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  1. CNBC is such a different audience than the Today Show. He'll be fine. They probably learned from mistakes made with Megyn and Greta and realized that it would be safer to put him somewhere like CNBC than to thrust him onto MSNBC or the network.
  2. It looks like all they did was switch over their website and webstream to Anvato along with a new livestream slate. I wouldn't hold your breath that anything else is changing too soon.
  3. The web systems are often usually the easiest things to flip when it comes to station sales. The thing that might be rough for some of these ex-Tribune stations will be switching off whatever homebrew newsroom software they had and going back to iNEWS. Not sure what graphics platform they were using, but Fox is standardized on Chyron. And of course covid throws a wrench into a lot of that I can imagine.
  4. Wait. So that logo isn't a throwback? They actually designed it that way? In 2020? For a news station? It looks bad in small sizes on digital, and it's going to moiré on air. Congrats to them for creating a logo that's designed neither for TV nor digital.
  5. KCNC traffic anchor Joel Hillan has been laid off.
  6. Stanley Roberts has been laid off at KPHO.
  7. From what I see on some chatter in some Facebook groups, it hasn't hit every O&O.....or at least not yet.
  8. No, but we're doing exactly that right now, and it's going better than anyone could have ever guessed. I don't think people on here get that this isn't just a fun little project the industry decided to embark upon or that we're doing this just to make a point on air. We are in a pandemic, and the guidance from local, national, and global health experts is that we are all generally safer if we can avoid public gatherings. I am glad my employer acted quickly and decisively through a number of measures to ensure our health and safety by getting as many people out of the building as possible and compensating those who still need to work in the building or in the field. Many of my contacts at other broadcasters who have not acted as nimbly are generally frustrated at their managers for not taking it as seriously. We're getting the work done, and ratings are sky high, so viewers don't seem to really care that much that our newscasts don't look or sound as great as they normally would. I don't think this will be the new normal, but this entire thing forced broadcasting to come into the 21st century by figuring out ways to have people work from home effectively. Plenty of other industries have had more flexible remote work abilities for years. It turns out that a lot of news production can be done from home, and in the future, if people are given the option, I'm sure some will choose to stay home for a number of reasons. The writers and web staff are able to do their jobs pretty well remotely. Video editors and the assignment desk, not so much. With that said, I do think we will someday go back to having much (maybe not all) of the newsroom filled in again and anchors back in shiny studios. But in the near term, when people start to gradually come back into the building when SIP is lifted, it will be in order of who is having the hardest time working from home. Not to spoil it for you, but anchors will probably be among the last to come back into the building.
  9. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if some small market stations actually did try to do something stupid like launch new graphics right now. I know of some backwater stations where the managers are still pretending like everything's normal right now and are having far more people come into work than there should be.
  10. The nation's broadcasters clearly have it all wrong yet again....stations like WJZY and KDKA really are the crown jewels of the industry...
  11. And give people the Broncos instead of the Cowboys.
  12. I think you have a point on the Garcetti pressers. But on the other hand, now would be a great time to launch a new newscast because ratings for everyone across the board are so high. If you're going to try to establish a new viewer habit, you might as well try to do it now instead of in normal times when nobody's watching KTTV. I don't know whether or not these newscasts are going to go away at some point. The only place I've seen it indicate that they're temporary is on here. That might be the case, but given that there's a new GM and news director, then it wouldn't surprise me if KTTV is in for a little bit of a shakeup.
  13. That story is from January, and the cuts were announced in 2018. The government announced big cuts then to not just France Télévisions but also Radio France and INA, which is sort of a historical media archive service. Since the pandemic, France 2 and franceinfo: have been simulcasting a joint Télématin/6h30-9h30 newscast, though it's really just franceinfo's regular morning news. Franceinfo: has also been airing the main France 2 newscasts at 13h and 20h one hour afterward, and they've also been doing a taped pandemic special at 22h.
  14. I think you're right. Seems crazy that they have no weekend morning news too. I believe the new news director has a bit of a reputation of being a newshound, so it wouldn't surprise me if KTTV tried to ramp things up.
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