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  1. Two (no pun intended) things 'KRN done right: brought back the Helvetica "2" (from the WNGE era, their first call letter change) and getting the KOIN6 GFX.
  2. On the opening spiel (w/ Richard Malmos), sounds like a Curves "Remix" theme for the nighttime newscasts...
  3. 43 years at 5ABC? Whoa.
  4. I hope they’ll keep that NOLA-style SAM package (or have an update)
  5. Surprised they kept the title animation from the Trib GFX and not slap the CBS Eyemark (ala KRQE)...
  6. WCMH gotten the KARK GFX (but kept the NBC4 animation from the MediaGeneral package, THANK ZEUS!)
  7. Ironically, KM3 (I’ll still gonna call em by their former moniker) is pulling a 1993-99 era BBC News Virtual Set, Americanized for Nebraska...
  8. 'STU would use the Proxima Nova "13" from KCPQ (to match the font of the L3s?)
  9. They almost sound alike! That’s another Nexstar V/O that ScrippsHoward had hired... (along with Jim Cutler at ‘XMI)
  10. They still kept Bob Tracy with the “Live, From WTKR ‘News3’—Your News at [insert time here] starts right NOW” spiel.
  11. Makes me wish they’d do the NN-style GFX on TEGNA’s Stations that used to be former NexSTAR stations (looking at you LOCAL24, LOCAL5, and KSFM 5News...)
  12. Another station that still kept their NexSTAR-era announcer (in this case, Jim Cutler of their semi-sister station, PIX11)
  13. With them fitting in to the TEGNA mode (with matching color set to each newscast and now a weeknight mini-newsmagazine at 11p), 'THR has really changed from the era of Paul Udell and the crew....
  14. 'TAL isn't NBC O&O to air AD (like how most NBC O&Os including WCAU that DO air ACCESSDaily) Ray could be on KTBS instead of KSHV....
  15. When they kinda could’ve used SAM’s Enforcer-inspired CBS Local instead.... (and have an “11” that’s in a box like ‘JTV and ‘NCN)

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