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  1. Crying shame (but not surprising) that FOX "News" thinks opinion is more important than reporting (or worse, that opinion is reporting).
  2. Never saw that before! That must be the control room/studio from which Don Robertson not only did what is featured here (the CBS ID and the Sports Saturday promo demo), but also his billboards on The NFL Today on Sundays, The Prudential College Football Report on Saturdays, et al.
  3. And thank you for the upload-- when I first heard of Don's passing, and that Jim Nantz announced it, I wanted to hear Jim Nantz announcing it.
  4. Here is some of his best work, IMO: billboards from his work on Jim Nantz's first job (The Prudential College Football Report); he also did it with Greg Gumbel's only season on that in 1989...
  5. Three new Hawaiian clips from Sloan's TV Airchive: First, KHON Honolulu (when that was the NBC station of Hawaii): morning edition for Fri. Dec. 4, 1992, w/Leslie Wilcox KITV Honolulu: News 4 weekend early edition w/Dick Allgire for Sun. Dec. 6, 1992 And one more from KHON: also from Sun. Dec. 6, 1992, weekend evening edition w/Barbara Wallace and Kirk Matthews, and Bob Hogue on sports (this after his stint at KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento): Barbara apparently also does the weather report here
  6. Wow! Did not know that. I only read ESPN, so I thought ESPN here in North America got it back. Learn something new every day.
  7. Nor did I know that ESPN had NBA coverage in 1997-- I thought it returned in 2002 when ABC got the NBA network coverage back!
  8. At the 3:33 mark of this WCBS opens omnibus, an opening from that NYC CBS O&O w/Palmer that I commend highly for the announcer and opening (announcement is different from the "Anything Can Happen In New York" spiel): the evening edition from around '85 or '86... "Channel 2 News at 6...with Jim Jensen, Rolland Smith, Warner Wolf on sports, and Dr. Frank Field with weather."
  9. KCRG Channel 9 (ABC Cedar Rapids, IA) TV-9 Eyewitness News evening edition, Aug. 1991, with Eadie Fawcett in the studio, and Bruce Aune at Our Town Manchester (there would be a special report after that 1991 evening edition that was fully outside in Manchester w/Bruce Aune) And also, here is that KFSN opening I referenced in my initial response on this thread:
  10. Does it have to be full ones, or can it be openings where the newscast is billed as being on location from wherever (or can it be where it's part studio, part location)? The reason I ask that is because KFSN (ABC30, Fresno, CA O&O) had an early edition in 1991 (I've only seen the opening; it was Channel 30 Action News Live at Five) where Rudy Trevino and Liz Harrison did the broadcast from Veterans' Park in Porterville.
  11. Apparently, ESPN had their own NCAA Today show in the early 90s, this one more of a general news magazine about the NCAA (w/Ron Franklin), instead of the college gridiron studio show that CBS had in the early 80s w/Brent Musburger, Pat O'Brien and Ara Parseghian that had The in the title.
  12. KNBC L.A.: Channel 4 News evening edition for July 10, 1991 (Kelly Lange, Keith Morrison, Christopher Nance [in for Fritz Coleman] w/weather, Doug Kriegel w/Money Matters [business], and Fred Roggin on sports)
  13. They made it much better now-- now, we don't have the CBS repetition, because all we have is the Eye to let us know that this is the CBS station of Atlanta.
  14. KITV Channel 4 (ABC Honolulu, HI): 1996 News 4 early edition tease and opening with husband-and-wife anchors (you probably didn't know that) Gary Sprinkle and Pamela Young And closing from that same early edition:
  15. KHON Channel 2 Honolulu, HI: 1982 news brief with Barbara Tanabe, running down some of the stories for an upcoming late edition (from when that was the NBC station of Honolulu [it's now Fox, and the current NBC, KHNL, is part of the Hawaii News Now duopoly w/CBS station KGMB])
  16. I live in South Carolina, but I also find 6ABC Action News from WPVI quite interesting (I used to be able to see it on the NewsOn app, until Disney took WPVI and all their stations off from that); that said, I hope Disney doesn't pull a Nexstar and restrict the ABC O&Os to residents of those areas.
  17. 1989 newsbrief from WCBD Channel 2 (then the ABC station of Charleston, SC; now NBC; WCIV is ABC there now), when that station was of the TV-2 Action News title; this also includes a promo for Action Line consumer coverage, and a WCBD ID, and the last few seconds are of the 20/20 opening as it was in 1989 (which apparently had mirrors coming together in a way to reveal the 20/20 title; is that correct?).
  18. At the 23:57 mark of this NewsActive3 retrospective, a new candidate for one of the worst-- an early edition opening from WTWO Newschannel 2 where the entire opening is in song, and there is no announcer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8yyfpxhpNM
  19. Thanks very much for the clarification on that! I heard it on Twitter as a new post, and I assumed it was in the works now; I'm glad to hear that this was from several months ago.
  20. How true, how true! Imagine if someone in Phoenix wanted to turn on the evening edition of KPNX 12 News on coming home from work, and then all of a sudden had TBN shouting at them or Mike Huckabee ranting-- the ratings would tank in a hurry!
  21. What's this I hear about TBN wanting to buy Tegna and replace the existing newscasts on those stations with hard-right religious shows? Did you hear about that? https://www.nexttv.com/blog/beware-of-religious-bias-in-media-consolidation
  22. ABC News midterm election coverage of The '78 Vote; has Frank Reynolds in New York, Max Robinson in Chicago, Howard K. Smith in Washington, et al. Here's what the Chicago bureau looked like on that '78 midterm coverage (wide shot showing more than we usually see):
  23. ABC News coverage of The '82 Vote (a midterm election to determine House and Senate seats and state governors/lieutenant governors [state equivalent of President/VP], which is why this election coverage was from Washington, unlike Presidential election coverage from New York)

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