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  1. Def TV screens. Studio lights don't reflect off of windows like that.
  2. And you can see that it's just a redressed set: And the monitor wall has bee there quite some time:
  3. They could the Advantage Variant of Metropolis.
  4. Wow! That is a terrible way to handle a termination!
  5. They also have no news programming on our Azteca digital subchannel.
  6. Might as well do away with the entire news division then.
  7. Those graphics are a lazy ripoff of the Hothaus KABC graphics. It's disappointing, really.
  8. This new one is more modern... But feels a bit too undersold. The previous feels classic light morning.
  9. Hearst's Set-In-A-Box.
  10. And as you know, we already have NBC's Master Control here.
  11. Well that main reporter is the one who started this thread.
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