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  1. The KXTV set is a facelift of their previous set. KFMB is getting a new set-in-a-box.
  2. I didn't say that it wasn't illegal in California. The poster asked, "Does station management at TV station in any market..." I answered that question. Your response moved the goal posts. Thanks booboo.
  3. Yes, which is why many enforce their non-competes.
  4. Which is not a forum or is even well designed.
  5. Just want to point out that the WGCL Vimeo page has been changed. Also the Roku app store has been updated with ANF and so have the preamble on the station Facebook Video page. I'm also fairly certain that Gray owns AtlantaNewsFirst.com.
  6. Feels a little dark though. Nope! Not gonna happen.
  7. The text animation and location of "Brittany Bell" needs work.
  8. The clean lines and textures make me thing BDI.
  9. They'll quickly realize how this anchor desk does not meet their needs.
  10. Because the Executives at NN and Nexstar are charlatans.
  11. Could this be the permanent set? It looks too elaborate to be temporary.
  12. Since they share the same GM now, I'd bet so. For your consideration: Same damn font.
  13. I'm sure the Wayback Machine would have some archive of it.
  14. I don't think I've ever seen a market in the Top 20 have such poor standards (though my local Fox Affiliate, KDVR, comes to mind).
  15. You're right. That metallic framework is the same. This is the same damn set just refreshed. How f*cking poor is KXTV?
  16. Well, if you were under any delusion that TEGNA hadn't grown long in the tooth...
  17. The colors wouldn't age very quickly, but I think the lack of versatility will be the thing that quickly kills this set.
  18. But it's also formatted like many other sets out there. No wood colors though, but feels like an office. White faux brick with blue and gray accents. An oblong tiny anchor desk with stand-ups on either side. It's reinventing nothing. It's not providing anything new to the market.
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