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    In Memoriam

    Longtime Chicago weatherman, host, pioneering airline pilot, and aviation expert Jim Tilmon passed away at 86. His decades-long career included stops at WTTW (PBS), WMAQ, and WBBM. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/jim-tilmon-longtime-nbc-5-forecaster-dies-at-86/2417684/ https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/01/16/jim-tilmon-longtime-chicago-meteorologist-and-aviation-expert-dies-at-86/
  2. I like the new dark on light logo treatment, and I understand the purpose of the wings to better hide the end anchors' legs, but this ain't it. The blue tabs are fine, but the gold parts are way too eye-catching. Honestly, I don't know why they're making such a change now, as I can't imagine they want the anchors sitting THAT far apart forever. They could've just relocated the upstairs desk, which is the same shape, but not so wacky.
  3. And even more rare, a WLS weekend newscast from that same weekend in 2001. This open has never been seen on YouTube.
  4. I did a little digging in the past, and while he's not there, Walter had debuted as co-anchor at least a couple months before this broadcast.
  5. WLS ran a ticker during today's Jeopardy' saying that they'll rerun the preempted Tuesday and Wednesday episodes Friday from 1-2pm, in place of the local 'Windy City Live.' Trebek's final show will air at 3:30, as usual.
  6. With the events in Kenosha, WI on Tuesday afternoon and the chaos yesterday, WLS moved Jeopardy! to 3:07AM both nights, in place of the show's standard rerun.
  7. 'Eyewitness Forum' was ABC 7's weekly news/politics show for decades, and it evolved into 'NewsViews' when a Sunday morning newscast debuted in the 90's, lasting about 15 minutes at the end of the broadcast. As of November 22nd, it was rebranded as 'Our Chicago,' the name used for several segments this past year, mostly regarding race, but now expanding to cover community causes, action, and awareness. Judy Hsu remains host. https://abc7chicago.com/society/our-chicago-feeding-those-in-need/8129496/
  8. I noticed this the last few weeks. It's recent, but not unique to tonight.
  9. Home. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJUahYGhIgC/
  10. @Weeters can surely answer this, but I'm fairly certain CBS was only leasing the 1st floor space. Even if they do own it, they're sure as hell not gonna move back in just because no one is biting on it. That would be expensive and stupid.
  11. They're seemingly leaving the door open for her to return in the future, only mentioning her leaving the anchor roles, but social media responses by colleagues point to a permanent exit. While she's obviously entitled to her privacy, especially regarding her health, Marc's delivery certainly made her situation sound complex and serious. All the best to her and her family. https://abc7.com/society/abc7s-michelle-tuzee-stepping-back-from-anchor-role/8863136/
  12. And I counter your argument with... $$$ Nobody here is thrilled by such a possibility, but the fact is that the pandemic has shown just what's possible, especially on weather coverage.
  13. It looks like they're finally using a more true to size version like the original KTLA package. The small version always looked weird, so good riddance.
  14. You can lose it when they drop it. Honestly, I dunno.

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