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  1. Lightning Cups ended Gary Thorne and Doc Emerick’s respective tenures on NHL TV coverage
  2. Shawn Yancy’s first story assignment at FOX 5 was covering the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the Pentagon
  3. This is awesome news for Michaela Pereira and FOX 11
  4. Maybe Allison leaving was her plan anyway, she notified management & putting Angie on mornings for the “month of April” was a test drive for Allison’s replacement
  5. WSVN became a model FOX station by not focusing on general entertainment but a more news intensive operation
  6. Part of my childhood evenings were spent watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis Philbin
  7. At what point should NBC consider replacing Chuck Todd with Shepard Smith (if he wants the job) at Meet the Press?
  8. No more Joe Buck ruining the U.S. Open
  9. it would be nice for WWOR to actually provide a newscast again
  10. Remember when Fritz Coleman used to do stand up spots on Carson?
  11. Christina Gonzalez of Fox 11 deserves a raise
  12. Apple is about to buy Disney and abc in a few months mark my words
  13. Not every day that you work with your “competitors” on a promo but local news is your news In this together
  14. If Al Roker can do National Weather from his kitchen, we can all work well from home!

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