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  1. Losing people like Shep does also undermine the opinion side....Roger Ailes was genius enough that he knew he needed at least some legitimate journalists like Shep and Chris Wallace in order to justify calling the whole operation a news department.
  2. Shepard Smith is leaving Fox News after 23 years. He announced at the end of today's show that it would be his last. Wow! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/shepard-smith-leaving-fox-news-1247097
  3. I hear that a new look is coming soon, and yes, it draws a lot from what we've already seen with the new WNYW opens.
  4. Though if Bob Prather is going to now be running the show at Byron Allen's company, then it shouldn't be much of a change at all for the Heartland stations. Though they're still probably jockeying toward the ultimate goal of selling them all to Gray or another one of the big station groups.
  5. One of our EPs slides over to Sunday-Thursday as well, though otherwise it’s pretty much the same as Saturday. If you ever look at the numbers, football or not, Sunday night ratings are huge, so I think it makes a lot of sense. The only challenges I see are that the talent request Sundays off more than any other days, so the Friday/Saturday anchors who are relatively unknown fill in a lot. Also, if you’ve ever worked weekends, you’ll know that Sundays are by far the lightest days of the week as far as content goes.
  6. Its really more of one of those peculiarities of French television. For the longest time, they’ve put the mics in the desk on news programs instead of using lav mics. I assume that’s partly because, up until very recently, French news was very formal with the anchor almost never leaving the desk. Now, especially on the France televisions properties, they’re trying to have anchors more engaged and standing up, so they of course now need to have lav mics. But you’ll still see the mics in the desk for other reporters and guests. I suppose it might help with cost too, and honestly I think it’s probably not a bad idea, but definitely something we don’t really do over here.
  7. What’s also so great about the franceinfo look is that it’s very modular. There are differently sized lower thirds for different uses along with different colors. They also will emphasize certain facts, statistics, and other information in stories with really large text over the picture. I think this is something that US TV could very well adopt in the years to come. If you don’t fancy the franceinfo look, since we are mostly a local TV forum, then I’d suggest checking out how the franceinfo look was adapted to all of the France Televisions properties. That includes France 3, which is really France’s only local TV news system. It operates on a somewhat local/national model not unlike the UK. National: Regions. Take a look at the sets as well. This is something that could easily be pulled off in the US. And here’s the interpretation of the same (but different) look on France 2’s 8pm news, which is one of the two flagship nightly national newscasts. I also still love the France 24 look, which elegantly combines 2D and 3D design. This debuted six years ago and has had only very minor alterations. It still looks great.
  8. They never had a weekend AM newscast before.
  9. Looks like Portland.
  10. Ah. I knew that looked familiar. I just couldn't remember where that was from.
  11. I didn't think it was right to make a new thread just yet though there wasn't anywhere better to put this: KTXL is getting new graphics.
  12. One of the cool features on KDVR's old website was a studio webcam that was on at all times. It only updated every few seconds or minutes or so, but it was still a novelty. Also, amazing to look back and see how useless so many of these sites were at actually getting any daily news headlines. So many station websites still got it wrong even into this decade.
  13. Ah. that's it. There definitely had to have been some sort of rights issue behind the change.
  14. Looks like it might actually be Compasse, especially because there's only one weight of Hurley Sans. But they're all just variations of DIN anyway. I could barely tell the difference.
  15. As far as pay goes, Bay Area stations do have to offer competitive compensation if they want to find new hires. CBS can’t offer the same pay in San Francisco as it does in Dallas. The Bay Area newsrooms are also generally more unionized than a lot of other markets, which theoretically increases pay. Theoretically.
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