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  1. Taresa Priolo has been in for Steve Lacy the last few days.. watching her and Lori is so much more enjoyable.. there is so much better flow and chemistry.
  2. I saw that.. my money is on Sam Champion
  3. I wonder if/when the stations will return to normal seating at the desk.. seems like WNBC has somewhat returned.. WCBS has gone back and forth.. but with almost all restrictions now lifted I wonder when the stations will go back?
  4. I’ve seen that a few times the past few weeks. He mentioned it’ll be more often through the summer months again
  5. She’s reporting from 7-10… not anchoring
  6. Tamsen Fadal has Covid.. the social distancing could be related to that
  7. Live shots and early morning thunderstorms https://www.instagram.com/tv/CdDtvdAM5K4/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  8. Interviewed him live at noon on Friday as well.. Josh is doing an awesome job over there
  9. I would agree the talent really isn’t strong as they once were. And the product isn’t all that great. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous with what Sam Champion goes on air wearing (1/2 the time not even a jacket) Bill Ritter in my book has no credibility and his comments are ridiculous (his social media posts about how many masks he’s wearing and how many Covid tests he’s taken arent so great either). And I would rathe see someone else at 5.. I would agree the strongest team they have right now is Joe and Sandra. Michelle needs a weekday spot at the desk. I actually like Maurice and Kristine at 5 fwiw.
  10. The lighting of the overall set seemed off too me.. it also looked like they are slightly less social distancing..
  11. I’m sure if there was they would’ve had an O&O over satellite or someone from WABC hop in.
  12. There was speculation l however I don’t think it’s true. Liz answered at tweet at one point that nobody had Covid and she was taking time off while her daughter transitions to a new school.
  13. Before I ask I don’t have access to check right now but are they separating it from the 6:00 or is it just expanding 6-7?
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