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  1. We touched on it and all the other additions to the ABC line-ups in one of the Ion discussions, but it wasn't in a dedicated thread.
  2. It's actually the former. Raising it on the screen would defeat the purpose of it being streamlined and efficient, but a quick check of raw MLB highlights shows it hasn't changed.
  3. $20 says it's laying the groundwork for April 1st. It's helps that he's off this week, and doesn't have to be seen each morning to confirm whether this is for real or not.
  4. I've heard rumblings that isn't likely to carry over to this season on Marquee. Maybe from time to time, for higher profile games, but it shouldn't be the everyday plan. Edit: well, speaking of their attire... (paywalled) https://theathletic.com/2487854/2021/03/30/a-casual-dress-code-a-new-score-bug-and-more-changes-in-cubs-tv-broadcasts-dollars-and-sense/ Regarding the scoreboard, which would seem to differ from the bottom placement of the Bally's demo above...
  5. My first thought was the 2008-ish FOX scoreboard, with all that frequently empty gray space on the right.
  6. ABC News plucks local anchors to fill in very frequently. Not one has moved there permanently, yet, that made one of these appearances.
  7. Here's a friendly reminder to my fellow YouTube posters. Just. Post. News. Now, as we saw with the Sloan account, sometimes newscasts and even opens get flagged, but they're still generally safe. However, anything not news, be it sporting events, soap operas, game shows, etc., are different animals. They're not public domain, and can easily get packaged together in this streaming world, whenever their parent company so chooses. What especially disappoints me right now is that even some reputable accounts that should know better are getting into posting full, non-news br
  8. They could be a bit clearer, but the first set of times are the traditional slots on their NBC feed, while the others are on the Fox side.
  9. For what is likely an in-house job, it's not bad at all.
  10. WGN9 sent a reporter to Indy, as well. There's no need for every market to send someone for what might be just a one-and-done game. I fully expect many stations to send a reporter if a local team advances to the Final Four. Nothing wrong with regionalized pool reporting until then.
  11. He's been doing many of the streaming, team-produced games with NBCS Chicago's Chuck Garfien, as well. I was just as surprised to hear him.
  12. At this point, I wouldn't assume much about it. CBS is still dealing with an internal struggle over direction. A lot of egos butting heads, post-merger. O&O graphics are likely a bit on the back burner, at this time.
  13. Big slap in the face to Robb Ellis. He may not be the greatest to ever do it, but he's been an able fill-in since Glaros was dumped. In that position for the better part of a year, viewers of weekday morning have surely warmed up to him by now, only for more turnover.
  14. See, I'm not sure sure that the purple and orange are being phased out. They seem to be using the blue and red version for political special reports. Messy, I know, but Biden's speech last week wasn't the first time they were used. Maybe not the exact layout and use, but these could be easily adapted into new lower thirds for WNT.
  15. While that seems like a shameless plug, he is actually a loyal customer of that restaurant, and the "Giangreco table" is a real thing, so it's all very on-brand.
  16. My apologies, but I accidentally deleted your quoted text while fixing a formatting error.
  17. Clear influence from the new CBS Sports look, minus the CBS font, hence the ESPN vibes. Can't want to see more, but it'll surely be an improvement over the horrid MLB on TBS-inspired look from the last couple years.
  18. Yup. Heck, Jerry Taft was only referred to as Chief Meteorologist in opens from 2013 to his retirement, and on-air in a similar time frame. Putting aside the flack he's getting over the Giangreco firing, I feel like GM John Idler made a point of heavily promoting the top anchor team when he came in in 2012, more than his predecessor did, especially since many were nearing retirement. Emily Barr, the last boss, would elevate the profiles of the broader news team, since much of her time at the station was spent balancing an incredibly stable roster of veteran weekday talent. Idler ha
  19. Never on-air, but all media and stuff would refer to him as Sports Director, if that's what you mean.
  20. I believe Dionne's latest contract is for 4 years, signed after and obviously lasting longer than the guys' 3 years each. Jim could certainly seek another contract, but 2 years is a long time, and he may not like the next dollar amount. In the meantime, they can certainly get by with 2 anchors, especially since they use the services of ESPN 1000's beat reporters, Jeff Dickerson (Bears) and Jesse Rogers (MLB). That said, they'd be wise to consider bringing on a young-ish reporter to fill in the gaps, but again, no rush. I was thinking about it, and I can't think of the last time som
  21. Possibly, but Mark's past suspensions over other things and alleged tensions with Cheryl made this a perfect storm.
  22. That's rather obscure, for those that don't know, but that's so funny.
  23. All Access WAS their attempt at making it an hour. Much of America west of the eastern time zone only has the 30-minute, post-news 6:30 slot to put an Access product. If they kept the same format as the flagship, then there's 30 minutes of content that isn't being seen by like half the country. All Access was merely a companion show, hence the difference in style.
  24. With the varying amount of posted material, whether local or network news, commercials, or even sports highlights, it's anybody's guess what ultimately got it removed.
  25. Couldn't have happened to a better, more deserving guy.

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