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  1. I noticed Jim Benemann said the same thing, and I'm sure there are probably others out there as well. I am not an Elon fan at all nor do I think Twitter is headed in the right direction, but it seems a bit extreme to tell everyone company-wide to lay off on it, even temporarily. The site at least still works relatively the same as it did a month ago...
  2. Actually I take back what I said earlier. This set looks fantastic. The more I look at it (particularly the secondary presentation areas), the more I notice how much detail went into it without going overboard. Take a look at it, and then take a look at the set it replaced, and you'll realize how it blows the old one out of the water. It probably cost a fortune, but it's a much more refined and better use of the space. The only thing I can find wrong with it is that monitor graphic on the 2-shot, but that's an easy fix. Some more pictures on the designer website too: https://jhdgroup.net/portfolio/ktla-news-studio/?portfolioCats=41%2C32%2C48%2C49%2C43%2C42%2C46
  3. I don’t think it’s anything groundbreaking, but it looks nice, especially on wide shots. It’s an improvement over the last set. The 2-shot at the anchor desk is the only obvious weakness. There’s absolutely no depth-of-field with just the logo and a sea of blue (with some sort of topography pattern?) They should swap out that graphic with something different.
  4. Probably didn't help that her EP left shortly after her show was launched.
  5. It's sounding like Fox is expecting that NBC and ABC will indeed drop the 10pm hour. I've heard that the O&Os are looking into what effect, if any, it would have on their long-established 10pm newscasts. It sounds like there's actually not much overlap between viewers who watch the big 3 primetime offerings and those who watch primetime newscasts.
  6. Interesting. I always thought it was odd that he was replaced on the morning show and put onto what seemed like a pretty meaningless 11am/4pm midday shift not too long ago.
  7. I remember that design was in the monitors of a rendering of the WNBC set in 3C, so that was probably an unused look from ~10 years ago that never made air.
  8. It's...fine. I still don't get why they replaced the last set. There's nothing really remarkable about this one. The tight shots and monitor standup area are fine, but it's otherwise pretty bland. I don't think the 'corner-full-of-vertical-monitors' looks as cool as Nexstar thinks it does. I don't think it projects an illusion of a big city loft nearly as well as the outgoing set did. Also, what's up with the fake balcony mezzanine railing? This set is pretty much all monitors, so there are almost no other stylistic elements to it. The all-grey everywhere feels pretty cold. You could pretty much plop this set in any city. In fact, it has been plopped into several cities, and I have a feeling we'll see it in some more (KTLA). The *one* unique thing it has that I also like is the weather center – putting it behind the set with some frosted plexiglass is a cool way of giving a small impression of a working newsroom/control room backdrop.
  9. Pretty sure it was dropped sometime in early September at the start of the fall season. KICU dropped it too, though it still has the Live Now simulcast in the middle of the day. If I'm not mistaken, Fox Weather is on a subchannel somehwere on at least one of the stations Fox owns in each market.
  10. This doesn't read as any new information, but rather just analysis of the original story that the WSJ broke several weeks ago. I do agree though that it seems more than likely that the 10pm hour goes away and will probably be replaced by more local news in most places, especially the small markets. For local stations, that's probably the best bang for their buck – no extra costs ("you've been producing half an hour, so we'll promote you to doing 90 minutes!") and a lot more ad inventory and therefore more revenue potential for the stations. I doubt we'll see a late national newscast as so many have speculated in here. If NBC is going to give back the hour to affiliates, then they're going to give back the hour. I suppose some stations on the east coast could take the west coast edition of Nightly on a tape delay if they really wanted to, but that sounds kind of lame. At the most, maybe NBC would offer the option for stations to carry that Tom Llamas show or whatever else is on late on NBC News Now at that hour. One idea I haven't seen brought up is whether the stations in the Central and Mountain time zones would be able to shift primetime to 8-10 and basically expand prime access to the 7pm hour and also still have a decent lead-in to the 10pm newscasts. If so, that would make programming neatly uniform nationwide with prime access until 8pm, primetime 8-10, and then local news at 10. If so, then this move would really work out well for the stations in the middle part of the country. I would love to see some stations take this opportunity to do their own local late night talk shows. That would be fascinating, and perhaps some big market stations could pull it off. But I bet the cost-benefit analysis on that doesn't even get close to penciling out.
  11. This open debuted a few weeks ago when KPIX shuffled around all their anchors. They're clearly trying to market the 6 and 7pm newscasts with Juliette Goodrich as complements to the Evening News with Norah O'Donnell. But aside from the new opens and giant tease banners for the 6 and 7pm shows, it's the same mish-mash of old and new graphics everywhere else on KPIX. Plus, knowing PIX, they'll change their minds on everything again in about 3 months...
  12. Good for him. He was one of the handful of people Fox laid off early in the pandemic.
  13. Honestly, that sounds a lot better. Imagine the embarrassment of telling someone "I'm a Newsy correspondent." Or calling up someone and saying "Hello, I was wondering if you could give a comment on this story to Newsy." Scripps News sounds more like a body within the company with a broad set of news resources rather than some quippy online news upstart that they just so happened to buy a few years ago. The only thing that's a little puzzling is that Newsy underwent a rather nice visual rebrand not even a year ago.
  14. KEYT in Santa Barbara is debuting a new set this week. It's their first new set in ~20 years. Not sure if they also built something for KCOY or if KCOY is going to continue with their virtual chroma set. Teaser video:
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