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  1. I wasn't speaking to your opinion. When I said rough, yes, that's a difference of opinion. I agree that it's an upgrade. No argument. What you disagreed with was when I said "Looks like a combination of the KNVX/KMGH set and the Hearst standard set." That's a fact. No opinion. Nothing to disagree with here on this point.
  2. MidWestern TV completely ignored my points because of their feelings. I wasn't discussing personal feelings.
  3. Feel free to tell Gregory Miller yourself. I'm not poking that bear.
  4. I'm not comparing this set to what they previously had. I'm comparing this Devlin set to other Devlin sets and saying that's it's not creatively differentiated. There are few set elements and no localized branding. This set could be in any market. I don't care if you think it's an upgrade. It is, but it's not a unique or localized look. It's a corporate sanitized look and boring because of that.
  5. These renders different than the final result.
  6. Gray uses VizRT. Viz has no bump map applications. So textures are not something available. They are quick and dirty. Gray doesn't see value in Creative Services. Decent Devlin set. Reminds me of Hearst.
  7. Oh look! Someone who spent a semester taking graphic design courses is going to redesign the branding for an entire station? Yeah. Fine. It's in budget and we really don't care.
  8. Oh. Like Scripps graphics package?
  9. Weird... because they are using their old logo on their website.
  10. Ew. Rough. Looks like a combination of the KNVX/KMGH set and the Hearst standard set.
  11. I don't like most Nexstar sets. They feel incredibly cheap. For instance, the lack of in-stitching on this couch indicates just how cheap of a product it is. The red is garish. This set lacks detail. The wood laminate is all the same color throughout and except for the white brick wall, this set lacks texture. This speaks to the aspect that the Nexstar designers don't understand the value of detail in design and texture. The nuance of set building is more complex this Nexstar's ham-handed approach. This stated, the location of set pieces, broadly speaking, and the selection of those pieces is
  12. These graphics are standard fair for Nexstar, having originally been design for KFXK and being implemented across most Fox affiliates. It's quite simple actually. Creative Services are being gutted. What used to be teams of 15 are now down to about 3-5. Station art directors have no wherewithal to manage multiple packages and they are not allowed to create their own branding, not, of course, considering the fact that many in creative department are just moved over from news, without a background in marketing because that would cost the station more money to invest in thei
  13. No. They specifically pivoted away from NBC branding. And they have no group requirement to include network branding in the station logo.
  14. Yes! Please call a spade a spade. This LMA operation sidecar bullsh*t must end.
  15. They're sill affiliated with SESAC. I think this may mean that SESAC relented.

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