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  1. 24994J

    Out & About

    I mean, this move actually makes sense.
  2. 24994J

    Out & About

    No joke. Check out this promo... https://www.freep.com/videos/news/local/michigan/detroit/2020/01/17/news-now-kevin-dietz-promotional-video/4499779002/ Double yikes.
  3. That would be very disappointing. That NECN bug looks like it was made in PowerPoint, as if someone made the template, was too lazy to give it any real texture or effect, and merely colored it with a stock color gradient.
  4. Not surprisingly, Shae Peppler is signing off from the FOX32 sports team after the Super Bowl. Her husband, ACC Network host Jordan Cornette has been commuting between Chicago and Bristol since the network's launch. ... Meanwhile, Robert Feder mentioned this morning that Rafer Weigel has been cleared in that whole sexting mess, but no word on when or if he'll return to the station.
  5. Lauren does Fridays, and isn't in promos, so I'd imagine she'd join Jarrett for the Friday edition, or he'd handle it, solo.
  6. This morning, GMA celebrated Robin's 30th anniversary with ESPN/ABC (they grouped it as Disney, which is untrue), and while I love me some Robin Roberts, the special guests were the highlights.
  7. Here's WGN's statement on the matter, and the first teaser video. https://wgntv.com/2020/01/15/nexstar-to-launch-national-primetime-nightly-newscast-on-wgn-america/
  8. Was OAN not hiring?
  9. Gotta look a little harder, next time.
  10. That's just a report originally packaged for GMA.
  11. Well, lookie here. These graphics sure look familiar.
  12. Weekend Today from Washington? What is this, 1989? (Look it up, y'all.)
  13. I saw a crawl during Chicago's Best last weekend, telling of the time change, so this seemed to be coming. They appear to be taking the KTLA route, keeping Instant Replay at 9:40 (between newscasts), and not expanding it and pitting it against The Final Word on WFLD. Also, no mention of S.E.E. Chicago on that list, so that might be gone.
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