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  1. Thanks! They're still live now. I wonder if they'll stay live until NN? Or will they go to Last Man Standing after the Pres, flies off until NN?
  2. Correct, I'm not surprised since WGNA is a cable channel, They're are going to do it online like other channels.
  3. We got a Talent Open!!
  4. It's fine for me online! Looks great so far! Nice open! The moving screens work well!
  5. You can watch on the site and the app.
  6. 1 article I saw said Trump would probably watch, so I'm not surprised that he tweeted about it. Even though I watch Sean, Tucker, etc,(more this week than what I was planning!) NewsNation should be a refreshing change from the Fox News Lineup.
  7. Hopefully the site and app are ready tomorrow morning! IDK if you can watch WGNA live on the WGNA App? I may not be home tomorrow night.......rollseyes!!!
  8. Best open from CNN that I've seen! What year is that from? How come CNN USA doesn't have those kind of opens?
  9. With the soundtrack we heard yesterday morning, I'm hoping we get a full open! Maybe a Talent Open?
  10. Shocked I haven't seen a commercial yet during the Preview! So, how many Commercial Breaks will NewsNation have? SO WIERD to see the Anchors Together!!!! We haven't seen that since Feb!! So do they have too live together or something so they don't have to do Social Disticting? Commercials are after the Preview ends. no Arnold Music.
  11. LOL!!! I"m watching the NN Preview on WGNA! No Arnold Music on there yet.
  12. I wonder what NN can use the Patriotic Category for outside of American Holidays?
  13. ESP the last few years!!!!!!!
  14. YEAH!!!!! I can get used to this!!!! LOVE the Music!!! I was hoping News Nation would have a good Soundtrack, not just focus on news and have no or very soft music. Sorry if I've been under a rock but can you Watch News Nation online on WGNA's site or it's own site or only on TV on WGNA?
  15. Forgive me but James Spann?? Is he the new Tom Skilling? Is he the Chief Meteorologist at WGN 9 now? Or is he with News Nation?
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