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  1. The future of the Montana Television Network? Yes.
  2. It was during the Scripps slate. Has anyone in Indy heard the same signature in the Scripps slate?
  3. Just a Denver update. I head the new SAM package signature on KMGH during the 10p. We'll likely be getting the new graphics soon.
  4. Had they repuposed the old WGN set? Also, I like that they plugged High Velocity V.1 in the final newscast.
  5. This opinion is making me very uncomfortable. The Rock or NBC News from Groove Worx (cr. 2007), is definitely not in-line with the local branding and feel of the market. Even though the Tegna graphics hub is located here, they have persistently chosen the most bland package to work across multiple markets.
  6. I'm not sure if his contract at KYTX was not renewed or he decided to move back to Colorado. If you recall, his children and grandchildren live in Colorado and his ailing mother live(ed?) in Tyler. He left KMGH (during a tumultuous time at that station, to be sure) to be closer to his mother, but had frequently returned to Denver where he owned a second home to visit local family. I haven't asked him directly, because it's none of my business, but he could have simply decided not to renew his contract at KYTX because he had no more local ties. He seems to persistently reside in Colorado these days, even after his KDVR/KWGN contract was not renewed.
  7. And then given the same boot along with Ernie Bjorkman at KWGN. This was really disappointing. Innovation is great, but long-term guiding experience is critical too (especially when it comes to anchors). Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for GMs.
  8. I didn't know he was even gone. Damn. Now I've very sad because I was chatting with him earlier this year about our mutual vo work. This really hurts because he was a nice guy.
  9. I really have to wonder how KCNC manages to still ranks number 2 especially with all of the issues that I see and know about.
  10. That's not a knock off. It's been syndicated (see below). If there is any confusion about what a knock off is, it's a secondary graphics package that looks like another design originated at another station. Likely the package is executed horribly if it's meant to mirror the design completely (see WNEM) or has clear elements similar to an original package, where there is no mistaken identity for inspiration (See WSMV).
  11. Although I don't like the package, Aerial hasn't aged since its commission in 2010.
  12. Localism is a branding and programming ploy that means more intensive news programming to reduce syndication costs and more local ad blocks.
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