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  2. Before DeMarco & Rhiannon, remember the first week of the suspension was hosted by Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez. I feel like either of them might be in the mix, as well.
  3. My apologies for not fully explaining myself. That said, I'm not sure what you could've got from my statement that's any more nefarious than another user suggesting that an 80YO might not provide stability...which is exactly what I meant. Let's face it, a person at such an age has a far greater likelihood of suddenly becoming "unavailable" to host the program than almost any other candidate being considered. If that makes any of us ageist for suggesting that, then so be it. As for calling it an uncited rumor, the poster that brought it up didn't include any article suggesting Behar's aspirations. It's not anyone else's job to go hunting for such a headline to back up someone else's post, which at first glance, sounds kind of crazy. The user should've linked to it. The notion of Joy, with zero legitimate news experience, whose political leanings have been on display for decades, moving to anchor a news program, is more than a little out there. If Gibson (almost 80) or Sawyer (77) announced they were returning to everyday GMA, I'd raise an eyebrow. If a politically-charged comedian (Oliver? Stewart? That type) announced their desire to get into straight news, I'd raise the other eyebrow. It's the combination of her age, paired with her lacking credentials, that makes this a bizarre idea that the network shouldn't even give a second thought to.
  4. No, @mountainave was saying that they've had a steady, single team filling in for weeks, and NOT the revolving door that you stated you don't want, that they're already NOT doing.
  5. There are many directions the network could go with the GMA3 slot, with merely an official host change naturally being the most likely. Let's keep the speculation to a minimum. An uncited rumor about an 80-year-old comedian moving to that hour is not necessary to post. Legitimate publications only, please.
  6. Maybe. Probably. We'll find out soon enough.
  7. The new look is coming, but I wouldn't necessarily go by the mic flags. Other O&Os updated their several months ago or longer.
  8. Before Alan retired, Ravi would do the 5, 6 & 10 shows M-W, while Mark would do only the 5 on Th-F, with Rob filling in the gaps. Since then, the late-week arrangement remains, though Rob has done the 6, with Ravi only at 5 & 10. In turn, I haven't seen Ravi fill in on the morning show in several months. Liz Nagy has also been getting a lot of slots. Honestly, if I were in charge, I'd get make permanent the current Monday thru Wednesday schedule. Maybe elevate Rob to 10pm 3rd wheel (which he already is) & give Ravi the 7, making 2 defined weeknight pairings (Ravi & Cheryl, and Rob & Judy), if that's what they're aiming for.
  9. So, here we are, 2 months after Alan Krashesky's retirement, and a job listing has been posted to the station's website. Oh, so they're looking for a weekend anchor so someone can move up to weekdays? Well, unless someone else is leaving, or they're expanding, it doesn't seem like it. That said, this could just be a formality, posting the listing, even if they go with someone already at the station. https://abc7chicago.com/news-anchor-job-abc7-chicago/11924402/
  10. I'd be surprised if they debuted anything more than some refreshed elements like this. I'll bet the scoreboard, lower thirds, and most standard insert graphics remain the same.
  11. I'm dry heaving from laughing. Someone help me.
  12. Dammit. That combined CBS2 in the box branding looks awful.
  13. For the record, it appears that CBS Detroit is found on at least one cable provider slotted at channel 6. It's not up at 62 for everyone.
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