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  1. Yeah, didn't Matt O'Donnell anchor like all but 1 single broadcast over a span of a few days?
  2. Ehhhhhhh, who knows? Maybe they're all negative. If the regulars are still off tomorrow, then somethings up.
  3. Tracy was off all week, so MAYBE that was pre-planned time off. Roz was broadcasting from home, but appeared at a charity event and her Silver Circle induction, so that was probably a precaution, so she could stay healthy for those occasions. Terrell was on on Monday and maybe Tuesday, and when Ravi filled in the next day, he mentioned getting the call fairly late the night before, as if unexpected. Tanja no longer appeared when Terrell did, and Val filled in for her, until she was out on Friday, doing Windy City Weekend from home. Sam was out all week, but returned Saturday to anchor for Stacey. TL;DR: COVID outbreak seems likely amongst some of the morning team.
  4. I'm going to try and ignore the fact that you linked the video, then still posted MORE THAN 60 SCREENSHOTS UP TO 3 TIMES EACH. Never do that again. It's terribly redundant, and a nightmare for users on a mobile device. Carry on.
  5. Schneider has grown into the morning role, but Padilla has never felt right to me, on the A-team, especially compared to the other women on GDC. Sylvia and Terrence have developed some nice chemistry at 9, and I've liked Blanton, so far, so this feels like a good move, to me.
  6. Mark, not Ravi. Weekday reporting for Diane was obviously a promotion from weekend reporting, and back-up traffic certainly gives her the fast track to succeeding Roz when she retires, but a permanent anchor spot trumps all of that, even if it's on the weekend. That's the foot in the door to weeknight reporting on the other 3 days, and weeknight fill-in anchoring. That's why I wouldn't count Diane out, or anyone else, for that matter. ...Again, if they go with an internal candidate, which they tend to not do.
  7. Those with the most fill-in hours, in order, would be Diane, Liz, and Samantha (who seems least likely, as she's entrenched on the morning show), if they don't go outside, of course.
  8. The 9am, for sure, but I'm not so sure about the noon. I didn't see, but I almost think they co-anchored together on Monday, but since then, I believe Sylvia did 3 noons, and Anita did not. Neither referenced the other being off, so maybe it'll be the 2 of them in a rotation, but it would be nice to know more concrete announcements. Hell, somewhere along the line, Natalie Bomke shifted to a Sunday-Thursday schedule, with Dane Placko anchoring both Saturday and Sunday nights (the latter with her). What cemented it for me was when someone else filled in for him, and mentioned that he was off.
  9. Quite possibly the best in the business, right now. Even if streaming-only (aside from May 8th), it's always nice to see him get more national exposure.
  10. I was gonna say, there had to be more to Gray's promotion than just the 10pm show. I believe WABC is the only other O&O programming against World News Tonight, but that's in the form of The Countdown, which has rotating anchors and long-form stories/interviews, even though their initial announcement mentioned Bill and Sade as anchors.
  11. It was a blanket statement to anybody and everybody. Not directed at anyone in particular.
  12. Let's be sure to not go tooooo deep into speculation territory.
  13. Exactly. No matter the look, and yes, even the honeycomb, I could get past them if that damn ticker wasn't such a vast, clunky eyesore.
  14. Last I saw on the socials was that Jim is out if the country. Besides, these interviews are frequently granted to those whose profiles are looking to be boosted...and not the guy retiring within a year.
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