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  1. I remember when ALL MY CHILDREN was cancelled & THE CHEW replaced it
  2. For the first time in 73 years NBC will air no soaps on television
  3. I will be watching Chris Cuomo on NewsNation Hope he does well I always liked Chris!
  4. Sending out positive thoughts for Jon Laufman
  5. Congratulations to Robert Feder on 42 successful years of reporting on Chicago's media beat
  6. Best wishes and good memories to Christi on her new journey
  7. When Cablevision (aka James Dolan) ditched the family legacy and sold everything off to Altice it was assumed News 12 would be hanging by a thread
  8. This is why Lou Scally retired as Weatherman last month
  9. FX aired NASCAR in the early 2000's
  10. The graphics on these Apple TV MLB games are great
  11. Maury was a great newsman then a wonderful talk show host
  12. I love NFL broadcasting controversy videos
  13. Congratulations to Lenny Daniels for WarnerMedia's Sports division Well deserved to a big time pro
  14. Kenny Albert and Brendan Burke will be callings games for NBC remotely curious to see what happens with the already scheduled NHL ON TNT telecasts and their regular Rangers/Islanders assignments Interesting times ahead
  15. Nexstar has done business with The CW for a long time
  16. amazing and sounds great!
  17. Could Brian Williams pull CBS out of third place & go up against Lester?
  18. Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic was one of my favorites ever
  19. That’s big move 97.3 is becoming top station in Milwaukee
  20. “I use the analogy we took two sticks and rubbed them together to try to make radio,” said Mike Landess
  21. I'm not from Chicago but I watched Allison Payne on Superstation WGN
  22. the FCC needs to review what an OTA affiliate should provide in the age of streaming
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