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  1. Ah, don't forget the brief period in 2008 (after the lay-offs and Randy Salerno's death) when Don Schwenneker had a cup of coffee as 5pm weatherman. Might've been at the same time Roseanne co-anchored with Rob at that time.
  2. There has already been a thread on this subject for two-and-a-half years.
  3. Albert's bio is now up on CBS 2's website, and it says that he'll be on at 6 & 10pm, presumably leaving MK with the (4 &) 5 o'clock shows. https://chicago.cbslocal.com/personality/albert-ramon/
  4. No, the tweet was written as 5pm Pacific, because Abrams airs at 8ET/7CT, therefore 5 in the west. @Spring Rubber knew what he was saying.
  5. Robb was already slighted when he got passed over for the morning slot. Mary Kay had been serving weeknights for almost 4 years. Hell, she even made it into promos with the other 3 late anchors, when Ryan Baker was still on sports.
  6. EVERYTHING we've seen beyond this demo image says that WABC will only modify their logo (identical to the new WLS logo). And regarding your second point, yes, they coveted the channel 7's. There was a thought that channels 6 and under would eventually be scrubbed, so they pounced on what would've been the lowest/first dial position.
  7. I feel like "out" and "leaving" are two different things.
  8. They were shared to me privately, and no offense to anyone in particular, but there can be some loose lips around here, so no. I'm sure we'll see the final product soon enough, and no, I have to idea of the launch date(s).
  9. About 280 unique entries in my collection of WLS opens, and this is one I've never seen before. The station had used, to my knowledge, little more than a flash of the logo over a wide shot of the set as an open until their WPVI-style 1992 revamp. This clip shows us something rather different. (12/27/78)
  10. I and another forum member have seen a WLS open and lower third demo, and a WABC 11pm teaser promo demo, using this style of animation, with the windowed, collage-like imagery, those shades of blue & yellow, and the arrows. The versions we saw used the old ABC icon, as the new one had only recently been revealed, but that's the only key difference.
  11. 24994J

    Amy Freeze

    Congratulations. Most of us didn't.
  12. I'll bite. Any examples?
  13. After a decade or more of rumors and rumblings, we can officially point to an example of THE ABC O&O standardized graphics. No more speculation and doubt. It's happening. KABC EWNewsmakers Opens.mp4 As I said on the Discord, the insert graphics are unchanged, as the show has always just used the station's current package. The open came now because Marc Brown just took over as anchor.
  14. We're not doing this for every market. Everybody just stop, please.

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