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  1. As currently constructed, WNT doesn't need much to go to air. Muir hasn't appeared standing up in that studio for the better part of a decade, and wears jeans most nights. Jennings & Gibson moved around the studio more than David. Like local newscasters around the country, a modern, spacious studio might force him to put on nice pants.
  2. Hoping that's the case, because I'm sure a few individuals would certainly feel slighted, if passed over.
  3. Hmm, looks like they might not be considering internal candidates to replace Steve Sanders on the midday news, despite having at least 5 legitimate (male) options on their bench. https://nexstar.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/nexstar/job/IL-Chicago2501-W-Bradley-Place-WGN-TV/Anchor-Reporter_REQ-3239
  4. The only network newscast (and the highest-rated one, at that), period, that is entirely 4x3 safe.
  5. He surely will, but that's still unusual. Who did the sportscast on the 5-7 block tonight? They ran the standard (same) bumper last night, but again, with Dan in AZ, it's hard to tell what standard protocol is going to be. They don't do sports at 10, who knows if Lauren will ever do GN Sports. It's a little messy.
  6. This times 1000. Shout it from the rooftops.
  7. You've got 'Tom at Ten', now how about 'More at 4'?
  8. I've seen him on his 'Funny You Should Ask'...'comedian' is generous.
  9. The Evening News plays by its own rules. I've seen them OPEN the 4:30 and 6:30 portions with the talent. They seem to float around, if they're aired, at all.
  10. In that clip, it's the ABC News Live set. Tonight, he was back anchoring in the single-angle flashcam nook.
  11. The XFL may not have a choice. As it's not a singular marquee broadcast, like MNF, or a high profile CFB or NBA game, their agreement might say that the ticker gets on be on-screen all the time, or at least at the network's discretion.
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