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  1. I assume they'll want to go with a male replacement, and IF they go internal, this is my "short" list... Tom Negovan: he's been there before, but he's basically their chief nightside reporter, and most frequent back-up on the late news. The broadcast has changed drastically since he left the noon news in 2008. Would he have the range and charisma to handle what the show's evolved into? Ben Bradley: only anchors the 4pm, so this would be a cost-driven move, and he has a lot of versatility from his years on weekend morning at ABC 7. He does a lot with the investigative unit, though, and this could interfere with that schedule. It would also break their trend of set, cemented anchor pairings. He also rarely fills in at midday. Dan Ponce: he's anchored the 4am block for several years, but like Ben, has very little time spent in that slot. The morning B-team has ascended the ratings ladder, and he's likely more valuable there than on the already top-rated noon hour (Midday trails 7 at 11am). Tahman Bradley: weekend evening anchor, would bring much-needed diversity to the weekday male anchor bench. However, as political reporter, anchoring middays would likely leave one of the roles lacking. Sean Lewis: weekend morning anchor for a decade, seemingly the most frequent fill-in for Steve. I can't think of many real drawbacks, so that why he's my predicted successor. That doesn't necessarily mean he's who I'd choose, though... Patrick Elwood: he's surely the long shot. Of these men, he's the only one to never hold an anchor position at WGN, though spent many years as early morning/noon anchor on FOX32. Only in the last few years has he been used on the desk, mostly on weekends and at midday. That said, he's a warm presence, a local native, and damn solid anchor. If I was in charge, he'd be my pick.
  2. And here's the full, 15-minute farewell. Very nice. https://wgntv.com/news/wgn-anchor-steve-sanders-retires-after-37-years/
  3. Bob Jordan and Tom Skilling are at the desk for Steve's send-off, along with his girlfriend, son, and a host of writers and producers.
  4. Dang, that ticker needs to slow the heck down.
  5. That bug is so rough, and that too-tall ticker is textbook Nexstar.
  6. There's a pane they placed in front of it, when they refreshed the desk in the fall. It gets blurry and out of focus, when viewed on an angle. It's completely see-through straight-on.
  7. I guess the CURRENT World News set-up still includes the 2nd video wall. Maybe I just missed it, but this is the first time I've seen an exchange at the desk all week.
  8. 99.9% chance that includes the Marquee network, as well.
  9. It looks like they still want to have a dedicated traffic anchor on the Evening News, but also have said individual serve as a GA reporter on the late shows. https://nexstar.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/nexstar/job/IL-Chicago2501-W-Bradley-Place-WGN-TV/Traffic-Nightside-Reporter_REQ-3421
  10. There's a quick shot of it at the end of this clip.
  11. Studio 3 has officially been gutted, in preparation for News Nation construction. Cheap bastard Paul Konrad presents some stories of the studio, the audio booth, the old weather center, and a lot more.
  12. The logo, font, coloring, and entire branded look is too distinctly Cubs. Better chance that the Stadium brand rolls out to the FSNs.
  13. Election night is always over the top. I'm more interested in how they'll use it nightly. The options are wide open. This is the first time in more than a dozen years that they've explored the potential of the studio's height.
  14. That is purely speculative. When the man says he's leaving on this own terms, why can't we take him at his word?
  15. I love the show, but even I'll admit that this has to be the funniest thing the WGN Morning News has pulled off in years. Producer Jeff Hoover has some of the backstory in the video's description.
  16. They're affectionately calling themselves the B-team, like the 4-6am crew. They were pretty good together.
  17. Now imagine the holiday bonuses they could hand out if they slash Y's, too!
  18. I mean, they save $1250 across the 2 real phrases and my made up one. All 5 vowels are represented. It's the rules.
  19. As currently constructed, WNT doesn't need much to go to air. Muir hasn't appeared standing up in that studio for the better part of a decade, and wears jeans most nights. Jennings & Gibson moved around the studio more than David. Like local newscasters around the country, a modern, spacious studio might force him to put on nice pants.
  20. Hoping that's the case, because I'm sure a few individuals would certainly feel slighted, if passed over.
  21. Hmm, looks like they might not be considering internal candidates to replace Steve Sanders on the midday news, despite having at least 5 legitimate (male) options on their bench. https://nexstar.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/nexstar/job/IL-Chicago2501-W-Bradley-Place-WGN-TV/Anchor-Reporter_REQ-3239
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