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  1. I mean, he had the surgery on March 4th, and was pegged to be out 4-6 weeks, with today being the 5-week mark.
  2. Skilling is returning to the airwaves next Monday, and he should debut with the best home set-up in the market.
  3. Speaking of weekend evenings, has anyone seen Dick Johnson lately? Anytime I've tuned into the news then, Michelle has been solo, and not mentioning that he's off.
  4. Many ABC shows have been running them, as well. It especially feels like a fun throwback on the soap operas, where such a practice continued for awhile, even after primetime shows started running credit promos.
  5. 24994J

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    There's something to be said about access to tests, but how about we don't question any diagnoses? Who the heck are we to discount someone's claim, especially right now?
  6. As he continues to fill in for Tom Skilling on the station's late newscasts, WGN's Demetrius Ivory did some dumpster diving to furnish his home weather center.
  7. Correctamundo, good sir. If you've been staying home, getting groceries, etc., nothing really changes. The shelter in place just cements the closure of department stores, bowling alleys, and whatever other random places are still open. Heck, even restaurants can still do carry out and all that, which kinda surprised me. Meanwhile, Chicago stations have seemingly decided that the female anchors get to keep their usual chairs, while the men move away. So courteous.
  8. I've got a nice, crisp, fancy-ass Thomas Jefferson $2 bill to donate to the cause. Those are rare enough.
  9. It's setting an example. Simple as that. Some broadcasters are still tweaking their arrangements, and we'll all adjust in pretty quick order, as there'll certainly be greater things to worry about in the coming weeks. Stations only started this practice after the federal recommendations were made, and I'd imagine that things will start returning to "normal" when the same agencies retract said guidelines. When that is, no one knows, but there is a horizon to every aspect of this.
  10. ...which is the standard Nexstar election graphics. I think it all looks very nice. WGN's look is usually hit or miss on election night.
  11. 24994J

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    WMAQ, as well, within the station group.
  12. It would be nice if they picked a color and stuck with it, for the Primetime hour. The talent would pop better. That said, some camera angles don't work as well as others, and hopefully they'll adequately sort that out before regular usage. Meanwhile, the overnight broadcasts have adopted a split anchor team, with Kenneth on the WNT temp set, and Zohreen still at the ABC News Live desk. If only they had a nice, new, nearby studio space where they could appear together, but still with appropriate distance between them. ()
  13. In a continuing quest for sports coverage and lighter content, Mark Giangreco is dusting off some old bits he used to do in the 90's. Welcome back to Make Mark Do Your Job. https://abc7chicago.com/entertainment/video-vault-make-mark-do-your-job-is-back/6019582/
  14. I'd be surprised if that's not the primary desk. The shape screams GMA, and isn't hardly as tall and massive as the election desk.
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