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  1. Which is why KCNC should really be called CBS News Denver, IMO (and KTVT of the Metroplex should be called CBS News DFW, instead of CBS News Texas).
  2. And Milwaukee, where WITI Channel 6 became Fox from CBS, so CBS had to go to WDJT Channel 58, also in the boondocks.
  3. What is your local CBS station that is Sinclair-owned?
  4. Why would a sports man on that Chicago ABC O&O be the announcer on that late edition?
  5. I personally enjoyed ABC News' then-new-look Washington bureau, and totally miss when they actually had separate bureaus for weeknight and weekend newscasts; now everything is done from the same New York bureau (no originality anymore).
  6. WMAQ NewsCenter 5 late edition, Monday, Oct. 13, 1980...
  7. The Eyewitness Sports slide on the monitor beside Gary Radnich has part of the CBS Sports logo of the time (apropos, because WBNS is the CBS station of Columbus).
  8. In two weeks, Sunday Morning will have its 45th anniversary (45 years to the day since the first broadcast in 1979); will the show do something to commemorate, or will it be just a run-of-the-mill broadcast?
  9. CBS College Football Today studio coverage w/Andrea Joyce and Mike Francesa for GT/UVA; also includes game intro and coverage w/Jim Nantz, Tim Brant and John Dockery from Charlottesville
  10. The Super Bowl Today for Super Bowl XVI between the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals (strongly dislike when the NFL makes you see such things directly on YouTube)
  11. A very interesting billing variation with this WMAQ Chicago weekend edition: "Terry Burhans with all the weather, and Mike Lederman reporting on sports."
  12. And here is one from '85, a late edition (Fri. May 30); not sure if this was shown here.
  13. WSMV Nashville Scene at 10 late edition, Monday, Jan. 24, 1983...
  14. That's what I wanted to know-- I was unaware that this station started at Halloween of that year.
  15. Him, and Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery, among those I remember.
  16. Love that this is back in the Quad Cities on that NBC station-- one thing I wonder: why does the announcer say "Celebrating 75 years", when the station ID says "Est. 1949"?
  17. From KFMB San Diego: inside Tic Tac Dough from 1981
  18. On checking, you're absolutely right--there are, if this news is true of WBRE, no longer any NBC stations of the Eyewitness News brand.
  19. If indeed that is the case, then that will leave only one NBC station of the Eyewitness News name (KOB in Albuquerque, where that's Eyewitness News 4).
  20. I certainly do remember that on WSPA down here where I'm from-- he led into Eyewitness News at noon, NewsChannel 7 at noon, and 7 On Your Side at noon (the Drew Carey version of today leads into 7 News at noon).
  21. Two things that just came to my mind in seeing the openings of WNEP Newswatch 16 from '83: --First, the noon edition had a sports anchor (J. Christopher) billed on it (this was also the case with the morning edition). Why did the noon edition have a sports anchor, when noon newscasts are usually simply about local happenings, gardening and pets, among other lighter topics? --Then, on the evening edition and Update (11), Karen Harch's billing is differently-voiced between the two (on the evening one, it's Harch as in "Noah's Ark", and on the Update, it's Harch as in "Gateway Arch"). Why the difference in those two openings on her billing? Here are those openings to illustrate what I'm wondering about:
  22. I think the same could be said of 20/20 on ABC.
  23. Sad! I remember many a time hearing (from YouTube) his billing in old WFAA Dallas openings of the 80s and 90s, one of which was for the News 8 Update late edition: "It's 10:00, and this is WFAA-TV Channel 8. Working in the Spirit of Texas...this is the News 8 Update...with Tracy Rowlett...John Criswell...Troy Dungan with weather...and Dale Hansen on sports."
  24. And I will always treasure Emergency! on DVD as well, especially in that that hit 70s NBC medical/action series w/Mantooth, Tighe, Fuller et al. was very much just about the work, both with the firemen and paramedics of Station 51, and with the doctors and nurses of Rampart General Hospital (that Chicago series that NBC has now doesn't come close).
  25. At least he made it to being a centenarian (Betty White and Hugh Downs came within striking distance at 99 each, but couldn't get there). Field in his prime (from a 1981 WNBC News 4 New York late edition, at the weather area talking to Chuck Scarborough):
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