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  1. Switch the L3s to DIN, like their eastern PA sister station, ‘CAU...
  2. They merged the KOIN6 GFX with the Nexstar CBS GFX (started on KOLR10)... seems like that could fit for WPRI was well...
  3. I’m glad they kept Aerial and Jim Cutler... (odd to hear a NexSTAR announcer on a Sinclair station)
  4. None of that popping Sixeme theme (that their new sister station down 95 in DC uses....)
  5. That's how 'TMJ does their teases Unlike their now fellow ScrippsHoward stations....
  6. KGAN had yellow in their GFX back in the 80s when they switched to their current Calls from WMT...
  7. But not as the main opens.
  8. Wha?!? I hope they don’t omit that “FOX29.COM” snippet on the L3s... but NO “BEYOND”?!??
  9. Glad they still kept the 1976-Present "Laser Two"...
  10. groupwfan

    The "3" Thread

    Any bets if NBC would buy 'KYC back?
  11. Steve Kammer still says the "LOCAL. LAAAASSS VEGAS." slogan at the end...
  12. I hope they’ll still retain the elements from the previous L3s (which includes the “FOX29.COM” snippet above the L3s...
  13. If I were 5ABC (KSTP), I would put Hall on the lineup
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