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  1. I think someone will have to confirm this, but I believe that projector is recycled from the previous set.
  2. I'm going to guess that this coincides with a new graphics package too, e.g. the Nexstar Fox package.
  3. And they aren't the last one going to be trying to find viewership in especially with a Conservative slant. There are two other Conservative opinion networks slated to open in the next year or so. So consider that Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, NewsNation, and two additional networks are vying for the same 30% of Americans. This is increasingly appearing to be an allegory of the fractured GOP.
  4. I mean, I would love to see it relocated to Larkspur and the true Garden's returned. Six Flags added a ton of concrete to it and management has been meh.
  5. KCDO, iirc, is still operated for the most part out of Aurora (for now). However, since Scripps has National programming operating out of the KMGH building, real estate is tight. The question would be where to put the new studio. Anything outside of downtown Denver is a haul into the city. A friend of mine suggested a lot scrape, but that would make it impossible for staff to work during construction, especially since there is limited off-site parking. My thought is that since the KMGH lot is a valuable commodity right there on Lincoln and Speer, I'd sell that and build a new studio in RiNo (i
  6. Have you ever been inside? It's cramped as f*ck! The studio can't hold a weather center (which is off in a conference room). There's no studio B (unless you like a wide hallway) nor way to expand if they want to add staff. News, sports and weather staffers share desks (day-side and night-side). I mean, KMGH is on the large side. I don't know why they'd need a new building, but CBS 4 certainly would.
  7. No, it's not. As DENDude indicated, KCNC's is older, but KLZ used to be located in a different facility in a different area. I know this because my grandfather was an anchor there in the late 50s and early 60s. Also, CBS will never pay for a new studio for KCNC. I'm familiar with a lot of the nuances of the station. They run at wider margins than most. KMGH is seeing some advocacy for a new building, but I can't imaging that the current lot would be serviceable for that purpose. It is centrally located, however, so we shall see.
  8. I mean, this is the same company that formed Scripps Interactive. I don't think they play that kind of game.
  9. At least a newscast like NewsNation.
  10. What you call clinical, on TV, is clean and bright with well-defined curves and lines, and color that pops on camera. This is what an updated set should look like. It brings no more attention to the differences in set design elements. It merges old with new, allowing the set to be a supporting character in each newscast, not detracting attention from the story. Sets that have contrasting feature walls, beautiful or not, can be extremely distracting and appear to be from an interior design project.
  11. You have REALLY low standards.
  12. Laura was at AccuWeather not Weather Nation. Also she was at KDVR for 3 months. It was brief. When she was offered AccuWeather, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to move to PA.

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