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  1. I just checked.. she has the claim posted on Instagram.. more than a few PIX employees commenting and showing support. The alleged harasser apparently got away with it for some time but is no longer with PIX
  2. Interesting. I wonder if they’ll replace her or if they’ll take the WCBS route and have the anchors do traffic reports
  3. Update: according to Instagram comments it’s: 4:30-6 Dan solo 6-7 Bianca and Dan 7-9 Bianca and Rosanna 9-10 Rosanna
  4. I saw somewhere that Bianca is going to be in at 6:00am. Is she going to anchor an hour with Dan and then join Rosanna or is Rosanna going to start at 6 and have Dan do 4:30-6? Find it weird she’ll be with him for an hour…
  5. Interesting. I wonder if they’ll use this as an opportunity to announce Kirstin Cole as the permanent anchor? Also wonder if any other stations will follow?
  6. Bianca is on now so I guess she’s doing 4:30-7 with Dan and then 7-9 with Rosanna
  7. Michelle Romano who did quite a bit of on air reporting and fill in traffic and later behind the scenes stuff for News 12 Long Island and Westchester announced that she’s left the station and has a career move announcement coming up in the next few days.. I wonder if there’s any chance she’ll go over to PIX?
  8. I mean Mike Woods does 4:30-10.. is there even much weather in the 9 and 10:00 hours?
  9. not sure if she’ll be taking over weekday evenings for Westchester (Reed McDonugh was doing Monday-Wednesday and then weekends on LI/HV) or weekend mornings on LI/HV for Geoff Bansen who went to FOX weather. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/10/18/headed-to-new-york
  10. Geoff Bansen of News 12 Networks has left and is joining FOX weather
  11. Geoff Bansen (weekend metrologist) on Long Island/ Westchester has left the station and is joining FOX Weather
  12. I’m thinking either PIX evenings or FOX 5 evenings. I can’t see anyone else from any other station leaving, and I don’t think she’d leave WABC unless it was for a weekday chief spot
  13. Is Nick Gregory old enough to retire?
  14. Well WNBC is loaded with weather if I’m not mistaken (don’t watch too often) .. my guess would be either FOX 5 or PIX.. I would assume Nick Gregory and Mr G are both old enough to retire? Guess we’ll see soon enough.
  15. The promos here in NY for the gubernatorial debate with WABC and WPVI showed Jim Gardner hosting with Sade Baderinwa.. instead Bryan Taff was hosting. Was this a last minute change or did something happen?

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