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  1. RTM (Malaysia's state broadcaster) has since replaced those graphics as part of a group-wide rebrand.
  2. Eh, I'm glad it's just image branding. When I see that design I can't help but think they renamed the network, as the "F" is so overly stylized that it looks like a "V". "You're watching Fox Vox!"
  3. With television manufacturers and station groups starting the switch to ATSC 3.0 ("Next Gen TV",) the newest version of the U.S.'s digital television standard, I thought it would be prudent to start a thread about which stations have rolled out ATSC 3.0 transmissions. This thread is similar to the old HD News Thread from back in the day. The switch to ATSC 3.0 in the United States is voluntary. Unlike the analog-to-digital switchover (and more like the HD switch,) the switch to ATSC 3.0 is intended by both manufacturers and regulators to be more market-driven. As a result, there will be no mandate for new TV sets to include ATSC 3.0 tuners and no subsidy program for ATSC 3.0 equipment (like the converter box coupons from the ATSC 1.0 switch) will exist. Notably, ATSC 3.0 signals are not subject to the same must-carry rules for pay TV providers as ATSC 1.0 signals. I'll try to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, so feel free to reply with any updates or suggestions! ---- Markets that have active or experimental ATSC 3.0 stations This list also includes stations that are undertaking trial broadcasts. Raleigh-Durham: WRAL Phoenix: KFPH-CD, KASW Dallas: KSTR, KTXD Las Vegas: KSNV, KVCW, KLAS, KTNV Nashville: WTVF, WKRN, WZTV, WUXP, WNAB Orlando: WRCF-CD Pittsburgh: WPGH, WTAE, WPNT Portland: KPDX, KPTV, KATU, KGW, KOPB, KOIN, KRCW Santa Barbara: KSBB-CD Salt Lake City: KUTV, KJZZ, KTVX, KUCW Austin: KXAN, KBVO, KNVA, KEYE Oklahoma City: KOCO, KFOR, KAUT, KOKH, KOCB Washington: WJLA and WTTG are planning to run an 8-week trial of ATSC 3.0 - no start date announced yet Station groups that have announced ATSC 3.0 deployment plans Some of these groups are acting in concert with other groups to launch ATSC 3.0 services. Graham Tegna Scripps Fox Television Stations Meredith Nexstar Telemundo Univision Sinclair Capitol Broadcasting
  4. Two Latin American broadcasters have made changes to their on-air presentation recently. Brazil: This past week, the local newscasts on the SBT owned-and-operated stations (Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Nova Friburgo, Belém, Brasília, Ribeirão Preto and Jaú) relaunched with a new look in line with the one used on SBT Brasil (the main national newscast) and the morning newscast Primeiro Impacto. While the graphics are the exact same, the local newscasts use different music. Here's the intro and headlines for the first edition of SBT Rio Grande (Porto Alegre) with the new look - the graphics (except for the name) and music are the exact same on all the other stations. Note that SBT Rio Grande still uses the 2016 graphics to introduce the sponsorship plugs, at least in this edition: Prior to SBT Brasil, some SBT-owned stations also run evening newscasts, namely the ones in Nova Friburgo, Porto Alegre, and Brasilia (SBT São Paulo gets an "early edition" of SBT Brasil in lieu of a local evening newscast). Here's the intro to the Nova Friburgo version, SBT Cidade; note the different music. While local morning newscasts on SBT-owned stations were a lot more common a few years back, nowadays only the station in Jaú has one. The music is the same as the midday version (the first video in this post). Personally, I prefer the 2016 graphics and music to this, but I have a hunch as to why SBT did it. The network's been on a consolidation streak lately (the various national news programs on SBT all had different looks and graphics until 2016 or so,) so this is may be an attempt to bring the local newscasts completely in line with the national branding. Also, by leaving out any mention or hint of locality in the local intros barring the name (as compared to the map in the 2016 version,) it's easier for the affiliate stations of SBT to adopt the new look as well. Unlike Globo, whose affiliates share the same look and feel as their O&Os, SBT's are a smorgasbord of different looks (this montage is from 2018 - the affiliate stations start at 1:11 in the video): Also unlike Globo and Rede Record, whenever an SBT affiliate wanted to use something similar to the O&O look, they would get a somewhat pared-down version of the O&O package. Note the difference between the "full-featured" version used on the O&Os (except for Ribeirão Preto [SBT Verdade], which used something different) and the bare-bones pared down version (here's the one used by affiliate TV Amazônia in Amapá - the newsroom shot at the end is totally generic, by the way, it's the same on all the affiliates that use this package). Chile: After hinting at the relaunch when they debuted their new multipurpose studio back in January, Mega recently revived the name Meganoticias for their newscasts, putting the Ahora Noticias branding to bed after six years. The music, while different, carries over the signature of the Ahora Noticias theme. Here's the sponsorship plug and intro to the first edition of Meganoticias Prime, the main evening newscast on Mega:
  5. Your link is redirecting me to the Nostalgia subreddit.
  6. I hope that's not the final logo too. Even by C Clarity-era Tegna logo standards, that's just lazy.
  7. On March 3, Chile's Canal 13 relaunched their Teletrece (T13) bulletins in celebration of the channel's 60th anniversary. I really like the music; better than the previous package in my opinion. Some of the graphics are a bit small and hard to see, though.
  8. No, the entire clip is part of the newscast. The first few seconds is the intro to a short "NHK News" bulletin, not a network ID. I don't even think Japanese TV stations do hourly IDs, they only ID themselves at startup and closedown.
  9. Nothing. Lists are still banned per the site's Guidelines:
  10. Drove by WAGA's studios today without even noticing it. I always forget they're not in Midtown Atlanta with the others. :classic_laugh:

  11. MBC, South Korea (2018). MBC's flagship program MBC Newsdesk has rebranded again, just a few months since the program's last refresh after the broadcasters' strike. They kept the remixed version of the classic theme though, so that's good:
  12. Not necessarily news-related, but TVNewsCheck reports that WAGA will launch a new half-hour entertainment show called The Georgia Scene starting July 20. The show will run for a 8-week period as a "summer preview show".
  13. The set and graphics are pretty good, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking of DR's TV Avisen when I hear that theme.
  14. From the album: skbl17

    So, after looking at my first WSB-TV mock on my channel and comparing it to all the others, I decided to do another mock - yes, even after I said I wouldn't. Hey, I didn't say anything about creating new mocks, just that I wouldn't revisit old ones.
  15. Returning to Japan... At 8:45pm local time, all NHK stations produce local newscasts for NHKG (NHK General TV, the general interest channel). Also, NHK Educational TV (ETV or E-Tele) shows a signed newscast at the same time NHKG breaks for regional newscasts, as shown in the last video on this page. The first regional example is from NHK Osaka; this theme is apparently new. This montage features the jazzy intro, a story about school examinations in Osaka, NPB baseball scores, the weather (including a neat pollen count map,) and the close. Nice! [yt]HHDav-XbbkU[/yt] This one is from Kyoto, and includes the intro and the close (the little symbol that appears in the intro is the stylized version of the first kanji character of "Kyoto"; I didn't notice it the first time I saw this video. Nice touch!) [yt]WJmX9Z0JbxM[/yt] This version is from Tokyo, and broadcasts to most of the Greater Tokyo Area. Oddly, the 8:45 Tokyo bulletin is not shown in the outer regions of the Kanto region, including Shizuoka and Ibaraki Prefectures, who have their own newscasts. This version from January 30 starts off with details on an earthquake that struck earlier that evening. Apologies for the trademarks and poor quality. [yt]z1yAC4iqvhM[/yt] Finally, here's a montage of all kinds of newscasts - and shows that don't seem like newscasts - from NHK and some of the private networks. As I mentioned earlier and as shown in the following video, Ibaraki has its own 8:45 newscast separate from the one shown in the immediate Tokyo area. [yt]oUty4RDuVQg[/yt]
  16. (2015) From South Korea, here's the opening to the New Year edition of KBS News 9 (KBS뉴스9), the public broadcaster's main newscast. This bulletin also marked the launch of a new graphics package. [yt]CDJRAo--Rjc[/yt]
  17. I wonder how much of a difference there is in style and content between ABC News and ABC News.
  18. That set isn't half bad considering what they had before, although the desk is carried over from the last set. The music and graphics need to go, hopefully ICRT addresses those next.
  19. Hopefully, the ABC News staff will give us a reason to not use that name anymore.
  20. I don't necessarily think WXIA was first in this nonsensical "day by the numbers" thing, but they certainly popularized it. They've backed off quite a bit from 2012, but they still use the Wizometer, much to my dismay.
  21. What the heck is up with that cut of This is Home? Sheesh...
  22. Nah, I'd prefer something similar to, say, or even . Not too simple, but not remotely flashy either. I actually dislike quite a few GO and Hothaus packages (especially Hothaus ones) for being way too flashy and "shiny".
  23. Fun fact regarding the Time Warner Cable News launch in San Antonio...this is the second time that TWC has attempted to launch a news channel in the market. In 2003, TWC launched "News 9 San Antonio" for their cable viewers; unlike its Austin partner, which would eventually last through the YNN years and is still here today, the San Antonio channel was a flop and folded by 2004. It is interesting to see that TWCN Austin will handle most of the content to start before a gradual move to an entirely local operation. Maybe TWC wants to reduce startup costs and potential risk, as the Comcast merger is looming over their heads and Comcast has made no indication about whether TWCN will continue if the merger is approved. Whether TWCN will continue post-merger would make for "interesting" speculation.
  24. Yeah, Chroma Cues itself is not the problem at WJZ: it is an institution. That being said, the graphics they have...I have to agree with Ntropolis, even the music can't save those. At this point, almost anything would be better graphics-wise at WJZ. As for the WKZX open: well, first, the moment I saw the ID and it said "Cooksville/Middle Tennessee," that was a sure sign that what I was about to watch would be unbearable. I was mostly right; it wasn't quite "unbearable," but it was absolutely awful.
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