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  1. Local morning opens from the 90's are typical hard to find, but here's 2 from Chicago (1998). Robin Meade on WMAQ: Mary Ann Childers (and Dave Price) on WBBM: Meanwhile, back to nightside opens (1997). WMAQ: WFLD:
  2. Does anyone know where the rest of their weather roster settles in, these days? Steve Stewart does weekend mornings, last I checked, and they hired Robert Johnson as weekend evening meteorologist, which seemingly displaced Brittany Bell, but she's very visible on their social media, website, and in a recent Local-ish/O&O weather special. She's filled in at WABC and ABC News, but doesn't appear to have a set show assignment.
  3. Most of the network's insert graphics (intermission scores, etc.) adopted that new look in like 2019, and it took them til the final couple months to roll out the full look. They better hope that no team scores in the double digits, because it doesn't look like they have room for an added 1.
  4. Speaking from a positive experience, I wish more stations/companies would just claim the copyright of the content, and monetize it for them. My effort remains up, and they make a few pennies off of it. Fine by me, since 99% of us aren't in it for money and would never think of trying to profit of our uploads.
  5. For another thousand or two? Sure.
  6. If I can have it for under $100,000, I'm in, and will just make it look and sound like an ABC O&O again. Any objections?
  7. But he's not wrong, here. That makes the difference, in this case.
  8. Do with this info what you will. They usually have solid sourcing (even when they aren't lifting scoops from us. )
  9. Not the most modern package out there, but I like it. Fits the Fox brand well. That said, the more teal-like blue and Gotham-ish font in the opening tease is terribly out of place.
  10. All together like this, you could call this a compilation of their Greatest sHits.
  11. Look at that. We waited, and we eventually found out what he was going to do. Our national period of holding our breath is over. But really, this makes sense. This surely puts him in the mix for Nightly News whenever Lester hangs it up, and it gives NBC a solid name to helm an underserved segment of NBC's streaming option. I don't know what kind of nightly show NBC has offered in a primetime window, but I feel like they're late to that particular party, compared to CBSN and ABC News Live.

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