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  1. FTVLive says he’s heading over to do mornings at WUSA.
  2. I was thinking with Nexstar and CBS using identical versions (have yet to see Gray’s) is it possible that NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) produced it for station’s to edit to their own desire”
  3. Oh, I think I figured why Chelsea Ingram returned to WJZ, her social media bio states she’s getting her M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins.
  4. I assume it’s before Mediodia which airs at 11:30AM CT.
  5. WSNS has an 11AM newscast right? If that’s the studio would be booked back to back. Ideally they’d have the Chicago Today set in place prior to the 11 PM but it looks small enough where it could be put in place quickly during the last commercial break of Telemundo. But they’d still would have to deal with the Telemundo team leaving during the show.
  6. That’s in the WSNS/Telemundo Studio. For some reason the Telemundo studios in Miami and Chicago have floor to ceiling video walls with one or two larger ones that “pop out”.
  7. The 10tv article specifically mentions a prepubescent child not a teenager. And since you brought up age of consent at ages like 16 are done usually done within a certain age range - so that things like high school sweethearts where one turns 18 or goes to college they wouldn’t get in any trouble. But they probably weren’t planning on a 60 something being in a relationship with a 16 year old. But being in possession of any photo is forbidden. I will also say an adult should a child or teen pursue them should be strong enough to tell them no and if any photos arrive report them to authorities. That’s all I’m going to say about this and I think we shouldn’t discuss this other than updates on the situation.
  8. Groups like Nexstar and Gray have already announced and are playing the SSB daily. CBS station’s have joined the fray as well. Here’s a capture of Gray’s version from KXII. And you’ll see the WCBS and KPIX versions are essentially identical aside from a few local landmarks. While WJZ retained stock elements of the image but went with a lot more Baltimore centric version. What do do you guys think of he return of the SSB?
  9. I was going to say when will WJZ update the graphics. Took them a few months to go widescreen Chyrons (that are textually still 4:3 safe - they just updated the background). Plus they run a Baron weather system and may take time to roll out compared to the bulk using WSI/TWC.
  10. rkolsen

    WJZ 7PM News?

    They’re now running promos with the same 9/9/19 and various clocks set to 7pm but ending Nikole Baker and Rick Ritter. So they’re hosting.
  11. I’m wondering if it’s Altitudes problem?
  12. Is it possible she was operating the prompter?
  13. Okay, let’s not turn this to a list thread where all you do is post screenshots. That’s not productive and adds nothing of value. Things like @C Block mentioned is worthy post.
  14. Looking at it it appears the ™ symbol is typically used when its not licensed. There are no records of it being registered for news on the USPTO.
  15. Okay why is I-TEAM trademarked in that? Tons of stations (including some in the same market) use the branding but I never seen it used with a ™. The only I-TEAM trademarks I can find are related to technology companies.
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