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  1. I was also thinking that RiNo would be a good location. They could probably rent out a decent amount of space in any of those new buildings or under construction projects. It’s a cool neighborhood, you’d still be close to downtown, and you’d also be close to freeways, which is good for dispatching crews. If they were really worried about parking, they could maybe find some space in the Taxi Building or something else on that side of the river.
  2. The KCNC/KOA building is definitely about a decade older than the KMGH/KLZ one. There’s a good tour of it that aired nationally on the Today show in 1959: The studio at 11th and Bannock is probably the oldest one that’s still standing. I think it was KBTV/KUSA’s original facility from the early 50s. KRMA moved into it in 1992 and moved out a few months ago.
  3. How absurd. I’ve never been in that building, but I’ve always heard it’s pretty cramped inside. When you think about how much they’ve expanded with their national projects and KCDO, I’m sure it is getting to be pretty tight in there. I don’t see what value there would be in preserving it. It’s such a good location. A 5-10 story residential or mixed use building that takes up the full footprint of the property would be a much better outcome.
  4. Too bad Rush didn't see it that way when he mocked people dying of AIDS in a daily segment...
  5. I'm not usually one to advocate for cost cutting, but....helicopters are a huge expense, and it makes a lot of sense in many ways to pool that sort of resource together. Chopper sharing has been going on now in Denver for well more than a decade. Can anyone point to a story that would have been better served with more than one chopper there? Also, is KDVR still part of the pool or what? I know they were, then they dropped out. I thought they were back in?
  6. Bill Shine oversaw all of FNC primetime programming in the early years when it was still an upstart network. He wouldn't necessarily be my own personal choice, but I actually don't think it's that much of a problem that NewsNation is hiring him if he's only going to be working in the capacity of a consultant. He would probably have some decent insight in knowing how to scale up the operation.
  7. When did KMGH start producing 8pm news on KCDO? Also, they now do 7-9am and 1pm on KCDO?? I see there's also news at 11pm, but I'm going to guess that's a 10pm repeat. Denver is approaching LA levels in terms of how much news is available around the clock. https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/kcdo-now-local3-new-shows-entertainment-and-expanded-colorado-news-from-denver7
  8. Becky Ditchfield has left KUSA. Ed Greene is returning as an interim freelance meteorologist: https://www.9news.com/article/about-us/team-bios/ed-greene/73-fa511cd8-f125-49cc-b341-f5caf49e8c29
  9. Yeah, he's been at KCNC a long time. I get the sense that it's a pretty good place to work as there usually isn't a lot of turnover. It's not the market leader of course, but it's probably more competitive than a lot of the other O&Os.
  10. Maybe they want more newsroom or sales space for social distancing purposes whenever people start coming back into the building. I know that where I am, we've also considered mothballing one of our studios and turning it into a second newsroom.
  11. Don Champion is sharing his story of discrimination. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10106647264600435&id=18406529&set=a.655479412025&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1611684354501645&ref=m_notif
  12. Still seems like they rely on a lot of repetition. I had it on yesterday, and they took the NBC special report on impeachment. After it was over at 5pm EST, Alison anchored some coverage for a while before they reracked the entire special report from the very start of the impeachment hearing. Felt like a very strange thing to do.
  13. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. The last one debuted in fall 2011 and was in my opinion a mediocre ripoff of what KYW had. I bet they get a soft area just like many of the other O&Os if only for some grand idea to try to revamp that dreadful morning show. They’ve been doing okay lately in early evenings, especially with the new 7pm show.
  14. The animation does feel a little clunky, though I do appreciate that CBS is finally going for some consistency with the same logo treatment as the network identity and the use of Proxima Nova.

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