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  1. I do care, or at least I did, it's kind of an offbeat hobby of mine, local-news presentation, especially Los Angeles stations, that's my home base. As for new CBS O&O graphics, or for ABC's too, following this is like kicking the dust where a dead horse used to lie.
  2. No. Many of the biggest names in Los Angeles television have all moved to the competition at one time or another, for more money or a better time slot, and sometimes back to where they'd been: Clete Roberts, George Putnam, Bill Stout, Joe Benti, John Schubeck, Warren Olney, Tritia Toyota, Jess Marlow, Paul Moyer, Ann Martin, Jim Hill, Linda Alvarez, Colleen Williams, Chuck Henry, Micah Ohlman, and of course Jerry Dunphy. It's a way of life in the business; Lynette Romero's situation, whether dissatisfaction with contract or daypart, and departure up the dial, is not usually the kind of thing that sends the station descending into Dante's ninth circle of hell.
  3. Well, good for Mark Mester for sticking up for not only a long-time co-anchor but one of the best, most popular and well-liked. However -- --there must have been a way for him to do so without throwing the whole station into chaos. He passionately called his employers a bunch of horrible people, dishonorable and heartless, and perhaps without even knowing it, made his boss the GM look like either a figurehead, a corporate pawn in allowing this to happen, or a hypocrite, for claiming to be Lynette's supporter and then throwing her under a train. You can't do that and expect your management to accept it. He will probably wind up hosting "Daily Mail" or something.
  4. You know, Calitalian 2, it's funny, I read that article the very Friday morning it appeared in the Times, and several times afterward too, but -- --you are absolutely right about that, it had escaped me that their respective divorces were final early in 1990. Beyond that, in a larger sense I think you and I have pretty much nailed down this story, still an interesting one I think. It's good to chat with those who remember what others might dismiss as unimportant. Thanks for engaging me in this. About the same time as Nikki Finke's piece, the Daily News ran a similar story, not quite as long. It was written maybe by Ray Richmond, but more likely by the paper's other television writer whose name I simply can't pull up. It's on the tip of my mind's tongue, but nothing. Remember the scurrilous things the old Los Angeles magazine columnist Tom Nolan wrote about Jim and Bree?
  5. Most of the time if an anchor is signed away by a rival in the market, he or she becomes a non-person immediately, without any on-air retrospective. And any viewers contacting the station to ask what happened are met with the curt "So-and-so is no longer with the station and has decided to pursue other opportunites." In 2005 the folksy weather forecaster Johnny Mountain was bid a fond retirement farewell from his morning shift at KABC. Four months later he was at KCBS. And got big money. There was speculation Channel 7's management knew he'd be going down the street, but let him say goodbye anyway. Or maybe not.
  6. Good and interesting points all down this latest thread. I too, as a viewer, read Scott Jones' FTVLive now and then and yes, his style can be rather juvenile and even tacky sometimes, but yup, he's got the info you don't find elsewhere.
  7. Come to think of it, did KNBC ever officially replace Daniella Guzman after all these months?
  8. First thing I thought of was that she's going to 2/9, but I wonder if Viacom/CBS would fork over the money for the likes of her. If KCAL is serious about making a run at mornings, maybe, but my absolutely amateur opinion is that there is a better chance for her to land at "Good Day LA." Which is why KTLA management is so ticked off as to keep her off of the lot and give her departure as little attention as possible.
  9. I suppose, like the poor bedraggled guys in Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" who finally realized Godot was never showing up and headed home, we might as well get back on the road.. Too many canaries in the coalmine squawking too many different tunes. Not that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. Not many people care about such things. After all, think of all the viewers who would never even notice a difference in graphics,
  10. Maybe next Monday . As of 5:10 EDT WCBS is still partying like it's 2016.
  11. "Fall" could even be as late as the first of December. It might be a very soft opening, after the November book is done, though I guess that means little or nothing now. No doubt it won't happen until KCAL's new set is ready, and that might be a while away. KCBS's current set took three months to build in 2016.
  12. I think Viacom/CBS is simply messing with our minds at this point. They know they've got us where they want us, we're hooked waiting for something, anything, any minute now we're gonna find out, and nothing ever happens. They mean to drive us all stark raving nuts.
  13. If she's no longer going to anchor on weekends, I hope Susan Hirasuna, one of the station's real veteran pros, will stay in a reporting role.
  14. In the Monterey area I have to go to the Web to see anything from KPIX, it's out of market for me. I just did, saw what you were referring to. Well... it's a start... I guess.. maybe...kind of. In a way.
  15. mrschimpf, good point. Soft launches are probably best. And on Labor Day, don't forget stories from the beaches about sunscreen and safety, and also the gas prices, when a reporter is sent to a Mobil station to ask people filling up "What do you think of the price of gas?" Answer: "Well, uh...pretty high. Yeah. Gotta have it though." etc.
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