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  1. RCA TK47

    The "3" Thread

    I keep pushing the new 3 logo in this darn elevator to get WKYC on the screen and nothing happens! Lol!
  2. Glad to see in Shanahan’s tweet that they are losing the oddball searchlight letter “X” in the FOX part of the logo.... it never looked quite right, especially when the logo was shrunken down:
  3. Today the favorite icon on my phone changed by itself to this version today, interesting;
  4. Noticed that KOVR’s logo has been changed from blue to all gold (including the CBS eye) on their video player. None of the other O&Os are like this. Change coming?
  5. Hmmmm... that logo.... who in the hell gave the final approval on that disaster? Stevie Wonder could come up with a better design!
  6. Oh my... that slogan... Sounds like something a stalker would say to their victim.
  7. NBC and FOX should really be worried about NASCAR’s ratings freefall, not the NFL. They are stuck in a contract that runs until 2024 and ratings for some races are down as much as 50% since 2014. www.forbes.com/sites/davecaldwell/2018/11/01/even-during-the-2018-playoffs-nascar-viewers-are-tuning-out/amp/ The NFL’s tv deals will be just fine, but I really have a hard time seeing NBC and FOX wanting to renew their NASCAR deals in five years. Who knows how much revenue NBC/FOX will lose between now and then on the current package that they probably overpaid for. NASCAR better hope they have some improvement in ratings by 2024, or they will be up a certain creek without a paddle. It will be tough for NASCAR to get bids for the new package if things keep going the way they have been.
  8. Ugly. The Minecraft D.C. bureau I guess. I can’t wait to see how many times they put the wrong station logo in the backdrop. There’s too much going on in the background and it doesn’t even match the graphics well. I usually like Hearst’s stuff, but this just looks silly.
  9. Hmmmmm... do you think we might see some Boston-type shenanigans that might happen in Sacramento or Salt Lake? I really couldn’t see NBCUni pulling the affiliation from KCRA or KSL though.
  10. Totally agree.... Megyn Kelly and Letterman’s morning & Late Night show were all done in Studio 6A... maybe we can dig up Bill Wendell too!
  11. Maybe TPIR will move to Toronto. Riiiiight. Lol
  12. Last week I found myself watching CNN’s coverage of the Reagan assassination, the space shuttle Challenger disaster and Desert Storm coverage on YouTube. It was what real journalism was... and should be today. Just straight reporting. FOX, MSNBC and CNN today are not news operations anymore. They are opinion channels. It’s a shame. Good reporting about world events is much more riveting to watch than a Brady Bunch split screen with six talking heads blabbering on and on about what the weird haired man posted on twitter today. Hopefully these “news” nets find their way back to reporting the news again... but I’m not gonna hold my breath for that.
  13. I’m sure FOX will get rid of KTXL’s funky searchlight X in the logo (never understood why they have the FOX logo like that) when they takeover. Plus they need some new real estate... the place is pretty old, run down, too small and not in the greatest of neighborhoods..
  14. RCA TK47

    CBS O&O changes

    I can dig it... looks good. I’ve always thought having the channel number in gold/yellow makes it makes it more visible and stand out on the screen better. It compliments the yellow swoosh line well in the lower left of the gfx.
  15. I’m sure that UnionBank is loving the free ad time over Elex’s shoulder on the morning show. Lol!
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