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  1. Ok, so it's straight out of 2003 and graphics used on Power Point.
  2. I mean, for a layman, it's ok that you didn't know. *whispers* He does what!? Oh. Now I understand.
  3. If Nexstar gets ahold of the CW, could WJMN become the CW affiliate? Seems like a good bet.
  4. They're still piecemealing from 3 packages: The CBS brand look, the 2016 O&O look and the CBSN look.
  5. KTBS graphics were originally intended for WPVI. Yes, Ruth worked on those for FX Group/GO. FX only recently got around to licensing them out to KTBS The KRGV graphics were created independently with her own company, Design Hub: https://designhub.tv/project#krgv The WRAL graphics were created by freelancer Michael Lister: https://vimeo.com/492138594
  6. Nah. Nexstar-style and Sinclair-style sidecars pretty much baked in means that they're untouchable.
  7. Don't forget KDVR/KWGN: Oh, and KMGH "stole" it from a station in Texas.
  8. Let's be honest, it's WeatheBait. Let's call it what it is.
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