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  1. Which is the way we've known NBC for 3.5 decades (anniversary this year)!
  2. It certainly hits the spot w/me, does Action News on 6ABC; even if I'm there only a few minutes (I see it on the 6ABC app), just those few minutes of Jim Gardner really hit the spot for me.
  3. And there is the late Jim Tilmon with weather, and the late Chet Coppock on sports (also, it's great to see the full version of a Chicago newscast [this 1982 WMAQ late edition] that was originally on that same channel as just clips).
  4. I guess they didn't want people thinking their local news was all politics (I would imagine that; I may be incorrect).
  5. And when I grew up, I remember (at least once) seeing WSOC's Eyewitness News evening edition ending, and then going right to Peter Jennings in New York on WNT (a reverse version of what you're saying).
  6. That could be it-- I think that's the best answer. I got in a frenzy, and assumed the worst-- I appreciate you quoting what I said and reminding me about FOX's daytime program policies. Thanks again!
  7. Just noticed that FOX "News" doesn't have a ticker right now-- have you noticed that?
  8. Not quite-- this was the version that first would have Hugh Downs by himself, and then would have him and Barbara Walters (it would last, IINM, from 1979-89): The 1989 set I posted recently (I probably didn't make it clear) was apparently the prototype for the 90s set; the version starting in the 90s had the ABC News logo on top of the backdrop to be more defined, and the 20/20 title had the figure attached to it to be slimmed down to a more rectangular shape, as opposed to a large square shape on the 1989 set:
  9. Bumping this up: this is the first version of what the 20/20 set design would look like that would last for the better part of the 90s (captured from WCBD 1989 newsbrief from radioman1968):
  10. Are all his videos back, or is he having to start over?
  11. You bet-- not only do I enjoy that, but I like the same thing when it comes to print; I have a growing collection of old-school newspapers from when I was a boy (and at least one from before that); papers these days, just like television news, are not what they used to be.
  12. What happened? Did the stations embargo their old newscasts?
  13. I never knew that the sports man on WPLG Eyewitness News then (Alvarez) would present himself in his billing in such a manner that the viewers didn't care for (seemingly scary face) in 1991, leading to being billed with a friendlier face in 1992. BTW, the word "billing" as used in this response is (and I realize the official term is "talent open") my use of that word to describe how the anchors are introduced to us, whether at the top like this one is, or somewhere in the middle.
  14. That WTVJ evening edition had Jose Diaz-Balart long before where he is today as weekend anchor on NBC Nightly News.
  15. Love the look of that one, especially the story panel/table of contents to the left of where Hugh Downs sat from our view (Hugh's right).
  16. Former CBS Sports man Irv Cross (he of The NFL Today on Sundays, alongside legends Brent Musburger, Phyllis George, Jimmy "The Greek," et al.) has passed on at 81. https://nypost.com/2021/02/28/irv-cross-nfl-veteran-and-cbs-broadcaster-dead-at-81/ Also, a 1982 edition of The NFL Today, in remembrance:
  17. Highway Patrol (Australian documentary/reality show about the Highway Patrol Down Under): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTXVoeX9e24&list=PL_KQjFE9NyNsPg4Y-9UM7Buj4l901dULs&index=2
  18. And sound, too-- a stereo version of the opening title track! In fact, I especially enjoyed seeing the evening edition (LA at 6) openings-- all the other anchors besides Kelly Lange and John Beard not only had their faces shown and names billed just like Kelly and John did, but also had separate smaller title cards beside them for their segments (like in the attached example with sports man Fred Roggin, who had a card to the right of his image [each one alternated] that had the Sports 4LA title and Fred's signature on a dark blue gridded background). To @SoFloTVClassics, thanks for finding these and putting them up-- I had seen evening edition openings aplenty from Channel 4 News/NBC4 News, but never ones from News 4 LA until now!
  19. CITV Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: 10 P.M. late edition of ITV News, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1982, w/main anchors Barbara Kelly and Doug Main, Bill Matheson w/weather, and Lance Brown on sports
  20. 1990 ABC 20/20 promo from WFTV Channel 9 (ABC Orlando, FL), w/1989-90 mirror graphics/titles
  21. Three new Hawaiian clips from Sloan's TV Airchive: First, KHON Honolulu (when that was the NBC station of Hawaii): morning edition for Fri. Dec. 4, 1992, w/Leslie Wilcox KITV Honolulu: News 4 weekend early edition w/Dick Allgire for Sun. Dec. 6, 1992 And one more from KHON: also from Sun. Dec. 6, 1992, weekend evening edition w/Barbara Wallace and Kirk Matthews, and Bob Hogue on sports (this after his stint at KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento): Barbara apparently also does the weather report here
  22. Wow! Did not know that. I only read ESPN, so I thought ESPN here in North America got it back. Learn something new every day.
  23. Nor did I know that ESPN had NBA coverage in 1997-- I thought it returned in 2002 when ABC got the NBA network coverage back!
  24. Apparently, ESPN had their own NCAA Today show in the early 90s, this one more of a general news magazine about the NCAA (w/Ron Franklin), instead of the college gridiron studio show that CBS had in the early 80s w/Brent Musburger, Pat O'Brien and Ara Parseghian that had The in the title.
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