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  1. I bet TROIKA also did these logos like they did the ‘06/‘07-‘21-‘22 logo…
  2. I hope KYW keeps the Eyewitness name, let’s not pull again what they did from 1991-98 (during the “NEWSDAY/beat/TONIGHT” and the “News3” era)…
  3. Just like their O&O cousin waaayyyy up on I-95, WPVI…
  4. WCSC’s current logo takes nod of their late 90s-early 2000 “LIVE5” logo that used Bell Gothic as the Font (as that was the font for CBS’ “Welcome Home III” campaign from 1998-99) THIS is what they had in 2008:
  5. It should roll out to the Non-O&Os that is currently using Looks F & N.
  6. Probably need a better “6” logo with a larger Peacock.
  7. KCCI TV8’s ticker looks good (but wrong font) 46’s decent… others too.
  8. The other two NEED to have the same style ticker WITH their stations’ logos included. No excuses.
  9. And that was during the WFIL days before the call letter change! Probably better than their former O&O brethren! (Since ‘XYZ was an O&O before they got Scripp’ed…)
  10. I’m glad they kept the “The NEWS On NBC6 Starts NOW” spiel for the 4P.
  11. So 30 got the new set, but not the new GFX like their Beantown brethren…
  12. I was about to say that. Their Look C refresh and the studioTEN version of Look F was one of the best adaptations of the O&O GFX…
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