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    Jack Nicklaus Archie Griffin Dave Thomas Lamar Hunt and Jerry Revish The Mount Rushmore of Columbus
  2. Now that CBS and Viacom will be one company, they can finally do that Nickelodeon version of Big Brother
  3. I cried this morning listening to Jack Diamond’s last show
  4. I always liked Scott Pelley Now I know why he lost his anchor job at CBS
  5. This deal is way better than the deal they had with Bein the last 3 seasons NFL Network is in over twice as many homes and many bars leave it on in high rotation during the NFL season
  6. Meredith Vieira was the best host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and it was all downhill after she left
  7. I love Dickerson going to 60 Minutes
  8. I never knew UPN passed on Malcolm in the Middle AND American Idol!! Things might have really been different
  9. turning WCIU into a CW affiliate may give the network a powerful Chicago affiliate which it arguably has never had as Tribune never fully operated WGN as a network affiliate even during the WB years
  10. I think it's great that it's going to be owned by someone from the area and that he's dedicated to improving the quality of the stations
  11. Will MASN ever change their graphics?
  12. The true end of and era. The network documented so many great moments in ACC sports history Farewell, Raycom
  13. It going to interesting seeing how many Telemundo WWC games are called remotely (From Brasil)
  14. end of an era Q107/WPLJ are core holdings of the old Cap Cities/ABC chain
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