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  1. What happened to Cindy Hsu she hasn't been on for about three weeks?
  2. I totally agree why is everyone boo hooing about her she was bossy arrogant and quite obnoxious
  3. I hear that Janelle Burrell is leaving and going to CBS Philly
  4. What happened to Steve Lacey? Is Teresa Priolo going to be Dari Alexander new co anchor?
  5. i think the honeymoom phase is over it was a joke on day 1
  6. This Lori Stokes and Rosanna Scotto teamup is a complete joke how many fools on here are going to say Oh what a great team
  7. exactly miss glamor and broadway actor that's all she cares about
  8. scott should replace andy adler they need to dump out fadel and muller next drain the pix swamp
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Narmeen Choudhury she hasn't been on air since March was she fired?
  10. why the hell are they keeping tamsen fadal and get rid of suki too
  11. When are they going to dump Antwan Lewis that guy has no personality whatsoever. Cold as a fish.
  12. What's happening to Greg Treadway he does'nt seem well?
  13. They need to dump Sukanya Tamsen Fadal John Muller and Narmeen Choudhury and Mr G if I was in charge those would be dumped
  14. I don't this Scott and Suki is going to work either pix is a real mess

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