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  1. So then why even list that it's live. Could it be because not saying it could indicate that the footage is simply B-roll from another time?
  2. That is awful. I can't believe that I have to spell this out, because I see this problem so frequently now. DON'T PUT YOUR LIVE BUG IN THE L3! THEY ARE LOST IN THE REST OF THE INFORMATION. PUTTING THE LIVE BUG IN THE U3, TOP LEFT ENSURES THAT IT WILL STAND OUT.
  3. Nexstar Media’s Cable Network, WGN America, Names Jonathan Killian Vice President, Creative Marketing and Brand Communications
  4. Fascinating... I agree with the latter's oral argument. It seems that the FCC hasn't captured or analyzed data and that their effort to deregulate without data supporting the increased minority and female ownership pre-regulation nor to support that supposition post-deregulation is troubling. It also seems that the FCC simply has no tool at their disposal to assess those aspects and that their effort to deregulate will lead toward potential harm. I, personally, feel like the Court should issue an injunction until an exhibit can be presented that will demonstrate the effects of the FCC's argume
  5. You'd think they'd carry even just the network feed.
  6. Nah. I'm good with V.5... V.6 is blah.
  7. Soon the ENG tower will be hidden.
  8. Local3... Ok, Nexstar. Taking a national view. Seriously dumb branding. Akin to Kraft saying "Homemade Goodness From Our Factories"
  9. Lmao! I'll tell you what Grit looks like after I look at the book.
  10. I'm not sure why Scripps didn't at least attempt to sell it to Litton. The distribution deals baked into the original charter have some value. It seems to me that ION is moving toward the same category as MyNetworkTV, as it will be strictly syndicated primetime programming blocks and local media partners will fill in the rest of the content, likely with locally produced content and syndicated repeats (e.g. The List, Right This Minute). From a Denver perspective, I'm not sure why Scripps acquired KCDO. Grit, like NewsNet and significantly less so than TEGNA's Quest, does
  11. That's what I suspect as well, but I still thought it was pretty decent.
  12. WRAL News Morning intro sample.mp4 WRAL News Evening intro sample.mp4 Found these on Vimeo... I'm wondering if WRAL is premiering a new look. It's alright.
  13. And asked the precise question. Unless something else changes at the network, this can't be.
  14. Don't put I past them to try. They'd sooner divide all stations, each one station under it's own sidecar, controlled by Perry Sook's dog. And a fine for them to try is a slap on the wrist.
  15. The CSD wants something with...erm...detail, creativity and visual appeal.
  16. I could see every station being acquired this way and operated by Nexstar. Every. One. Of. Them.
  17. I guess that really only depends on how much of the KTVK culture is remaining, but I would assume not much at this point.
  18. Looks like that may just be his WFH location.
  19. Idk if it was mentioned, but the Pix11 website officially lists Nexstar as the station owner. And here's the slate:
  20. KCNC recycled it's former Master Control room for CBSN. They will not be getting a new building even though they are completely cramped on space.
  21. The building was built in '59. It's about 400' x 400', I think. It's super cramped. The weather center is a retrofitted conference room. The set as enough room for 2 standups, a greenscreen wall and a convertible interview/additional standup area.
  22. Though, we can't expect the standard BDI set to ever rollout to KCNC. The studio is simply too small.

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