is the best in the business
  23. Robin Meade and HLN was the only CNN-related programming I could stand to watch
  24. I grew up watching her Congratulations on an outstanding career Doreen Gentzler!
  25. March Madness not gonna be the same without Jim Nantz
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