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  1. I don't think KMGH has launched yet. The weather graphics have changed, but everything else looks old. That first video must have been a rehearsal or something. Notice how the super has some placeholder text in it.
  2. Sounds like Scott Chapin's voice has also been retired and replaced with Jim Cutler.
  3. Interesting. Looks like they got a navy and light blue style.
  4. All the stations will get the new graphics at some point. Not all of them will get the matching new opens that KTTV and WAGA got. Even WTVT, the hub, appears to be using the opens they were using with the old graphics.
  5. Remember how people were suggesting that 13 years ago when her profile was rising on HLN and American Morning on CNN was in a perpetual state of turmoil? Funny how that idea keeps popping up online.
  6. I don't believe the station was ever off the air, and I think they still had their usual Sunday morning news. The fire did impact its phone system (some numbers and extensions stopped working) as well as some other technical issues.
  7. Promo for CBSN Denver with a launch soon. Looks like they modified the secondary set in Studio B, which dates back to ~2004.
  8. These things take a while. It's not simply flipping a switch. There's a lot of planning involved in getting new graphics on the air. These graphics in particular are also being rolled out alongside an update to Chyron, which I've heard is turning out to be more complicated than most stations originally expected.
  9. I like it. Looks like there isn’t a standardized open this time around. The new stingers looked slick too.
  10. No way that's going to last long term. Moving the show to DC was clearly all about Norah.
  11. I think it maybe wouldn't look so bad had they not picked such a dull shade of blue. Something a little brighter would probably make it look less pedestrian.
  12. KRON switched to a primetime 8-11pm block as well a little more than a year ago, and it appears to be doing well. They're still far behind KTVU at 10pm, but some people are watching.
  13. I actually thought that the Scripps look matched KMGH pretty well initially. The blue and yellow reminded me of the previous early 2000s looks, and the Hothaus graphics were looking pretty tired and mutilated by the time they were replaced. The only thing that's been weird about it on KMGH is that they used the house style open literally one time the day the graphics launched and then went back to doing a hodgepodge of cold opens, no opens, and whatever collage of stock video and music they use to open newscasts now. The new graphics look uninspired, but we'll have to see how the rollout goes. Maybe there's more to see than just what's gone out on WTXL.
  14. KMGH seems like an odd choice. Also, not sure I'd keep KIRO that high knowing that it, along with all the Cox stations, still face an uncertain future. It's also worth pointing out that these are all big market stations. There are plenty of great small market stations to work for...if you can land an anchor or manager role.
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