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  1. The 4pm show had a laundry list of credited contributors back in the 80s, covering entertainment, media/TV, health, finances, quirky characters, local heros, and even senior affairs. Sylvia Perez's HealthBeat reports lasted til her 2013 firing. Judy Hsu shifted off the morning news in September 2016, serving as a feature anchor for almost 3 months, in the lead-up to Linda Yu's retirement. No one serves in a role like Alicia on any WLS newscasts, but they don't have an afternoon traffic reporter, either.
  2. WCIU has a good relationship with the other stations in town. Still, a little odd for such a mention, but remember that ABC 7 aired news on The U for 4.5, and the elimination of it was mutually beneficial. There are no hard feelings there.
  3. She must think she's an actress, but she's not, and it shows.
  4. Well, that's the cringiest thing I'll see all day.
  5. The pandemic hurt the budget, yes, but it hurt the format more. The lack of audience and regular studio panelists threw off the balance. The 10th anniversary throwbacks just made the decline more obvious. At this point, I like the idea of the show better than the execution. Cutting the show from 5 hours a week to 30 minutes isn't entirely a bad thing. The host chat segment has been extended from the first 20 minutes to nearly a whole half hour. That's an easy 2.5 hours to lob off. Hopefully they'll also dump the most irrelevant sponsored segments, and they should be left with the b
  6. Diana Williams is recording an interview for this year's September 11th remembrance. https://www.facebook.com/dianawilliams.abc7ny/posts/385756509602767
  7. If this thread just turns into everyone LISTing their market's 7pm schedule, it will be locked.
  8. 7pm newscasts have been attempted with varying success for 5 decades. There's no guarantee the recent batch of them will stick. Even with unstable host positions, it's hard to argue against the continued success of 2 of the top half dozen shows in syndication.
  9. Just a quick follow-up, the Chicago version of this promo was updated by the end of George's week (adding the 4pm news), and again as Robin takes over tomorrow.
  10. To all members, please refrain from listing a station's entire daily schedule in this thread. Most stations are going to have largely the same schedules, just adjusted for different time zones. Listing all that just clutters the thread.
  11. A WGN sports show on Sundays has been missed since they phased out Instant Replay, but still very disappointed to see Chicago's Best go. No way they couldn't have found a better time slot. That said, hopefully some of that content will have a home on the new 10am show, or even on other newscasts. As the restaurant industry picks back up, the list of those covering it and giving a voice to those businesses has been decimated this year.
  12. WLS is running a version of it, too, and it's really weird. They promote Jeopardy! at 3:30, Eyewitness News at 5, and WNT at 5:30, completely skipping over the juggernaut 4pm news. That stacked rundown at the end of the spot looks ridiculous, making it seem like J! is 90 minutes, which any sane person knows isn't true.
  13. I know you're referring to the omission of Liz, but is this a promo for Stephanopoulos hosting Jeopardy, touting the trio of the #1 local news, the #1 national news, and America's Quiz Show? Simple, blue and white, using a font that's close to (but not) the one used for Jeopardy! clues?
  14. It's all very sudden and odd. This tweet from Tim seems to hint at something more than some spot fill-ins, but it's kind of ironic, since WBBM just gave him a bio on their website in the last week or two. https://chicago.cbslocal.com/personality/tim-mcgill/
  15. While the normal KNTV opens look pretty rough, this special open, unbranded for random, primetime sports usage, is very clean. The white end screen is a nice alternative, and the station logo looks better, not being forced to stay between the vertical lines of the primary opens.

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