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  1. That promo seems to hint that, even out of a heavy news cycle, they'll keep a focus on health, finance, informative subjects, and uplifting stories, which certainly differentiates it from the earlier hours.
  2. Oh my God. Get on a plane right now, come to Illinois, and clean up the vomit I just spewed because I saw this. Please & thank you.
  3. This 3 hour game show block he's suggesting strongly implies that it would be a CBS Daytime block, so that wouldn't just be the O&O's. That's also ignoring the fact that much of the country carries midday news at 11 and not noon, but that point is moot, since this idea isn't feasible, in the first place.
  4. Drew Barrymore's show is syndicated.
  5. Putting your own logo watermark on content you post but don't own is tacky as hell.
  6. I feel like this only works, though, when it's paired with brief, simple, single-story teases going into a break, such as they did last night. Otherwise, way too much airtime is being taken up on previews, alone. It should be noted that, after the open we've seen, it took another 1:20 for Muir to go through major bullet points of the California fires. That's close to 4 minutes of show before the first correspondent hits the air. That's too dang long.
  7. Did Perry Sook run over your dog?
  8. That's what I was thinking during the original airing this evening. I've heard all those cuts, and it sounded awfully familiar.
  9. Tonight had the carryover headline cue, but no music was used after the open. The teases to break were very brief, with no theme, graphics, or B-roll.
  10. Agreed. That updated, more rounded, L-shape desk from the TV3 thread would be much better. I wouldn't bet on it. I'd like to think the lower thirds within the safe zone, at some point, but I'd bet the rest of the package will hang on for awhile longer.
  11. The 2012 theme remains for the headline cue, but gels very well with the GORGEOUS open. All other graphics are the largely the same and 4:3 safe, but they've moved the old desk out of the closest and they're finally on the new set. The environment looks so similar to the old look, the untrained eye wouldn't know it's TV3.
  12. It should convert to an embed as soon as you paste the link. I fixed it for you, though.
  13. Remember back when it was mentioned that Nexstar was looking for segment sponsors? Here's that sales pitch, right on the network's website. Early graphic mock-ups hinted at a different base font for the network, and very vibrant color usage from feature to feature, differing quite a bit from the muted, earthy tones of the final on-air product. https://wgnamerica.com/wgn-videos/news-nation-sponsorship-trailer/
  14. It's 2AM. Time for Night Beat.
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