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  1. “I use the analogy we took two sticks and rubbed them together to try to make radio,” said Mike Landess
  2. I'm not from Chicago but I watched Allison Payne on Superstation WGN
  3. the FCC needs to review what an OTA affiliate should provide in the age of streaming
  4. Even without a section of roof (or a wall) with rain pouring into their newsroom the staff at WGNO continues to work
  5. The Lions preseason coverage seems to be using Bally Sports graphics
  6. no doubt help to cement FOX 5's position as the DMV's news leader for decades to come
  7. Griffin Communications has been reviewing options for relocating its corporate headquarters and News 9 broadcast organization for several years
  8. waiting patiently for that Xena reboot to happen so it can restart the "Action Pack" on the CW Saturday
  9. ESPN has got to sign Ray Hudson for La Liga
  10. A senior NBCuniversal source told the outlet that “ Haddish has humour and empathy in spades - she’s a fresh voice.”
  11. The sale is good news for people working at WFSB
  12. between their acquisitions of Raycom Quincy and now Meredith Gray is now positioned to be #2 in revenue nationwide
  13. “By far the best broadcast building in Denver,” said architect David Wise
  14. NBC did a good job with lots of NHL cross promotion on their other sports platforms! Hopefully FOX will do the same!

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