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  1. Initially I thought “Mark has balls” and management must be chill for approving his message. Then he got suspended and I was confused because even after management informed talent not to speak about Lynette on-air, Mark advertised on Twitter informing he was going to talk about her the following morning at 8. I just assumed management knew because surely if I’d seen Mark’s Twitter post someone inside must’ve seen it too, right? So Mark has his rant, shaming management for not allowing Lynette to say goodbye, then just a bit ago, I see in the LA Times, Lynette didn’t want to say goodbye HAHAHAHA. Why tf didn’t Mark know this? Now he looks even more foolish IMO. To get fired over all this is insane. It demonstrates he’s not mature and a loose cannon. No one else in the market will hire him.
  2. I also saw Mark’s message at the top of the 8am hour. I was thinking, damn, this guy has balls, but also made me think, what an incredible local management team that allowed him to criticize them on their own air. Mark was right that, after 24 years, Lynette should’ve been allowed to say goodbye, but really, as someone commented earlier, she one leaves for a competitor in any industry, you’re generally shown the door pretty quickly. In his message, Mark eluded to something terrible that happened to Lynette which caused her to stop anchoring weeknights at 10 with Hal Fishman. Does anyone know what that was? I was a kid back then and always wondered why she was taken off the desk.
  3. I was thinking the same. 9 is going to have to staff up their new morning news block. Sam said KTLA management tried to get her to stay; someone is offering more and better hours is my bet and she certainly deserves it. Huge loss for KTLA.
  4. I hope they do a better job with the KCAL set than they did with the KCBS one. Newscasts on the KCBS set are distracting. The video wall behind the anchors reflects the monitors in front of them; when an anchor or reporter is doing a standup next to a monitor, you can see the teleprompter in the reflection; and you can always see the weather anchor messing around on the computer depending on the shot. It’s market 2, not a college newscast. It’s annoying and I hate watching cbsla from the KCBS set.
  5. Totally agreed, Friel leaving isn’t a loss at all. At the risk of becoming too KTLA focused on this specific thread, I’d imagine Lauren Lyster, who IMO is fantastic both as a reporter and anchor, wouldn’t want to work weekend nights either because as I’m nearly certain her husband doesn’t work weekend nights at CBS.
  6. The thing confusing me the most is, KTLA had to know Courtney Friel was not going to sign a new contract, so why not take her off the air and pay her out or push her to reporting to keep Christina? The Scucc is, IMO, a ton more credible and stronger than Friel now KTLA is without either of them come next month.
  7. Courtney Friel says adios to KTLA (but may freelance down the line).
  8. Hmmm. What are the odds she’ll end up on KCAL 9 morning news??
  9. Hmmm, live edition of Nightly News at 3:30? I thought Jennifer Hudson was getting the 2pm slot followed by Kelly Clarkson at 3pm then NBC 4 News at 4? Guess I’ll believe it when I see it.
  10. Brandi Hitt announced her retirement from ABC7 on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/a-childhood-dream-complete-theres-no-describing-ugcPost-6932059766823243777-7yaR Sam Rubin at KTLA hinted at this several weeks ago and believes Brandi’s replacement has already been decided but not officially.
  11. Wendy Burch is hanging up the mic, but not leaving KTLA… https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/1/31/life-after-tv-news
  12. A 48 market jump?! I’m all about representation and diversity of newsrooms, it’s long overdue, but from NOLA to an O&O duopoly in LA?! C’mon man!
  13. KTLA will debut a weekday 5pm newscast on October 4, according to an email obtained by FTVLive.
  14. It appears Jonathan Novack is gone too! His bio has been scrubbed from the station’s website and his abc social media disabled. Such a bummer as he had a great personality.
  15. At the end of tonight’s 6pm news, David and Ellen announced the retirement of reporter Miriam Hernandez following a 22-year run at KABC. https://www.facebook.com/283074108542071/posts/1639060366276765/?d=n
  16. I’m glad we’re all entitled to our opinions. Bummer about Lori Corbin; she’s great.
  17. Where is Jonathan Novak?! I cannot stand Alex Cheney, his personality, his delivery and the same POS mismatched “suit” he wears every time he’s in studio.
  18. KTLA’s evening “Sky 5” pilot reporter, Tim Lynn is calling it a career tomorrow, saying: In June 1972 I graduated from high school and 18 days later entered the United States Coast Guard, that’s where my journey began. After 4 enlistments and a very long 14 months at the University of California Police Department LA, I joined the Culver City Police Department, transferred to Huntington Beach Police Department, where I retired with a total 30 years in law enforcement to begin a new career in media.
  19. I’m watching the 11am news right now and they’re promoting tomorrow’s election night coverage, specifically a special 8 pm broadcast with Marc Brown and Ellen Leyva. The on-screen graphic for tomorrow night’s schedule showed Marc Brown and Ellen Leyva as the 11pm anchor team, with video of Marc and Ellen anchoring together in the past. Now I’m really wondering what’s up with Michelle? Is she out? Was Ellen promoted? Did anyone else catch this?
  20. Where is Michelle Tuzee? She’s been gone most of the summer.
  21. Does David Muir even anchor WNT anymore? I watch KABC’s 6pm show and switch over to NBC Nightly News at 6:30. I always chuckle because the anchors “toss” it to David Muir who seems to rarely be there and WNT at 6:30 is really a rebroadcast, so I’m always surprised they don’t seem to know whose in the anchor chair or not. NNN ends sooner than WNT and I flip it back to KABC to watch Jeopardy. I caught the closing of WNT and Llamas said he’d be back again tomorrow. And I agree with above, WNT’s story preview at the top is waaaaay too long.
  22. Reporter Gene Kang says he too was laid off from NBC.
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