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  1. WMUR "No One Knows New Hampshire Like We Do" Promo Campaign (1997) WMUR NewsNine 6PM Open (11/15/89) WMUR 6PM Open (9/7/97) Not local news but here's a segment (and news open) of ABC's Nightline about the F4 tornado that hit Huntsville, Alabama from 11/15/89
  2. WEAU with Working For You being used way before 2006.
  3. I have another Canadian television tape to look through soon. Some content from CTV News will be uploaded soon. Also, look out for some TV stuff from LA, Tampa, WCIA, WKPT, New Orleans, WPIX, WWLP, WVIT and possibly Anchorage. 

  4. More WSPA from their Millennium 3 era that I've found! This time an actual open with the late Chris Clausen as the V/O.
  5. I've got a potpourri of Australian TV recordings that I have on YouTube from tapes I recently bought (and more to come). I mainly have recordings from 7 and 9 in Perth.
  6. WFIQ/APT Station ID from 1985. I got some various APT promos that I still need to upload but this is a start. WIPB Channel 49 Station ID (1985) KSTP Severe Weather Crawl circa 2001.
  7. WXIN Nightcast open with much shorter use of the 1993 theme with no voiceover.
  8. New St. Louis news stuff that I have. Here's a few other opens I've uploaded recently.
  9. KBSC Los Angeles Fantastic 52 Movie close (c. 1980). Telemundo's affiliation more than likely helped this station seeing how low budgeted it looked. NBC Thursday Night Movie intro (1980)
  10. A KTRK open from 3/2/89 with a certain meteorologist missing in the open.... And back to that meteorologist. Here's the news segment on his sudden resignation.
  11. A very poor knockoff of WTTV/WTVR's Tribune graphics.
  12. New from my VHS tapes. KPIX Eyewitness News open and close from January 24, 1982. This was the 6:30PM newscast that followed Super Bowl XVI, a super bowl in which the 49ers won.
  13. Uploaded some new stuff including some international stuff that I recently acquired from bought VHS tapes. KTVZ October 1994 Z21 News stuff. No newscast unfortunately. They seem to not have a weekend newscast at the time as a syndication of Cheers was at the 11PM timeslot. I'll upload the "no local news" NBC late night credits soon. TVE2 in Catalonia, Spain. This is their news open for L'informatiu which appears to be a newscast. Some UK Network IDs. I got promos and other stuff that I'll upload in the coming days.
  14. KIDK has elements pretty similar to WBBM.
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