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  1. That would be acknowledging that they didn't have a mountain bureau.
  2. This is hardly a 'newsroom'. It's Matt at his house and the green-screen is rigged up in his basement.
  3. They should have Colbert guest host.
  4. Oh god! "The end of every newscast must contain a prayer." Think about the declarations of must runs that would be included.
  5. It's better than Aerial, IMHO.
  6. I'm really not a big fan of anything on air right now, Linear Drift included. WLS is the exception.
  7. But the others were so much better! WTTV has picked up Guardian.
  8. Frankly, I'd encourage the sales department to start fielding personal sponsorship deals for air staff work social media profiles, including a generous kickback for the station. I mean, if we're going to lean into the profiteering of journalism, let's really squeeze this lemon as much as we can.
  9. No no. CBS is preparing for O&O liquidation. They won't be adding any stations.
  10. Allen Broadcasting, Cox Media, Graham, Morgan Murphy, Circle City, NPG, Standard, Scripps, Meredith, Hearst, Bonneville. WCNC -> Meredith or Scripps WKYC -> Graham or Hearst.
  11. It's not supposed to! You're not supposed to have any supers up during a slate or open. Flippin amateurs.
  12. I would love love LOVE to hear Deidre Goodwin, voice of 880 WCBS (which for some reason I love).
  13. Ew. Alright. I'll have to check that. My issues tends to be that KMGH has terrible interference on 7.1 and although it has a stronger signal on 30.3 (KZCO-LD), not all of my systems will see that signal. Though strangely, I get KKTV and I live in Douglas.
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