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  1. Vintage WJZ EWN openings from 1980-83, both with the same music, and a different title formation: --First, the late edition from that time, with title music in a more stereo format, and shots of late-night activities (fireman sliding down the firepole, carhop moving among cars at a drive-in, toll booth worker enjoying her job, etc.); the different title formation has the two parts of the Eyewitness News title coming together from the left and the right against a black screen (the way we were used to seeing it, the last shot [don't know what of] slid up and revealed the studio with the title superimposed on that shot): --Then, same music, but with shots of evening activities for the evening edition (putting supper on the table, getting something out of the oven, someone lighting a menorah, ballet dancing, juggling, you name it); same title formation:
  2. Never would have imagined that Mormons would be objecting to YouTube videos.
  3. Full debut broadcast of the expanded hour evening edition of Action News 5 on WRAL w/Charlie Gaddy from Mon. June 14, 1982 (when that was the ABC station of the Triangle)...
  4. Like News 4 New York does in the Big Apple on WNBC, or Eyewitness News does in the Windy City on ABC7 WLS?
  5. Ah-- explains it! Never knew that Gray Television wanted that for the Music City NBC station.
  6. Noticed that WSMV in Nashville (Music City NBC station) is now WSMV 4 News, whereas before it was News 4 Nashville. What would make WSMV change its news name yet again-- was the News 4 Nashville name unpopular?
  7. It's a low-rent MTV version of AFV, so it shouldn't be.
  8. Don't think I recall that one that Channel 6 in Columbus had.
  9. And may I say also, that sports wasn't always all the hype and extreme graphics (and gobs of them) and loud music all the time; when I was a boy, for instance, a young man by the name of Jim Nantz was in Studio 43 in New York at the CBS Broadcast Center for CBS Sports doing a halftime show called The Prudential College Football Report-- this was, IMO, a studio show in its purest form (just scores, highlights, and many a time a short feature story/interview on a headline story in college football as of that Saturday). The title of it was an original too-- now, it can't have that originality (it has to be the generic Halftime Report, with one of many sponsors).
  10. True, but before that, it was on Thursdays (and was that way from 1979-1987, IIRC).
  11. And here is a shining example of that, IMO: this WATE TV-6 Live Eyewitness News evening edition from 1986 (from that ABC station in Knoxville, TN), for Monday, March 31, 1986.
  12. This is how I remember her from my childhood...
  13. 2:38 mark of that NYE '84 WLS Eyewitness News late edition-- who was the announcer there? His billing sounds far different than anyone I remember hearing on clips of that Windy City ABC O&O.
  14. Apparently, I got the billing right (albeit, like you said, Van Dyke sounds a bit out of it [as I recall, he is in his 70s; a younger man might do better here]).
  15. And one other thing-- not once in all of Jim Gardner's time there (or Rob Jennings, or any other anchor [morning, noon, night or weekend]) did we ever hear Jefferson Kaye or Charlie Van Dyke bill the newscast as anything but Action News (no time of day qualifiers or anything else); it may have been visually billed on a title slide as Action News at 4 pm at one time, but other than that, the auditory billing was unchanged for the longest time (outside of billing the anchors at any one particular time per the time of day).
  16. Charlie Van Dyke's new billing on Action News, like I said, will be something we'll have to get used to from here forward: "Action News...Delaware Valley's leading news program...with Ducis Rodgers, meteorologist Cecily Tynan, and Brian Taff." Also, this retirement of Jim Gardner will mean that all omnibus collections of WPVI opens on YouTube will have to be updated to reflect this new reality (as I understand it).
  17. Indeed-- his final signoff from 6ABC Action News was right up there with what Dave Ward did in Houston when he left the chair on ABC13 Eyewitness News.
  18. It's on now-- the last broadcast of the great James Goldman of NYC (a.k.a. our Jim Gardner of 6ABC Action News).
  19. Like was done for Bob Barker on TPIR in 1998, on that 5000th show (actually #5133)?
  20. Tell you the truth, after Jim Gardner quits out soon, it'll be a strange feeling (but one we'll have to get used to) to that fact that Charlie Van Dyke's billing on 6ABC Action News will change in as yet unusual ways: at 6, he'll be saying, "Action News...Delaware Valley's leading news program...with Ducis Rodgers, meteorologist Cecily Tynan, and Brian Taff." And at 11, he'll probably be saying, "Action News...Delaware Valley's leading news program...with Rick Williams."
  21. Do you think that Jim Gardner will probably write a book about his childhood and experiences growing up, and about his time as leading anchor of 6ABC Action News, just like Dave Ward of ABC13 Eyewitness News did in Houston (Ward's book [which I have read, and thought very good] being called Good Evening, Friends)? If Jim Gardner does write a book, I'd love to read it. (Reposted here because apparently this was posted in the wrong thread originally.)
  22. Per the article: "When time comes for a complete peacock update across all divisions, it is likely to involve replacing physical and digital versions of the logo on countless sets, building signage, stationery, websites, motion graphics, show opens, social media platforms and even vehicles — not to mention having affiliates update their logos to match the redrawn peacock." I believe a form of this (albeit without social media platforms and websites) was done in 1986 when NBC switched from the 1979 bird and N that we had known for seven seasons (eight years) to the peacock that came before this newer one (the first version of the peacock we know today), in that many NBC stations had to make changes to adapt to the newer bird (the O&Os especially [WNBC NYC, KNBC L.A., WMAQ Chicago, et al.]).
  23. NFL Today pregame show for the 1990 NFC Final between the Giants and the 49ers
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