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  1. I’m having troubles embedding it, but Ted Perry posted another video to Facebook. In that one he says they are on the morning show set because they are “remodeling next door, and that’s a whole other issue, but it’s gonna look great.”
  2. Not sure if this is something or nothing, but I noticed recently that WITI is broadcasting all of their newscasts from the "studio B" morning set. I haven't heard anything about a new set, but the current one is going on seven years.
  3. A preview of the new set. Looks like they're keeping with the stone accents featured in the temporary/UpFront set.
  4. If we're to go by the timing on this post, it looks like the new set is coming from Devlin. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=2096107140459649
  5. Thank goodness. Something about McCormack always rubbed me the wrong way.
  6. Today they became the first station in Milwaukee to use a drone for news coverage. It's aptly named "Sky Drone 58".
  7. When it first debuted, it was a really nice set. But I honestly think this refresh has made it one of the best in the upper midwest. Definitely the best Milwaukee has ever seen IMO. Now hopefully they continue to use it to it's potential, and not revert back to the generic 3 shot rotation.
  8. L3s are the same, just...miniaturized. It's kind of weird. Also, the blurred out skyline has made a comeback in the stand up/former anchor area. I feel like they're still messing around trying to figure out exactly what they want to/can do with the set.
  9. Kind of odd they went to a temporary set for a week just to move the desk 10 feet to the right.
  10. UPDATE: They are still using the weather center and interview area on the main set. Whatever they're doing is contained to the main anchor area.
  11. It looks like they were back in the corner of the old set, but with the new desk? I can't see them getting a whole new set, maybe just some tweaks/upgrades?
  12. [MEDIA=twitter]653778914083504128[/MEDIA]
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't get the blurred/out of focus backdrop on the homebase? I just think a nice, clean image of the skyline would make the set 10x better.
  14. [MEDIA=vimeo]142162455[/MEDIA]
  15. The latest. "So far we have been giving you little sneak peeks of changes to come, but we can now say you will see full changes tomorrow at 10 PM!! You will get an exclusive glance right here on Instagram just before 10 PM. Tomorrow at 10 PM, everything changes!" [MEDIA=instagram]8sxm83E91G[/MEDIA]
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