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  1. This is totally true. Here we are in an era where we now have access to screens that have huge capabilities for resolution, gradients, color, etc. and designers these days are flattening everything out for some bizarre reason. They're not using the medium to it's fullest potential. It seems like most station groups are falling victim to the blue banner/white letter syndrome. I'm not saying for designers to make things look gaudy; I'm saying there needs to be more creativity to differentiate stations/station groups. Stations need to have more of an individual "visual personality".
  2. That third line seems kind of redundant and overkill.... get rid of it. On the second line, "CA GOV SURVIVES RECALL" would've been just fine. I don't understand why these shows make more work for themselves. lol
  3. I also watched it on Monday... Right off the bat before bringing the contestants out, Jay does his little "Headlines" bit from 'The Tonight Show'. I sat there and thought to myself, "Ummm... okay... this is awkward." The guy won't ever give up his late night shtick.... like he's trying to hold onto some sort of relevancy or something. Kevin does his usual courtesy laughing at Jay to pacify him. Actually, I think Tim Allen would be a better choice to host.
  4. I'm left wondering if a few weeks ago somebody said, "Let's try Nightly from here some night and see how it works out". A handful of rehearsal shows later... and there ya go. The fact that the Today show sunrise element is still in that last shot above during Nightly makes me wonder. That marble floor though... not. good.
  5. That screenshot says she'll be "the first guest host".... not get the permanent job.
  6. Soooo... I tried watching NewsNation tonight for the second time in it's whole existence, and here's what greeted me: I immediately turned it off.
  7. Most likely a placeholder logo until the final one is designed. That slogan... hmmmm... "stuff"? Really a poor choice of wording.
  8. The last bullet in this slide is the biggest BS.... This change is not going increase the legibility at smaller scales; it will most likely make it worse. That smaller gap in the letter c will be an issue.
  9. The set is really good, not a fan of the unfinished floor though.
  10. Looks like a command and control center for Saddam's troops back in the day.
  11. Looks like they've updated it to 1974 for the thumbnail.
  12. Some KCRA footage from what looks like the late '70s (I don't think the year 1982 is correct) showing off their transition to tape and live microwave technology. I love how Bob Whitten is showing off the LiveCamera 3 van and it's microwave equipment... but it looks like its not even installed yet.
  13. Totally plain and not memorable. I'm sorry... I'm no design guru, but it seems like newly designed logos (no matter what company they're for) over the past couple of years are now lacking creativity and a sense of personality. They are being oversimplified. I think the more lacking in personality they are, the more the viewer won't remember them. One example; Petco has fallen victim to this big time. They overpaid a design firm to pretty much design absolutely nothing for them. Dumb and a waste of money. https://www.creativebloq.com/news/modern-logos-boring
  14. I think they enlarge the abc logo because when when it’s reduced down in size to be a small bug on the screen in the lower right it will reproduce better. The design still looks crappy though.
  15. Trying to not get off topic... but I think Hearst should concentrate on a groupwide clean-up/redesign of these station logos; they are starting to look tired or dated: KHBS, KSBW, WPBF, KCCI, WLKY, WLWT and WGAL.

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