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  1. Bob Turk used to visit elementary schools
  2. Mark Mester stood up for a close friend
  3. Brilliant broadcasting on the BBC tonight by Hugh Edwards
  4. Huw Edwards done himself proud today
  5. I miss Tim Russert and the days when Meet the Press was worth watching
  6. ER was the number 1 show in the country three different years for NBC in that 10 PM slot with 30 million viewers a night
  7. Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit is a great booth Ryan Fitzpatrick & Richard Sherman look like great hires
  8. The CW’s saving grace these past few years was their Netflix deals and global syndication
  9. CBS has been airing Big Ten basketball games for years
  10. I remember when ALL MY CHILDREN was cancelled & THE CHEW replaced it
  11. For the first time in 73 years NBC will air no soaps on television
  12. I will be watching Chris Cuomo on NewsNation Hope he does well I always liked Chris!
  13. Sending out positive thoughts for Jon Laufman
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