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  1. I would hope that Q13 News would be the news branding, but Q13 FOX would be generic branding.
  2. I have no idea what the relevancy is tbh, but the streaming loop is now within the F( 0 )X standard. Interestingly the domain Q13Fox.com directs to the new website. The domain Q13.com still (redirects) as an alias to the old website, tribkcpq.wordpress.com, which is still live! So, to the Fox Executives watching this thread, kill this. I am sad Q13 is changing it's look, but it's not inline with your ridiculous brand. Also, quick note: The former KWGN word-press site still exists! https://localtvkwgn.wordpress.com/ I really would appreciate it if Byron Grandby brought back the separate website.
  3. You are right. I am wrong. Seems like TMStudios needs a Wikipedia page with that in it.
  4. What anti-trust issues? A company can have one of their subsidiaries do work for the parent and not get accused of anything illegal because they own them.
  5. Being the broadcast junkie that I am, one ends up not only finding love with TV stations, but also radio stations (and for me, the latter came first). Well, I discovered an interesting little footnote: TMStudios is an E.W. Scripps company. TM was owned by Jones Media Group (then known as JonesTM). Jones was purchased by Triton (and renamed TM Studios), Triton Radio Networks (now Triton Digital) in 2008. Triton was purchased by Scripps in 2018. Ergo, why are the Scripps stations using Stephen Arnold Music when they have their own composers in-house?
  6. What makes your opinion more right than mine?
  7. I already have black market copies, but I ain't dealin. It's such a snorefest.
  8. Profit more than hard work seems reasonably inline with those values.
  9. This is some indication that C-Clarity ain't long for this world.
  10. I'd say it's even lazier than you think. That graphics package is stock.
  11. So apparently Univision in San Diego has a new package... I hate to say it, but it looks nicer than the Scripps package and uses a lot of the same colors.
  12. WGBA isn't the first to use the NBC version though.
  13. Oh man! Heartbreaking. Journalists like this are rare indeed.
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