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  1. 24994J

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

  2. 24994J

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    The updated header of the Disney homepage is a sight to behold. Ay caramba!
  3. 24994J

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    Sorry for the bump, but as a part of ABC's primetime coverage of the NFL Draft, it was announced today that Robin Roberts will return to her ESPN roots as the host on the main network. https://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2019/03/good-morning-america-co-anchor-robin-roberts-to-host-the-abc-television-networks-first-ever-coverage-of-the-nfl-draft-live-april-25-from-nashville/
  4. 24994J

    Out & About

    Quite the opposite. They trained very hard. Good for them!
  5. 24994J

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    From stage to screen, radio to television, today is the 100th anniversary of the opening of the State & Lake Theatre. https://abc7chicago.com/society/state-lake-theater-home-of-abc-7-celebrates-100-years/5195875/
  6. 24994J

    Random WBBM Thread

    List threads aren't allowed. A list within a normal discussion is fine.
  7. 24994J

    Random WBBM Thread

    Actually, I think they were their own formal arrangements. This article says references Linda filling in that spring of 2002... https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2002-03-15-0203150284-story,amp.html Now, I don't know if Tracy returned and but didn't get the 10 back, but Linda was the late anchor in September, when other changes were made. Maybe they liked the Antonio-Linda duo, and a temporary deal was made permanent, but then I'd still call his first time with Tracy as a permanent team, as the original intention was probably for her to come back to it. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/.amp/news/wbbm-tv-shuffle-72973
  8. 24994J

    Random WBBM Thread

    Okay, time for some fun on a Friday! Who here can list EVERY 10 o'clock anchor team on WBBM since Lester & Lester were demoted at the start of the century? Grab your pencils, get set, and GO! No cheating at the answers below. (I admittedly forgot 2 of these tenures.) https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/03/15/cbs-2s-revolving-door-takes-another-spin/ . . . , , , , . . . . , A look back at CBS 2’s ever-changing 10pm anchor lineup: Carol Marin (2000) David Kerley & Linda MacLennan (2000-01) David Kerley & Tracy Townsend (2001-02) Antonio Mora & Tracy Townsend (2002) Antonio Mora & Linda MacLennan (2002-03) Antonio Mora & Tracy Townsend (2003) Antonio Mora & Diann Burns (2003-07) Rob Johnson & Diann Burns (2007-08) Rob Johnson & Anne State (2008-09) Rob Johnson (2009-10) Rob Johnson & Kate Sullivan (2010-15) Rob Johnson & Irika Sargent (2015-19) Brad Edwards & Irika Sargent (2019)
  9. 24994J

    Random WFLD thread

    I've always thought of Bill as a kind of critic at large, as Jake Hamilton does most of the heavy lifting on press junkets and stuff.
  10. 24994J

    Random WBBM Thread

    Honestly, I'm not sure where he fits in at any of the other 4 stations. With all due respect, Marissa could probably settle in nicely as a reporter/fill-in anchor somewhere, but Rob has too much built up to be just a reporter, and I don't know where an obvious (weekday) anchor role would be opening up anytime soon. ABC 7 is all locked up across the board, as is WGN. I maintain that FOX32 is in a holding pattern in the mornings, until they figure out what's going to happen at 9, but would they entertain the thought of Rob as 6-9am morning anchor (the only spot that seems up for grabs sooner rather than later). NBC5 might be the strongest contender, if they're interested. By my math, Dick Johnson is around 70, so who knows his long term plans, and ratings are showing weakness across the board on weekdays. Are they satisfied with Alex Maragos in the mornings, Patrick Fazio at 4, or even Rob Stafford at night? If they're lukewarm on any of those 3, things could be wide open for an outsider, as their internal male anchor bench is eternally thin.
  11. 24994J

    Random WBBM Thread

    Actually, no. Jim and Mai have been broken up, with her going solo on Saturday nights, and him on Sundays. Really.
  12. 24994J

    Random WBBM Thread

    Well, this is stupid. FTVLive had this this morning. Might this just be the beginning of a repeat of 2008 across the O&O's?
  13. 24994J

    2019-20 Syndication News

    We're talking off-season shows that are relatively inexpensive to produce, that get solid ratings, and are generally critical successes? Why not resurrect other properties? It's not like they're on the fall primetime slate (Match Game getting a winter run, notwithstanding).
  14. 24994J

    Out & About

    What if 90% of soap fans translates to 1% of the population, and what if only half of those watch with regularity?
  15. 24994J

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    Maybe a tryout, but since nothing came of it, he was just filling in. That was a thing back then, like local anchors going to New York to anchor the network weekend news.

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