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  1. Not sure to what extent this applies, but some non-Nexstar stations that have content sharing agreements with Nexstar stations in adjacent markets are now being told that their partnerships have been suspended.
  2. Losing CNN won’t be that big of a deal for big four affiliates. CNN certainly provides a lot, but it’s all content that everyone else has from being CNN affiliates. I don’t think relying too much on CNN content is a very good producer habit, and at least the network feeds provide something that you know your competitors likely won’t have. Losing CNN will, however, screw over any station that’s not a big four affiliate, particularly WPIX, KTLA, WGN, and KRON. A patchwork content feed of Nexstar stations is a poor substitute.
  3. SF Mayor London Breed expressed her support: I have to wonder if he's getting to be senile or something. He is making less and less sense as the years go by, and he continues to write things that are clearly made up. The other person who doesn't look good coming out of this is Chuck Barney at the Mercury News. He wrote that story about Kimberly Guilfoyle reportedly going to KTVU using Lieberman as his only source. He didn't even bother to reach out to KTVU or Guilfoyle's rep. Then, once there was a ton of blowback, he tried to cover his tracks by reaching out to a handful of KTVU people after the fact to see if there was any truth to Lieberman's story, which of course there wasn't. He should be held to a higher standard given that he's a supposed journalist and has a much higher platform than blogspot.com.
  4. On a somewhat related note, Rich Lieberman is reporting (so take it with a huge grain of salt) that KGO's morning show is losing the 4:30 half hour. It'll go back to just 5-7 only. I don't see that anywhere on the programming guides, but I do know that they just lost their morning EP, so they probably are facing some challenges putting on a newscast that fewer and fewer people are watching these days.
  5. Feels like they're really overthinking this.
  6. I wish they would bring back this music.
  7. That's a shame. Academy of Art is a for-profit college that is nothing but a scam. They need no charity. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Ex-students-blame-for-profit-Academy-of-Art-15061438.php
  8. I'm wondering if some of the other TV freaks on here could help me out. Is anyone aware of previous attempts to create some sort of pan-Californian news channel? The only thing I could think of was when NBC tried California Nonstop, but that never fully got off the ground.
  9. And to think that in June, they were running a promo with Jeremy Hubbard and Aristea Brady saying something along the lines of "we're safely back in the studio and in the field telling your stories." Whoops....
  10. Logo TV also had a newscast during that time. Ross Palombo was the anchor.
  11. Okay fine, but that still doesn't change the fact that it looks weird there.
  12. Ah, the stairway to nowhere. A classic 90s fad that never seems to die.
  13. Fox NewsNow, the sprawling livestream that's produced from KSAZ, has had a slight rebrand this week to NewsNOW from FOX. The logo and graphics have been cleaned up, and it's now streaming on YouTube in addition to coronavirusnow.com. Some of the secondary stations are also now simulcasting the stream for 1-2 hours every day. The content is still the same (live and looped press conferences with taped zoom interviews from various O&O anchors sprinkled in), but a number of new positions have opened up in Orlando. https://www.coronavirusnow.com/
  14. I ended up watching much of his interview that he did with the Television Academy, and he talked a fair amount about his early attempts and failures on national television. Here's a part of the interview where he talks about his success at taking his show to WABC and then insisting on wanting to syndicate it despite the station's objections. He said he wanted one last shot at trying to get a national talk show off the ground. Nevermind the fact that he was already approaching 60 years old by that point and didn't have too much luck on national TV beforehand. I guess it's one of those cases of everything happening for a reason. If you want to watch the whole thing, it's here. It's also annotated, so you can jump to other parts of it, including portions where he talked more about the Joey Bishop Show and his shows prior to WABC. There are plenty of interesting things in here, including where he talks about Millionaire. He actually wanted to do Millionaire so much that he talked the network into giving the job to him even though he wasn't on their shortlist for potential hosts. https://interviews.televisionacademy.com/interviews/regis-philbin#interview-clips
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