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  1. KTLA’s evening “Sky 5” pilot reporter, Tim Lynn is calling it a career tomorrow, saying: In June 1972 I graduated from high school and 18 days later entered the United States Coast Guard, that’s where my journey began. After 4 enlistments and a very long 14 months at the University of California Police Department LA, I joined the Culver City Police Department, transferred to Huntington Beach Police Department, where I retired with a total 30 years in law enforcement to begin a new career in media.
  2. I’m watching the 11am news right now and they’re promoting tomorrow’s election night coverage, specifically a special 8 pm broadcast with Marc Brown and Ellen Leyva. The on-screen graphic for tomorrow night’s schedule showed Marc Brown and Ellen Leyva as the 11pm anchor team, with video of Marc and Ellen anchoring together in the past. Now I’m really wondering what’s up with Michelle? Is she out? Was Ellen promoted? Did anyone else catch this?
  3. Where is Michelle Tuzee? She’s been gone most of the summer.
  4. Does David Muir even anchor WNT anymore? I watch KABC’s 6pm show and switch over to NBC Nightly News at 6:30. I always chuckle because the anchors “toss” it to David Muir who seems to rarely be there and WNT at 6:30 is really a rebroadcast, so I’m always surprised they don’t seem to know whose in the anchor chair or not. NNN ends sooner than WNT and I flip it back to KABC to watch Jeopardy. I caught the closing of WNT and Llamas said he’d be back again tomorrow. And I agree with above, WNT’s story preview at the top is waaaaay too long.
  5. Dave was back on KCAL tonight, serving “political analyst.” I know he was in during the special coverage of the DNC at 7 and was just in for a segment at 9. Pat Harvey mentioned he’ll be back again throughout the week. Good to see him back.
  6. Reporter Gene Kang says he too was laid off from NBC.
  7. Alex Cheney finally wore a new outfit this morning! He subbed in a gray suit in place of the tired blue pants and black blazer that he’s been wearing exclusively for months. Hope there’s more added to the lineup!
  8. I feel like the CBS duopoly is the weakest newsroom in the market with KTTV just behind them. Other than Fritz’s recent “retirement” KNBC has been pretty stable. Most of the anchors at KABC have been there for a very long time, I hope they’re all able to stay around a bit longer. As to @Roadrunner’s points above: 1. It does seem as though Phillip was pushed off the morning show, but when he’s solo anchored the midday show, sometimes for two hours straight, I feel like he’s proven he’s top notch. I never watched Eyewitness News on weekday mornings, but, from the lin
  9. Happy trails! https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/06/23/cbs2-kcal9-reporter-randy-paige/
  10. WOF used to tape in Burbank? Thought they were always in Culver City with Jeopardy
  11. Legendary Television Broadcaster Fritz Coleman Retiring From NBC4 After Nearly Forty Years https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/legendary-television-broadcaster-fritz-coleman-retiring-from-nbc4-after-nearly-forty-years/2381619/
  12. Wow wow wow. What’s going over there?! https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/6/17/breaking-kcbs-loses-another-big-name
  13. He’ll definitely be missed. It was cool to see the competition leaving nice messages on his twitter feed as well.
  14. After 43 years at CBS, Dave is calling it a career at the end of this month. https://mobile.twitter.com/cbsladavelopez/status/1271880575314362368
  15. CBSLA needs to get someone in that helicopter for their portion at night. Their coverage of pursuits suck. Last night one of the anchors said the suspect was going south when he was in fact on an east/west freeway. Then another fool said the guy was in Orange County when he was at the 91/710 interchange. They’re a joke rn.
  16. Chelsea Hunt (fka Chelsea Edwards), formerly of KABC TV, announced she’s joining KTTV/Fox LA https://www.instagram.com/p/CBRbkNjFqLY/?igshid=wku1povhulqu
  17. Oh, I almost forgot. I tuned into KTTV after KABC signed off at midnight just to see what their coverage was like. I hadn’t watched a broadcast on that channel in years and was totally impressed by Elex (in studio) and Christine (in newsroom) and Bobby D in the field. Btw, what I loved more than anything were their graphics. It seems most stations still have things centered on the screen, whereas KTTV took up the entire width which looked at lot cleaner versus cramming everything into a smaller, centered space. At the end of their coverage, Elex mentioned Laura Diaz, Phil Schuman and Christ
  18. I was watching KABC yesterday and thought they did a terrific job. Ellen Leyva was on from about 3:30 until midnight, initially with Veronica Miracle and then later with Marc Brown. The latter team was great, both strong anchors with market experience. They had Carlos Grande and Leanne Suter I the field both of whom are strong. I’m glad they had Chris Christie in Air 7. I briefly checked in with KCBS to see who was anchoring coverage and was irritated they didn’t have anyone available to them; that’s unacceptable in this market. Chris Christie provided eyewitness details and told us exactly
  19. http://urbanhollywood411.com/2020/04/19/los-angeles-tv-news-crew-kidnapped-knifepoint-coronavirus/
  20. If that’s true, hope he’s back on the air soon.
  21. When KCBS/KCAL moved to Studio City, both stations had separate sets and studios. KCAL shares its studio with the Sports Central set. I’ve noticed for the past several weeks however, KCAL’s broadcasts are originating from the KCBS set and studio, and Sports Central has been broadcasting from the City National Bank plaza in downtown. Is CBS building a new set for KCAL, or are they using the studio for something else?
  22. I’m sure Brianna was just filling in or swapping shifts due to the holiday this week. As far as Phillip’s replacement, I hope to god it’s not Marc CR; he’s way too stiff. Brandi would be a better fit.

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