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  1. The land is going to be redeveloped. Once a new studio is built the existing building will be torn down. https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2018/08/28/wbz-get-new-studio-adding-spate-allston-brighton-development/e1aPa4I4EmleM6v6noJ17N/story.html
  2. I'm hesitant to judge this early on, but nothing stands out very much about WBTS to me. I don't dislike anyone on the evening team, but they're lacking the type of charismatic personality that David Wade and Ed Harding bring to channels 4 and 5 respectively. Even if you look at channel 7 the comfort level and rapport between Adam Williams and Kim Khazei feels far less forced than what's on NBC Boston. As I mentioned earlier, I am hesitant because I know that they've only been anchoring together for a month or two so perhaps things will improve with more time. As for the set, I'm not very impressed. The blues mixed with the wood sort of reminds me of BZ’s set update, albeit far smaller and less interesting. I do appreciate the fact that they tried something unique (to Boston) with live video for the backdrop, but can anyone honestly say that looks better than just using a still picture of the Waterfront or Copley Square skyline? To me the Zakim Bridge is not all that dynamic to look at. I'm also sort of surprised that they didn't choose to use LA Groove. Maybe this is a new version of it? Whatever the case it sounds like bland, cheap production music. On the upside the graphics, particularly for weather are terrific. It also seems like they’ve been sending a lot of reporters out which I hope will continue to be the case even after the station has started to establish itself. I wonder if they’ll eventually launch a Sunday night sports show like all the other Boston channels run after the 11pm news. On a side note, pretty clever timing on this promo by WBZ:
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    WBZ is launching an 8pm newscast on August 29th which will air on WSBK (myTV38). https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154446117207010 The amount of news expansion in Boston over the past couple of years has been such overkill. These stations barely have enough amusing content to fill the 11pm and yet these expansions continuously happen. I know, I know, the bottom line is the only thing that matters.
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    WBZ also made the switch on Monday. Wonder if it's a mandate. I don't dislike the look entirely, but it does make BZ's logo look even clunkier than it did before. They should just go with the CBS4 logo and continue calling themselves WBZ news. It's been eight years since they rebranded, people get the message by now I think.
  5. it would seem that for some odd reason they're only streaming on weekdays.. Oh well, I guess I'll watch ABC or NBC instead.
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