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  1. No. Because it's easier to base opinions on wild rumor and speculation than actually do research and think. How dare you! Why waste my time with anything congruous to forethought? /s
  2. We will see! I'm happy to hear Guardian instead.
  3. Variations of the Standardized graphics look like this: Though WTVT and WJBK have the same open:
  4. No. Just my suspicions with Nexstar's contract with SAM and the emphasis of CBS.
  5. I didn't mind their virtual set. It could have been slightly better, but I liked several of the elements like the virtual mapping on the anchor desk. Also, I am not pleased that they are dropping Impact V.6 for CBS Local and the CBS graphics pack. This is just so meh.
  6. Naaaaah. This is just their interpretation of the TEGNA graphics. KTVU has been using something better. It's all in-house and offers no additional roll-out. These graphics have been on air since at least July:
  7. I just want to state that the WOIO package was in the works well before Gray took ownership. Stations get 4 options to from Gray, no customs.
  8. Ha! No. KMGH did for Scripps.
  9. They probably did a cost/benefit analysis and determined that for the cost of the package, it's limited use and market dispersion, it wasn't worth keeping it on the market. For the record, Counterpoint is going to be retired soon, either when the KRDO contract ends or when KRDO refreshes it's branding and set.
  10. It's not just a bit more money. It's a lot of money. Hearst has a decade (at least) multi-hundred thousand dollar deal with InTheGroove Music. Beyond was composed exclusively for FOX affiliate stations by Stephen Arnold with roll-out to the FTS. Groups like Sinclair can command so much power because they dominate so much of their markets. However, they don't own the rights to their music in perpetuity either. Daily News is now available for license, probably with the caveat that it can't be used in markets where Sinclair has coverage. However, it doesn't behoove a group to have music rights tied in perpetuity when licensing per station pays so little and saturation increases return. Stephen Arnold is successful because they play the licensing game better than anyone. Just watch and notice that any future group that contracts a package through them will be given market exclusivity and maybe a year roll-out head start, but the new package will quickly be licensed to other stations. Additionally, I believe that Stephen Arnold has robust enough repertoire that Nexstar has no reason to custom commission anything group wide.
  11. Aerial has always had more providence than iNERGY. Aerial originated in 2010 for Central Florida News 13 (Spectrum News 13) while iNERGY was developed for Scripps in 2012.
  12. Will be killed then in a few years.
  13. That sequence at 17s is pretty damning.
  14. You're correct. They did it for both.
  15. While market exclusivity can be an issue depending how the contract is written, this is likely the result of a contract dispute. WSYX didn't want to sign as significant a deal as Richard would accept and negotiations fell through. He therefore was able to pickup other market contracts and I'm sure he fetched a pretty penny from the Interim Creative Director installed by Tegna. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennydolph/
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