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  1. I’m having troubles embedding it, but Ted Perry posted another video to Facebook. In that one he says they are on the morning show set because they are “remodeling next door, and that’s a whole other issue, but it’s gonna look great.”
  2. Not sure if this is something or nothing, but I noticed recently that WITI is broadcasting all of their newscasts from the "studio B" morning set. I haven't heard anything about a new set, but the current one is going on seven years.
  3. A preview of the new set. Looks like they're keeping with the stone accents featured in the temporary/UpFront set.
  4. If we're to go by the timing on this post, it looks like the new set is coming from Devlin. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=2096107140459649
  5. Thank goodness. Something about McCormack always rubbed me the wrong way.
  6. Didn't TMJ4 just win an Edward R. Murrow award for best website?
  7. trev57

    Out & About

    So they're going with a three anchor format at 6 and 10? Interesting.
  8. trev57

    Out & About

    Following a third place finish in February sweeps, WDJT announced they will be expanding their locally produced programming. They will launch an hour long 4pm newscast, anchored by Michelle McCormack and Bill Walsh, on March 30th. They will also launch a new 7am Sunday morning program, hosted by Mike Strehlow, on April 5th, appropriately called "CBS 58 Sunday Morning". Station Vice President and GM Mark Strachota says the show will be a "local companion to 'CBS Sunday Morning'." They also included this photo of Strehlow in front of the "CBS 58 Sunday Morning" logo. I'm not entirely sure where it was taken, because it looks absolutely nothing like the rest of their studio. It's also possible it was shot in front of a green screen with a graphic added later. Source: http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/tvradio/wdjt-tv-adds-newscasts-at-4-pm-weekdays-sunday-mornings-b99465836z1-297082791.html
  9. trev57

    Out & About

    WISN has launched a new image campaign called "Where will 12 News take you tonight?". Basically highlights how they bring you all the big stories and events happening in Milwaukee. The main thing I found interesting is that there is zero use of Hearst's triangled look they usually use for everything; instead opting for a squared off blue, yellow, and black look. Has anyone else noticed Hearst stations in other markets doing this? Video can be seen on the homepage of wisn.com, there is no option to embed.
  10. trev57

    Out & About

    As I mentioned in the No Emotion Box, TMJ4 in Milwaukee announced that the morning team of Vince Vitrano, Susan Kim, Brian Gotter, and TaTiana Cash will be pulling an "all nighter" following the Super Bowl, anchoring Live at 10 following the game and Live at Daybreak the next morning. I've never heard of any other station doing this before, but it almost makes sense, considering Live at 10 probably won't start until 11:30-midnight, and Live at Daybreak starts a few hours later at 4:30am.
  11. trev57

    Out & About

    Changes about at WTMJ, with only more to come from what I hear. http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/282613591.html
  12. trev57

    Out & About

    And just as those numbers come out, it appears as if WDJT may have shot themselves in the foot with their story on pitbulls last night, which ignited a social media firestorm. I have never seen so many posts against a news station, calling them "biased", "idiots", and my personal favorite, "narrow minded inbreds". It also sparked this image popping up all over Facebook. Ouch. https://www.facebook.com/CBS58/posts_to_page And here is the story: http://www.cbs58.com/story/27349435/are-pit-bulls-a-dangerous-breed
  13. trev57

    Out & About

    Departures in Milwaukee. Cody Holyoke leaving WTMJ, Anne State leaving WITI. http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/260137941.html
  14. trev57

    Out & About

    WITI is hiring a meteorologist. Anyone have any insight as to who is leaving? EDIT: It seems as if weekend AM meteorologist Brittany Sager is the one who left. Former WTMJ meteorologist Craig Koplien is filling in (probably freelance, like Lance Hill did last year for TMJ).
  15. trev57

    Out & About

    Jason Newton is leaving WISN to join WBAL as a morning anchor. According to the Baltimore Sun, he is being groomed to be "the anchorman of the future"...whatever that means.
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