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  1. If you’re referring to 9/11 the airspace was closed relatively quickly at 9:08 (the south tower was hit at 9:03) all flights going through or to NYC air space were banned. All US airspace was closed to civilian aircraft at 9:45 - eight minutes after the Pentagon was attacked (9:37) and they had to land at the closest airport. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_for_the_day_of_the_September_11_attacks
  2. Who says TEGNA’s cheap they sent Mike Valerio and a photog to Tokyo to cover a possible maglev train between Baltimore and Washington. Unless of course Valerio was planning a vacation to Tokyo and he got them to cover a few nights in a hotel + a photog.
  3. That desk definitely looks like the kind they would roll out at trade shows or events. Is that a real backdrop or windows?
  4. Stefan Holt is likely going to be off for paternity leave (not sure what the Comcast(NBCU policy is) because his wife gave birth to their second child last week.
  5. But wouldn’t they also likely have the primary NewsOne feeds as sources as well?
  6. At the time WABC may not have been feeding CNN or uplinking the feeds yet to ABC News One. We’re they taking a simulcast or just footage? ABC and CBS subscribe to CNN NewSource so they can take anything they want that isn’t embargoed - even if it’s a competitor station. Say KGO has footage from a car chase from KABC but KCBS has a better angle/PQ they can take that.
  7. I realize they were full cameras. I was just pointing out a generalization that they have increasingly just put PTZ cameras in teleprompters on stands that don’t appear to be height adjustable.
  8. TEGNA hasn’t been interested in buying the full blown robotic cameras that can physically move on their own, let alone one with a height drive. They seem more interested in inserting PTZ cameras in teleprompter hoods (which I’m told makes the image “flat” and “drives set designers nuts”). They also need someone to clean up the wiring.
  9. The started this patriotic broadcasting with the flags during the broadcast and in the background of their sets.
  10. Also someone mentioned here that sometimes the top station doesn’t necessarily charge the highest ad rate.
  11. Looks like Mary Bubala’s departure did have a significant effect on the ratings according to The Baltimore Sun. From April 24 - May 3 while Mary Bubala was there they averaged a 1.6 rating in the A25-54 demo. However from May 4 - 22 it dropped to 0.84 a 46% loss. The VP and General Manager Audra Swain said they only lost 38% total audience share and added: Worth mentioning 1 ratings point equals 10,778 people in the A25-54 demo.
  12. Can’t find anything on NBCUMV but I believe you. But of course a release was given out for WSCV for being #1 in demos 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54 for the entire broadcast day, primetime and news.
  13. I’d like to know if it was a radar indicated tornado warning or a tornado that was spotted on the ground? If it was radar indicated but no NWS spotters saw anything they decided to cut away.
  14. If I had to venture a guess someone was off. It was a fast transition between him being announced to being on air.
  15. It’s ridiculous there should have been continued coverage throughout the Warning. The same thing happened last week with tornadoes in the NYC DMA - WNBC only cut in during commercials. It seemed to be the bare minimum of coverage and I assume NBC didn’t want any preemptions.
  16. According to ads WBAL won the demo in the mornings, late afternoon/early evening and at night.
  17. Here’s a better floor plan I’d say courtesy of the City of Chicago in 2015 (p. 6).
  18. Is the NIC marked area the studio or the big white space next to what looks like a ramp?
  19. Okay is this normal for so many people to retire at once? WJZ named 10 people by the anchors and ran a full credits roll with Ocean City, MD scenes. CBS This Morning had 18 people leaving/retiring and at the Evening News had 30. I’d assume the two network shows were results of the shows are relaunching and the stations were the buy outs that were occurring. I guess the buyouts had people end on a certain date.
  20. Seems like the place to put this but during a recent opt during BBC Breakfast for Points West there was an odd failure. The presenters voice could be heard but on screen was a still image of a man in suspenders, wearing a hanker-chief on his neck and making a weird face in front of a green screen. After about 24 seconds they abruptly cut to the BBC London opt.
  21. Here’s a direct link to the listing. Heres the blueprint taken directly from the lease brochure. It appears that it’s pretty much the former studio space and doesn’t include bathrooms unless that’s what’s along the diagonal line. I assume that one big white area next what looks like a garage ramp is the current studio. Are these blacked out windows (where the supposed LED screen was to be) part of the CBS space or the second floor of the listing?
  22. It does look better than a just having two people there. Unfortunately the cameras are as back as they can go on the rostrum. Right below them is where the camera operator sits along with the stage manager.
  23. Not sure if it was anything but on Insta stories KYW’s Jessica Kartalija had a meeting at the Vernick Coffee Bar for a “business meeting”. The coffee bar is located in the Comcast Technology Center and posted a picture of the Universal Sphere (a 4D experience that’s being tested there and will be rolled out at the theme parks).
  24. No duras in the DC studio, all monitor walls. But my little birdie told me they are trying to find a second area for a set for the EN.
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