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  1. The sale is good news for people working at WFSB
  2. between their acquisitions of Raycom Quincy and now Meredith Gray is now positioned to be #2 in revenue nationwide
  3. “By far the best broadcast building in Denver,” said architect David Wise
  4. NBC did a good job with lots of NHL cross promotion on their other sports platforms! Hopefully FOX will do the same!
  5. I noticed new graphics for the selection show as well Do you think we’ll see new graphics for games
  6. no Reggie with Harlan and Bonner this year
  7. CNN forced Larry King off the air to give Piers Morgan his show
  8. Put a Super Bowl on Disney+ and put bill walton and Baby Yoda on the announce team
  9. ESPN’s attitude towards covering the NHL changed when they got the NBA TV rights in 2002
  10. ESPN not renew the NHL's TV contract after the 2004–05 NHL lockout
  11. Monday Night Football used to be a prestigious game back in the ABC days
  12. I remember back before Sept 11 2001 Lou Dobbs was the guy who did the Wall Street news on CNN He was great at that
  13. when NBC got the EPL contract their coverage was amazing! They built up a fandom
  14. NickGAS, Toon Disney/Jetix, Vortexx, and Discovery Kids welcome Qubo

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