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  1. I swear this has got to be an early-April Fool's joke....
  2. Let's see..Gray is buying Tegna, Apollo wants to buy Tegna, I wonder is Standard Media will enter the fray soon, despite the fact the deal to acquire the stations of Waypoint Media/Vision Communications is soon to be approved by the FCC.
  3. Despite the fact that 21st Century Fox once owned a stake in Hulu before the Disney deal.
  4. I thought Nexstar said they have no aspirations to be national, but focused on being local, hence their philosophy. I'm getting confused...
  5. I guess the CW O&O in Seattle (KSTW) is not mentioned on those plans, but then again, neither is WFOR's sister station, MyNetworkTV affiliate WBFS or KTVT's independent sister station KTXA.
  6. Isn't this the same Joel Cheatwood who originated the tabloid concept now in use at Sunbeam WHDH & WSVN?
  7. And say hello to Nexstar, Tegna and Scripps! (For WISH and WNDY, hello Circle City!)
  8. I wonder what's the future hold for the other Tribune properties, such as WGN America, WGN-AM, CLTV, 2 subchannel networks , plus a stake of Food Network, now that the Nexstar-Tribune deal is near completion? It should be noted that prior to the announcement of that deal, Nexstar has never owned radio stations, cable networks or subchannel networks throughout its 23 year history.
  9. Looks like the future isn't looking bright for some papers either owned by Gannett or GateHouse....
  10. Also, in addition with buying WBNS-AM and WBNS-FM, Tegna would also own 2 radio networks, ONN Radio and the Radio Sound Network.
  11. Looks like the New Jersey lawmakers are blowing their tops on this one....
  12. WFRV was not using "Enforcer" by the time CBS has owned them, although they did use the package in 2010 when the station was under Liberty Media ownership only to get sold to current owner Nexstar one year later when they dropped the package in 2012.
  13. I'm not sure which slogan is the weirdest: WJBK's "Us Viewing You" or KOMO's "We Are You"
  14. So the Disney/Fox deal is done? Just as I feared. The Mouse House "family-friendly" image and Fox "edgier" image in terms of TV shows and movies is probably not going to mesh well, let's hope I'm wrong about my statement....
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