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  1. Looks like Janice isn’t in the studio, maybe she has a chroma at home now?
  2. For a while, I feel that News 12 is going to become one channel throughout the region and maybe headline inserts by the region. It is sad that over the last decade, News 12 headlines don’t feature Long Island besides the every five minute weather updates. Everytime I am watching News 12 LI, I feel like I am sitting at an AP Wire station. As a FiOS subscriber, I miss the RNN’s FiOS 1 news with news, sports and less repetitiveness that you see especially on N12LI.
  3. WNBC reported that reporter Katherine Creag has suddenly passed away. Katherine was reporting on the AM on WNBC yesterday. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/news-4-reporter-katherine-creag-passes-away-suddenly/2881018/
  4. The Olympic Rings are back on the bug.
  5. Many of the NBC O&Os have done something like this since N launched in 2016. My only guess is that Artworks (I think they are called something else now) allows the option for affiliates to use the graphics for the "Decision" graphics. But again, why they don't have a format specifically for N for all the O&Os I still don't understand.
  6. I assume it's because of the platform of the desk is not on stage right. Notice below that Janice is standing while Bruce is sitting.
  7. I hope this is a temporary desk (then again, no where for the indesk workstations). The 4 vector is also totally off.
  8. Two anchors in front of the desk backdrop tonight with the headline graphics on screen.
  9. Again tonight, anchor is standing in front of the newsdesk with an OTS effect on the monitor wall. Maybe they are rehearsing for multiple anchors with social distancing when two anchors are in studio?
  10. Not sure how the newscasts were earlier in the day, the 6pm newscast today had Natalie standing in front of the desk with a backdrop graphic similar to TINY but added a tone of blue.
  11. Let us not forget the forgettable conference room
  12. Not only their using the studio but the crawl looks like from Look N graphics from the WNBC newscasts.
  13. Wednesday and today, the 11am newscast was abbreviated to 15 minutes. New York Live ran from 11:15. Today, New York Live was on for forty five minutes.
  14. Looks like they added lighting. WNBC probably had to wait to get additional light kits for remote talent.
  15. News 12 LI and LI+ is showing the NJ feed.

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