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  1. Brianna Ruffalo is heading down the 5 from ABC30 in Fresno to KABC. Her on air debut will be sometime this month. Not sure which shows she’ll be on, but hoping she’ll immediately replace Alex Cheney on weekend mornings.
  2. I hope she’s salvo’s replacement. The girl whose been filling in, I forget her and at the moment, is a terrible anchor and has zero business being one in this market. As for the lack of an in-studio traffic anchor weekday mornings, that’s pretty ridiculous. I always watch KTLA in the mornings; they have a pretty comprehensive traffic report every 10 minutes or so with the husband and wife team of Mark Kono and Ginger Chan.
  3. You’re right and I’ve been kind of thinking about this. CBS just had him on a national platform, co-hosting The Talk literally days ago. If his contract was up in September, I’m sure CBS has been in talks with him. Maybe he was playing hardball, and they said ciao. Some folks who’ve recently left the duopoly have said CBS isn’t offering more money with contract extensions/renewals. Perhaps he’s already got a gig lined up and CBS knows; that’s the only circumstance I can see them cutting Peter off they way they did.
  4. According to FTVLive, CBS did this guy wrong https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/5/17/gone-in-la
  5. Dave was honored by the city council today and also announced that after 40 years of broadcasting, he’s retiring at the end of the May book. https://mobile.twitter.com/Patharveynews/status/1123422151686496256?s=20 https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/4075790-cbs2-political-reporter-dave-bryan-honored-by-la-city-council/
  6. You’re right, I’ve noticed their practice of placing day or two old stories on Facebook with zero updates from the original. I’ve tagged them in their own posts questioning them, but of course they don’t respond.
  7. Kurt prevailed in his lawsuit for breach of contract and age discrimination. Jury awarded him $4M. Represented by Gloria Allred. Tribune to appeal. https://deadline.com/2018/12/kurt-the-cyberguy-lawsuit-wins-ktla-tribune-media-gloria-allred-los-angeles-1202516256/
  8. Weekend morning anchor Christina Salvo just signed off siting personal reasons. I always enjoyed her and John’s chemistry. This is tough news. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1979462752134226
  9. I’m watching now and Jeff Michael is anchoring the 5 with Pat Harvey
  10. Where do these moves leave Jeff Michael? Did he also shift to KCBS evenings?
  11. This is interesting news. I’ve been enjoying Juan and Crystal at 9. For some reason I’m remembering Rick Garcia and Sharon Tay on KCAL before they both went to the CBS 2 side; so yes, definitely evening experience.
  12. I don’t know why. Don’t most people want traffic and weather? Really more traffic and what’s happening locally, right? I watched a half hour last week and it was a joke. Of course it’s gonna be sunny and warm out; let’s have a weather anchor tell us the obvious but not have a traffic reporter. The traffic report consisted of Phillip informing to get on the 405 before or after XYZ street...that was it. I did see a hit from Scott/Air 7, but it wasn’t detailed, just about wherever he was at the moment. Thank goodness for KTLA. I see why they’re doing so well. Detailed traffic and local overnight news. Channel 7 had a full on report about a bridge collapse in Italy. WGAF? How does that impact anyone or the majority of people here? Sorry for my rambling post, I just feel like channel 7 is very weak in the morning. I do love their 6pm show though.
  13. The “B” team won an Emmy two weekends ago for best newscast (6 a.m.) over 60-minutes
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