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  1. Probably just a recycle from Hothaus.
  2. No. It is not different. Nexstar doesn't spend more than $20K on a graphics package. Even a good quality one costs no less than $80K.
  3. That means they can pretty much shutdown the entire KXRM newsroom except for a few local reporters. Farm out traffic and most segments to Denver. The same can be said for KREX.
  4. I've said before we're going to have the FOX Colorado network. All will share news to reduce costs.
  5. "We're On It" was created by consultants SmithGeiger who created the WXMI slogan "Plan On It" and WCAU's "Count On It" as well as the proliferation of the "First Alert Weather" branding. https://www.smithgeiger.com/
  6. You're right. It's just the inversion of Indie-Band.
  7. And using an already crappy FOX ripoff of a Tribune Fox package on a CW affiliate. Just in case you didn't think Denver wasn't Market 68, well now you know. We are now back in 2009 when KDVR and KWGN has the worst market share in their history. Hell, even 2009 looked better.
  8. It's like Nexstar did a marketing review of the DMA and then said fuck it and went with the cheapest thing they could thing of! Aerial is now 10 years old and still quite bland.
  9. Yeah, I'm going to disagree with that. I have sources that say otherwise. They were supposed to push them during the Olympics, but that never happened.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *wheezes* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nexstar doesn't give a shit about design! They pay only $20K for a package and they never look high quality according to a well known design professional friend of mine. Let's face it, the look and feel of a station aren't Nexstar's or anyone's objective. Creative Services costs are the first things to get cut in budget tightening. Here's the new set/look:
  11. A year and a half? Only if they bought an entirely new graphics and weather systems.
  12. Really? A new color scheme and text size take a year and a half? WHAT!?
  13. Sadly, this doesn't seem like an updated version. Although the audio fidelity may not be good and therefore it betrays me ears, this is in fact the 2002 commission that went unused. Not exactly a modern take.
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