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  1. Hard to put on a show for another station if you're trying to put your own show on the air. It's not impossible, but KCBS can probably produce a higher quality show for WCBS because of the time difference.
  2. The choppers are actually based at the Hayward airport, not OAK. Also, I believe KPIX has its own chopper. From what I heard through the grapevine, the plan tomorrow is to pool again with KTVU/KPIX/KGO up constantly in two hour shifts each all day long.
  3. Fox is dabbling into streaming. The Fox stations are doing a live Coronavirus special weekdays 1-3 pm ET on their livestreams and Facebook live. It's being produced by KTVU with contributions from the other stations.
  4. Okay, I guess I'll have to start paying attention to all things Nexstar now. Looks like KTXL is getting Nexstar graphics soon. Or at least, I think those are Nexstar graphics.
  5. That fake control room backdrop to the side looks very much like the Situation Room too.
  6. It sounds like CBSN Denver isn't really even doing separate newscasts yet.
  7. “Over the past six months we’ve invested nearly $500 million to acquire best-in-class, top-tier, broadcast network affiliates,” said Allen, founder, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios. “We plan to invest approximately $10 billion to acquire ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox television stations over the next three years with the goal of being one of the largest broadcast television groups in America.” Where's he finding this money? And what stations is he going to buy that haven't already been gobbled up by the big station groups?
  8. I don't think KMGH has launched yet. The weather graphics have changed, but everything else looks old. That first video must have been a rehearsal or something. Notice how the super has some placeholder text in it.
  9. Sounds like Scott Chapin's voice has also been retired and replaced with Jim Cutler.
  10. Interesting. Looks like they got a navy and light blue style.
  11. All the stations will get the new graphics at some point. Not all of them will get the matching new opens that KTTV and WAGA got. Even WTVT, the hub, appears to be using the opens they were using with the old graphics.
  12. Remember how people were suggesting that 13 years ago when her profile was rising on HLN and American Morning on CNN was in a perpetual state of turmoil? Funny how that idea keeps popping up online.
  13. I don't believe the station was ever off the air, and I think they still had their usual Sunday morning news. The fire did impact its phone system (some numbers and extensions stopped working) as well as some other technical issues.
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