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  1. Huge upgrade, though KWGN’s 2000 set from pencilogic still pulled off the LoDo loft look a lot better than this.
  2. The first G3 flat look was before Gannett split into two and before Gannett/Tegna started buying a ton of stations. The color palette was a tie-in with USA Today, which got its own brand redesign around the same time. It was a much smaller station group, and that look felt much more special when it wasn't on so many stations. I didn't like it as much once it rolled out to so many stations across the country all of the sudden. The current Tegna look at least has some personality and makes it easier to shoehorn in the awful logo of whatever station it is that Tegna bought in Shelbyville this week. I will also add that while flat looks are particularly functional for broadcast, design trends reach all sectors. Everywhere, minimalism is in, whether that's in TV news graphics, user interfaces, fashion, product packaging, interior decorating, or whatever else. Whatever design trends that are at the forefront of popular culture will eventually end up everywhere.
  3. Funny how CNN started using real newsroom backdrops again when their programming shifted away from doing actual news.
  4. That’s the NPG playbook — buy one station, cut costs, buy all the other stations in town, and cut costs again to the point where there’s barely anything left of a news operation. Garbage company that’s refined and neglected a lot of once great stations.
  5. Four words: NEWS ON THE DEUCE.
  6. Here's the full episode. Elex was in Oakland on Thursday and promoted the show during Mornings on 2. They probably had him do the Schiff interview there because of timing.
  7. Starting this week, KTTV's Friday night politics show will be rebroadcast on KTVU Saturdays at 6:30am. Should help them with getting some more eyeballs on the show on a station that people actually watch... With that said, it is a good show with a lot of crossover interest with the Bay Area, so it should be a good fit.
  8. Huge improvement from before. But can we *please* stop with the fake brick look already? No set has ever pulled it off.
  9. Okay, I wondered about that, because everyone always referred to it simply as "JVC." One of the engineers explained to me that it was just a single Verizon connection attached to the camera. Either way, it is/was terrible and borderline unusable for everyday use.
  10. The IFB isn't delayed, but the signal back to the station will be. The idea is that if you know there's a two second delay, if you cue reporters to go two seconds before the anchor toss actually ends, then it may end up appearing that there's no delay on air. In reality, the delay in the signal is still there, but it's less noticeable than if you don't cue the reporter and they wait naturally for the end of the toss to start talking. We used to do that at one place where I worked a few years ago with TVUs when the delay was always consistently two seconds or longer. It ended up with mixed results. The strategy can backfire – if you cue them too early or if the anchor ad-libs at the last second, then the report could start talking before the anchor's finished. I'm sure other people with more of an engineering background or in the field could say, but I can't ever tell much of a difference between the established brands. They all at least seem to work much better than they did a few years ago. The only one that I thought was truly garbage was some homebrew mix of a Verizon device attached to JVC cameras that we used at one place where I worked. They only had a connection to the Verizon network and wouldn't reconnect if the shot took a hit. If the shot froze, it took a complete restart to get it back.
  11. Has Disney said anything about how they're going to rebrand all of the Fox properties? I assume they'll scrub the Fox name out of all of them as fast as they can. "20th Century Pictures" has a nice ring to it.
  12. Lieberman says PIO at one point and PR in another, and those are not the same things. I didn't see any indication on Keller's Twitter note on where he's headed next. I saw him anchoring last weekend and was thinking about how he's underrated on air.
  13. The board of directors was also announced. They're mostly unnotable people with entertainment backgrounds except for one: Paul Ryan. Hope Hicks was previously announced as the director of communication.
  14. The remaining Fox businesses won't face as many changes as the businesses being sold to Disney will, but I'm sure there are plenty of boring behind the scenes changes required in splitting up a company of that size. I've heard that all the foxtv.com email addresses under the O&O stations will switch to fox.com after the sale. I doubt a rejigged website design is indicative of anything though.
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