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  1. Both games on both ends are gonna be on myPHL17 AND my20Vision, respectfully...
  2. Another Louisiana station that had “NightWatch” in the name is WWL4 in NOLA. (They may need to use that name for the 10p newscast again)
  3. 'RC having their newscasts at 4,5 and STILL with their 3 decade run of their 6p "Full Story In A Full Hour" newscasts and NIGHTLY at 7p...
  4. That looks like the modified version of the Meredith ticker.
  5. That’s definitely very HOTHAUS-esque.
  6. I hope it stays. Let's not have them repeat what they did in 1991 (although their '91 rebranding made me a fan of the station ironically; TT Norms would look good on the EWN name)
  7. 3 just announced that mid-morning newscast that’s gonna be on after MORNINGS at 9A, except it’s not gonna have the “CBS NEWS PHILADELPHIA” title; it’s STILL gonna be having the EWN name. (Thank Zeus)
  8. That could easily be used on some non-O&Os. (especially WDJT in Milwaukee/Green Bay; as they're the only Weigel owned station to use the current O&O GFX)
  9. The only Gray Media station that can EASILY fit the new Branding conventions is KMOV in STL, gives them their "O&O goodness" full time back to that station for the first time since '86 when they've became KMOV from KMOX.
  10. You’re talking about a station that used to be a NBC O&O. The O&O glory days (before the TEGNAization) are on the backroads…
  11. Like (KVUE)24’s ABC O&O brethren a few miles away in Houston?!
  12. I bet TROIKA also did these logos like they did the ‘06/‘07-‘21-‘22 logo…
  13. I hope KYW keeps the Eyewitness name, let’s not pull again what they did from 1991-98 (during the “NEWSDAY/beat/TONIGHT” and the “News3” era)…
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