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  1. Every illness that wasn't COVID or the flu kicked my ass, this last week, so I'm finally getting around to posting Alan's final 10pm highlights.
  2. Honestly, as a straight guy with many female friends, some going back 25 years, the ONLY thing here that really screams more than friendship is multiple butt slaps. And yes, having existing marriages might not make for a good look, but sheesh, this isn't even in the same zip code as a Lauer type situation.
  3. With more and more time on the weekend morning show, it's little surprise that Samantha Chatman has been named weekend morning co-anchor. She'll continue in her I-Team duties, which likely means Liz Nagy will remain as a prominent fill-in anchor on weeknights. https://www.facebook.com/samantha.chatman/posts/pfbid0ii4aR2kKjcAaPxxcFBRba35ETFxSaRFCfgcK8bhNazEhwW5hketnqidHvLiK4Fi7l Now, to just clean things up on the weeknight roster. This week, they've gone with a very familiar Ravi/Rob/Ravi at 5, 6 & 10.
  4. Thanks for the reminder, but that was covered earlier in this thread, 4 weeks ago.
  5. I really don't expect anything til the new year, period. Any of the 4 male anchors just might get late news airtime, but more because of the holidays, and less because of auditioning. Cheryl's level of chemistry with Rob, Ravi, and even Mark, is already known, and if it gets to the point of Terrell filling in, she'd probably already be off, herself.
  6. Hell, I had pegged Evrod for the weekday slot. I'm sure J.C. is a swell fella, but screams small market. He came from El Paso, and was only anchoring Sunday mornings. Evrod comes with a solid reputation, with major market anchoring experience. Doesn't quite add up, to me.
  7. Like the 9am newscasts that launched in September, there's still no guarantee that the full look will roll out with this launch. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if his seat is the normal fill-in arrangement til after the holidays. Between the alleged hiring freeze and an already-thin weekend anchor bench, they can go the platoon route til a normal routine returns. In his nearly 40 years of anchoring, he succeeded Daly at 4, Drury at 5, Kalber at 6, and Magers at 5 & 10, and yet, his shoes might be the hardest, or most unpredictable to fill. Alan is WLS. WLS is Alan.
  9. The trickle continues. WLS now has vans with 3 different brands/logos, though maybe this new look will finally roll out to the whole fleet.
  10. From a month ago, and Smith is in the new role, even before the KCAL expansion debuts. She leaves her post as a sports anchor.
  11. Don't quote me on it, but I believe I saw that Bozo, Gar & Ray is airing on Sunday.
  12. How long has KCBS been (I'd assume) streaming til 8am?
  13. Stephen Arnold's Stream. http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,2445
  14. That rule has been relaxed, to where even the downtown/riverfront Aurora and Joliet casinos have inked plans to move near their respective expressways.
  15. Discussion of the new set should stay in the dedicated thread.
  16. Just turned 62. He walked in the door 2 weeks before turning 22.
  17. I just saw this in Villa Park. 10 days.
  18. A few more hires for the new morning show, and a target launch month of December. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ckbx0DIS_S6/
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