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    Out & About

    1. Google it. KHOU and KPRC are not O&O's. 2. KABC, KGO, and KFSN have differently-colored versions of the same graphics. KTRK's is a different package, period. More 3D effects, different opens, different lower thirds.
  2. 24994J

    Out & About

    Yes, and yes, though I'd hardly say KTRK and KGO have much in common.
  3. Content is key, of course, but THIS ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. Nice nod by TEGNA and station leadership, for once.
  4. Surely posted earlier in this thread, but howzabout 90 minutes of the WLS afternoon newscasts from exactly 30 years ago tonight?
  5. Mentioned right up this page in July. They put in a temporary video wall in front of the monitor wall, installed the seamless unit behind it, then removed the stand-in. Took like a week or two.
  6. In yet another update to the main ABC News studio, the monitors on the front of the desk are now completely seamless. The panels on the corners also have been removed entirely, after seeing a few different looks over the set's 9-year life. Only 2 to 20 more years before the move to the new building. They made this change during the last weekend of October, when no Saturday WNT is produced.
  7. Agreed, and no, not often. This was only the second time I can recall them stringing two or more in a row on the 7-day. Meanwhile, Windy City LIVE's new EP is being promoted from within. https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/11/01/abc-7-names-hank-mendheim-executive-producer-windy-city-live/ Also, as it's sweeps, we're seeing a special segment at 10 basically every night, though like 95% are I-Team branded. Tonight, however, is one of the outliers, and it uses some different graphical elements, and a bit of a new branding. The Eyewitness News/time slot lower third remains unchanged.
  8. Vorwald is the gold standard in the business, so excellent pick-up. It should also be noted that frequent studio fill-in Luke Stuckmeyer and dugout reporter Kelly Crull have both left NBCSC in recent weeks, so it might be worth keeping an eye on them, as they could certainly slip right into on-air roles, with viewer familiarity.
  9. FuzzyMemories doesn't mess up dates. That said, this documentary from 1968 (still WBKB) uses FRWL, so I'd guess that's what they used going back to at least the launch of the Flynn-Daly EWN branding. When they adopted/went all-in on CHL is anyone's guess, as there's a big hole in WLS opens from 1971-76 (Video link only available/public for this month) https://museum.tv/PP_ONLINE/TV_00146.mp4
  10. I agree, I don't think it's spam. That said, you don't seem to like much, and not every one you've posted is hardly the worst ever. Mediocre and bad doesn't always mean the worst.
  11. Speaking of WLS themes, I stumbled upon this in my VHS stash a few months back. Me and another forum member had NEVER heard this cut of their iconic News Series 2000 Plus theme until I found this. From the fall of 1995... 19951122 alt tease.mp4
  12. With no talent opens, Chuck Goudie's status as a contributing member of the 6pm news is unclear, as he also isn't featured in promos. That said, another member of the I-Team IS an official 5th wheel, as new hire Samantha Chatman has been added to the latest batch of morning team promos.
  13. NBC Sports Chicago also opened the pregame show with the now-old theme over a view of the arena, leading into the upbeat normal pregame open and theme, then began the game broadcast with the new theme. It was more than a little messy.
  14. IF they were to ever move 'Evening News,' there's no way in hell an hour (or even 30 minutes) of primetime gets dumped. COULD they consider shifting it to 7 ET/6 CT? Sure, but I believe a station or two out east just ended longtime 6:30 local newscasts so they could carry 'EN' at it's normal airtime, likely at the network's recommendation. CBS isn't moving it anywhere. They'll cancel it altogether, before they reschedule.
  15. I heard the open of the broadcasts, and it honestly sounds like a 21st century knockoff of 'Roundball Rock.' That doesn't mean I dislike it, but it's definitely got that vibe.
  16. 24994J

    Out & About

    With more stations debuting CBSN operations next year, and many of those flat, blue and black elements already creeping into OTA newscasts, one would think so. Whether or not the main broadcasts adopt the exact same package as the streaming service is yet to be seen, but the color scheme and common elements will definitely bridge any gap. Examples and discussion here:
  17. And it begins. The Nexstar influence is starting to seep in... 20191020_223138(1).mp4
  18. I'll reiterate, this would've been an update to the original package, as 3 members of this broadcast weren't in place (2 not even at the station) in 2013. It also features the updated circle 7 logo that didn't debut til mid-2017. While this would lean more into the angular look, it's not hardly isolated, as many in-show elements use them, including the basic full-screen graphics.
  19. The logo "spinning" in, or coming into form is the same as it is everywhere, just on an angle, and the effect of it zooming out to reveal Judy is similar to a lot of the in-broadcast transitions.
  20. Holy moley, what a find. They are not original to the 2013 package, but a slate of opens that never made it to air. Recorded in February 2017 at Chicago's Museum of Broadcast communications, many talent shots were quickly obselete after a slate of retirements, hires and reassignments. Some of them made it into promos for weather, but these updated opens were never used on-air. The station has been hinting at new graphics for more than a year, but they stray from this look.
  21. Sinclair has come to terms with AT&T/DirecTV to carry the newly-acquired FSN properties and the upcoming 'Marquee' Cubs network. https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2019/10/17/big-cubs-tv-news-marquee-has-at-least-one-major-carriage-deal-locked-down/
  22. Marquee has cleared its first major carriage hurdle, with Sinclair coming to terms with AT&T/DirecTV to carry the newly-acquired FSN properties and the upcoming Cubs network. https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2019/10/17/big-cubs-tv-news-marquee-has-at-least-one-major-carriage-deal-locked-down/
  23. That's weird. NBCS Chicago has used theirs occasionally for breaking news and programming announcements, even after dumping it for scores and headlines. No reason why it should be completely scrubbed from the system, with THAT being the alternative.
  24. Different opens and insert/transition graphics don't necessarily point to a new O&O package. When normal lower thirds start to change, then we can take notice. Until then, it appears that the bosses are allowing some autonomy.
  25. He guest-hosted 'Windy City Live' last month, will still host (with Cheryl Burton) the African-American cultural affairs show 'Heart & Soul'. That airs like 3 or 4 times a year. He's all over the Chicago Proud and Building a Better Chicago series stories. He hasn't filled in on the anchor desk, but he hadn't done this for several months, even as the WCIU newscast was still on the air. Meanwhile, the new consumer reporter hasn't debuted on-air (that'll be Monday), but in a little intro video, Samantha Chatman is being listed as a member of the I-Team, with the hashtag #SamOnYourSide.
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