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  1. That was the temporary set at Mercedes-Benz Stadium they used for the Super Bowl.
  2. I think of C Clarity the same way I think of Strive: I like certain cuts but not the whole package. Any cuts where the dumb vocals are nonexistent or heavily downplayed are usually among my favorites: WUSA's weekend 11pm open (they've probably switched to all cold opens since,) KENS's morning open, KIII in general...
  3. Your link is redirecting me to the Nostalgia subreddit.
  4. That's quite a departure from what they had. Also, while this change is probably just a coincidence and nothing else will change, the previous weather graphics were introduced in mid-2009, a year before the rest of the news GFX changed in September 2010. A really slow rollout of a new graphics pack wouldn't be new ground for WSB.
  5. Very appropriate Anchorman 2 clip:
  6. I hope that's not the final logo too. Even by C Clarity-era Tegna logo standards, that's just lazy.
  7. To add on to this, I think WSB itself had the bones of a good, flat-ish package from 1998 to 2006.
  8. While NewsChopper 2 now looks as if it's in motion - as opposed to the last open where it seemed like it was a still photo animated across the screen - that NewsChopper 2 shot still looks awkward and out of place compared to what's going on behind it. I'm also not a fan of that weird jerk the motion camera does near the end. Makes the whole thing seem a bit sloppy.
  9. Well, MCTYW had a good run at WNEP. Hope they're ready to C Clarity.
  10. On March 3, Chile's Canal 13 relaunched their Teletrece (T13) bulletins in celebration of the channel's 60th anniversary. I really like the music; better than the previous package in my opinion. Some of the graphics are a bit small and hard to see, though.
  11. No, the entire clip is part of the newscast. The first few seconds is the intro to a short "NHK News" bulletin, not a network ID. I don't even think Japanese TV stations do hourly IDs, they only ID themselves at startup and closedown.
  12. Nothing. Lists are still banned per the site's Guidelines:
  13. WXIA's fall over the last decade has been really painful to watch; it will take a lot more than a new set, new, completely meh logo and a crappy new slogan to fix the problems at 11Alive. Well, longtime WXIA employees already seem to think that's the case: WGCL has actually poached quite a bit of their talent the last couple of years.
  14. Not really: according to the 2017-18 Annual Report, license fee revenue makes up 76% of the BBC's total income.
  15. Click "Unread Content" at the top right of the page.
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