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  1. God, what a shitshow.
  2. Your questions have been answered in 2 different threads. Case closed.
  3. Just spit-ballin' off the top of my head, since it's 2am. Others can chime in with more concrete facts. Honestly, it's probably just easier to figure out when stations have had broadcasts in the 4pm hour, period. WMAQ, for example, flip-flopped between 4 and 4:30 for most of this century before expanding to the full hour in 2016. WBBM, on the other hand, was fairly consistent with a 4:30 newscast, abandoning the hour entirely in like 2004 or so. Both stations maintained 4:30 shows through the 90's, instead ditching 6pm newscasts for a time, as syndicated fare gave them a more compe
  4. *For the summer. They aren't promoting it as such, anymore, as football is back, and taking that crown.
  5. That is correct. WNT goes 15-17 minutes before their first break, so it's not at all surprising that the final half of the show would be at least all commercials.
  6. Didn't you hear the good news? The virus magically disappeared in Florida!
  7. I agree. Whether or not there's a new package coming, there's nothing to really discuss at this time. Those that know about it can't share info, and the rest of us are merely speculating. No real need to continue this until some tangible evidence starts to surface.
  8. What, what, and what?
  9. We won't talk about the visual trash coming out of NC.
  10. I can't imagine any circumstance where a standardized package is anything currently in use. WABC's current look is 4.5 years old KABC/KGO/KFSN is 5 The basic bones of WLS is 7 years old WPVI goes back 3.5 KTRK is 5.5 years old None are new enough to be seen as "fresh" for a complete roll-out.
  11. Then you should say so. Some might see it and think it's real...even if the CW logo is messed up.
  12. Is this legitimate, or did you make this?
  13. A Bears Monday nighter has never aired on a non-ABC O&O station in Chicago. If WLS declines, WGN and WCIU are the stations to claim the broadcast.
  14. I would assume that it's at ABC insistence. O&O WLS isn't airing the game, either, despite carrying a Bears MNF game last month. They're producing tonight's pregame show for the broadcast on WCIU/CW26. The network wanted Chicago to air the semifinals of DWTS.
  15. Charlie Gibson's final GMA, June 2006.
  16. Not sure what you mean, as NBC coverage originated from Studio 1A.
  17. She moved out to KABC in the same role.
  18. Within reason, it seems easy to trust the visual product they'll roll out, but the ultimate question is what amount of musical freedom will the stations have. Five and a half stations use Eyewitness News, and that could be seamlessly bumped up to 7, but then there's Philly.
  19. No one's saying to celebrate Lauer, but he was a part of the show's history. The show had no problem keeping him around when ratings were good, they should also have to bear the weight of his disgrace. When you're guilty of enabling, you don't get to erase him from historically important material and act like he never existed. Like 9/11, for example. He was there. Deal with it.
  20. Being 2 stories, windows from the next floor up overlook TV3, but I doubt any of them are open to the space below. That's non-TV workspace and hallways.
  21. Despite broadcasting from headquarters this Tuesday night, ABC News has also gussied up the 2nd floor of Times Square for election coverage. I'd imagine GMA will originate from this space on Tuesday and Wednesday, and possibly much of their digital content.
  22. I mean, the idea of flat and modern seems like a given. What do you think some people think it will be?
  23. A whopping 16 months. This first open, from August 5, 1996, appears to be the launch of the new theme, and the old open being used well into July certainly backs that up. The second open is from January 12, 1998, and that's when they hit the factory reset, restoring order. Peter references the changes at the top of the show.

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