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  1. Black is an interesting choice, seeing as it doesn't fit in with the network bug. It's especially puzzling during darker programming. (WLS)
  2. Between images of WLS & WPVI, and a report of change at WTVD, it appears that the network mandate forced the O&O's to change the logos in network promos in time for tonight's new season. I haven't seen anything from non-owned stations.
  3. Nah, the 20/20 bugs have been inconsistent for years. The new logo certainly should've given them the opportunity to fix this, but it's no fault of the rebrand team.
  4. Gaynor Hall succeeds Tonya on the weekend morning News.
  5. Pardon the poor stream quality, but here's the new version of 'Changing Keys' in action... WHEEL 2021.mp4
  6. Can't rule anything out, of course, but I haven't heard a peep that it's coming this soon, as timely as it would be.
  7. Orrrrrrrrr, you can post the link.
  8. Also WGN, early 1980, with an open I (and surely most of you) have NEVER seen before...
  9. I mean, it's very clear that the stylistic moves are to emulate their higher-rated competitors, which deserves a little ribbing, but it generally still is the better program.
  10. I came THIS CLOSE to rechristening the thread as CBS Early This Mornings News Show. Oh, and the lower thirds suck. The rest of everything is solid.
  11. Just throwing it out there. Should this thread be retired, since This Morning is done, with all relevant posts moved to a new Mornings thread, or would anyone prefer just a renaming of this discussion?
  12. No one forgot. You already mentioned it.
  13. Considering the logo changes at so many Scripps stations, I wouldn't be surprised. Changing opens and stuff for the ABC update would give them the perfect opportunity.
  14. WFLD FOX32 had a similar show to 'The Q' that launched a few years ago, called 'Later with Leon.' Hosted by Chicago radio host Leon Rogers, his 11:30pm talk/commentary/commentary show got shelved in the pandemic. He was a previously a longtime contributor to 'Windy City Live,' and returned this year for a few appearances before that program's end. He still lists his namesake show on his socials, but I doubt I rated well enough to bring it back, a year and a half later.
  15. I agree with the points made about Caplan, Cody, and Strehl, but there's still something about the optics of it all that might not sit well with John Q. Viewer.
  16. Elizabeth Matthews has been anchoring weekend mornings since Sally Schulze got promoted, but has never been officially named to the position, to my knowledge. That said, the station has never been particularly stable, so it could be for any daypart. Who knows? As for the weather situation, this is one helluva kick in the pants to all 3 other meteorologists on staff, plus Tim McGill. Lansing? Are you kidding?
  17. So, this is funny. Among the local meteorologists, none of WFLD's personnel are shown...but another Chicago met is. New WGN weekend morning weather guy Tim Joyce just left Q13, but still found his way to the 2nd column from the right, middle row.
  18. The set feels like a lateral move. I like imaging closer to 'Sunday Morning,' though I hope that program isn't changed too much. Points for 'Saturday Morning,' versus the silliness that was 'This Morning: Saturday,' but I feel like 'This Morning' on weekdays would've been more cohesive than 'Mornings.' That said, I doubt any of it will make any difference, positive or negative.
  19. Considering that KABC ad still uses the current coloring of the 7, I'm not sure that's entirely the final design, but it almost seems like the O&O's are rebelling against the size mandates. WLS just ran a graphic for the upcoming 'Windy City Weekend,' and it features a logo closer to current WABC, who I imagine will also adopt this version. The slightly different circle 7 is straight out of New York, and the ABC placement is sized and positioned in an almost compromise middle ground between what WABC and WLS have been using. Personally, I don't care for it, but I'll adjust.
  20. KCBS has one on KCAL. WBBM is relaunching one. KYW has one. I'd bet money a 4pm newscast is coming to WCBS before next fall.
  21. Yeah, it's gonna be rough enough when each station starts adopting it, and 200 stations get individual posts on here. There is NO need to announce that a station has NOT yet made the change. Those posts will be hidden, and repeated infractions could be treated like spam.
  22. If he likes original NewsNation boss Jennifer Lyons, as she assembled the first team, I wouldn't rule him out of joining WBBM in Chicago, where she just took over. Ultimately, it depends on how deep of roots he planted here...in a year.

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