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  1. So basically you're feeling is that the composer of V.1-V.5, who also cofounded 615, is not a great composer? You much prefer a composer who typically composes for movies and is doing this as a side-gig for the quick payday.
  2. They won't be including the NBC peacock because NBC isn't exactly a ratings juggernaut in the market. Reminds me a bit of the WMAR logo if I'm honest.
  3. Ahahahaha! No. We won't. TV stations are going to become less relevant over time.
  4. Gray is moving in the same direction of eliminating all of their creative service departments at all of their stations.
  5. Sure, if they want to use it as part of the operating expenses or give it to shareholders as dividends.
  6. The new Meredith package will be ditched. It's basically a Frankenstein's monster graphics package without any clear direction and is just made of components from other packages. Does Meredith own the building or are they using a sell-leaseback agreement?
  7. One market's ratings does not a large group's profits make. Nexstar may feel that losing 2-3 morning hours of local news programming across 40+ markets is worth it if the margin is made up in spades. The ratings (and ad-buy revenue) is very strong in proportion to the overall production costs.
  8. I can't speak to the specifics, but from a rudimentary analysis, the collective number of staff hired on a per-station basis to produce an additional newscast is greater than that required to produce syndicated programming, especially with lower production costs like The List and Right This Minute as opposed to the former Arsenio Hall Show or Jeopardy. As a group like Scripps buys more stations, the overall savings further nets out. This is why I fully expect Nexstar to produce a NewsNation AM newscast for all of their Fox, CW and MyNetTV affils. The investment made in NewsNation i
  9. I miss Racine's too! I had so many great family gatherings there. And the former parking structure of Racine's could serve as temporary parking for KMGH until the new building is finished.
  10. Having visited the building, it's not a collaborative space whatsoever. The main building space are separated into small multi-level floors. The restaurant Racine's was closed in late 2019 in anticipation of this new development. However, I've learned that KMGH wants to remain in the same location. They would like to scrape the lot and building a station at it's current location. While I've recommended that they move to the Central Park neighborhood where vacant lots are plentiful, I think that the drive from there into Denver is a reason that maybe they don't want to move.
  11. So before I make any comments, I checked to verify who did not create this. While this take cues from Hothaus Creative, this are most certainly not their work. I see so many design issues that I could explain each and every problem frame by frame. Overall, there doesn't seem to be one cohesive design from tease to open. They did not spend the time to animate the finer detail. Things like L3s, U3s and bug require attention. Also the 3D WHBQ logo is poorly rendered as their are artifacts on it.
  12. Whether you appreciate it or not, group revenue isn't measured on a station by station basis.
  13. I know the metrics intimately, they return a strong margin.
  14. Ok, but if the profit is better than other options, they're going to stick with it.

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