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  1. Looks nice, though I'm a little surprised. Their outgoing set wasn't even four years old. https://www.facebook.com/MarcusWashingtonNBCBayArea/posts/pfbid02M4AgkGSXM4RLqMCkz1bTW5WTag9pHg3t12S3EvLLT7ueg7aiuZA8JTFXpUoiAt7Wl
  2. There’s also an option in the Fox lower thirds to put chips in that space. If you use them, they automatically animate away after four seconds. I don’t think I’ve seen any station use those chips at all. KTVU started using the QR bugs a while ago. Maybe two years ago? They stayed on the screen for a few weeks before they went away.
  3. Not too much of a surprise that FNC is picking up the second one. It's late morning, so it vibes a little better with FNC's dayside schedule. I think most, if not all of the subsequent ones are during the day.
  4. I noticed that fellow Allen Media station KEZI also got a rehashed, uhm, refreshed look that's somewhat similar to what KITV got. KEZI and most of the Heartland stations have been using elements of the KTLA 2009 and KYW 2007 graphics since at least 2013.
  5. It looks...fine? I think it's decent for a refresh. Is their 7-10am a 3-anchor format now? I thought it was just Michaela? https://i.ibb.co/SyqhtpS/Screen-Shot-2022-05-10-at-8-01-44-AM.png https://i.ibb.co/Qk4vbpC/Screen-Shot-2022-05-10-at-8-01-51-AM.png https://i.ibb.co/pbXGm14/Screen-Shot-2022-05-10-at-8-01-58-AM.png https://i.ibb.co/k1DFZvL/Screen-Shot-2022-05-10-at-8-07-33-AM.png My only complaint would be this shot. I'm tired of seeing 2x2 monitor grids in sets and wish we didn't have them. This graphic isn't so bad, but it's hard to use these monitors and put pictures of people in them without looking like there's a target on their head. https://i.ibb.co/gzydbtb/Screen-Shot-2022-05-10-at-8-08-19-AM.png https://i.ibb.co/SQKT6RT/Screen-Shot-2022-05-10-at-8-09-10-AM.png
  6. My problem isn't with potentially ripping off the news music, which seems to be the main gripe here, though a superficial one. The problem is with the content. There wasn't a single original story and not a frame of newsworthy video he or anyone else shot outside of a studio. If he tried to shoot and put together his own story (or two) like a proper reporter and then put in a few "pacer" stories from police, press releases and other material that don't require too many resources, then he'd probably be able to come up with a decent 15-minute newscast. Throw in a longer interview or two and you might be able to stretch it to 30. That would be a better use of his time and his viewers' time than an hour of old content ripped from other news outlets from YouTube. Go out into the world, talk to people, and do your own story instead of repackaging everyone else's.
  7. What a disaster. The whole newscast is just content lifted from other news outlets (including some from other Fresno stations). Looks like a failed reporter who is just putting his YouTube show full of stolen content onto TV?
  8. At its height of Newscorp ownership, Sky News was perhaps a bit flashy and tabloid in packaging, but it never veered anywhere close to being the Fox News of the UK. Rupert Murdoch long hoped that it could become that, but the UK’s strict regulations prevent that, and the regulators also blocked Newscorp from taking over more of Sky. For the last 5-10 years, Sky News has actually been a quality product with somewhat austere presentation and branding. To give you a sense of how different it is: they have a daily climate change newscast in prime time. Murdoch was able to push Sky News Australia much further into a slanted direction, where it remains to this day.
  9. I didn't realize until not too long ago that KCNC and WXYZ had almost exactly the same set in the late 90s from pencilogic. Looks like WXYZ got it first.
  10. To be fair, I believe these simulcasts are being added on the second station in most, if not all markets – not the primary one. The hour is being added on KICU, not KTVU, and KICU's programming lineup in the middle of the day is a wasteland anyway and has been for a long time.
  11. I suppose she could stay in the business with her husband quitting his job, but that still feels like a really uncomfortable situation. I have in the past and currently work with on-air personalities with spouses in law enforcement (and even I've at least gone on a date or two with a cop, not that it ended well), but the wife of the police chief union during George Floyd seems like a pretty hard sell.
  12. Looks nice. What's not to like? Maybe it's obvious they took pieces from the Victory Park studio, but I found it hard to believe they would trash that set after it debuted not that long ago.
  13. Does anyone have any more info about the streaming channels that the ABC O&Os are launching? I've seen some "streaming producer" positions pop up at some of the O&Os. I haven't seen anything written about it in the trade publications. I'm getting the sense it'll be like the CBSN local editions.
  14. That's a corner of the newsroom. They put that duratran/mural up several years ago. It wasn't repurposed from any set piece. The original weather center shot framing wasn't super HD-friendly, so they moved the camera and desk back and filled the wall with that duratran.
  15. I haven’t paid too much attention to KUSA lately, but I noticed they’ve rebranded their morning show from “Mile High Mornings” back to simply “9News Mornings.” They’ve also brought back the “Colorado’s News Leader” tagline, and it seems like they’re starting to use the KTVD callsign in the KTVD branding. It seems like they’re trying to go back to a more sober and authoritative brand unlike…*gestures broadly* whatever they’ve been doing the last few years.
  16. I'll park this here – some more of the Linda Kane look for KWGN from 2000 has made it to YouTube. This was also shortly before a new news director took over who painted everything blue and wanted to make everything look as safe as everything on KUSA. Also, for you WABC fans, there's a peek at Amy Freeze in there before she hit it big.
  17. The schedule always gets messed up everywhere around the holidays. I wouldn't put too much thought into it.
  18. Uhhh.... Also, it's a bit weird to include your competitor's logos in a promo, even for a split second!
  19. Looks like it might end up as more of a refresh than an all-new set, but work is definitely underway.
  20. Again, I'm not shouting "here's the new O&O graphics package confirmed!" – I just thought this topical was interesting and worth pointing out!
  21. Not to encourage people to take this and run a mile with it, but I did find this KCNC topical rather interesting. The graphics in this certainly match the wider CBS rebrand pretty well.
  22. I wish I knew more about them. There doesn't seem to be much of a trace online left about them. I wasn't really paying attention to any of this with that level of detail back then. The KCBS and KCNC 2003 looks were some of my favorites, and in my opinion, probably the best of the 2003 CBS O&O rebrands.
  23. I remember reading a long time ago about a group called Rudhoney. I believe they did KCBS and KCNC’s 2003 looks, and I think they designed something for KNTV that never made air. Does anyone know more about them?
  24. Huh, I had no idea that Chris Reed was doing this. He's also the one who has uploaded the most Denver news videos on YouTube. Spirit is probably the best of Jerome Gilmer's work. That KCNC 1997 rebranding was pretty memorable. I can't help but wonder though if management eventually thought the theme was too light. Spirit lived on in some bumps and the 4pm First News open for a while, but they switched to harder cuts starting in 1999/2000 before going mostly with XTreme in late 2001. The Denver stations had a tendency to throw away anything creative after a while and copy KUSA.
  25. Another case of Lieberman only getting the story 30% right and then making up the rest.
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