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  1. Put a Super Bowl on Disney+ and put bill walton and Baby Yoda on the announce team
  2. ESPN’s attitude towards covering the NHL changed when they got the NBA TV rights in 2002
  3. ESPN not renew the NHL's TV contract after the 2004–05 NHL lockout
  4. Monday Night Football used to be a prestigious game back in the ABC days
  5. I remember back before Sept 11 2001 Lou Dobbs was the guy who did the Wall Street news on CNN He was great at that
  6. when NBC got the EPL contract their coverage was amazing! They built up a fandom
  7. NickGAS, Toon Disney/Jetix, Vortexx, and Discovery Kids welcome Qubo
  8. Don Robertson was just as big a part of what made CBS Sports what it was as any of the many announcers
  9. That SEC on CBS theme send off after the 2023 SEC Championship Game
  10. This is awesome! Rashida Jones will become the most prominent Black woman in the cable news industry.
  11. Paula Sands Live remains undefeated in the Quad Cities
  12. Lightning Cups ended Gary Thorne and Doc Emerick’s respective tenures on NHL TV coverage
  13. Shawn Yancy’s first story assignment at FOX 5 was covering the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the Pentagon
  14. This is awesome news for Michaela Pereira and FOX 11
  15. Maybe Allison leaving was her plan anyway, she notified management & putting Angie on mornings for the “month of April” was a test drive for Allison’s replacement

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