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  1. Apparently, Jim Gardner will have been there for the balance of that half-century of MCTYW, the way I understand this.
  2. KVII Channel 7 (ABC Amarillo, TX), Feb. 3, 1993, ProNews evening edition "You're on KVII-TV Channel 7 Amarillo." (as music swells into main portion) "This is ProNews, The 6:00 Report...with David Green...Elizabeth Duncan...meteorologist Len Slesick...and Terry Amburn on sports."
  3. Tell you the truth, a lot where I live are feeling the same way about Michael Cogdill quitting on WYFF News 4-- it'll be the same way down here.
  4. Indeed-- one of the best broadcasts I ever saw from there was Game 4 of the 1985 NBA World Championship Series from CBS (what The Finals was known as then, before it started to be called The Finals in 1986). The best part of that broadcast was at the top, w/the remarkably well-done title graphics by Bill Feigenbaum (someone you might not recognize, but I thought you'd want to know about him anyway). Here is that broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-maY5kAlYA I've felt the same way about practically any 1980s CBS or NBC broadcast-- graphics, music,
  5. Rare NBC Proud as a Peacock station ID from '81 for WSM Channel 4 in Nashville, TN, before that Music City NBC station became WSMV on Nov. 3 of that year (has WSM name and city of license [Nashville] in NBC's Serif Gothic font of the time) Also, a rare CBS Sports opening ID for a CBS Sports Special from 1995 (CBS Sports Special title still used "CBS" in the Eyemark as late as 1995)
  6. Excellent response-- very informative! I take it then that these studios from 20/20 in the 80s w/Downs and Walters, and The Prudential College Football Report in 1986 w/Jim Nantz for CBS Sports, are also examples of masthead banners. Also, I'd like to know-- was CBS Sports' Studio 43 overhaul in 1981 (this Studio 43 of course also being used for CBS News at one time, on the CBS Morning News w/Kurtis and Sawyer) based on Roone Arledge's ABC idea?
  7. "Masthead banner"-- that's a term I've never heard before. Are you referring to the part of the set that had the title of the broadcast (or the overall name of that station's news operation), much like would be on CBS Sports in Studio 43 in the 80s, when Brent Musburger was on The NFL Today, with The NFL Today title in the background on the set?
  8. CBS promo/jingle compilation, 1973-2000 (first 1979 promo includes another title from the Bob Schieffer side of Morning [namely Monday Morning]; we've seen Tuesday Morning, Wednesday Morning, and Thursday Morning; Friday Morning is the only one left to find)
  9. Great point-- apparently they can go no lower; they're at rock bottom.
  10. If they do, and ratings tank because the news on WKBW is not what their viewers have come to know for all this time, then (IMO) they shouldn't play the victim and say "No one's tuning in-- we're sinking!", because this would have been a natural consequence, given what WKBW has been in and for and to Buffalo.
  11. I hope they don't pull an ABC here with what ABC did!
  12. Finally, we get to see (for the first time in a long time) what the 20/20 opening was like in the 1989-90 season, with the broadcast of Fri. Jan. 5, 1990 (I was oh so excited when I saw this after that long dry spell).
  13. I take it you think it was actually decent in the Clear Channel days, pre-Sinclair, and had a pretty good news product (I may be incorrect).
  14. 3:58 mark of this WOKR/WHAM (Channel 13, ABC Rochester, NY) omnibus-- "You're watching NewsSource 13 at 11, with Don Alhart, Ginny Ryan, chief meteorologist Bill Peterson, and Mike Catalana on sports. NewsSource 13-- more local news, more local experience." (Probably late-90s, owing to graphics and music; announcer's name is Lee Lively, per NMSA)
  15. And Bryant Gumbel makes his debut, 1/4/82 (this next Jan. 4 will mark 40 years):
  16. Even if it wasn't the only reason, it's still a very good one-- very informative response. I'll have to look up that bio-- seems very interesting.
  17. Why would this WMAQ Chicago 1967 late edition have a title that would make it seem like it was being shown directly on NBC, instead of on WMAQ (NBC News Night Report)?
  18. Indeed-- I think WJZ in Baltimore (CBS O&O in Charm City) made a bad mistake when they became just WJZ News (dropping the Eyewitness part).
  19. True-- he was only 29 then; he got his start quite early!
  20. KAMR Channel 4 (NBC Amarillo, TX): News 4 evening edition for Monday, Jan. 25, 1993, w/Mary Allison, Lynn Walker, Steve McCauley weather, and Steve Sain on sports
  21. That's a great question-- how would that play with other luminary stations of that family like 6ABC in Philly (WPVI) and ABC11 in the Triangle (WTVD)?
  22. I third it-- think about what it would have been like if the ABC logo change discussed here had been in one of ABC's movie broadcast openings of the 80s, like the Star Tunnel; how would that have played w/viewers of the time?
  23. Which is the way we've known NBC for 3.5 decades (anniversary this year)!
  24. It certainly hits the spot w/me, does Action News on 6ABC; even if I'm there only a few minutes (I see it on the 6ABC app), just those few minutes of Jim Gardner really hit the spot for me.

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