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  1. They've could've gotten the GFX KDVR and KFOR and WHO13 has...
  2. Looks like they're bring back the "9" they used during the WTOP era (1975-78)...
  3. They might need to change that "13" to the same font like KYW's 2003-present "3"...
  4. That V/O guy been at 'GW since the "Northwest NewsChannel8" era (since 1995)
  5. I'm glad 16ABC kept #TheTheme the same way 6ABC kept the #TheTheme... No offense.
  6. 'SVN isn't an O&O like WOFL north of MIA in O-Town.
  7. 'CAU plays the chimes part of Groove. (STILL?)
  8. If 'TKR was an O&O, They would have LMAD at 10 like 'JZ in neighboring Maryland and have Coast on at 9 after thisMORNING.
  9. Heck, 7/39's brought back their "Coverage You Can Count On" slogan they've used during the "News San Diego" era, (Now if they can use their Kalehoff theme again they've been used since they used when current calls came in force in '89)
  10. Which got revised during the "The Best News In The Best Place On Earth" era.
  11. They may have to give up that "13" and may use the "13" that's in the same font as KYW's or use the 13 that KOVR uses....
  12. They kept the animated bug that's similar to the one when they had the HOTHAUS GFX.
  13. Hope the Non-O&Os get Look N after the O&Os get theirs. (Looking at you, WSMV, WHEC, and WBBH)
  14. No offense, JZ should stay to being themselves instead of being copycats to longtime sister stations (since '65) now with those O&O GFXes (WBZ, KPIX, KYW, KDKA)
  15. It needs a Skyline in the open. SERIOUSLY. (10 needs to axe LA Groove. It fits better on KNBC. Not 'CAU.)
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