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  1. rkolsen

    2018-19 Syndication News

    NBC already announced they’re not going to renew Steve Harvey next year, so I doubt they’d add Family Feud.
  2. Thanks. I was wondering if there was any indication as to if the FCC might change it.
  3. There are no applications pending. All appear to be the fixed radar sites and the Storm Buggies.
  4. I have a question. With the rise of the spectrum auction there are instances of low power digital stations electing to channel share with a full power station. The full power is either commonly owned or seperate. So I’m curious is there a method for the FCC to offer an upgrade path, have any stations channel sharing changed from low power to a full power license and is the FCC considering changing its rules to generate more revenue? One of the biggest benefits of upgrading your license if you’re channel sharing is that you then automatically can request cable and satellite carriage.
  5. I’m betting 99.9% of the time they just let it sweep in precipitation mode and don’t change the settings. There are no options available for what your talking about. By clean air you mean like pollution and what not? I assume it’s able to determine both at the same time but not displayed simultaneously. There’s no option to select a NWS. It’s just a mosaic (if that’s the right term for Wx) of all the sites together.
  6. rkolsen

    Disney Execs reported to be visiting Cox stations

    Maybe I’m thinking of approval of ownership change.
  7. One of the NBC fixed radar sites is near a NWS site - KSOX specifically. The NWS labels it as the Santa Ana Mountains, CA radar site so if you want to compare click on the middle of the three fixed radar sites. I am curious as to the delay - whether NBC or the NWS delays the data online Its worth noting that whether your on mobile app or viewing their website the default view is using the NWS radars. You have to click on the icons. I made this little image for you @Eat News so you can see which are fixed NBC Owned radars and the Storm Rangers. On the NBC weather apps and website by default show the overall NWS views. You can then click on buttons (as shown below) to see a specific sites return. Unfortunately it appears that you can’t view more than one at once. The fixed radars are denoted by an icon that looks like half a radar swoop, and the Storm Rangers have a silhouette of the truck.
  8. rkolsen

    Out and About

    Yes, but if you’re on DCRTV you’d think not. They complain about old stories being read or being late to report or using audio clips from the TV side. They may not be #1 (out of all stations) but I think they’re doing well. Even during a driving live shot a year back on holiday travel on CBS This Morning I saw the radio was tuned to WIYY in Northern Virginia .
  9. rkolsen

    Out and About

    Well this is Radio News but since it’s related to TV WBAL-AM has bought a low power FM translator, W268BA-FM, at 250 watts to fill in some coverage gaps. The radio station also is simulcast on 97.9 HD2. Image courtesy of Radio-Locator.com Just because of this I’m guessing Hearst isn’t ready to get out of Radio anytime soon.
  10. rkolsen

    Disney Execs reported to be visiting Cox stations

    Also worth noting is that some affiliation contracts have a clause where if a station goes up for sale the network can look into it and buy it.
  11. So I was reading TVNewsCheck and they had an interview with Valeria Staab - head of owned stations group. She said they spent three years developing the weather model and there are now SIX Storm Rangers. There are the original three based at KNBC/Los Angeles, WCAU/Philadelphia, KXAS/Dallas Fort Worth. Then I know there’s a fourth “second generation” design based out of WBTS/Boston. So I am curious as to where the other two may be? I imagine ones in Chicago and maybe another one in San Jose? I’m speculating based on the clusters and the other ones in Philadelphia can get to NYC and DC quickly and then Los Angeles to San Diego.
  12. rkolsen

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    I imagine it’s likely because they’ll get hash marks against the morning shows, KTLA and Good Day.
  13. rkolsen

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    When CBS announced this their plan is to expand them into their “major markets” and a KCBS/KCAL one was being developed. That being said KCBS / KCAL already produce a ton of news. I could see them doing the 7 a.m. broadcast but not the 1 p.m. I’m basing this on the WCBS hours it seems like they want to do shows where there’s not a nearby newscast (save for 7AM which makes sense as an extension for morning people) . If that’s their plan then a 1PM streaming newscast wouldn’t make sense as KCBS is on from 11 to 11:30 a.m. and KCAL from 12 to 1 p.m. I am curious as to how they define “major markets” whether it’s their top 10 or top 20. Let’s just say I don’t see them launching on KOVR, KDKA or WJZ (DMAs 20, 24 and 26, respectively) anytime soon.
  14. rkolsen

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Does anyone know how many people behind the scenes there are for a show? I don’t see CBS hiring or keeping extra people on the clock for a webcast. With that said I’m curious if the existing automated control room they use is setup where one person could truly do the entire show? It appears that they are running their own prompter.
  15. rkolsen

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Looks awkward during simulcasts. I suppose they can’t take the clean PCR output (of course all stations could be different) and insert a custom bug? The regular graphics are a TEGNA ripoff.

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