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  1. Certainly sounds like it. Overall, I like it. The set looks better when gussied up for this, and not just the same lighting and stuff as CTM. I love the graphics updates, but will miss the old theme. Glad they kept the rough signature, at least.
  2. The Infamous Disco Demolition Night at Old Comiskey Park, 40 years ago tonight... WLS coverage from that night... WMAQ & WBBM... More WBBM, from the following night...
  3. 24994J

    Out & About

    https://www.newscaststudio.com/2016/03/08/providence-station-unveils-new-set/ Three years on this set, after the sale to Sinclair.
  4. Totally random, but I was looking up David Novarro's time in Chicago the other day. In the process, I discovered that he'll be turning 60 this fall. Doesn't look like it, sound like it, act like it, so I never realized it. Everyone talks about Mike replacing Bill, but there might be other slots opening up, too, before too long.
  5. Good news! Most dead link videos in this thread should be working again, as the FuzzyMemories YouTube account has been reinstated, assuredly without the heavily-copyrighted material that got it removed, in the first place. One of their first posts upon return is ol' Skippy introducing a package on 4th of July safety.
  6. The version I posted was from pre-launch. They debuted with the error, but it was fixed. I'd assume the 5pm talent they're using is okay.
  7. As plausible as that sounds, the new episodes sure seem current and topical. Is it possible that CLTV just vacates the studio for that one timeslot, once a week? That said, I don't know exactly when MOTP records and CLTV is live.
  8. There's been quite an influx of posts on the New York forums. There are a ton of posts that were immediately blocked and flagged, and were never visible to the general users. The double post exchange you directly referenced was hidden quickly, but you just saw it before I did.
  9. Except for when 'Katie' took the 3 o'clock slot for 2 years, GH has aired at 3 on those stations for a loooooooong time.
  10. Unless they changed or re-shot it, this should be it. 2016 5.00pm.mp4
  11. In addition, some promos have transitioned to the similar, flat look. CBS has typically operated on a 3-year cycle ('10, '13, and '16), with new packages debuting sometime during the warmer months. 20190701_224054(1).mp4
  12. This thread isn't even about Bill! For real, this thread is getting ridiculous. It's summertime, so if John isn't on, it doesn't mean he's unemployed. If they don't mention his absence, that would put them in practice with dozens/hundreds of other stations. They've rearranged assignments, stop mentally hiring people for a position that isn't currently open. John's demotion does not mean that they're trying to combat against Sam Champion. Related, Lonnie isn't going to move to mornings, and Al Roker isn't replacing Chris Cimino. I don't know if they're from the same people, but more than a dozen posts in this thread have been blocked because they're just repetitive complaints about John's demotion. To those newcomers, WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER SUCH MATTERS. This isn't Facebook or Twitter, and we're not station management. I've been meaning to bring it up with the other moderators, but frankly, until something actually changes, this topic should be put to rest.
  13. No sign of CBSN Chicago in sight, but WBBM is using some of the full screen graphics for local stories. Also, while it doesn't match the streaming look, they tested an updated 7-Day over this past weekend. While we're at it, let's throw in the ticker and bug adjustments at WCBS, too. (IceManNYR with the screenshot)
  14. Did they ever actually use the 5 o'clock talent open for these graphics before now? I know it was posted to the station's Vimeo account ahead of the package debuting, but I thought they only had the short open, at official launch.
  15. This type of concept has been used sporadically in recent months in I-Team segments, using more visually-interesting ways to display things like statistics and such. Even with a dedicated person on staff, I'm curious how that would be effectively translated into general storytelling.
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