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  1. Are you new to local news management in 2022? Amateurish is the standard quo now.
  2. Thank F*CKING god. I'm sorry, but this deal was absolute sh*t for the viewer and for the journalists. Hopefully TEGNA can resume operations and hiring.
  3. That's not an excuse for the size of the logo. WAS. MY. POINT.
  4. And yet this somehow looks much better.
  5. Sure, if you want a ton of dead space.
  6. CBS didn't develop this strategy. One of their local stations did. Could that bug look any more disproportional?
  7. When have you seen a TV group invest in that at all in a thorough and effective way?
  8. CBS isn't looking to expand in Texas or Colorado.
  9. KCNC in Denver is going a similar route, branding itself as CBS News Colorado. Though I'm surprised considering they don't do a great job covering Southern Colorado, the Western Slope or Northern Colorado. Calling KTVT CBS News Texas makes even less sense. CBS doesn't have enough resources to cover all of Texas. Should have stuck with CBS News DFW.
  10. Theoretically, but it's gotten so much into analysis and commentary. It's not news! It's Public Media on Cable in that case. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY ATTENTION TO?! What am I looking at? What am I supposed to hear? The awful vamp? The voice over? Those graphics are too distracting. Is this a newscast or a sizzle real for a ad agency?
  11. Comcast, unsurprisingly, hasn't been all that interested in creating a directed streamer. Peacock is FAST, but it lacks the investment that Paramount+ and Disney+ has had.
  12. Notice they had something different underneath the path in '85 Station priorities at the time were not to change their slogans often. We're in different days. We don't lock in slogans to the logo because the slogans will change more quickly than the logo does.
  13. To your point, those plexiglass panels on either side of the desk are the debate podiums they used earlier. Also these red lines support the camera leaning to the Left:
  14. Odds are that they eventually spin this division off again.
  15. And the fact is that these graphics look like a recycle. Heck, even something you'd find on Envato Marketplace. I'm not badmouthing RenderOn. They did what they were contacted to do and at the price they were contracted to do it, but the high reflectivity of the graphics and the horizonal line sweeps is a last-decade troupe, started with the Scripps 2012 package.
  16. Scripps can build more new content than Gray.
  17. My friend was the News Director who got rid of that crap.
  18. Their local stations are so understaffed that they are already as stretched as they can be.
  19. Look at the title of this thread and consider how irrelevant your point is, falling directly under this topic.
  20. I see Scripps and CBS diving into mostly all news-channels. CBS especially because they have the CBS News City streaming channel and KCAL News is an experiment toward this, and Scripps with Ion as a potential programming service (like MyNetworkTV) and Scripps News to cover national programming, mixed with more local news. Gray has a harder path toward cutting ties with CW. Local News Live is their latest attempt, but I'd argue that they simply just don't have the investment in national news to completely program independent (or would-be independent) stations. They are investing in production facilities which could be used for a national news product or other long-term entertainment scaling, but given the current sustainability and debt/equity ratio questions that many groups have, including Gray, I do wonder if this is the best investment for the immediate future of their business model.
  21. You NEVER include a slogan in your logo. Amateur hour.
  22. Dude. It is owned by Saudi Arabia who's noted for their human rights abuses and corruption. It's gross.
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