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  1. Also, in addition with buying WBNS-AM and WBNS-FM, Tegna would also own 2 radio networks, ONN Radio and the Radio Sound Network.
  2. Looks like the New Jersey lawmakers are blowing their tops on this one....
  3. WFRV was not using "Enforcer" by the time CBS has owned them, although they did use the package in 2010 when the station was under Liberty Media ownership only to get sold to current owner Nexstar one year later when they dropped the package in 2012.
  4. I'm not sure which slogan is the weirdest: WJBK's "Us Viewing You" or KOMO's "We Are You"
  5. So the Disney/Fox deal is done? Just as I feared. The Mouse House "family-friendly" image and Fox "edgier" image in terms of TV shows and movies is probably not going to mesh well, let's hope I'm wrong about my statement....
  6. They are owned by Entravision and affiliated with Univision.
  7. I wonder if the soon-to-be-reborn "CourtTV" will compete against the Justice Network in certain markets.
  8. Whoever hired her in the first place should be ashamed of himself.....
  9. Is Sinclair "green with envy" because the Gray/Raycom deal is soon to get approved by the FCC and their merger with Tribune was scrapped? Sure looks like it.
  10. Or follow KSHB's lead and go with 28 Action News. (Pretty simple, I think...)
  11. Looks like Sinclair is fuming and foaming at the mouth for this one, just like you-know-who.
  12. Well now, ain't that a shocker, I wouldn't expect Cox Enterprises to do this, they're not in debt, they have the 5-headed horsemen of top stations (WHIO, WSB, WSOC, KIRO, and WFTV), and they own stakes of InDemand and MLB Network, along with owning Kelly Blue Book and AutoTrader through its Cox Automotive unit, so what gives?
  13. With so many developments regarding the Sinclair-Tribune deal, it kind of feels like a real soap opera, but without the catfights, might as well rename this deal "As The Hunt Valley Churns" for all we know....
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