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  1. You do know that dimensional is a very small package, right?
  2. I'm 100% certain. Dimensional isn't a robust package.
  3. I'm going to put this forward now. With Nexstar clearly having no morals, indicated decisively with them airing the LIV golf tour I'm about 95% certain that Tucker Carlson will get a show on NewsNation.
  4. Most stations won't use this, though.
  5. Are you new to local news management in 2022? Amateurish is the standard quo now.
  6. Thank F*CKING god. I'm sorry, but this deal was absolute sh*t for the viewer and for the journalists. Hopefully TEGNA can resume operations and hiring.
  7. That's not an excuse for the size of the logo. WAS. MY. POINT.
  8. And yet this somehow looks much better.
  9. Sure, if you want a ton of dead space.
  10. CBS didn't develop this strategy. One of their local stations did. Could that bug look any more disproportional?
  11. When have you seen a TV group invest in that at all in a thorough and effective way?
  12. CBS isn't looking to expand in Texas or Colorado.
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