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  1. Ok, so it's straight out of 2003 and graphics used on Power Point.
  2. I mean, for a layman, it's ok that you didn't know. *whispers* He does what!? Oh. Now I understand.
  3. If Nexstar gets ahold of the CW, could WJMN become the CW affiliate? Seems like a good bet.
  4. They're still piecemealing from 3 packages: The CBS brand look, the 2016 O&O look and the CBSN look.
  5. KTBS graphics were originally intended for WPVI. Yes, Ruth worked on those for FX Group/GO. FX only recently got around to licensing them out to KTBS The KRGV graphics were created independently with her own company, Design Hub: https://designhub.tv/project#krgv The WRAL graphics were created by freelancer Michael Lister: https://vimeo.com/492138594
  6. Nah. Nexstar-style and Sinclair-style sidecars pretty much baked in means that they're untouchable.
  7. Don't forget KDVR/KWGN: Oh, and KMGH "stole" it from a station in Texas.
  8. Let's be honest, it's WeatheBait. Let's call it what it is.
  9. Number 1 isn't a reason, friend. WLKY uses Strive because all* Hearst stations use Strive. It's a group standard. *WMUR uses Hearst B because it has significant cross-coverage to WCVB.
  10. You can see that Nexstar doesn't put any value into their art direction. That "Local News That Matters" text is just a hastily implemented Video Copilot plugin.
  11. Ruth Dial was another part. Ruth signed a contract to rebuild GO, but has since left. They are not doing well. Except for one package that Ruth designed while she was on contract 5 years ago, GO hasn't seen any new work or clients. In fact, check the copyright date of the website. Lastly, this was designed by Hothaus.
  12. Not him either. Yep! And he describes himself as youthful! Charight! Glenn Hansen and Max McGill are much better (I'm partial because I know Max).
  13. I've seen worse packages, like anything from Linear Drift. Literally anything. Rey's ramping is awful.
  14. Nexstar is more than happy.
  15. Ha! No. That Nexstar owns the most CW affiliates. Doing that to themselves would be silly.
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