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  1. C Block

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    Not really a news program, but some PBS nostalgia nonetheless:
  2. I like it now that I've figured out that clicking the green dot jumps to the first unread post in a thread.
  3. C Block

    Tegna stations online video with no graphics

    I have noticed KGW in particular does that. KUSA certainly doesn't. I haven't paid much attention to the other Tegna stations. KGW also is one of the few that uploads the entire A blocks of several newscasts every day, which I think is something more stations should do.
  4. C Block

    KTVU getting a New Set

    They switched to a darker blue at night this week. The light blue is still used earlier in the day.
  5. C Block

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    KDVR had a pretty unremarkable history from the time it signed on the air in 1983 until when it became a Fox O&O in 1995 and started a news department in 2000. But this promo theme from 1987 back when they branded as "TV-31" is, uh, a sign of the times. The station's first logo as seen here is also rather unusual too:
  6. C Block

    NBC moving network master to Denver

    That letter is from July. Any updates since then, or is this just typical union/management bluster?
  7. C Block

    MI News 26 Founder Starting National News Network

    I still have the same question, and I couldn't find an answer on their site: where is all the content coming from? News video doesn't appear out of thin air.
  8. C Block

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere. KSEE has had new graphics for a few weeks now. KGPE appears to have not changed. [MEDIA=twitter]1060611670710669314[/MEDIA]
  9. C Block

    Midterms Coverage

    That ABC set looks grotesque.
  10. C Block

    KGO/ Disney plan :415 report...

    His other story up today begs a good question: who said it, Trump or Lieberman?
  11. C Block

    KTVU getting a New Set

    Looks nice. They really went for an understated look that is very fitting for them. I'm glad nobody yelled, "these blank walls need more monitors!" This looks like a good place to do rolling news for 12+ hours a day, give or take. There's also the upstairs studio, which has a ton of flexibility and will be better for the in-house interviews. The main video wall backdrop looks too much like they're trying to make it look like the old set. The new music is all wrong, but then again, the music it replaced wasn't great either.
  12. C Block

    Scripps to acquire Cordillera

    Yeah, if they really want something from you, then they'll be pushy, but I'm always a little disappointed with what content actually does end up on VOD. It seems like NBC will pull about a half dozen stories in each region, feed them out as PKGs on satellite, and then cut them up into sad little VOSOTs on VOD about eight hours later. ABC and Fox at least put up on VOD a few full PKGs from their O&Os every single day in addition to a decent amount of content from everyone else. I just wonder whether the wire editors at all networks used to pull more from all the affiliates back when there was a greater need to rely on the network pre-broadband internet. I get the sense that the wire editors don't bother pulling stories anymore that don't have any national interest even if the other affiliates in the region might want them. That might be fine if you're O&O, in a big station group, and/or have lots of sister stations in nearby markets, but it's not ideal if you are in a smaller group.
  13. C Block

    Scripps to acquire Cordillera

    FTP/Wetransfer/Hightail/etc. etc. are great, and if the other station is helpful and cooperates, then everybody wins. But you're still at the mercy of hoping and praying that the desk editors at the other station will maybe possibly get around to thinking about sending you video if they have time after lunch. You still need the network wire services for a lot of the out of market video, and the best scenario is if the network has already pulled what you wanted and put it up on wires so you can download it yourself without having to irritate the other station. I have a feeling that wire editors are a little less aggressive about pulling video now that they know how much stations just share among themselves, which means stations in smaller groups suffer. It was interesting to hear in the Scripps conference call that all but one of Cordillera's stations are #1 in their markets, and the Cordillera group has a higher profit margin than the existing Scripps stations. This was a quality station group to add to any company's portfolio.
  14. C Block

    Scripps to acquire Cordillera

    It's not that weird of a thing. There are all kinds of formal and informal news sharing agreements between stations in adjacent markets. When there are no common owners in two given markets, generally stations will cooperate with stations of the same affiliations. But when there are common owners, the alliances get a little shaken up. I'm sure KUSA is now trying to strike some sort of deal with KRDO or KKTV.
  15. C Block

    Megyn Kelly Today Officially Cancelled

    NBC is not going to give up an hour of the Today show to affiliates. It's the most profitable show on broadcast TV. They could put up color bars, Richard Spencer, or the Mao Tse Tung Hour and advertisers would still buy ads. As absurd as the four-hour format is, they aren't going to give it up.

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