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  1. Lori is a class act. One of the best. She is on at 5,6,10 now and is much more comfortable in that element you can tell. The morning honestly is a little bit different and I feel it’s a little more acceptable to interject some more “insight” or “view” there. But on the evening shows where there are no interviews or anything like that I don’t think it’s acceptable.
  2. He’ll often throw comments in especially after political stories.. police involved stories.. and ALWAYS when it involved/involves Trump.
  3. Couldn’t agree more.. I’ve actually started to turn to other stations because of it. I’m actually really starting to like WCBS at 5.. and I love the format at 6 on FOX5 with Lori Stokes. If FOX5 would get more serious at 5 I think a lot more people would tune in with Steve and Lori.. And let’s be honest if he was commenting “the other way” (we’ll leave it at that) it would not be allowed.
  4. I don’t think a seating arrangement would force someone into retirement
  5. WABC is the only station having their anchors sitting distance.. PIX and WCBS ended it this week. Wonder when WABC will follow
  6. Watching the news at noon right now and both anchors are at the desk back to “pre-pandemic” sitting. I believe this is the first time the noon news is in the main studio since the pandemic began. That leaves I believe only WABC with anchors social distancing.
  7. Did anyone else see that Sukanya Krishnan and Scott Stanford are hosting a 9/11 special type thing.. seemed like it was a law firm infomercial on WLNY.. guess their podcast is getting them other air time?
  8. Any is doing the 11 tonight probably won’t be back tomorrow morning
  9. Why are you surprised? He usually works Monday thru Thursday.
  10. I gotta give it up to WCBS they had by far the best coverage of the parade today in my opinion. It was nice to have the entire team out on the parade route and with the crowd. After flipping through all the stations, I really say they did it the best and were def #1 for coverage today.
  11. According to social media Brittany Bell starts Monday (not sure if that’s on air or not) and when someone asked who was leaving she said no one.
  12. Michelle will likely anchor the mornings with Ken through the summer. That’s what’s happened in the past. Toni will likely do weekends
  13. With Cuomo pretty much ending all restrictions it’ll be interesting to see if stations finally go back to normal seating and such
  14. I don’t agree with you here.. Greg still has quite the following among viewers and even guests.. a lot of guests that used to appear on good day that no longer do now appear on Greg’s show.. you see a few people on Twitter that don’t agree or fire bsck or whatever on his page but that’s all SM.. if Greg were to come back (chances are low) i don’t see it hurting in any way
  15. Let’s say she takes over the noon and 4... does Sam Champion start working Fridays?

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