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  1. Because it's an obvious downgrade from the set's original set. This new one worked just fine for pandemic shows, allowing for more standup shots and distance, but if distancing is not needed, then the previous, seated position is superior.
  2. We're all very aware of that.
  3. Certainly a possibility. The logical and optimistic assessment would slot her as a 5th, but in a budget crunch era, someone else exiting and keeping the count at 4 isn't out of the question.
  4. And just like that, Brittany Bell is leaving ABC11 for WABC. Unsure if anyone is leaving the flagship, but they could probably stand to have a 5th meteorologist, with Sam Champion's limited availability. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP8kcUMnKhG/
  5. Q13 meteorologist and Oak Park native Tim Joyce is coming home to round out the weekend morning news team. https://wgntv.com/news/tim-joyce-joins-wgn-news-as-wgn-weekend-morning-news-weather-anchor/
  6. Why does Chuck only anchor one show, and why is it dumb for him to add a show? Maybe Natalie wouldn't have anchor 4 shows if they actually assigned a 2nd female to weeknights.
  7. Feder finally talking about what we've known about for almost a month. Sometimes we kinda scoop. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/06/03/chicagos-goes-digital-wgn-news-now/ And with the digital duo getting an interview on the Midday News, does that effectively make them the midday B-team? https://wgntv.com/midday-news/meet-the-wgn-news-now-team/
  8. Hopefully you'll just trust me, because I don't have the tweet handy, but a reputable source in CNN's design department confirmed that this is a placeholder. They just needed a wordmark for a presentation to investors.
  9. No one is forcing anyone to watch any of the clips post in this thread, but everything related to a video posted this afternoon has been hidden. In the future, if anyone is ever questioning whether they should post something with potentially sensitive content, feel free to run it by a moderator.
  10. Chuck is 77 years old. That is all.
  11. WLS has only adopted a bumper going to break. Nice and quick, not messing with the flow of the anchor's greeting at the top. An introduction at the top seems like too much. 2021 late hulu outro.mp4
  12. Here's a little more insight on the very close finish in the Chicago ratings, and not through the lense of any one station's PR department. Frankly, no one should be celebrating. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/05/28/viewers-vanish-chicagos-late-news-ratings-race-ends-photo-finish/
  13. The morning show was my first thought, too, but with 2 separate studio spaces, I couldn't convince myself into that making any sense. I thought maybe it could work as a generic presentation/performance area, available to either occupant, but you're probably right.
  14. The channel 9 anchors had new headshots taken today, with the photographer set up in the remaining empty studio. Last we saw that space, the black curtains still lined what was being used as NewsNation's pre-launch newsroom. In the last few months, they appear to have added a physical set, of some kind. What little of it we can see here doesn't really point to it as an extension of either NN or WGN's current digs, but I do wonder what it's for. From this awkward angle, I'm seeing a corner video wall, not unlike what NBC 5 just installed downtown. That ledge-like feature reminds me
  15. Just as we predicted. The local Fox forecasters will help prop this up...
  16. Check the brief flash of the logo on the desk. It's a mirrored video.
  17. That certainly explains why they were using the green screen as the backdrop for sports and other standups. This should give them plenty of space to work on introducing AR weather effects. WLS had that cornered in the market (quality notwithstanding), until abandoning it during the pandemic.
  18. Larry was off today, and with threats like these, he might never come back.
  19. Ben Bradley posted to social media that WGN anchors have been given the all-clear, starting with the midday news today. And then there's this way to announce it...
  20. Yes, he's no spring chicken, but Schanowski is easily the best available sports anchor in Chicago, so this is an excellent pickup, even if it's just for a slot here and there.
  21. According to a quick, and presumably accurate Google search, Ritter is 71. Joe is 13 years younger. Hardly close. Heck, David Novarro is listed as being a 1959 birthday.
  22. Last month, GMA senior EP Michael Corn abruptly left ABC after getting passed over for the top job in the news division. Instead, he'll be the new leader at Nexstar's Chicago-based NewsNation network. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/05/17/nexstar-hires-former-abc-news-exec-michael-corn-run-newsnation/
  23. GMA's recently-departed EP will be taking over the top job at NewsNation. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/05/17/nexstar-hires-former-abc-news-exec-michael-corn-run-newsnation/

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