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  1. Looked at it during longform tonight, it looks the same. So, hopefully no more LDL disappearing during longform like it used to from time to time! Rollseyes! The only thing I'm disappointed about is they still haven't figured out how to do local LDLs on DISH. All I had to do on roku is put in my Zip and I got a local LDL like what cable users have.
  2. Wonder if CBSEN DC goes well, will they move the Election HQ to DC Fall 2020? Or would CBSEN go back to NYC for the Election? As far as Special Reports, can't they come from DC when Norah's at work?
  3. I thought people liked Dan until the end. Wasn't he right up there with Tom and Peter until he got into trouble? Maybe that's why CBS kept him for so long?
  4. I think he meant now, rather than waiting till spring. Hopefully it will debut before May Sweeps.
  5. Sorry! It looks like WISN is getting into the 9PM field with 9PM News on 12-2 this Spring! No date yet for the 9PM Newscast. Wonder how long before 12 News This Morning Expands to 12-2 like WESH 2 and WFTV 9 in Orlando
  6. Not sure if this needs it's own thread, so I'll ask here, Why is WISN cutting the 10:30 half hour of 12 News At 10 just to move Jimmy up to 10:35??? Very low ratings for the 10:30 half hour? I liked the 1 hour 12 News At 10!!!
  7. The opening of TODAY didn't look different to me at all. Must have been minor changes.
  8. Finally able to watch Spectrum News 1 WI Milwaukee at a friend's house today! It's nice! The weather graphics are good. Watched it at 4PM, the news didn't look live, It didn't have any info on the bomb threats of SE WI Businesses. IDK what shifts the anchors there work. I think Spectrum News 13 Orlando is live all day? It's a nice add to Milwaukee! Too Spectrum can't put it out OTA too.
  9. Apparently I found a Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin online? Is this up and running yet? Has anyone seen it? I can't find a live stream on their site. I can't seem to post the link.
  10. Kathy's last newscast is tomorrow!
  11. George is working on a story for Thanksgiving, Whether for Sweeps or just a feel good story for Thanksgiving, IDK. Forgive me, I know Sweeps but what is FAIAPs?
  12. I said veterans to my dad tonight! Joyce, Mike from 4, now George from 4! Anyone else thinks that the timing is interesting with Kathy retiring? When is her last 6PM News? I haven't heard. Her special is on now.
  13. jrh1985

    ABC Foul?

    When is WISN's contract with ABC up? I don't think it would hurt WISN to change networks. WISN is too good for ABC anyway!
  14. WeatherNation now has Michael data sometimes in its L Bar! Just like TWC!
  15. I'm not certain on his life but Didn't he have the stroke at when he was still working for 58? Another thing that is interesting is he was posting pics of 58 weather graphics on his Twitter before he went back to TMJ4 , not retweeting them from Drew or others
  16. jrh1985

    ABC Foul?

    It's been um.......an interesting couple of years for Disney Parks. Just wondering if it's still good for Disney to have ABC News in the family.
  17. jrh1985

    ABC Foul?

    Kind of ABC related, How come WISN overruled ABCNEWS SR for 12 News At 5 tonight? Not that I minded at all, but my father was wondering.
  18. jrh1985

    ABC Foul?

    So....did ABC NEWS pay LA ABC to air WNT at 3:30????? Where do they get all their money anyway???? NOT from Disney I hope!
  19. Yes! I was shocked when Vince said Lance Hill during the noon tease! I had to look it up! Apparently he's been back since August! IDK when TMJ4 found airtime for Lance, no one left Storm Team 4 to my knowledge. Then again Mark Mcginnis has popped up on WISN before.
  20. Here someone that's back Freelancing, Lance Hill! Saw him today at noon.
  21. The new 12 News/WNT promo is out on YT, and at 0:27 it looks like the set can go red...maybe for BIG Breaking News?
  22. What other stations had the set before WISN? Just saw a clip of KOAT on YT, and it looks like the have the same set!
  23. WISN started previewing the new set tonight at 5 And 6! Looks Great!!!!!!
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