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  1. No voice over. Station personnel only for the promos.
  2. Any way a station can cut a $50K - $85K in contract fees, they will. This is what has happened a several stations. They are dropping our VOs. TEGNA has pushed it and so has Scripps, here, it seems. For example, KUSA no longer has an imaging voice.
  3. WFLA is sans-crescent too.
  4. Ugh. They need to get rid of the Media General era golden crescent. It's so antiquated and has never looked good.
  5. Sorry, I misspoke. KCBS and KCAL is at CBS Studio Center, which I didn't know, but I know that Corden is taped at Television City. If Corden moved, that would make sense, but they should move since CBS no longer owns the property.
  6. At least if CBS and Paramount merge, CBS could move James Cordon to Paramount which is quite a bit larger than CBS Studio Center.
  7. Denver too, but there are quite a few things that aren't working in Denver.
  8. Comparatively, Guardian is a modern success and Signature is a classic success.
  9. And the Scripps music is pretty slow and it sounds non-descript and like production music. As a news music curator and composer, I'm very underwhelmed. SAM's production cuts have a stronger more sonic sound. This isn't that. Which is somewhat ironic given that ABC is developing a standardized package. This KABC look was developed in-house too.
  10. Seems like someone's reading the itinerary on a cruise ship. Very utilitarian. Nothing more.
  11. I think that was kind of the point, and I am honestly very excited!
  12. It's odd, but let's call Linear Drift what it is, which is not a standalone motion design agency. It's one guy, Rey Rodriguez (Giant Octopus) likely outsourcing builds to subcontractors. To call it an agency assumes that it's a team of people which it simply isn't.
  13. That's, frankly, insulting to any Spanish viewer.
  14. So they lost their last Creative Director who commissioned a pretty descent package from Rey Rodriguez when he was freelancing (before he created Linear Drift) in 2014. In 2015 that Creative Director left the station and two years lader a new graphics/logo/music was created and implemented to mirror KMGH. The crappy 3D Peakcock in the OTS super is a graphic pulled from the 2002-2004 package. This is actually the best package they had but it was used for such a short time (3 years)!
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