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  1. Click "Unread Content" at the top right of the page.
  2. Drove by WAGA's studios today without even noticing it. I always forget they're not in Midtown Atlanta with the others. :classic_laugh:

  3. skbl17

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    I really, really like that Spectrum News 1 theme. Really wish we had a Spectrum News channel here in Atlanta, but Comcast's iron grip on the region precludes this.
  4. Earlier today I was wondering why @rkolsen and not @Weeters had closed a thread in the Breakroom for breaking site rules; I remember thinking, "Wait, are there new mods or something?" Anyway, I for one welcome our new overlords. Congratulations, and best of luck to you all in keeping this site's house in order.
  5. Agreed. You'd think WJZ would have used this change to fix their odd music situation, even if that meant fully embracing Enforcer. This reminds me of WKBW a bit: after adopting the most recent Scripps pack, the station used this odd mix of MCTYW (bumpers) and Inergy (intros) for a while longer, but it seems that MCTYW has since been dropped. Will WJZ follow the same path? Only time will tell.
  6. Finally, it's been a while since WJZ had readable graphics! Bug's on the right for the first time since, what, 2000? The music status quo from yesterday remains the case: production music for the intro, Chroma Cues for the bumpers.
  7. skbl17

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    I'm not sure I buy this, but maybe your point is flying over my head and I can't see it. It's true that WGCL isn't a strong CBS affiliate (and I've repeatedly criticized their news operation in the past,) but CBS is no stranger to nonexistent or poorly-rated news operations: they still own WWJ, which doesn't even have a news department despite being a top-20 market station! Doesn't WFOR place dead last behind all the Spanish-language stations in Miami? As for NFL teams, I'll bring up WWJ. The Lions are an NFC team, and unlike KOVR and the Raiders there are no nearby NFC teams to share coverage of. As for Disney, I just think we're being a bit too certain in the idea that the networks won't bite for WSB. Atlanta's a top-10 market and WSB has always been the #1 station here. Cox isn't just a group with a bunch of stations in 30-to-40 market DMAs. WSB became Cox's largest station by market size when KTVU was traded to Fox. Atlanta's not Jacksonville or Memphis. Now if Cox sells as a group or merges with another broadcaster, then this is all moot. But if they sell station-by-station, I wouldn't blindly dismiss the networks as WSB suitors just as much as I wouldn't blindly dismiss Sinclair because of their current merger troubles with Tribune. Or maybe I don't know any better, I dunno.
  8. skbl17

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    Why not let CBS buy WGCL? There was already some discussion on that. Would make for an extra duopoly as well (WGCL/WUPA).
  9. skbl17

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    No, I think this is TV-only:
  10. skbl17

    International Video Thread

    MBC, South Korea (2018). MBC's flagship program MBC Newsdesk has rebranded again, just a few months since the program's last refresh after the broadcasters' strike. They kept the remixed version of the classic theme though, so that's good:
  11. skbl17

    WHNS new graphics

    WUPA actually used Action News for its WXIA-produced newscast, not WATL, but good post otherwise.
  12. skbl17

    Out and About

    Not necessarily news-related, but TVNewsCheck reports that WAGA will launch a new half-hour entertainment show called The Georgia Scene starting July 20. The show will run for a 8-week period as a "summer preview show".
  13. skbl17

    TEGNA's New Graphics?

    Honestly, I'm slowly coming around too. I think KUSA (the actual opens, not the teases,) , (6pm, they ruin it at 10) and have the right idea for what I don't want to hear in the evenings and late nights: the vocals. Then again, I never had a problem with the actual melody, just those weird vocals. I've come to accept the vocals for morning shows. Morning shows are quirky and cheesy, so why not have quirky and cheesy music to match?
  14. skbl17

    2018 Winter Olympics

    That's been my thought/concern too. Not only that, but chances are the IOC would throw in rights to LA 2028 as well (much like they did for London when Bell won the 2010 contract). That would be great for Bell, but would suck for VPN users and those without cable if that happened. CBC streams everything online, even the TSN and Sportsnet broadcasts, without requiring authentication - all you have to do is be "located" in Canada. Bell would bring TV Everywhere back to the Olympics like they did in 2010 and 2012. Of course, Bell could care less - the VPN users aren't technically supposed to view non-American coverage, and the percentage of cable-less viewers in Canada is low. It would be sad for the CBC as well. Due to budget cuts over the last few years, the CBC has retreated from bidding for sports rights (aside from the Olympics,) leading to them losing rights to the NHL (Hockey Night in Canada nowadays is just a Sportsnet broadcast with the HNIC logo slapped on top) and the World Cup. The Olympic Games is the last major sports property held by the broadcaster.
  15. skbl17

    2018 Winter Olympics

    Yeah, this was actually one of the things I liked about NBC's primetime coverage: the intros (not the ones from the day of the opening ceremony, but the ones from the days of actual competition). It's hard to find clips of them on YouTube though because of IOC copyrights and such. There's some (poorly captured) ones from London in 2012, there's the attached one from Athens 2004, and TVARK (currently down for construction) had the ones from Barcelona '92 and Atlanta '96.

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