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  1. ABC 33/40's (WBMA/WCFT/WJSU) news operation is all HD with the expected exception of SD live shots. Here's a vid I captured if you like. This was their first ten in HD. They have been HD for nearly a year.
  2. On air confirmation on FOX6 News at at Noon from Janice Rogers and Mickey Furgeson that WBRC will reveal new set and broadcast in HD next week.
  3. Here's some video I took of the temporary studio at WBRC. Notice the "HD Coming Soon" bug in the lower right. [YT][/YT]
  4. WIAT in Birmingham will go HD soon. I am not exactly sure when, but I used to work there and I do know that all their Grass Valley Robotic Studio Cameras are HD capable. For the last two to three weeks they have also started doing anchor promos, newscast promos, and promos for "Wake-Up Alabama" all in 1080i HD, and have been airing them throughout the day. Also, their bug on newscasts is in HD. They have not, however, stated outright that their newscasts will be HD soon; I am just assuming, since they have HD cameras and have been doing the promos in 16:9 and in HD, that they have the necessar
  5. tmmontgomery


    Interning at Channel 2 this summer, thought y'all might like to see the set from farther back, as well as main news control room and the downlink control room. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the set was built in house. Some mods are to be done after their newsroom renno is complete.

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