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  1. I guess Micah Ohlman can only work so many shifts. He's been a main anchor at KTLA for a dozen years. In a while he'll almost be in position to approach Hal Fishman status.
  2. FiveNews, agreed. That's a crowded field. Also you have a good point -- dollars matter more than ratings. But my penny and a half is that KTLA, which even under new ownership never seems to need big budget cuts, has some kind of brand presence, and even with five stations going at 5 p.m. I bet it does as well as FOX 11, which has never made much impact at that hour (remember "Studio 11LA?") But evidently they are tabbing a new anchor from outside, and that won't help.
  3. This package and the opens made their debut in April 2016. The O&O look would usually get redone every three years, though since 2010 it's been more evolution than revolution. Nothing in quite a while. The weather graphics got a refresh about a year and a half ago; they reflect the CBSN local streams. They might not change a thing, not worth the trouble and the expense, but on the other hand since the stations group and CBS News have merged, they might go in an entirely different branding direction.
  4. If the franchise's past history is any predictor of the future, in 18-21 months there will be a new CBS News boss, and she or he will blow up "CBS Mornings" and try a new format with new personalities. I'm just a viewer with no horse in the race. I wonder if CBS' morning offering hasn't slid downhill since Bill Kurtis anchored it.
  5. With the caveat that I'm just a viewer and not in the business, this is my take. I'm old enough to remember the original "Big News" with Jerry Dunphy on what used to be KNXT, now KCBS. In an area where there is a lot of competition for eyes and ears, local broadcast news still matters, though the numbers of people who watch are nothing like what they once were, and shrinking all the time. KTLA 5 probably invests the most heavily in news, with the most hours and the biggest staff. Channel 5 devotes much of its day and night to newscasts. Its morning news block outdoes ev

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