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  1. Ah. that's it. There definitely had to have been some sort of rights issue behind the change.
  2. Looks like it might actually be Compasse, especially because there's only one weight of Hurley Sans. But they're all just variations of DIN anyway. I could barely tell the difference.
  3. As far as pay goes, Bay Area stations do have to offer competitive compensation if they want to find new hires. CBS can’t offer the same pay in San Francisco as it does in Dallas. The Bay Area newsrooms are also generally more unionized than a lot of other markets, which theoretically increases pay. Theoretically.
  4. Unless if you're Ginger Chan, Sal Castaneda, or another well-known personality with a lot of viewer loyalty, the future of TV traffic reporters doesn't look good.
  5. Looks like most of the former Cordillera stations have the new website platform now.
  6. And it looks like the whole thing has now been taken down altogether. But did nobody even think to send it to Scott at FTVLive beforehand? That thing needed to be thoroughly dissected on a bigger platform.
  7. WPTZ in Plattsburgh, NY/Burlington, VT debuted a new set today. Same set the other Hearst stations have gotten recently with some adjustments. Looks nice.
  8. I'm sure KMGH could switch to the standard ABC 7 logo if they wanted to. But really all they need to do is go back to how it looked before the most recent change with "DENVER" striking through it. The KMGH 1998 logo, with its slight variations over the years, is otherwise one of the better TVbD logos that has stood up well.
  9. I feel like I just watched an episode of Sports Shouting. I'm in the minority on this in this line of work, but I actually thing going long, rather than chopping everything down to 25 seconds, is the way to go. We should all be heading in the direction of Vice News Tonight if we want to get serious about appealing to a younger demographic while also creating thoughtful content. I think the more we water everything down, the less likely people are to stay with us.
  10. Sporadically. But there still wasn't a huge draw to whatever KWGN had on compared to the Cubs on WGN or Angels on KTLA.
  11. A lot of this is inaccurate. I think the biggest reason for why KWGN never developed into a powerhouse is that it never had a major network or marquee sports programming for most of its history. WGN had the Cubs. KTLA had the Angels plus a lot of other things. WPIX had the Yankees. The Rockies had their first season in 1993, and nobody really cared all that much about them as a team until long after the broadcast rights moved elsewhere. If you don't have a big four network affiliation or major league sports broadcasts, you're not going to get big money from ad sales to reinvest in a substantial news department. This is the best explanation for why KWGN never became a must-watch station like the other legacy Tribune stations or other, similar independents that had news in the 80s. Also, it is wrong to assume that Fox sold off KDVR because it couldn't compete with KTVD's 9pm news. Fox sold off all of those O&Os in 2007 to help pay for Newscorp's purchase of the Dow Jones Company and the Wall Street Journal. That is well-documented. Fox TV Stations was under a lot of pressure in the late 2000s to cut costs, so it wasn't a priority to own stations that weren't NFC football markets. Going back now to the current speculation about Fox buying some of the Tribune stations, it's all about KCPQ as I see it. Fox wants to own its own station in Seattle, but there just hasn't been a good way of getting there until now. If buying KCPQ is contingent on also buying KDVR, WJW, and KTXL, then I'm sure Fox would do it. But I don't think Fox cares either way about whether or not it owns KDVR again.
  12. Some video as well. I appreciate their efforts to be more consistent across all platforms with the new typeface, but it still doesn't feel very BBC to me. I think it was always a mistake to stray away from anything that wasn't Gill Sans. Nothing says "Britain" like Gill Sans, and while it may have some issues on digital screens, I think they should have made their own modified version of that. Something closer to a Gill Sans/Whitney hybrid would have been great. Also, while the 2008 rebrand was great, the way they keep refreshing it has made it feel stale.
  13. If KPIX loses any more viewers, they'll start pulling negative ratings.
  14. The 10pm is a repeat of the 9pm. KGO does not do live news at 10pm.
  15. I also think Campbell Brown would have been a good and likely pick. I was always a fan of hers. I don't think it's a coincidence that she left for CNN shortly after Meredith started. She must have had an out in her contract.
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