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  1. Some other clips from this week. amd a clip from the FBI Academy! Oh here’s a true Baltimore thing. The city puts salt boxes out for people to get salt for the winter. This winter they allowed people to paint them. So someone drew Stan on it. The story from WBAL with additional photos and videos..
  2. To be fair. NBC News posted an article well before you posted this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.today.com/today/amp/tdna226149
  3. NewscastStudio tweeted out that it was known as Look S about two hours before it’s name was known in this thread. So this time they didn’t steal from us.
  4. Couldn’t find anything. So they’re not doing anything structural to the building. But from what I’ve heard about NBC during Comcast and even during the GE years that there was always construction going on in some part of their condominium unit.
  5. Time for me to go check the permit office in NYC… let me see what I can find.
  6. Here’s a sneak peak of WTTG’s new set when they move from Washington DC to suburban Maryland. Right now the launch date is supposedly mid to late July.
  7. Generally takes a few months or even a year for the graphics to reach the RSNs.
  8. One is Technicolor, they take DirecTV feeds and they can be rearranged any which way. Some TVs such as ones on newsroom ceilings maybe controlled by a controller such as a sports bar while others maybe using commercial televisions that are used to decrypt the feeds. They have ATSC decoders so when your station gets pulled from DirecTV you can still monitor it. Comcast had lineups for organization like college campuses where you don’t need a box for every TV and can login like you do at home for their TVEverywhere lineup. It wouldn’t surprise me if stations went this route. I’m not sure what the type of setup would be needed at the station level though. If everything is in the free and clear that would allow stations to stream and develop an IP option.
  9. I shudder to think of the picture quality on that channel.
  10. Glad I can continue watching WBAL when on vacation in Rehoboth or Ocean City.
  11. WJZ is using double 16:9 boxes now. Same background. Not full height.
  12. There could be a variety of reasons such as no space left on the signal.
  13. Very nice. Like how it essentially replaces the bottom line.
  14. Shame I liked him. He was good journalist. But when UP was cancelled they didn’t know what to do with him, gave him an hour on the weekend afternoons. But that didn’t last.
  15. He boxes like that were some odd design quirk. They do something similar when it comes to meteorologists names. Why? I do not know.
  16. Spectrum 1 will never be carried on Comcast as it’s a competitor and it’s designed as a marketing ploy.
  17. That’s a interesting video. I assume they must of recorded a clean feed before it went through master control. NBC has a piece of hardware called NameDropper HD (CBS uses the same hardware but it’s known as LIDIA) that’s used to insert logos during primetime, TOTH legal IDs and the crawl/time/temp during the Today Show. All the commands for Today is triggered by a watermark in the feed which is likely why it was triggered during the clip. However I am slightly confused why it would have the ticker covered by the Look N ticker but the time/temp ontop of the LookN ticker.
  18. Yes, ABC and CBS. I saw CBS and they used a KCBS reporter.
  19. It’s been mentioned here and I believe in the chats that Hoda prefers to work in the studio than at home. Well from what I understand Hoda lives in the city so places might be cramped. But also having a person in studio would keep all the camera operators, lighting technicians and other employees around. I am not sure of the contract but I’d imagine if they hosts were all remote they studio crew maybe temporarily put on leave.
  20. It also worth mentioning that the studio that Norah uses and Face the Nation uses manual pedestal cameras. It would be one thing if they had say a manual pedestal but a PTZ/Height Drive head where several lock off shots could be used. The show is produced out at All Mobile Video in NYC across from the CBS Broadcast Center. Dealing with one locked off camera is easier that can be PTZ is easier (and worth noting that’s what Jose Diaz-Balart has done since COVID-19, this week said it was in NYC but before all came from Telemundo Center). I mentioned this in the chat that perhaps renaming the weekend show the CBS Weekend News was a way for CBS to get out of a union contract (where perhaps existing shows required more staffing - such as CBS This Morning from the studio required camera operators on robotic cameras*). I hypothesized that by cancelling a show and starting a new would void a contract and allow them to automate it. But I asked @Weeters who said he thinks the rename was just so people would expect something different. When Weekend News launched it was all put together before hand, you could see the time at which the show open was recorded on the screens behind them along with interviews. At the time it was just repurposed CBSN content. * Worth mentioning that Meet The Press on Sunday’s use manual cameras operating CamBots (not sure about Saturday Today) but the CamBots were installed for MTP Daily where MSNBC wouldn’t need to hire multiple operators.
  21. Wow thank you, I’ll take a look at the deleted helicopters. Is this a new helicopter or second for WSB? I’ve seen N2QU recently.
  22. One things missing from the video... the new Comcast Technology Center.
  23. It’s actually relatively large. According to NBC’s studio listing page it’s 4,170 sq FT. The largest studio I’d have to guess belongs to KABC where they have two 7,000 square foot sound stages and KABC’s set actually is circular and sits in the center leaving a good bit unoccupied.
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