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  1. I'll repeat was I said on the Discord server. It's from a promo package that's specifically being used for a climate series across the O&O's. These animations aren't likely coming from in-house, and the screenshot posted above looks like they put a WABC-shaped ABC7 in a KABC-shaped hole. I wouldn't necessarily see this as a sign of guaranteed change. This is how it's showing up on WLS, earlier this summer.
  2. All of the Jim Rose tributes from last night:
  3. Not necessarily. The show didn't launch til Tuesday, and I don't think he was on on Monday, at all, this week.
  4. My one gripe is that they're using 2 different extended fonts on the scorebar. The scores use a more traditional, Helvetica-ish font, while the down indicator pulls from the MNF word mark font set. I do wish the game clock was a more standard width option, or if they eliminated the line between the game and play clocks. It all just feels a bit crowded.
  5. We don't need to cross-post everything about this. It is still INCREDIBLY early. Let's keep discussion here, instead of having the same conversation in 2 places.
  6. Longtime announcer Ron Rolland passed away, after a battle with lung cancer. https://abc7chicago.com/ron-rolland-death-abc7-chicago/13780379/
  7. Any Dani at all? She wasn't in the open. I'm assuming she's taken the weekend morning slot, and will only be on 3 days during the week. Safe assumption?
  8. 'Streaming wirh Brad' had already been lightening up, as evidenced by at least the last few weeks' 7am shows being streamed on YouTube.
  9. I wouldn't dwell TOO much on the flat look to the updated shield, as the other recent logos have had a flat/print version, as well. Still, though, can't rule anything out. What's most important/notable is that the 2023 model differs from last year's...
  10. While the weather side got new graphics, this week, the 10am Daytime Chicago got a heavy update, a little earlier this month. Before (9/13/21): AND... Also, the first promos are out for the new, 3pm Spotlight Chicago, and I'm glad to see that the program will being going in a different direction, graphics-wise.
  11. Ryan and Dionne are about the same age, he's been at the station longer, she's been doing sports longer. Their other commitments might play a factor, if all parties are interested in keeping those. Ryan still does Windy City Weekend, and she has a midday Saturday show on ESPN1000, plus will be co-hosting the 2 to 3-hour Bears pregame show, which is generally going to be Sunday mornings. I could see a platoon approach, where they split the 7 days in way that isn't the normal weekday/weekend split, but I don't know how they'd break that up. We'll see.
  12. Sure enough, Hughes debuted Saturday, and he, Karen & Greg are in for Ravi & Cheryls today at 5. Working on that team-building. MEANWHILE, Jim Rose is the latest domino to fall, calling it a career. His last day is September 15th, which lines up with the end of his contract. Despite the steady stream of retirements, since 2016, I legitimately have no clue who's going to succeed him. Ryan had the announcement. And, in case anyone was wondering, Jim's shifts were... Weekends - 1982-87 4PM - 1987-2021 5PM - 1992-94, 2021-23 6PM - 1994-2023 7PM - 2015-19 10PM - 2021-23
  13. fall_lineup_change_30.mp4
  14. I believe This Week wins the demo, while CBS wins total, but the political roundtable shows are definitely the most competitive and back-and-forth, in the ratings.
  15. 24994J

    In Memoriam

    I'm anticipating a memorial tribute TOTH ID on Monday (possibly for the week, possible at various points during the day), something filmed to air at the top of the season premiere, and possibly a primetime special, sometime soon. As for a renaming of something, I could see them going the stage route, but unfortunately, it's not that different from the studio dedication, and simply shifting it to the new facility (in whatever form) feels like it cheapens the honor. For better or worse, Bob had zero connection to the new place. I agree that they should do SOMETHING, but I'm just not sure what.
  16. Only WLS has the full package, and only KABC and KGO are without the weather portion. The other 5, through various hints, are all very close to full rollout. I can't imagine that the east coast trio aren't aiming to have it ready in time for the new 10am shows on the 11th.
  17. WBBM did that (early AM & 9, and 11 & 4), but they still added a solo anchor for their 7-9am stream. I don't know if KYW goes into the 7 o'clock hour, but adding in some solo anchor somewhere in the day might help with expansion.
  18. No? Not without giving up the 9am. News anchors work normal, 8-ish hour shifts, like most people, but that doesn't mean 8 hours on-air.
  19. I was legitimately trying to think of when was the last time, if ever, someone got a legit farewell. I believe Robin Robinson got some kind of tribute, but that was something like a contract non-renewal, and neither a firing or retirement. Bob Sirott got a package, as well, but his run at 9pm was only 3 years, and he's always been leaving for the NEXT thing. Maybe Walter? Even then, he was demoted before his exit. I'd definitely assume the 5, as well, but I guess we'll see about that on Monday. Scott was in for Anthony at 4, today.
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