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  1. Honestly, I can't make heads or tails of this one. Mark's actually been more active on social media than normal, conversing with both civilians and colleagues about anything and everything. One tweet stood out. Granted, it's really only referring to the radio side, but it's like the only time he's addressed his absence. If he were taking time off, both sides would say so. If he was being fired, you'd think they wouldn't still be running the normal 5 & 10 promos with him in it. Also, why would such a process take so long? There are 2 other op
  2. Good Lord, what? Can we remain on the topic of WNT, or at least not on half a dozen topics?
  3. Not surprising that the tensions have lingered, but I'll be damned if they keep finding ways to make it all work. And no one needs to reiterate their confusion over the "Chief Anchor" role, like the dead horse that is. It's really not complicated, and spelled out in this story.
  4. 17 years before a guy infamously tried to turn their studio into a drive-thru, another intruder, this one armed, successfully made his way into the State & Lake Building, home of WLS and ABC's Chicago bureau.
  5. By far the more promising of the 2.5 new programs, and certainly with more viral potential that they so desperately need.
  6. That unused package is discussed with this conversation with CBS Sports' head of design. Sure enough, there will be new graphics for the NCAA Tournament, but not The Masters. The former will debut with obvious adjustments, and the latter rolled out a new package a few years ago, since the neither are CBS exclusives. In addition to the March Madness look, he mentions that there was a ton of progress made on a new sports image before corporate came down with the overarching network mandates. Also of note, don't expect much more to debut until closer to the fall. Post-Super Bowl, they
  7. Hours later... Anyway, I guess I'm not entirely surprised, as Janet's role had been dialed back in the last couple years. 190 North hasn't been produced in a year and a half, hasn't gotten many interviews, unlike her counterparts in NY and LA, and recent features that would be covered by someone in her position never quite well to her style. New Years Eve was basically her highest-profile work of the year, and when budgets need to be balanced, her contributions probably weren't warranting the salary. It's a cruel irony, though, that after all the farewells she presented in recent y
  8. If I'm understanding that tweet, I see it as they notched a 2nd place finish that day. It says they beat Today. It doesn't say that they came in first. Right?
  9. There hasn't technically been any confirmation of this, outside of some suspect corporate speak in the press release. I'll link to @Weeters' assessment of this from that discussion. The announcement is at the top of that thread.
  10. WLS 10pm open from 8/13/1984 that followed an ABC Olympics highlight show. Anchoring is Mary Ann Childers... ...with new weekend anchor Mike Jackson, fresh from WMAQ. Mary Ann gets top billing, as John Drury has not yet arrived from WGN, hence the pregnant pause between names, and not an "and." Oh, and AM Chicago Oprah.
  11. The logo is white and the whole desk is blue, and thankfully, they removed the D-shape wings. It's perfectly acceptable.
  12. What's there to discuss? As a part of Gray, they'll get the same graphics that everyone in the group has, and there's already a discussion for that.

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