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  1. Ironically, the Nielsen boxes are only in city & county of Denver regardless of how much KCNC covers, though CBS knows this. My frustration that the Denver DMA really could and should be split into two markets it's too unwieldy to reasonably be covered by Denver stations.
  2. And this is still all predicated on if Disney decides to sell ABC within 2 years and what the new owner wants to do with the slot.
  3. I've always HATED live bug "tabs" on the L3. You can blame TEGNA for originating that crap. In this case, it's redundant and it's somewhat overlapping the time/temp bug.
  4. Looks like a Raycom graphics throwback.
  5. Death of cable maybe. Don't know how this will kill off broadcasting though.
  6. This looks better than Scripps, which is saying something about Scripps
  7. Ratings drive ad revenue and that drives profits. They are taking revenue from their local stations, none of which are #1 in any market, and using it to fund NewsNation. I guess, if you don't give a crap about the content, sure, it's successful. By that metric, Scripps using AI and few responding to it could be classified as successful, because it brings in a profit. Who cares if the community is getting anything out of it, right?
  8. That's pretty damn special. Well deserved, Tom.
  9. You could have offered some commentary like, "Looks to be conjecture" or similar.
  10. So you're just taking the spin at face value. Remind me to never put you in an investigative role.
  11. Where do you see that NewsNation is turning a good profit?
  12. What was to be gained by blowing up WGNAmerica?
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