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  1. Maybe I’m watching WSVN at the wrong times but I don’t see it as a hard news stations. Yes they cover stories but it always seems like they are more flash than substance - as in going for the salacious details.
  2. It may be cramped, but they are significant improvements. These may not be as important markets for them. WTMO is only producing 2 hours a day, so not much is needed. Keep in mind in DC they are broadcasting from a converted prop store where there’s not even room for tripods like WTMO. WZDC has a single PTZ camera facing the desk and two ceiling mounted ones - as there’s not enough floor space. I don’t think they have a “weather center” it’s a chroma wall and a standup area next to the desk. Here WTMO has several areas to shoot: the main desk, the one flat panel, the two vertical panels, the vertical panels with the flat panel, the weather center and the chroma key. They crammed a lot into the space. Basically it fits their needs.
  3. She could be going barefoot as according to a set designer women’s heels wreck the vinyl or laminate stickers/designs placed on floors.
  4. It basically just says that Nexstar’s CEO wants WPIX badly and they still have the option to 3/31/2020 - 12/31/2021 to buy back the station from Scripps. If they unload some more stations to Fox they may have room for WPIX.
  5. These tiles are so cheap now and are also easily removable that they could be transported to the new building for other uses. Would not surprise me if the screens on the desk were showing burn in. Also I didn't know/remember that the video wall went seamless as well.
  6. If I had to boil it down is because they have a staffed hub, that works with designers (if it’s not in house) and everything is based on the same VizRT platform. The latter alone saves them a lot of headaches as they can design one asset and push it to all stations. CBS and Sinclair just to name two all have stations running different graphics hardware. They literally get the files I believe in After Effects (or whatever format) and are told to make it work. That’s how you get some mish mash of bad iterations of relatively good packages. As for CBS from what I’ve heard on the board and elsewhere it’s essentially WCBS commissioning a new package that gets shared down the line (right @Weeters?)
  7. Stupid non editor question: Is the negative 7 space a shape you came up with or text? If so what font?
  8. There just goes any credibility the network had with one of their anchors(?) hanging out with that guy.
  9. Yikes it appears he did it back in season 11 too... https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/big-brothers-jeff-schroeder-goes-210798
  10. Based on what we saw of the temp set it appears they moved the desk and made a printed backdrop while showing an empty studio. So I’m wondering was the current newsroom set a former studio (of the empty one they showed) that they built up and around?
  11. Well with Jeff they have a full summers worth on Big Brother. IIRC he didn’t do or say anything too outrageous a lot of his time was taken with his showmance Jordan who he married. However I don’t think he rocked the boat as he was voted “America’s Favorite” fan boat. I’m sure if someone went to JokersUpdates they could find something innocuous and make it something.
  12. Are those vertical towers to the side of the desks LEDs?
  13. WTVJ’s Dan Krauth signed off recently and is heading way up I-95 to WABC-TV. I know a few of TVJ’s producers have done stints and WABC but a few returned “home”.
  14. WMAR dumped DBL for 25 Words or Less.
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