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  1. 24994J

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    It was mentioned earlier in the thread, but here's one of the new elements for NBCSN's Wednesday Night Hockey that draws parallels to their old TNF/current SNF looks.
  2. 24994J

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    Looks like the anchor bench is going to be back to full strength this week, just in time for all the wacky holiday anchor pairings. Hosea should be returning this week.
  3. 24994J

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    He did WNN and ATM all week, as well.
  4. 24994J

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Much like Tribune, they have different packages based on the network affiliations, though Trib has been less consistent.
  5. 24994J

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    Correspondent Lynda Lopez anchored from a flashcam on ABC with an obituary from Terry Moran, but they're prepping for a full report on Nightline at the bottom of the hour.
  6. 24994J

    Random WMAQ Thread

    New reporter/fill-in anchor coming from Milwaukee. WDJT evening anchor Kate Chappell taking a ride down I-94. https://www.robertfeder.com/2018/11/30/nbc-5-hires-reporter-milwaukee/
  7. Or on mobile, click on the little newspaper icon at the top of each page, on the blue header. Once on that page, each thread's most recent post can simply be accessed by clicking on the green dot/star that bullet points each thread name.
  8. Chicago couldn't even support 3. Granted, that third one resided on 87.7FM and had more people on-air than listening. I was one in the latter group.
  9. 24994J

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    WEIRD schedule today. With Cheryl Scott off, Tracy worked her normal morning shift, with Larry at 4am and Phil at 11. Larry then came back to do 4, 6 and 10, with Phil at 5 and 7.
  10. 24994J

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    It's nearly 2019. Stop vertically compressing video.
  11. 24994J

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    Larry is playing back-up at 10, so Tracy will be fresh at 4.
  12. 24994J

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    They're on the air at 4am, so I'd guess she might spend the night downtown. Hell, Phil, who was off last night, and didn't appear during the week (Mark and Larry were at the helm for the holiday), might be on with her tomorrow. Meanwhile, in regards to Skilling... [MEDIA=twitter]1066829951805136898[/MEDIA]
  13. Honestly, it's a bit less inspired, set-wise. The whole set is video walls.
  14. 24994J

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    I don't have any confirmation beyond this, but the station's Wikipedia article suggests that it was a Cold War-era decision. "In 1961, the WGN stations moved to studio facilities on West Bradley Place in the North Center neighborhood, a move undertaken for civil defense concerns in order to provide the station a safe location to broadcast in case of a hostile attack targeting downtown Chicago."
  15. 24994J

    Random WMAQ Thread

    Oh man. The original caption said that Kalee is about to adopt. Lauren might've spilled the beans too soon.

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