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  1. It's in the works, supposedly we're launching the new graphics in February. That open in particular is great though and I hope we get something similar. Curves in general is a much better look than Glass, plus it has better music to accompany it.
  2. Agreed. And as far as I know, yes, NDs are hired at a corporate level oddly enough. That's Sinclair for you. We'll find out in the coming months if their corporate decision will actually pull KEYE out of the consistent #3 spot it's been at for the last–I don't know–three/four years?
  3. And in other ND news.. Robert Cartwright, former ND at WSYR, will be joining KEYE starting on the 13th.
  4. Greg Turchetta, news director at KEYE in Austin, has resigned today. No specific reason given, his last day will be sometime in the next week.
  5. [IMG]http://usedbooksblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dr-evil.JPG[/IMG]
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