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  1. Not every day that you work with your “competitors” on a promo but local news is your news In this together
  2. If Al Roker can do National Weather from his kitchen, we can all work well from home!
  3. Joshua Johnson should replace Chris Matthews
  4. At least we'll have the re-runs of Judge Judy forever!
  5. Pat McAfee is right up there with Mauro Ranallo, Gus Johnson, and Mike Joy for favorite announcers
  6. nickp

    Out & About

    I'm expecting the CW 10pm news for WKBD will be a backdoor pilot towards reintroduction of traditional news bulletins to WWJ
  7. I hope CBS stays in the college football market after their SEC contract is up
  8. Thinking of the sign-off quip of great Nighly Business Report co-anchor Paul Kangas: “Wishing all of you the best of good buys"
  9. Rollercoasters for KCPQ (along with KJZO)
  10. I’ve often thought if Fox had ever endeavored a nightly network newscast with Shepard Smith as its anchor
  11. If it goes to TSN i would love to see the former EPL commentators jump on and commentate the Bundesliga
  12. nickp

    The "3" Thread

    the same geniuses who designed those "new" Browns uniforms
  13. nickp

    Out & About

    Jack Nicklaus Archie Griffin Dave Thomas Lamar Hunt and Jerry Revish The Mount Rushmore of Columbus
  14. Now that CBS and Viacom will be one company, they can finally do that Nickelodeon version of Big Brother
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