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  1. So, with ABC expanding and enhancing the O&O's streaming utilities and offerings, WLS has debuted slower-paced, relaxed, and conversational newscasts at 7am and 7pm. Talent assignments haven't been announced for either hour, but Terrell and Tanja remain together til 7:30am, when Val Warner joins one of them (whoever is anchoring the GMA updates, that day). Tracy and Roz are around, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGimVvDXQGc Meanwhile, Rob and Cheryl anchored at 7pm for the first 2 nights, while both were off on Friday, when Ravi and Judy sat in. As I said, the show is pretty laid back, which is a nice change of pace, but the real highlight is the open. Never mind that they screwed around with the pitch of Bill Ratner's voiceover, BUT CHECK OUT THE THEME. I have almost zero reason to believe the old theme is making a comeback, but someone over there had to put in the effort to dig this out of storage, so who knows? Please note that each video is set to either private or unlisted, and will remain that way until the station formally announces their existence. It's certainly not a national secret or something, but I'd rather both videos stay among this community, for now. I'd appreciate it.
  2. WCSC only debuted their current logo in 2019. Not brand new, but unlike WAVE, they're not dealing with a 20 year old relic. A special logo for the anniversary, sure, but I highly doubt there'd be something totally new (old).
  3. New graphics doesn't necessarily mean they're going to try and reinvent the wheel, though. They're too smart to do that, without knowing what they're doing. That said, if they decided to go nuts, they're the only one of the NFL broadcasters I'd trust to not get stupid weird with their look. Case in point, I hope they take zero inspiration from anything Fox Sports has put out in the last 2+ years.
  4. With all due respect... So? And?
  5. It's been updated, as there's a version with the new ABC, but that actually goes back a couple of years, in some form.
  6. Things have started to happen, this week. As of Tuesday, all of the O&O's started rerunning newscasts online, plus on-demand availability for each show. There was also a technical update to the way the live channels are displayed on the homepage, plus upgraded stream quality. Several stations have debuted or cemented their expanded offerings. A 7am show seems to be standard, with offerings from at least KGO, WLS, and the existing option at WPVI. WLS also (re)launched a 7pm program. I haven't seen any formal announcements, so we appear to be in the soft launch phase, but I'd be on the lookout as February (sweeps) approaches. Feel free to post observations from your own market, or stations you have an interest in, because I'm not gonna keep track of 8 stations. ... That said, I'll discuss my home market. The evening expansion at WLS is fronted by Cheryl Burton (5 and 10pm), who previously anchored the 7pm newscast on Weigel's WCIU (2015-19), and 4pm anchor Rob Elgas. With no promotion, I've only seen a few long-form interviews they've done in the first two nights. The morning hour is hosted by morning anchor Terrell Brown and Windy City Weekend host Val Warner. The only part of that show I've seen was an interview conducted by meteorologist Tracy Butler. She tossed back to them, and Warner's voice can be heard before the clip ended. This is her first anchor assignment since her days at WGN, pre-2011.
  7. Good. They certainly shouldn't celebrate him, but acting like he never existed would be a way for the network to absolve itself of enabling him for as long as did. You enjoyed being #1 with him, but you have to live with the warts, too.
  8. Please refer to the link in the first post of this thread, that clearly states he's giving up the 11, first.
  9. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be taking the word of the guy that doesn't appear to have anything to do with 6abc, and who is trying to walk back his unfounded statement. Just a thought.
  10. Not to pile on, but she seems to be in several WKBW YouTube videos, and she just seems to be unbelievably lifeless and unengaging. Buffalo seems like way too high of a market, for her.
  11. That's how it is for everyone else. No one said the blue or red was constant.
  12. It's all over the news in the Bay Area. It's Frank Somerville. Sucks for him, but no need to withhold his name. If he didn't want to make the headlines, he shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel while intoxicated. I hope he gets help. www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/bay-area-tv-anchor-frank-somerville-arrested-on-suspicion-of-dui/
  13. Oh, Jerry's weight was a frequent target for everyone. Ron, Mark, hell, even Linda a time or two, and I'll bet Cheryl made comments, too. Any quips we saw on-air were in good fun, and Jerry was sharp enough to laugh along or dish it right back. Right or wrong, it's a thing that happened, and no one got fired for it. Without knowledge of their history behind the scenes, it's reasonable that the average viewer would see this whole ordeal as Cheryl being a stick in the mud. That's likely not entirely fair to her, just like it's probably not fair to brand Mark as a bully, but the optics are as such, and almost nobody thought it was a termination-worthy offense.
  14. Mark had been very vocal that he had been sitting on strike 2 since his tweeting incident a few years ago. I still think he got a raw deal with the Burton incident, and I'm on his side over hers, but perhaps more than the salary, he wasn't a first-time offender. That played a huge role in this. Even if he and Cheryl had had beef before, if he had no other priors, he probably would've survived this incident.
  15. Anchors moving further apart right now is nothing new, but after doing that the other day, NBC 5 is apparently testing solo-anchored shows. Marion Brooks was alone at 4, and now Natalie Martinez is solo at 5.
  16. They all are. Late news will be on at 10E/9C.
  17. As long as they up their fiber intake, they should be fine.
  18. I say this because of history, not because of any personal opinions, but stations are likely still leery to dismiss high-ranking Black talent after the protests against WBBM in the 1980's. They demoted weeknight anchor Harry Porterfield to weekends, when Bill Kurtis returned from the network, and Jesse Jackson called for a boycott. To this day, there is pressure to have Black representation on the lead anchor teams. It's been said that that's part of why Cheryl got that contributing anchor role in 2003. It's a touchy subject, for sure. - - - A terrible transition, but some bad news in the last hour. Jeff Dickerson, longtime Bears reporter for ESPN Chicago, and regular contributor to ABC 7's sports department, passed away today from colon cancer. He had been in hospice for a bit, 2 years after his wife's death from cancer. He was 44, and leaves behind an 11-year-old son.
  19. I'm not surprised. Enforcer has been used on non-CBS stations, as well.
  20. Saying WJZY has been/could be destroyed implies that it was previously great, which is was not. And that's not an opinion, but fact.
  21. Not a classic video, in the normal sense, but here's an interesting look at the women of NBC late night, from the 1970's to the turn of the century. From singers to authors, comedians to newswomen, like the legends, Kelly Lange and Linda Ellerbee.
  22. It said Los Angeles on the screen on the little desk. He broadcasts from there with regularity.
  23. Yes, yes, because THAT'S the stations' problems. Not the decades of mismanagement, budget cuts, and subsequent poor ratings. Really, most here need to get a grip. I don't want to say that CBS Local is a downgrade from modern Enforcer (though I think it is), but it DEFINITELY wouldn't be some magical problem-solver, either. More than just about any cosmetic adjustment we've ever discussed here, such a theme change across the board might be the most unnoticeable of all time, to the average viewer. Hell, I have no problem saying that neither Gari nor Stephen Arnold have produced the best adaptations of the WBBM signature. They just happened to be the powerhouse music companies of their eras, therefore most accessible for the average client.
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