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  1. The “new” logo is almost but not entirely indistinguishable from the old. I doubt they’ll ever get to universal adoption of the new logo. I’m in LA this week and saw some billboards with the new KABC logo, but I could only tell is was the “new” one by the absence of all the gradients.
  2. Not anymore. Fox used to have a blanket license where producers could basically play whatever music they wanted to play without having to worry too much about it. Now, it's limited to mostly only music that's 100% licensed under SESAC. I believe it has affected other O&Os as well. MO2 certainly loosened up after Fox and with the addition of the 9am hour, but now it has gone back to close to where it was. The 9 still has a lot of interviews and segments, but even that has been toned down a little bit. The weekend show tried to really go outside the box for a while, but it has go
  3. One of the unusual things Fox did when they acquired KCPQ is that they didn't install their own people in key management positions. In the last 20 or so years, anytime Fox bought or started up a station, they almost always brought in a GM and ND from existing O&Os. As a result, I guess KCPQ has had a pretty rough transition to Fox. As has already been mentioned upthread, they have a new GM from KMSP, the ND is gone and has not yet been replaced, and the AND has been replaced with an EP from KTVU. Expect more people from other O&Os to be moved to some of the many positions that are curr
  4. What, Fox doesn’t believe in Q anymore? Trust the plan…
  5. It did not. https://keyt.com/news/santa-barbara-s-county/2021/05/24/loma-fire-in-santa-barbara-reaches-100-containment/
  6. Fred Zehnder died on Sunday night. He was killed by a suspected DUI driver. He led the KTVU newsroom from 1978 to 1999. Under his watch, Channel 2 became the #1 station in the Bay Area, a title it still holds today. He helped make The Ten O’Clock News a powerhouse and launched Mornings on 2, which was among one of the first local morning newscasts designed to compete with the 7am network shows. https://www.ktvu.com/video/949419
  7. I'm pretty sure they commissioned that look before anyone else. Here's how it looked in 1992, about a month after they moved into their current building:
  8. This is indirectly turning into a list thread of which stations reimburse their employees the Emmy application fees. /s
  9. I swear it was a story on TV Newser, Inside Cable News, or one of those other late 2000s media blogs. I can't find it now, but from what I remember, NBC either denied it or walked it back somehow.
  10. The original version of this set was one of my favorites. It had so much versatility and was repurposed in so many different ways with different blocking and lighting. It didn't look as interesting when they replaced half of it with video walls. My money is on the new one being almost all video walls. A smaller "newsroom" is probably a safe bet too. I don't think it was ever much of a real newsroom. Does anyone else remember the story that they were paying people minimum wage to sit there and pretend to look busy by reading msnbc.com?
  11. No. That’s insane.
  12. KTVU was off the air for more than four hours because of a power outage. Power went out to the station around 5am. The station was back on the air around 9 running NewsNow with some intermittent updates from Pam at the newsroom flash cam.
  13. I wonder how it'll ultimately look. If it'll look the same way it did for the election with all video walls, well, then what a waste. They might as well be in New Jersey if that's the case. But the windows may not be ideal either. During the original run of TRL, that second floor was divided into three studios. The TRL studio was the largest and had the best view looking to the north. After MTV cancelled TRL, and its replacement didn't catch on, Viacom renovated and leased out that space to be the second floor of the Aeropostiale store underneath. That leaves the only studio area (

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