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  1. rkolsen

    Out & About

    Throwing this out there... https://twitter.com/jeremymbarr/status/1087038261216845824
  2. With extensive smoke and water damage would it be safe to assume that it occurred in NBC’s space.
  3. Here’s an abridged version post I made at TVForum. According to an email that TVNewser acquired it sounded like the fire started on the eighth floor which houses NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC News Channel studios along with what I believe is the ITN bureau. C-SPAN which is also a tenant in the building was able to resume broadcasting from their studios at 11AM. According this video on The Hill a C-SPAN editor said that C-SPAN and Fox studios sustained extensive damage, while the NBC studios sustained extensive smoke and water damage. Here are reports from WJLA, WTTG, and WUSA. Surprisingly NBC owned station, WRC, doesn’t have anything online.
  4. rkolsen

    Megyn Kelly Today Officially Cancelled

    Any word if the LED screens are still there? I see they used a projector for the films but that could just be for better quality and viewing all around.
  5. It’s official. Here’s a what the NBC apps have pushed out. More to come...
  6. rkolsen

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    Shiba Russell has posted a story on Instagram of a new set. Today they were rehearsing but not much was seen and yesterday (I didn’t get a capture) she showed some work going on from the desk.
  7. rkolsen

    WSAZ getting a new set

    Are the sets identical for both cities?
  8. rkolsen

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    One thing some shows need to do in my mind is to have a separate graphics package. In that five minute sample reel from WWL almost half used the standard TEGNA graphics. If they want viewers to know the difference they either need to create a custom package or highly modify the standard templates (like maybe a distinct background for the lower thirds). Additionally it would be best to come from a different set or a redresssed set area. See these examples from newly launched CA Live.
  9. rkolsen

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    If they are moving lIve to a different station that makes me think that the contract is ending soon. As for what what you said even if they are getting hash Marks they are likely getting more money than running a syndicated show. Do these shows use regular news people or some hire specifically for the show? WMAR uses a separate host for Midday Maryland and I think WBFF uses a traffic anchor along with some one else.
  10. rkolsen

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    What I’m wondering are there any buildings in Atlanta that have sloped roofs like the logo ? Im just assuming this is a new logo as it’s on something official.
  11. rkolsen

    Random WMAQ Thread

    Well hearing that their set was installed in the newsroom explains the one image I saw on social media where a corner of the newsroom was cornered off with stage curtains. But other images I saw it looked like the studio was in a regular room. I am intrigued as to what NBC plans on doing with some of the empty sound stages. They could probably divide it into two and have two decent size ones for both stations.
  12. rkolsen

    Random WMAQ Thread

    From the videos online it appeared they used the regular desk at 5pm. If I was a betting man I’d say they’re getting the LED wall. However isn’t there another place they could use temporarily like a newsroom desk?
  13. rkolsen

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    New logo?
  14. rkolsen

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Please discuss WPIX here in speculation.
  15. rkolsen

    KPRC Houston Life New Set

    I imagine it’s covered in logos because it was in a mall. Maybe just simple advertising.
  16. rkolsen

    CA Live

    I’m curious how the first week of CA Live went. The show airs in KNBC, KNSD and KNTV at 11:30. Since I’m not there I’m asking questions: What’s the format of the show? Is it pay to play (promotional consideration mentioned)? Are there local opts for the stations? Could you see this move to other non NBC O&O stations in CA either live or tape delayed? Could the content of the show be repackaged to another show, same hosts at a different station (think NY Live and WBTS’ The Hub)? How will they handle news if it breaks in LA or a car chase? (It uses one side of the KNBC studio and likely control room and KVEA’s newscasts start when CA Live ends).
  17. rkolsen

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    I don’t think that will happen. The NFL wants to make as much money as they can. If each network gets a shot at games then they have no reason to pay the current rate. They NFL wants a bidding war.
  18. rkolsen

    Megyn Kelly Today Officially Cancelled

    Is there any word if Megyn Kelly is under a non compete or what? If I was the brass at NBC and Comcast and payed out the rest of her salary I’d want her off the air until her original contract was up.
  19. rkolsen

    Previous Hearst Sets

    I’ll admit I contributed to this thread. But I predict it will turn into a list thread. So .
  20. Earlier this month we discovered that WCAU/WWSI in Philadelphia launched their X-Band mobile radar truck Storm Ranger 10. It appears that the truck has two siblings one that looks like it will be based at KXAS/KXTX in Dallas and another one that was just delivered to KNBC/KVEA in Los Angeles. For Telemundo's stations they are dubbed Caza Tormentas WNBC's Creative Services Vimeo account has a promo up showing their fleet of three Storm Rangers : [MEDIA=vimeo]176360359[/MEDIA] It looks like the trucks will be shared among clusters of stations and based somewhere in the middle. NBC/Telemundo north east cluster has stations in four cities that are 339 miles apart I-95 in the ranging from Washington, DC to Hartford, CT. Once NBC Boston launches it will be 438 miles. NBC/Telemundo's California cluster stations that are 460 miles up the coast. Even though NBC only has one station in Dallas they have several Telemundo stations in Texas and they are in Tornado alley likely keeping it busy for a good part of the year. The distances make it easy enough for them to reach different cities within several hours. Here's a link to an Instagram account showing the radar output from the Los Angeles unit - looks like it has a pretty decent range: [MEDIA=instagram]BIdPUqjgjwZ[/MEDIA] Here's a picture showing the Los Angeles setup and unit being tested for the first time in the NBCUniversal backlot: [MEDIA=instagram]BIdEh47g9tu[/MEDIA] This appears to be a pretty heavy investment in weather technology by NBC. WCAU's general manager posted on Facebook that the trucks were a million bucks a piece. It seems to me that the trucks are based in areas where stations don't operate their own Doppler radar. With all that being said has WCAU found a use for their truck since they ran a promo almost a month ago touting its abilities? Seems to me whenever a station runs an ad for one of their new toys they use them almost everyday when they first get it.
  21. rkolsen

    Megyn Kelly Today Officially Cancelled

    There was a report on FTVLive that his contract was up at the end of last year and there wasn’t talk of renewals. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/12/18/just-two-weeks-left
  22. rkolsen

    Today Show

    I imagine they’ll stay on the weekend. NBC has been doing that with their First Look team the past year. They probably have the afternoons off and with no Sunday shows they probably can leave at 9AM. Willie Geist, Ayman Mohyeldin, Yasmin Vossoughian and Jose-Diaz Balart all do six day work weeks.
  23. rkolsen

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    True and same could go with The Bachelor/ette series, but they’ve been engrained into their head that they air on Monday’s.
  24. rkolsen

    Megyn Kelly Today Officially Cancelled

    NBC reportedly is paying out the remaining of her contract per Today.
  25. Great pick up. I’m on the app, it shows Simi Valley but won’t show the location when I zoomed in. Maybe it’s the highest peak and they allowed them? One is still parked at that Tx/Rx site for KNTV.

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