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  1. This is starting to smell like a list thread. If anyone NEEDS to know every affiliate she's going to air on, those people can go to the show's website. https://www.tamronhallshow.com/
  2. Bingo. I don't want to hear the B.S. that "people can get it on their phones." The moment they adopt that attitude, they're contributing to their own demise. If the weatherperson was off, someone would fill in. If they couldn't get someone to fill in, the anchors would read a basic forecast. In the basic requirements of large market morning news (especially market #1), traffic is almost as important.
  3. 24994J

    Out & About

    According to some confidential documents obtained by FTVLive, there are some big problems at the Fox O&O in Tampa. It also appears that everyone seems to be passing the buck as to who is responsible. Jonathan Pagliari Production Manager at WTVT and it appears that corporate HR at Fox is trying to put the blame on him for the “toxic and hostile” work environment during the morning newscast. FTVLive obtained an internal document that apparently was sent to Pagliari from Regional Director of HR Iris Sierra: In another document, obtained by FTVLive, Production Manager Pagliari responded to the memo from HR and says that some of the incidents happened while he was out on family medical leave. He also pointed out that the “sexual tone” nature on the morning show is “directly connected to and between news department’s Anchors and talent. He also brought up the “alleged affair” between the Executive Producer and an Anchor on the morning show. FTVLive reported on that story last August when the two parted ways with the station. Here is the memo that Pagliari sent back to HR in response: Obviously, there are some ongoing problems in and around the studio during the morning newscasts at WTVT. From looking at the documents, it appears that Fox wants to peg this “toxic” environment on the Production Manager. But, according to the PM, he was not even at the station and was on leave during some of the alleged incidents. Is the station looking for a scapegoat? Certainly you can not blame a Production Manager for all the ongoing problems at the station's morning show. But, that appears to be what Fox is doing. Is Fox trying to "protect" some news staffers? Also, it is never a good thing when all the employees are called in to HR and asked questions. FTVLive is digging for more documents and talking to sources. You can expect a follow up on this story.
  4. My God, that's everything I've ever wanted.
  5. I was chatting with a forum member offline about a fun promo shot Hosea Sanders posted on Instagram. He noted the bright colored suits, but then I realized a color coordinating theme from 20 years of promo shoots. They found something they liked and took it way too far. He said I had to post this, so enjoy!
  6. No crap. I just mean that, even though Shirleen is pregnant (which would be well out of view), you'd think they'd reshoot everyone for a new open. If they did, then why not use it?
  7. Oddly enough, Sam's wearing the same outfit in the talent open as he is in the team shots in the promo earlier in the thread. They even take a selfie on the white backdrop set where they shoot the talent.
  8. ESPN/ABC has adjusted their NBA graphics during the Finals for several years, and this year is no exception, adopting yet another black and metallic gold color scheme. This year, though, it closely matches the look of official apparel and merchandise. I love it.
  9. That doesn't seem like an effective succession plan, installing the nearly-70 year old on a third newscast.
  10. I've moved all Diana Williams discussion to the separate thread that was already started. https://forums.tvnewstalk.net/topic/17164-diana-williams-retiring-this-fall/
  11. Damn, first Kathy Brock last year, Monica Malpass last week, and now Diana. A lot of eras ending across the O&O's.
  12. Whether or not it's enough can be debated, but they had their storm ticker up nearly the entire time, just like FOX32 the other overnight.
  13. Remember, we've rediscovered in the last few weeks that 60 Minutes operates almost entirely separately from the main news division, so he's probably not crossing paths with a lot of those people on a day-to-day basis.
  14. WFLD is also down one meteorologist, at the moment, so shifts will be stretched and weird for the summer. Not a total excuse, but it makes that 1am timeframe difficult, especially when there wasn't any guarantee that the storms would enter dangerous territory.
  15. The new team has been in place for all of [looks at clock] 6 days. Could we keep the unfounded speculation to a dull (nonexistent) roar?
  16. I totally agree. All of that network/scripted material seemed really out of place and off-brand, just begging to be flagged.
  17. A bit of a rarity tonight, as the southern edge of the Chicago viewing area is under a tornado warning. Despite it coming at a weird time of day, Cheryl Scott and Larry Mowry have been on the air since about 12:20am. WGN went on with Mike Hamernik a long while later, and Mary Kay Kleist did a quick update at 1 on CBS2. NBC5 and FOX32 have not broken in.
  18. New member of the Eyewitness News team. Get that baby a Circle 7 microphone!
  19. Wow. https://6abc.com/5312963/
  20. There's merit to note a fall in ranks. That said, Bill Evans carried a "senior" forecasting title, versus Lee's chief moniker, and Sam could certainly fill the same title. Sam pops up on the 8am hour of GMA will frequency, and he can continue in such a role, even being a fill-in guy for the network. Also, let's face it, as someone pushing 60, this isn't a bad arrangement, at all. Barring budget cuts, he's a big fan favorite, so this job should be his as long as he wants it. All in all, a good deal for both sides.
  21. "Monday, Kenney acknowledged that Sinclair will be calling many of the shots — especially when it comes to programming and hiring." Oh boy.
  22. In a tough blow for enthusiasts like us, The Museum of Classic Chicago Television's (FuzzyMemories.TV) YouTube channel has been removed on copyright strikes. Their website is still active, but several of the pieces in their archives were YouTube-exclusive.
  23. Considering the current landscape of news (aka the polar opposite of 40 years ago), I'm not sure how a male fill-in anchor is going to play a major role in the upcoming absence of a female anchor.
  24. In other fill-in news...TV is a hard thing to give up.
  25. And to complete the Chicago trifecta... No joke, there are some 90's clips in the WLS montage that I have on my own personal VHS tapes, and were prepared to post at some point in the future. What are the chances?
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