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  1. rkolsen

    AT&T buying Time Warner?

    I think that may have been scrapped when Time Warner sold off all their FCC licenses. Plus now they have a sister entity with DirecTV which could handle uplinking.
  2. rkolsen

    Out & About

    I like, WJZ just got two more, but they placed them along roads/complex interchanges.
  3. @Eat News Turns out the radar will be down for three weeks starting March 3. It’s getting an “upgrade” specifically a “Pedestal SLEP”, SLEP meaning Service Life Extension Product. It is just a fancy term for it being the pedestal being refurbished/replaced.
  4. They should be promoting it, the San Diego last status message was from March 4 at 17:55 UTC. The other stations are probably covered by KSOX (Santa Ana Mountains, CA) and KYUX (Yuma, AZ) and satellite radar (which updates about every 10 minutes). The Yuma radar looks like it barely reaches the coast. I think KNTV has there own Storm Ranger with the other west coast one based in LA (probably is a pain to drive it from LA to SF). I’m surprised NBC isn’t considering putting a permanent X Band radar up at that site (it’s parked there frequently enough). All the KNBC/KNSD radars are the same ones that are on the back of the Storm Rangers.
  5. rkolsen

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Exactly. I was just reinforcing a point @C Block made that it’s not the type of software that’s updated regularly like say Microsoft Office or the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite. Well I would say the AP ENPS is the original, but as far as I know most NRCS run on yearly contracts.
  6. rkolsen

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    Very reluctant to upgrade. I remember reading an article when KXAS moved to their new facility in 2013 they were running iNews 2.0 for 10 years before moving to 4.5.
  7. rkolsen

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    They really dont. The iPad app is a slimmed down version of ENPS and Surface laptops have the same specs or better that their regular desktops have.
  8. rkolsen

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    I want to say the main reason why PC’s are used are because of NRCS likely originally used the,p,. The AP’s ENPS specifically requires Windows. Macs can be used if the Mac runs Windows using Parallels, Fusion, Remote Desktop, VNC, Boot Camp or Windows on Apple Hardware. Same goes with Avid’s iNews, which is being replaced by MediaComposer NewsRoom Management which may work on Macs.
  9. rkolsen

    The Suicide of CNN...Good Bye Old Friend.

    I haven’t really paid attention to the NewSource produced packages but the ones from their affiliates are usually solid reporting. Also CNN may be turning right as they hired someone just from the White House as their political editor.
  10. It’s usually sub second.
  11. Here’s a article from TVNewsCheck entitled “NBCU Stations’ Weather Forecast: Top Notch” where they interview NBCU’s Director of Weather Operations Nate Johnson (formerly of Capitol Broadcasting Group). I previously wondered how they use their NBCU model and how it was developed. In simplified terms they take all the weather models and make a composite of it. In a bit more detail they take all the models, determine “and pull them in under one umbrella and evaluating them on a day-by-day basis to see which ones are performing well, which ones are performing poorly. Then we can weigh all of that in an automated fashion and in a manual fashion to determine what our final NBC forecasts might be for a given spot at a given time.” Typically they don’t talk about the models but “how is it going to affect your life?” but they do if it’s an event such as a hurricane. They gave an example of how weather affects your life is when there was a significant dry spell in Texas but there was a week of rain. A Telemundo chief meteorologist explained explained rather than the total rain amount but when you will have to water your plants again. They briefly touched on their advances in radar technology including their seven fixed radars and six mobile units. He mentions that radar that radar data does not “enhance” their forecasts as it’s only really useful in the immediate short term “from five minutes to an hour or two.” Nate is based in Raleigh and the models are based in the corporate networks however he does have a WSI computer to use. I paraphrased parts of the interview.
  12. LiveU is in fact already developing a 5G backpack. But I completely agree with this.
  13. rkolsen

    Out & About

    Watching KPIX now and they moved the active text area to the bug. Just doing a lookaround it appears of the news producing stations WCBS, KCBS, WBBM, KYW, KPIX, WBZ, WFOR and KDKA all made the switch. While KTVT, WCCO, KCNC and WJZ (of course) where the bar and text area is still 4:3 safe.
  14. rkolsen

    Out & About

    They stretched the lower thirds to where the bug is? WJZ has the live bug in the existing position aligned with where the text part of the Chyron starts. They could easily put the stock board or the radar in the area where topical graphics go on the left.
  15. You technically lease the LiveUs and TVU and what not. I believe they deal with the various cellular companies and then they monitor your stations usage. I think they use generic SIM cards. LiveU has some devices for people or events who have YouTube channels that can take a SIM card, plug in a USB modem or Ethernet. Its worth mentioning that almost all the devices provided by Dejero, LiveU and TVU allow you to connect to WiFi and Ethernet where they will bond all the sources for the best signal.

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