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  1. Huh, earlier this summer he and several other entertainment reporters were upped to serve as entertainment reporters for the affiliate base. Also at one point his wikipedia page read like a press release.
  2. A lot of stations around the early 2010s decided to add “breaking news anchors”. Here in Baltimore and it sounds like elsewhere it’s a glorified reporter that stays in the studio and is the primary fill in.
  3. News 12 is exclusive to Altice subscribers. I don’t know if Altice operates in South Jersey - if they do they I don’t see them giving it to Comcast.
  4. Worth noting with those awards most stations submit their best segments, newscasts or a compilation of both (if they are allowed). It’s not like the Murrow, Cronkite, AP and Emmy awards are reviewing every newscast - it’s the stations selection. In the case of local Emmys you have to pay to enter for consideration and often times the lower rated stations will enter in a lot of categories, which should lead to some nominations.
  5. Let’s quit the discussions of where your local cable provider places HD channels and their nonsensical numbering schemes.
  6. Slight screw up this morning. The show started with the normal Today wipe then the blue title slate for the recorded cold open remained on screen for seven seconds before they rolled the normal open with the anchors names.
  7. Campbell is probably making a lot more money than she was earning at NBC or CNN. She’s the head of Global News Partnerships at Facebook.
  8. I was somewhere locally with The AccuWeather Channel with their L bar - is the feed done locally or are there different feeds.
  9. Makes sense given the pushbacks they do with ads with the coming up times and during Today with the weather. I just mentioned Dry Creek as a source on the multiviewer as a confidence or return feed to make sure the signal is received properly at the site for transmission.
  10. If they used the flat version of the logo and had the large was just the upper half it would look much better. I like the idea of having the otheor smaller ones. The weather graphics look much better. The header text stands out much better than the O&Os where at times it isn’t noticeable.
  11. Fusion TV was a JV between ABC and Univision. As far as I remember it was to be operated by Univision and was editorially seperate from ABC and Univision’s News divisions. They had their own crews and correspondents. However some programs such as Nightline on Fusion made it on the channel. ABC essentially handled the back off functions such as advertising and distribution. ABC officially exited the JV in April 2016
  12. Odd because when Meredith Came along it was a major renovation. If I recall correctly there was a hole in the floor supposedly used for cooking segments that was closed off. And when she came they went full hd. I thought I saw her in one of the montages.
  13. That’s an end of the era. I noticed on the mulitiviewer look in during Today they have a box next to the clock Dry Creek return. I assume it’s there just so they know that Dry Creek is receiving the signal.
  14. Yeah, I expect it to move in the studio - however I haven’t seen any of the new sets with four panels. The newsroom looks like a dump maybe they’ll be left there.
  15. My guess is they didn’t want to downgrade their main stations PQ. According to Wikipedia the carry CBS in 1080i with Antenna TV and Fox in SD. Worth noting that the whole area has multiple NBC affiliates on cable. In the Maryland portion you get WRDE, WBAL and WRC. In Delaware you get WRDE, WBAL and WCAU.
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