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  1. It's also why stations should immediately air the local newscast at the end of the network newscast instead of another ad break. More adverts after the end of the network feed allows people to wonder away from broadcast programming to cable.
  2. NewsNet will be on and off various subchannels for years to come, never lasting more than a few years on any PSIP. When a better subchannel concept comes down, either at a lower cost for the same ratings or at the same cost for higher ratings, NewsNet will be replaced. Why do you think we see several 480i subchannels squeezed onto the frequency instead of a few really strong first-run subchannels in 1080i? Few people watch them. Providing a wider variety of mediocre, often syndicated programming ensures more ad blocks at standard pricing than discounted ad rates on high quality (and more expen
  3. Nexstar will not being purchasing NewsNet. NewsNet has a tight 30 minute newscast all originating in Cadillac Michigan, relying on AP and other wire services. It's not leveraging anything that News Nation can't. News Nation can leverage thousands of stations (with any investment) to report news worthy of national attention. NewsNet, on the other hand, relies on the resources of AP, and is never ever having an exclusive. Basically, NewsNet is advert filler.
  4. Grace of god, eh? Too bad no creative sense was imparted by "His" grace.
  5. Separate videos doesn't mean separate packages. These are all the same package.
  6. These are from the same package!
  7. It has no relationship to the Limerick package:
  8. Not the ownership. Just that they are having a reverend who has no journalism background present the news. That's screwed up.
  9. NewsNet. NewsNation needs work, but it's not going anywhere.
  10. I never understood the interest when I could just look up the weather on the AccuWeather app on my smart phone.
  11. As opposed to Nexstar producing graphics packages fitting of college TV stations or TEGNA and Scripps creating branding producible on PowerPoint? Yeah. So much worse.
  12. I mean, we're just hearing most of this stuff second hand. We don't exactly have much involvement in the decision making. However, if we did, we're sure that the landscape would look different.
  13. You'd hope they'd cut the name-sake organization a deal, especially since it might lead to more licenses if CBS O&Os used it. That lost leader thing.

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