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  1. Until the graphics debut, there is zero reason why it deserves its own discussion in the individual station threads. Besides, WABC's inability to be trusted with their own look is one of the reasons why a group-wide package is necessary.
  2. And since there's been uncertainty about what the final logo designs are, for the O&O's, as the "creative" types online keep throwing out Frankenstein-like creations, here they are, once and for all.
  3. Mandate as in "everybody will be getting this," but the toolkit idea makes it clear that execution might vary. Of course, that could be concerning when it comes to the WABC's of the world, in how they might screw this up, but that also means you might see a variety of open styles, and even different color schemes or in-news brands. This will/should not be a 100% same-for-all product.
  4. Fox signed on for Hudson, in the largest markets. The only show NBC has picked up for it's O&O's next season is the daytime strip of Dateline. And this would explain why KNBC wasn't on this list. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2022/04/20/dateline-sold-in-more-than-90-percent-of-the-us-as-the-hit-true-crime-series-returns-for-its-sixth-season-in-national-syndication-944110/20220420nbc01/#:~:text=The sixth season of "Dateline,WRTV Indianapolis and WDRB Louisville.
  5. Alan was off all last week, likely just vacation time, while Cheryl, Rob, and Judy were on. None of them are in the building now, and all anchors are back to full distancing, so I'm guessing there's an outbreak. Judy likely cleared testing, but will still be quarantined. A similar thing happened earlier in the year, when Alan was at home for a week, then fully-distanced for another week, at the desk.
  6. Depending on what all they plan, of course, the coming 9am newscast would seem like a solid candidate to originate streetside.
  7. I think there's definitely a possible gray area, with how it was worded. Just a weather center is definitely a possibility, but my reading took it as set PLUS expanded weather center. I guess we'll see.
  8. It's been 5 years since they debuted the group-wide set, so one would think that they could opt for a new design. That said, if it were laid out like the original 2008 set, they could totally fit the current set pieces into that area, while expanding the weather center, like Lyons is promising. As for what value there is in making this move, ultimately it's an investment in the visibility of the product, but only because they couldn't get any takers for the space. Because they have it, they're going to use it. I doubt it's much more complicated than that.
  9. This thread is giving me an aneurysm.
  10. Here's some fuel for the Stacey replacement fire: Samantha Chatman is anchoring with Rob, in for Judy, now at 4. With increased visibility in the evenings (in spots that Baca would normal appear), I'd think Liz and Sam are at least in the mix. None of the regular fill-ins have shared the desk with Alan, so that would be the next big step in determining who's being seen internally as a viable candidate.
  11. It was Judie, but I wouldn't put bets on anyone to assume the position, anytime soon. They just posted the job listing, but that's a typical practice, even if they promote from within...yet they usually don't. I'd still bet that they hire from outside, but again, they have no shortage of internal candidates.
  12. I do feel like they might have some kind of plans for Liz, like even if she's not in play, she might get more weeknight shifts (like we've been seeing), to make up for it. That said, it could be about story selection. I didn't see Karen, but if she's not anchoring, her weekday reporting is during the early evening shows, and not at 10, like Liz. So that means that they can have the 2 women cover 2 stories (Karen now, Liz after the NBA), plus plus still have one anchor (Liz will probably be on 7, then out in the field). Part of me is just glad to see them play around with scheduling, as the station has been less likely to pair 2 females on the evening shows, in recent years. With the addition of the 7s, it would be silly, in this scenario, to have Rob do all 5 newscasts (3.5 hours), with the 2 females splitting the rest (Judy's 2, Liz's 1.5). Instead, Rob will do 3 hours, Judy will have 2.5, and Liz remains with 1.5, plus late reporting. The logistics of summer scheduling are so much fun.
  13. First weekend with the new look, and Phil Schwarz hasn't screwed up the logos...yet. I've gotten to know him, over the years, and I enjoy his work, but the logo and font distortion always puzzled me. He had to know that it wasn't right.
  14. No one said that she's not anchoring at all. @nynewslover was only correcting the untrue statement before that, that said that she'd be anchoring the entire program.
  15. I don't know when, but there's no reason to believe that these graphics won't roll out to the whole group, but yes, it's just WLS, and just the weather package...for now. And here's their outgoing look. This is a complete overhaul.
  16. Time to blow the dust off this thread. The weather graphics are almost always the canary in the coal mine, the fist sign of changes. These debuted at 4pm, and they align with all new graphic teases I've seen, from the colors, to the font, to even the little arrows that appear in a few spots. Nice reminder: if anyone quotes this post, please remove the screenshots from the quotation box.
  17. Kaitlin Sharkey debuted tonight. Chris Boden was bummed that he missed the party.
  18. The video quality is EXCELLENT, if he's at home.
  19. I'm not going to engage with such random speculation. Mark's return means nothing in relation to the rest of the staff, except that there's going to be some summer vacation time, coming up. Suggesting that other ABC stations' opening make Greg & Cheryl shoo-ins for those jobs is a big reach. You can just admit you don't seem to care for them. There's no shame in it.
  20. Despite not appearing for 26 months (March 2020 to last month), he had been pretty adamant on Twitter that he wanted to come back, and he'd be called back. Whether it's the exposure, the workplace, or the money, he clearly thinks the commute is worth his time.
  21. The wording about the 3 longer-tenured staffers seems to suggest that Payton and Frydman might be getting weeknight WGN Sports, outright, no matter how things shake out. But really, I don't see the WMAQ model serving well for the long-term. Cemented spots by the fall feels like a solid bet.
  22. Chris Boden gets promoted to full-time, while Kaitlin Sharkey, who voluntarily exited Fox32 the same week Magiera was let go from 9, joins WGN. Neither are being named to a broadcast slot, at least for now.. Payton and Frydman are also in the mix, so that'll mean any/all of 4 sports anchors on any given night. That's not at all messy and annoying. https://www.robertfeder.com/2022/05/31/wgn-names-chris-boden-kaitlin-sharkey-full-time-sports-anchors/
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