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  1. WFMJ anchor Leslie Barrett began anchoring from her home today.
  2. WOIO using its main and street-side studio.
  3. My wish is that WOIO actually have their 4, 5, and 6 newscasts be different. It's pretty much the same stories for those three newscasts. That really shouldn't be the case for a top 20 market. Such a stark difference between 19 and its counterpart, KDKA. Does anybody remember the segment "TrivTv," when anchor Sharon Reed would chat with WTAM Radio host Mike Trivisonno at 4:30 and 5:30? It was funny more than anything else.
  4. haha. true. WKBN should've had some comeback regarding that. who wouldn't love a local media twitter war
  5. I thought this was funny. Apparently, WKBN wasn't first in reporting Trump's upcoming visit to Youngstown, as The Vindicator newspaper tweeted. (from yesterday) [MEDIA=twitter]830487199258963968[/MEDIA]
  6. Do the U.S. Networks sorta partner-up with Aussie networks? Thought I saw Scott Pelley talking to an anchor from Ten after the Sydney hostage situation.
  7. Muir just mentioned how peoples' DVRs have been messed up because "Tonight" has been added to the title. He encouraged everyone to watch the the broadcast live because it's "more fun." Ha!
  8. Nice little nod Lester Holt gave to Diane and the end of NN, not sure if Maurice DuBois said anything on CBS tonight.
  9. As of May 6, WKBN, WYTV and WYFX-LP of Youngstown, Ohio broadcast in HD. These three stations, by the way, are owned (WKBN, WYFX) and operated (WYTV) by New Vision. Sorry I can't provide caps, and there's really no mention on their websites, other than this article from March.http://www.wytv.com/content/news/local/story/Most-Local-TV-Newscasts-to-See-Major-Changes/TtHJeg6lmEC8Vg0tXtD4MQ.cspx
  10. It's after 4 pm Eastern. Still no KD HD. I guess they're waiting to get everything perfect...or something terribly wrong happened!
  11. Shut up! In market 156? Wow!
  12. Still the same, and still with that ridiculous slogan "We believe in this valley."
  13. New set gfx, music, and VO are not too bad for market 109 I guess. But I think WFMJ still might have a better set.
  14. Ummm Ok. I know I said the new set and and gfx were supposed to debut on Feb. 26, but this past weekend I saw a promo for the debut on Feb. 23. However, it is Feb. 23 and nothing has changed! So I don't know what the hell is going on. Maybe it will be the 26th.
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