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  1. And the description block tells all about how this new opening came about, and the genesis thereto.
  2. And the new opening (I saw it earlier) has the CBS News name as part of the title again, just like it was with Kuralt and Osgood.
  3. Game 3 of the 1981 NLCS between the L.A. Dodgers and the former Montreal Expos, from the former Olympic Stadium in Montreal (NBC broadcast, rerun on RDS, with French-language announcers)...
  4. Why is Colleen Williams running a solo act on KNBC's late edition (as well as mid-evening at 7)?
  5. A mix of news and non-news-- from graphic designer Jay Cordova, a sampling of work by another famed graphic designer, Bill Feigenbaum, who had worked for CBS Sports in the 80s (he did more than just them, as you'll see here):
  6. That explains it-- movie theaters used to do that as well (raise the curtains to get to the feature that one was seeing); not sure they do that anymore.
  7. Something I'd like to know-- why is it called a "curtain raiser"? Is it because it's akin to raising the curtains at a big play, and on with the show, as they say?
  8. Something I'd like to know-- do you think the new titling of the news on the CBS O&Os reminds you somewhat of when Sunday Morning used to have that panel of places around the world where CBS News has had bureaus (which said "CBS News Rome," "CBS News Nairobi" and "CBS News Johannesburg", among others) above a TV monitor at which Charles Kuralt sat when he was speaking to another CBS News correspondent-- to wit, this?
  9. And that that WMAQ weekend early edition still had traces of the Serif Gothic font, especially in the editorial segment at the end.
  10. For the stations that have call letters that are pronounced like words, do they do it to save money, or for some other reason?
  11. Bumping this up: did you ever see this one from ABC College Football in '85 (Jim Lampley, Doug Flutie and Beano Cook on The Prudential Halftime Report)?
  12. I never knew up until now that KEPR was pronounced as it were a word (Keeper). Also, it seems like the anchors there introduced themselves backwards.
  13. That WTVJ partial 1985 broadcast had a style of billing that I don't think I ever recall seeing from that former CBS station and now CBS O&O of Miami as WFOR (WTVJ being the NBC O&O there as NBC6)-- having the first name of each anchor to wipe on screen from the right in big letters, then having the full name zoom quickly down to the bottom under that anchor's likeness/video; the full title also got that treatment when all anchors were billed. I also liked how the announcer branded the newscast-- "This is News 4: #1 in South Florida."
  14. Looks like the new 4 as of this late edition was made to stand up straight, while the old 4 was more slanted.
  15. Rare NBC and ABC Sports baseball openings from the late 70s and early 80s:
  16. Vintage WJZ EWN openings from 1980-83, both with the same music, and a different title formation: --First, the late edition from that time, with title music in a more stereo format, and shots of late-night activities (fireman sliding down the firepole, carhop moving among cars at a drive-in, toll booth worker enjoying her job, etc.); the different title formation has the two parts of the Eyewitness News title coming together from the left and the right against a black screen (the way we were used to seeing it, the last shot [don't know what of] slid up and revealed the studio with the title superimposed on that shot): --Then, same music, but with shots of evening activities for the evening edition (putting supper on the table, getting something out of the oven, someone lighting a menorah, ballet dancing, juggling, you name it); same title formation:
  17. Never would have imagined that Mormons would be objecting to YouTube videos.
  18. Full debut broadcast of the expanded hour evening edition of Action News 5 on WRAL w/Charlie Gaddy from Mon. June 14, 1982 (when that was the ABC station of the Triangle)...
  19. Like News 4 New York does in the Big Apple on WNBC, or Eyewitness News does in the Windy City on ABC7 WLS?
  20. Ah-- explains it! Never knew that Gray Television wanted that for the Music City NBC station.
  21. Noticed that WSMV in Nashville (Music City NBC station) is now WSMV 4 News, whereas before it was News 4 Nashville. What would make WSMV change its news name yet again-- was the News 4 Nashville name unpopular?
  22. It's a low-rent MTV version of AFV, so it shouldn't be.
  23. Don't think I recall that one that Channel 6 in Columbus had.
  24. And may I say also, that sports wasn't always all the hype and extreme graphics (and gobs of them) and loud music all the time; when I was a boy, for instance, a young man by the name of Jim Nantz was in Studio 43 in New York at the CBS Broadcast Center for CBS Sports doing a halftime show called The Prudential College Football Report-- this was, IMO, a studio show in its purest form (just scores, highlights, and many a time a short feature story/interview on a headline story in college football as of that Saturday). The title of it was an original too-- now, it can't have that originality (it has to be the generic Halftime Report, with one of many sponsors).
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