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  1. Is Kaity back? I know she was having some serious health issues.. my money says Jill Nicollini or Kirsten Cole.. I also remeber a few years back when Chris Burros was there they had him and John Muller anchor a few times together. But it'll most likely be one of the women.
  2. Watching the noon newscast it looks like they updated the backdrop. A new and updated image of Lower Manhattan
  3. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/dolan-family-sues-altice-usa-says-layoffs-go-against-sales-agreement/207626
  4. Can we really blame him here? He didn't study journalism.. The executives, however, know what's up.. They need to open their eyes and ears
  5. My9 was in Seacaucus NJ.. Fox News is in Manhattan like WNYW.. that would be easier to get to.. the real question is why did they have Shep Smith anchor as opposed to Dari and Steve
  6. Im still in disbelief on how the whole thing was handled. No mention last night by the station on social media.. and they were updating their pages.. Shep Smith anchoring the 10.. Where were Steve and Dari? I would like to know what time the systems went down. I honestly feel like the building was evacuated and inspected and that's why they were off. For the record last night Shepard Smith said the whole motherboard went down (which makes sense.) It was definitely interesting!
  7. They both seem to have very "cushy" contracts.. when it's football or the world series and the game runs late there is no newscast.. and by late I mean 11pm not 2am
  8. Weather was also at FNC building.. along with FNC weather graphics.. Traffic this morning just used cameras no maps.
  9. Shepard Smith anchoring from FOX HQ tonight.. said computers "imploded" and thats why FOX5 is off the air. They are using FNC graphics and all.. with Fox 5 reporter live shots. I'm wondering if in reality it has to do with the construction issues
  10. With all the news breaking this afternoon you'd think they would atleast simulcast the mothership or use an empty studio at broadcast out of that if there's a problem at the station
  11. Alot of news going on today.. as of 5:02pm there is no newscast on Channel 5.. they are showing an episode of "Real Estate with Rosanna". Somethings up. And... Street Soliders with Lisa Evers aired at 6
  12. I'm almost 100% sure it's a stock image and not a live shot. I've seen them add CGI such as snow and rain during big weather. Also I'm pretty sure they may still be using a sunset image in the morning.
  13. True but the traffic reports are live. She does traffic. So she will in fact be exhausted

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