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  1. Speaking of KTRK assignments. Still unclear if Travis and David's slots have seen change. https://www.facebook.com/TravisABC13/posts/pfbid02JJufJVhPk56u6B2s5PAayPy4nmyp7bTdoMcsCxQMFzm2Jhn84LeDU4APsx6RJUfSl
  2. It's been on billboards for weeks, but the new news logo has made it to promos.
  3. Gina said she's not retiring, but I'm not buying that, long-term. I give her 2 years. Melanie isn't getting any younger, either, so MAYBE they're future-proofing their main evening line-up, but that still doesn't explain the multiple one-show anchors during non-traditional hours. Again, most of those folks carry other assignments (traffic, sports, field reporting), but it still feels cluttered.
  4. I'd generally agree, but there's precedent across the O&O's, regarding 3-anchor morning shows. All in the last 2 years, KABC promoted weekend anchors Gregory & Brown to succeed Brandi Hitt with Leslie Sykes. WLS added Val Warner from 'Windy City Live Weekend' to the 6-8am block. KTRK also brought in Jacob Rascon to anchor from 6 to 8. WABC isn't broke, but there's reason to think they might try something a little different.
  5. Does this mean Tillman is the 10pm guy, now? Almost sounds like it.
  6. Just a way better use of the space and a better layout for presenting info, if most of these stations insist on using the ticker for all dayparts. KCAL's is phoned in, with the old ticker that overlaps the lower thirds, and the base version that most others are using is just too empty and hard to read, with white text on blue or orange. KYW and KDKA have the right idea, as well, with the dark gray ticker to match CBS News. Feels like less of a distraction, for them.
  7. I REALLY like their take on the ticker.
  8. I don't tune in often, but I do know that the 11am newscast seems to employ a very inconsistent weather rotation, for no good reason. I believe Travis does that shift one day a week, as well.
  9. Really, what is their deal, over there? BY MY COUNT (let me know if anything has changed), KTRK puts out 9.5 hours of news, each weekday, as do KABC and WPVI, and yet they have way more anchors. Outside of the morning shows and whatever role Simon is taking on at 10pm on 13, note that 3rd anchors (looking at you, 6abc) are in contributing roles. The question mark count is also for where there are apparent vacancies. I know some of the KTRK folks have other on-air roles, like Winkler and Rivas, but goodness, they're an insanely bloated operation.
  10. Some of y'all apparently didn't read this.
  11. Doesn't need evidence: Needs evidence:
  12. A weekender rotation at 4 & 6pm? What kind of bullshittery is that? Brittney Shipp fills the other weeknight slots, and Bill is still on before 7am, but what are the rest of the weather assignments, these days?
  13. Agreed. I don't want/care to hear any more opinions on anchor character in this situation, positive or otherwise. We can discuss this matter further if/when any involved parties speak out, or reasonably-reputable publications release anything new. Good day.
  14. The idea that Shirleen pushed and shoved her way up I-95 to dethrone Lori is laughable. Clearly WABC management had some kind of long-term plan to groom a new morning anchor, and if it wasn't Shirleen, it would've been someone else. She's not some homewrecker, and honestly, using the Rosato incident as an excuse to air Allicot grievances just comes across as defending Ken's word(s), even if not the intention.
  15. Good God Almighty, THIS.
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