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  1. People, relax. It’s just my opinion. Fail may have been to a strong of a word probably best reserved for Josh Elliott but this is a clear career 360° in a lesser position than before.
  2. This is a significant career trajectory fail. You leave the station, go to network and become wildly popular, play hardball in contract negotiations (and they didn’t meet his demands right), go to basic cable and then return where you started in a lower position than before.
  3. It looks like it. It appears they carpeted 2/3 of the circle on the backside of where the three of them and guests sit. It looks a bit odd where the carpet or padding wasn’t continued around the front. But of course they could be leaving it incase they want to add two wings.
  4. I think they did that to show people they are focusing on news from everywhere - not just the major cities.
  5. I’m surprised they are using camerapersons still. I thought they used robotics. I think all five studios have launched and look amazing. One thing though the makeup artists need to adjust for LED lighting and 4K cameras.
  6. ITV News (produced by ITN) use PCs in the newsrooms. And a quick look around it appears PCs are used in their franchises in the PCRs and the newsdesks. However the newsrooms appear to have a decent portion of Macs.
  7. One thing I thought was neat were the logos in I think the news to watch segment. Surprisingly the big O&Os weren’t featured prominently in the “pupil” of the eye - but smaller stations like KOVR and WJZ. However it appeared all the owned stations were represented along with some smaller affiliates it appeared.
  8. I’m surprised there was such a short no compete. She left mid February sweeps and joins mid May sweeps - three months. I thought the standard was six months or more. Maybe other talent is longer but seeing as she was a traffic reporter they may not have cared. I am slightly curious if and how much the move to CTC impacted her choice. I know dayside employees need to take public transit but I’m not sure what morning employees do. If they have to take public transit at such an hour I could see people looking for other options.
  9. Maybe it’s retaliation for a letter he and almost every other on air talent signed to SAG/AFTRA for help?
  10. Out of interest say you were fired from a Nexstar station (and I assume you can’t apply to others) what would happen if you were employed by Tribune but was in good standing? Could they fire you again?
  11. There are five total studios, not sure if that includes the newsroom.
  12. Yes... via https://www.newscaststudio.com/2014/04/17/own-cnns-office-max-desk-today/
  13. It was meant as a joke. He makes a ton of money but they seem to constantly lay-off people. And as for cheap they once bought a $160 desk from OfficeMax for a studio.
  14. Yeah but the building is elevated probably 20+ feet above sea level. It is over a train yard after all. I do wonder how safe it is if there was a big train crash or some terrorist attack underneath.
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