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  1. That's the logo they're going with, but this would be so much better:
  2. That is literally hot trash.
  3. Exactly. From a fiscal perspective, buying this station now to create that kind of product at $1.4 Million with these interest rates and without an affiliate certainly makes me question if there are alternative motives.
  4. Ouch. That's a lot of money for such a tiny purchase. That or inflation is killer.
  5. There are so many things that I think about this, and so many ways that I know this will go wrong.
  6. "I think it's cliche in our industry to say that our new set is state-of-the-art, but this really is." - Jim Webb, VP General Manager, WHSV-TV. No Jim. It's not. Either your trying to poke fun at your industry or your trying to take part in the cliche. It can't be both because that would be something only a stupid man would try to do.
  7. That's assuming they're still solvent by that time, which, given their PE and debt ratios combined with rising interest rates may be an issue by 2024.
  8. This set is recycling elements from NewsNation. So I think Clickspring designed this.
  9. Someone really likes Nexstar!
  10. I hope that's not the anchor desk. It's not authoritative. It looks temporary and dinky.
  11. Here are some better photos for the forum: (source for most is The Other Site) I think this set is more traditional because WMTW has a more trim budget.
  12. And even then, this DDG anchor desk is the same as KYW. KFSN can't afford new design concepts.
  13. This further cements my perspective. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/10/26/is-nexstar-headed-for-bankruptcy
  14. Brick like that doesn't age well. Here are the important questions: Why is Nexstar willing to invest in a new set that I'm sure is insanely expensive because of the couple hundred displays, when their previous set was only a few years old, and when they're losing tons of air and news staff due to lack of employment mobility and salary increases? Why is a liability like a news set (can't convert into a ratings bump), more important than the local journalism that your station supposedly produces (and when you're vastly underutilizing historic KWGN)? Why is Nexstar satisfied with a station that doesn't care about or understand it's local market by telling spot news, with green Gen Z-ers (in Market 17 - REALLY!?), and a marketing department who can't put together a worthy brand that won't get their vehicles damaged by Coloradoans who HATE Fox News? - Nexstar isn't interested in Denver and they are willing to tank their stations here to subsidize a Me-Too Cable News Channel that will never go anywhere. It's disgusting. I'm tired of non-local ownership.
  15. And taking the same approach with the Safeway Albertson brands.
  16. The CSD has the hots for Perry after watching KLFY.
  17. To that minority point, there were two organizations vying for TEGNA, both lead by minorities, Soo Kim and Byron Allen. If that's the argument that they are competing with then they are going to lose. On paper, Allen Media has a lot fewer legal questions, hurtles and backroom dealing than Standard does. For that alone, I would not approve the deal.
  18. So be prepare for WINS 1010 and 880, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there won't be a simulcast. 880 spectrum number is going to be sold.
  19. Which brand is bigger in NYC, WINS or WCBS?
  20. It looks as sterile as the WSET and WEAR sets do. Even the wood wall behind the Chamber member with the novelty scissors looks light, belonging in a Doctor's Office waiting room, not an intimate news environment.
  21. More likely the Jets. I see the confusion though.
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