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  1. That promo looked more like it was for a lifestyle show than it was for a newscast. I think that's where channel 3 goes wrong. I've found that while Philadelphians like relatable news personalities, at the end of the day they still want a decent straight newscast.
  2. You would be correct... they had a lot more people anchoring weekdays back then. If I remember correctly KYW's late 90's lineup was: Pat Ciarrocchi and Amy Caples - mornings Pat Ciarrocchi and Ukee Washington - Noon Ukee Washington and Dawn Stensland - 5pm Siani Lee and Dave Frankel - 6pm Larry Kane solo anchored 11pm, but Denise Saunders was later added with him.. And on weekends, Carol Erickson was an anchor along with doing weather! I thought she did both roles well There were other weekend folks but I can't remember them well. For some reason, I remember
  3. I think that they should have kept the Pat and Ukee pairing in some way. Also, I wish they'd bump Natasha up to weekdays. Maybe there's still a chance of that...
  4. Auditions for the 4pm and 10pm anchor slot perhaps?
  5. This is classic video from the former CBS affiliate in the Virgin Islands... WBNB TV 10....decent small market station, IMHO..... Just to post a few....
  6. That has probably got to be the worst cut of Eyewitness news...... The shadows walking up at :04 look like Zombies.. The voiceover sounds spooky, as does the music... And to top it all off, the graphics are bland.....

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