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  1. Love that old WSPA EWN opening! It would be perfect for an update to the WSPA opens montage if there is one.
  2. And I think the other thing he said was, "But more than that-- you have seen an absolutely bizarre finish to Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. The Mets are not only alive, they are well, and they will play the Red Sox in Game 7 tomorrow."
  3. ABC 20/20, most of the broadcast of Fri. Sept. 29, 1989 (lacks opening or closing credits, but does have an intriguing version of the 1989 20/20 title card at commercial breaks; such is attached here)...
  4. From WJZ in Baltimore, Jan. 2, 1995, on the day of the network switch in Charm City (WJZ now with CBS, WBAL back with NBC [11 had moved to CBS in 1981, as I remember it, but came back to NBC here], and WMAR now with ABC): a fun and informative deep dive into why this switch was made, and how it affected mostly where viewers would see their favorite shows; look at the 20:29 mark for a BTS shot that is hardly ever seen, and that is on 60 Minutes, where we see what the correspondent looks at (here, the late Ed Bradley) when he or she sits in front of that simulated magazine backdrop (the correspondent sees an image of himself/herself in front of the simulated magazine backdrop, and there are lights around and a small table in front of him/her); 60 Minutes would of course be at 13, where it still is today.
  5. Would love to see that-- thanks for the response! I noticed the studio from that period on WTVQ, and it whets my whistle.
  6. Was just listening to the entries for Brave New World on WTVQ Channel 36 (ABC in Lexington, KY) on the News Music Search Archive, and there are two opens listed that used that, both for NewsChannel 36, both for evening editions, and both w/Chris Clausen the announcer. On the first one (from 1992) he bills the anchor team for NewsChannel 36 at 6 as "Central Kentucky's most experienced anchor team," and bills Brad James "with weather," and Kenny Rice "with sports." On the second one (don't know when that one was from), he bills the newscast as being "From the heart of the Bluegrass," bills it as NewsChannel 36: The 6:00 Report, and bills Brad James "with the weather," and Kenny Rice "on sports." Why the change in billing from the 1992 opening to that later one?
  7. That WLOS 1991 weekend evening edition had a longer version of the end title track then (more of what I remember).
  8. Apparently, based on reactions to my post and this post, I was incorrect-- FOX has not entirely dispensed with the tickers; there is one on Your World with Neil Cavuto.
  9. Apparently there are no more tickers on anything on FOX "News," not even on America's Newsroom (meaning that the only "news" on there now is an endless loop of "blame Biden," "hate the Democrats," "get Trump back in at all costs," etc.).
  10. Various closing montages from NBC and ABC World Series coverage back in the day: 1980: 1982: 1983: 1985: 1986: 1987:
  11. Indeed-- when you bill your anchor team, you need to at least have pictures of them, either with their names or without (and you don't have to verbally bill their functions; WPRI Channel 12 in Providence, RI in 1992 [on what was then Channel 12 Eyewitness News, on the then-ABC station in that Rhode Island capital] had an effective one that had Ernie Anderson billing the anchor team of Walter Cryan, Karen Adams, John Flanders and Barry Diamond for the evening edition; Flanders and Diamond had video of their functions behind their images and names [Flanders w/weather, and Diamond on sports], and that made that evening edition opening in that New England capital work remarkably well, IMO). Here is that WPRI 1992 opening:
  12. That's true-- even when there is a rain shower that has no other implications (like thunder or lightning), some stations seem to act like it's the possible end of the world.
  13. I came up with a new word to describe partisan political pundits of any stripe ranting into a camera-- "preachitics." Why did I come up with that word? Two reasons: a. Those who are employed in it preach loud and long and incessantly about whatever political grievance(s) they might have (whether it's masking in COVID, the need for more and more and more guns, the "media" being far too liberal, etc.); b. Those who enjoy such rantings and listen to them for most of the day oftentimes yell "preach it!" at the television, because they love hearing their favorite ranters going on and on and on.
  14. And it reminds me also of the one from the mid-late '90s, when they had Greenville's skyline as a backdrop.
  15. The short-lived Satellite News Channel (SNC) of the early '80s also did that as well, IIRC.
  16. 1989 CBS College Football broadcast between Notre Dame and Miami, with (for the first time since the original broadcasts) a full-run segment (first couple of seconds missing, however) of The Prudential College Football Report as it was in the 1989 season w/Greg Gumbel and Mike Francesa (this would be Greg's only season as studio man on CBS College Football; Andrea Joyce would take over next season when CBS' Studio 43 was remodeled, and the studio coverage in 1990 became College Football Today). The studio coverage starts at the 1:20:26 mark, with a short preview just a minute or two before that.
  17. ABC 20/20, broadcast of Friday, May 25, 1990; 20/20 title on backdrop is from the 1989 titles, but the actual opening is one that I thought had started in the fall of 1990 (turns out, the 1989 titles didn't even last a full season on that ABC newsmagazine, and the titles were overhauled by the time of this May 1990 broadcast [Bob Cruz's announcement is the same as it was on the previous titles, though]).
  18. And they also were on Sunday Morning on CBS w/Charles Kuralt, and later Charles Osgood, starting in the late-80s, I believe.
  19. And here's more on the captioning on The Cosby Show (1986 article from The New York Times): https://www.nytimes.com/1986/01/06/arts/cosby-captioning-sparks-dispute.html
  20. The NBC promos on the first part of that used two different closed-captioning icons-- the one for The Cosby Show had the new-style late-80s version usually seen on CBS shows, and the Family Ties one had the old-style one generally seen on NBC and ABC.
  21. How I grew up around him...
  22. Queen City News is not the only time a station has had a news title that had a nickname, far from it; WPXI Channel 11 (NBC in Pittsburgh) had a similar title in 1980 when it was WIIC (Steel City News)...
  23. The other best part on that '83 WLS Eyewitness News weekend late edition was the end-title music; we heard more of it here than in that evening edition from earlier in that year (the mayoral election) when it was on YouTube. And something to look for-- in the billing at the top, the announcer says "Jim Rose, sport"; the announcer also sounded a shade robotic, it seems to me.
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